Zheng Ruonan drove the car to the school gate, and saw Jiang Ning jumping off a very expensive luxury car with his schoolbag on his back. However, there were more than a dozen cars moving forward slowly. Jiang Ning disappeared into the traffic flow in a flash. Zheng Ruonan lowered the window and turned his head and looked around, but couldn’t find Jiang Ning’s figure. He frowned and was suspicious. Did you make a mistake just now?

    After a while, Jiang Ning carried his schoolbag around to his car and knocked on the window of the passenger seat: “Mom.”

    Zheng Ruonan drove the car and asked Jiang Ning to come up and said, “I have to find a place. Stop the car for a while, why didn’t Jiang Fan come out? Would you call him?”

    “Okay.” Jiang Ning took out his mobile phone.

    Zheng Ruonan has been busy with company business recently, and it has been a long time since she came to pick up the siblings in person. While turning the steering wheel, she looked at Jiang Ning’s phone case—well, it’s not a couple’s phone case, and there is nothing on her schoolbag. Couple ornaments, it doesn’t look like they are in a premature love.

    Then who was the one who got off that car just now? Could it be that I read it wrong?

    Zheng Ruonan is still more open-minded than other parents.

    Jiang Fan sighed and sighed at home every day recently, and he asked for pocket money. At first glance, she was interested in which girl, and she didn’t care much.

    Young people, as long as the thinking is healthy and positive, it is normal for adolescence to have a good impression of the opposite sex.

    Moreover, Jiang Fan now has a lot more advanced than Jiang Fan three years ago, and now he is more like a boy of his age.

    So if the siblings fell in love early, she wouldn’t be criticized.

    But she is a mother, so she has to check them so that they can’t delay their studies. Especially Jiang Ning is a girl, and Zheng Ruonan is even more worried about being bullied.

    If she fell in love with Xu Mingyi early, she might not worry about it. The two families know the bottom line.

    But the problem is-I don’t know why, since the age of fourteen, Jiang Ning and Xiao Xu seemed to have had a big fight, and the relationship became much colder. Now the two children also visit each other during the Chinese New Year, and they don’t talk very much at ordinary times.

    The mothers of Zheng Ruonan and Xu Mingyi were at a loss for this.

    Thinking of this, Zheng Ruonan tapped and said: “Ningning, if you have a boy you like, you have to tell your mother. You know that your mother treats you as a friend for your own good, and maybe she can even make suggestions for you.”

    Jiang Can Ning still not know her own mother? Now that she speaks nicely, if she really knows that she has a boyfriend, then she still has to look at her from the beginning to the foot.

    Jiang Ning always felt that… Zheng Ruonan might find it difficult to accept Yan Yixie.

    From the perspective of a mother, she doesn’t care how much money the person entrusted to her daughter has, and she doesn’t care about other things like appearance. What she cares about is that the other party must treat Jiang Ning well, and that is, good health.

    This is also the reason why Jiang Ning dare not introduce Yan Yixie to Zheng Ruonan. He is worried that Zheng Ruonan is worrying about his own affairs and that Zheng Ruonan’s attitude will hurt the self-esteem of Yan Yixie’s youth.

    She decided to bite the bullet and drag her back: “What are you talking about, where’s the boy I like, I can’t finish my homework all day, so I don’t want to go to college? I just passed the fifth grade exam. ? I’ll put a love score caused the collapse of how to do “

    Zhengruo Nan Jiang Ning is back this one deceives laughed and said:” Well, you do not say, we go over there waiting for you brother. “

    after After receiving the sweaty Jiang Fan after playing basketball, Zheng Ruonan turned around and left the school.

    Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan chatted in the car for a while.

    Jiang Ning turned his head and winked at Jiang Fan.

    Jiang Fan also went gossiping, sitting on the back seat, pulling the back of the front seat, and asked excitedly: “Mom, you came to pick us up today, is there a fancy uncle who wants to eat together?”

    Zheng Ruonan smiled: “Do you want to have a stepdad?”

    Jiang Ning put his head on his hand: “Anyway, Jiang Fan and I don’t mind.”

    Zheng Ruonan said, ” I didn’t pick you up from school today, not for this. Your father came over and said that I want to see you. I

    booked a restaurant and have a meal together.” Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan’s expressions changed, subconsciously looked at Zheng Ruonan for the first time, but Zheng Ruonan’s expression was calm. It looked like it was completely put down.

