Jiang Ning didn’t know how to persuade Zheng Ruonan, so he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

    When the time comes, one or two million will be floated, but it will be over.

    This year, more than one million is not a small amount. The most expensive real estate in the market is only six to seven thousand yuan per unit, and it will rise to more than one hundred thousand yuan in ten years.

    Although Zheng Ruonan has a keen sense of smell in business, people are somewhat conformed. The neighbors in the Hutong area, including Aunt Xu, who have some spare money in their hands, plan to invest in the property by the sea, and she also feels that she will buy the property by the sea. Wang, the future will only make money but not lose.

    Seeing that Jiang Ning could not persuade her for the time being, he had to finish the meal in a muffled voice.

    Fortunately, Zheng Ruonan is more cautious and pays the deposit without thinking. Zheng Ruonan also plans to go to several real estates for field inspections, so there is still room for maneuver.

    Jiang Ning began to rack his brains to recall what happened in early December 2006 in her previous life. For her, it was all eight years ago. Naturally, her memory was completely blurred.

    But it doesn’t work if I can’t think of it. If Zheng Ruonan really doesn’t listen to persuasion, he will buy the unfinished building.

    So after school these few days, she wore a thick down jacket, pulled Yan Yixie and asked the housekeeper to drive them around the sea city, trying to pass the familiar street scene and remember something.

    Yan Yixie didn’t know what Jiang Ning wanted to do. Jiang Ning always thought that it was the same. The brain circuit was unusual, but he didn’t mind staying with her for a while after school, so he left her alone. The housekeeper was sent to drive around the city.

    The black luxury car drove slowly in the street, the fair-skinned and precious young boy with his hands resting on his head, his eyes closed and calm.

    With a ball head pierced, the snow-skinned girl with a bright wrist grabbed the car window and seized the opportunity to look out.

    Finally let her remember a little bit of what happened in early December.

    On a Friday in early December, there seemed to be a new girl’s clothing store opened in the city center. She vaguely remembered that something embarrassing happened in that store. After school, Jiang’s father took her and Jiang Rourou to the store to buy Clothes, the two quarreled in the store, and later she poured Coke on Jiang Rourou in a hurry, which caused her father to be reprimanded by Jiang for a long time after returning home.

    She secretly cried and wrote a diary for several days, all about that incident.

    This fact impressed Jiang Ning, because after she was scolded by Jiang’s father, she had a serious illness and went to the hospital for a few days.

    Jiang Ning remembered this, and when he got home, he quickly told Zheng Ruonan that a girl-style clothing store would open on Qingzhu Street next Friday.

    Zheng Ruonan naturally didn’t believe it, but Jiang Ning told her several times, saying at breakfast and at dinner, he would climb into her bed before going to bed at night and talk to her again.

    She was so depressed by this girl that she had to take the time to let the assistant go to Qingzhu Street to see if there is really such a store to open.

    “Not at all. The assistant asked the surrounding shops, and they all said that they hadn’t got the news of changing shops, Ning Ning.” Zheng Ruonan called at noon and said helplessly to Jiang Ning: “It’s just a dream, a dream. It’s all the opposite. Have you been under pressure to study lately and haven’t slept well?”

    Jiang Ning still vowed to Zheng Ruonan: “Mom, you believe me, go see it next Friday.”

    “…” Zheng Ruonan Hanging up the phone, I began to think about whether to take Jiang Ning to the hospital and prescribe some sleep-soothing drugs such as soothing and replenishing brain fluid.

    She worries about whether the family has changed drastically, and she has not paid attention to Jiang Ning for a while, causing Jiang Ning’s child to dream and wake up easily and become nagging.

    All in all, Zheng Ruonan did not believe what Jiang Ning said.

    As a result, on Friday, the assistant went to Qingzhu Street, and when he came back, he said that there was a shop over there that had been bought overnight and replaced it with a clothing store. Now it is opening and cutting the ribbon.

    Zheng Ruonan didn’t believe it, and even drove there in person, only to find that what the assistant said was true. And there is no discrepancy with what Jiang Ning said. The newly opened store sells girly-style clothing. As soon as you enter the door, there is a new-style denim dress hanging on the shelf on the right.

    … Jiang Ning even said the details of the denim dress.

    Zheng Ruonan felt very strange, and called Jiang Ning into the room at night.

    Jiang Ning is really afraid that when the details are matched, her mother will be scared to death. This kind of thing foreseeing the future will only happen in the movie, and it will really happen in real life, and it will not scare people stupid.

    But fortunately, Zheng Ruonan didn’t think she was foreknowledge, but just a little superstitiously thought whether it was her grandfather’s dream or something.