    Zheng Ruonan: “Although the court awarded you to me, but gave him visitation rights, I can’t stop him from seeing you all the time. Let’s go after this meal.”

    Jiang Fan said angrily. “I don’t want to see him. What’s good to see after three years. Didn’t he take Jiang Rourou to the field? Why are you back?” As the

    words were being said, the car stopped in the parking lot of a restaurant. Come down. Before the parking clerk came to help stop the car, a looking middle-aged man quickly stepped forward and opened the car door expectantly.

    … Then I heard Jiang Fan’s words.

    Father Jiang and Jiang Fan looked at each other, both of them stiffened.

    Father Jiang was wearing an old jacket that was washed white. Although his beard was shaved clean, he still looked a lot more haggard. He looked ten years older than Zheng Ruonan of the same age, which shows that he has been mixed up badly in recent years.

    After the divorce at that time, he continued to look for work in Haishi at the beginning. He had some friends who could provide him with some resources. Although the salary was not very high, he had to start from scratch, but it was enough to feed him, Jiang Rourou and others. There are three old ladies.

    But when Jiang Rourou transferred from Hengchu to a relatively poor school, the classmates in the new school didn’t know where to get the news. Hearing that Jiang Rourou was the daughter of Xiaosan, she began to exclude her.

    Jiang Rourou went back crying and making trouble, begging Father Jiang to transfer her another school.

    But how can it be so easy? Haishi was originally difficult to transfer. The first time she was able to transfer successfully, she was still transferred from a good school to a bad school. Because her grades have always been among the best, the poor school was willing to accept it.

    But if you transfer it a second time in a short time, the procedures will not be completed at all.

    What’s more, no matter where you go, there will always be students who know each other between schools. If you don’t know about this for a month or two, over time, there will always be a leak.

    Having been bothered by the quarrels of the old and the young all day, Jiang’s father was overwhelmed. Six months after the divorce, he finally took the old and the young to another city, where he borrowed Jiang Rourou while working.

    However, he is not in that city and cannot buy a house. He has been renting a house for three years and has no permanent residence.

    Recently, thinking that the matter was over, I took Jiang Rourou and the old lady back to the sea market, only to find that the price of the house in the sea market had risen so much that he could not afford it.

    Three years later, Father Jiang has really become a pauper since he went out of the house.

    It was Zheng Ruonan that broke the embarrassment and said to Father Jiang: “I brought you the two children. You can go in and eat. I have ordered the dishes and the account has been settled.”

    Father Jiang felt like his face was again. After being slapped in the slap,

    he said without self-confidence : “Ruo Nan, what about you?” Zheng Ruonan said to Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, “I won’t go in anymore. After you finish eating, I will wait for you here.”

    “I don’t want to I ate.” Jiang Ning glanced at Father Jiang, then went back into the car.

    Jiang Fan also immediately returned to the car and said, “Let’s go home and eat.”

    Father Jiang stood awkwardly and couldn’t help knocking on the car window. He said to Jiang Fan, “Fan Fan, order your favorite. Eat it, don’t you go in and taste it?”

    Jiang Fan hesitated and glanced at Father Jiang.

    Zheng Ruonan glanced at him in the rearview mirror and said, “Go if you want. He is still your father.”

    “I can’t go anymore.” Jiang Fan said distraughtly, “I had a good time without a dad.”

    Jiang Fan originally thought that after his parents divorced, he would be laughed at at school for children without a father. Someone from a single-parent family, but I didn’t expect that… none of this happened. In the past few years without his father, he has lived very happily. He doesn’t know what Jiang’s father is doing now, so he can find him and his sister for a meal every so often?

    But seeing that Jiang’s father has been so old in just over three years, he feels quite pitiful. But it’s also Jiang’s father who makes his own feelings. If you are a normal person, it will be difficult to be young if you put Jiang Rou and the old lady.

    In the past, the old lady and Jiang Rourou let Jiang Ning get rid of it, but now without Jiang Ning, wouldn’t Jiang’s father be quarreled so much?

    Jiang Fan thought vaguely. He didn’t know what Jiang’s father had said to Zheng Ruonan. After a while, Zheng Ruonan returned to the driver’s seat and left the hotel with his siblings.

    And Father Jiang stood alone and watched them leave.

    After the car drove home, Jiang Ning said: “Mom, he came to you, shouldn’t it be just to find me and Jiang Fan for dinner?”

    Zheng Ruonan was silent for a while, then said: “Your dad came to me for a loan. It’s money.”

    Jiang Fan heard this, agitated, and said: “Borrowing money? How embarrassed? He didn’t know the old lady at

    that time— ” Jiang Fan stopped talking in time and didn’t divorce his parents. At that time, the old lady came to tell Jiang Ning and Zheng Ruonan every day about posting blood-red posters and scolding sluts outside the yard.

    “What is the old lady?” Jiang Ning turned back and asked.

    “It’s nothing.” Jiang Fan turned to the topic: “I just thought of the old lady bullying my sister every day. Let’s talk about borrowing money, Mom, how much does he ask you to borrow?”

    If these things are left for three years Before, Zheng Ruonan didn’t plan to tell her siblings, but now the two are about to reach adulthood when one is seventeen, and the other is sixteen, which is not too young. She let them make their own choices.

    She said: “One million.”     Before

    Jiang Ning spoke, Jiang Fan took a breath and said angrily: “One million?!” In the

past few years, Zheng Ruonan has made money, several houses and various real estate. Add them together, there are tens of millions of dollars, but that can’t be lent to someone who has cheated.

    Jiang Fan felt that Father Jiang wouldn’t be so thick-skinned, and this idea must have come from the old lady.

    “I didn’t lend him, do you blame me?” Zheng Ruonan said, looking at Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan.

    “No.” Jiang Ning said immediately: “This is all your hard work, and you have every reason to control it yourself.”

    Jiang Fan also said: “No, Mom.”

    Zheng Ruonan was relieved. Quite a few, trying to ease the atmosphere: “Well, let’s not talk about it, let’s not go home to eat, let’s find another restaurant to eat out.”

    Father Jiang does not have the contact information of Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, and he has no face to go to their school to stop him. They, that’s it all this day.

    When the old lady called again, Zheng Ruonan bluntly asked her assistant to tell her that it was impossible to borrow money from them, and it was impossible to let them live in the old house in the alley again.

    The old lady’s hair was white, and she was so angry that she yelled on the phone, but the phone had already been hung up over there.

    Yes, they have been following Father Jiang for the past three years.

    I thought Zheng Ruonan would wash her face in tears, and soon begged her son to go back. After all, Zheng Ruonan had to marry her son because of his love. In the name of a guardian, Jiang Fan bought a house for Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, and surrounded by a few little white faces pursuing her, he didn’t even think about the hardships they would live outside.

    The old lady hated her. She had known that there would be today. At that time, she didn’t want to try to eat inside and out, and offended Jiang Ning.

    If you don’t bring Jiang Rourou home early in the morning, will there be so many things?

    But it was too late.

    The old lady went to the old alley to make trouble a few times, until her old neighbors had to call the police, and she couldn’t get in again. She doesn’t know where the Jiang Ning family’s new home is, and Zheng Ruonan’s company has five big and thick bodyguards.

    The old lady was completely desperate, and she couldn’t survive this bitter life at all.

    She hated Jiang Ning and Zheng Ruonan, the mother and daughter, and only felt that they were both, ruining her son’s life.

    If she couldn’t get into Zheng Ruonan’s company, she thought of Jiang Ning’s school.

    After self-study this evening, Jiang Ning pushed Yan Yixie’s wheelchair and walked towards the car parked not far from the teaching building.

    It was winter, both of them wore scarves, which were black knits of the same style, which lined the skins of young girls with white.

    Two bright yellow lights in front of the car were on, students around were walking out of the school in twos and threes, and the guard in the distance was yawning.

    The housekeeper saw Jiang Ning and the young master coming down from the teaching building from afar, and quickly got out of the car, opened the door, and put down the wheelchair sliding pedal.

    Jiang Ning is talking to Yan Yixie about what happened in his home a few days ago.

    Yan Yixie frowned, his intuition was a little bad: “What did you say, then?” An

    old voice called out from behind: “Jiang Ning.”

    After three years, Jiang Ning almost forgot about the old lady. Sound off.

    When she heard someone calling herself, she turned her head back, the old lady was holding an open water bottle in her hand, her face was full of anger, she suddenly unscrewed the bottle cap and splashed it on her leg.

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