    This kind of thing happens occasionally to everyone, and one day suddenly feels that a certain scene seems to have been similar, as if it had happened.

    People in this era are somewhat superstitious. Jiang Ning followed Zheng Ruonan’s words and said: “I don’t remember too much. I dreamed that the property on the beach would be unfinished in the future, and the neighbors around me would lose a lot. In my dream, our house did not. There is no loss, but in the future, house prices will skyrocket, and our family did not catch this car.”

    “It’s just a dream. It must be that you have been thinking about changing houses at home for a while. That’s why I dreamed about it. And dreams and reality are usually opposite. Maybe the seaside building my mother fancy will be high-priced real estate in the future.”

    Zheng Ruonan said, but my heart is about the seaside building. The floor is somewhat conflicted.

    It’s unlucky to be dreamed of having a bad end before buying it.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know how to persuade him. In fact, she changed herself. If, before she planned to buy a house, her teenage daughter would run over and tell her that the property was going to be unfinished, she would not believe it. She would only think that her daughter didn’t like the property and was making trouble.

    Jiang Ning suddenly said: “Mom, do you remember that I asked you to go for a physical examination three months ago?”

    Zheng Ruonan stroked Jiang Ning’s head: “Remember, what’s wrong?”

    Jiang Ning’s eyes suddenly turned red, and said, “That’s because I dreamed that you had been working hard and didn’t go to the hospital for an examination. It was too late when the malignant tumor was

    detected .” Zheng Ruonan saw Jiang Ning’s eyes red and his heart was broken. , and pulled her over, turns in his arms, patted her on the back, comfort:. “No, my mother also grow white hair, looking at you married, how it will be sick,”

    “then you Believe me once.” Jiang Ning held Zheng Ruonan’s hand and said, “It’s fine if you don’t buy the real estate on Jingxiu’s side. Maybe you are destined to have no luck, but the so-called building king by the sea must not buy it.”

    “Okay .” , Don’t buy it.” Zheng Ruonan looked at Jiang Ning hesitantly, and finally agreed.

    On this kind of thing, listening to a child is indeed a little hasty, but Jiang Ning has been repeatedly nagging Lou Wang in Zheng Ruonan’s ear during this period of time, causing her to have some resistance to Lou Wang.

    I still live here, and I don’t even buy a set.

    Deposit excess money in the bank, which is the least risky method.

    Zheng Ruonan thought so, and finally did not buy a few of the seaside building kings whose neighbors had paid the down payment, nor did he buy the Jingxiu property that Jiang Ning said would become the new CBD center in the future.

    But for the sake of safety, he bought a school district room for Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan as guardians next to the old Henggao campus in the city center.

    Buying this school district house now looks very uneconomical, because the house price is almost the highest in the city, as high as 8,000. Zheng Ruonan bought two sets of 200 square meters of large flats, and the two sets only paid one million for the down payment.

    After paying the deposit, the neighbors in the Hutong area all told Zheng Ruonan that she was really losing money. The price here has reached the top. If you want to increase the price in the future, it is almost a dream.

    She managed to save some money in her hand and lost half of it all at once.

    Some people ridiculed Zheng Ruonan for being so unconscious about this kind of thing. Now that he is all right, he can’t keep up with the train by the seaside Louwang.

    Zheng Ruonan was unreasonable. She felt that even if the school district’s housing would not increase too much, it would not lose money. It was a moderate choice.

    Jiang Ning was relieved instead.

    Zheng Ruonan didn’t buy Jingxiu. Maybe her family could not get rich and wealthy and could not force it.

    The room for appreciation of the school district next to Henggao is indeed not as good as Jingxiu, but it will also rise to 90,000 square meters in the future. Two 200 square meters will cost 30 to 40 million yuan in seven or eight years, and it will be worse anyway. The tail building is much better.

    During this period, two neighbors in the hutong successively followed suit and bought the so-called Lou Wang.

    Jiang Ning wanted to stop, but it was already so difficult to persuade Zheng Ruonan. If he wanted to, the neighbors might think she was talking nonsense as a little girl.

    At Xu Mingyi’s house, Zheng Ruonan didn’t know what he had said to Xu’s mother. In short, Xu’s mother also gave up the property on the beach.

    The two are a group of old hutong residents who are planning to buy a house.

    Things came to an end like this.

    Jiang Fan did not have the right to express his opinions in this house. When he knew, Zheng Ruonan had already completed the procedures and only notified him.

    Jiang Fan: “…” When

    Jiang Ning was talking to Yan Yixie about this at school, the young man asked thoughtfully: “You are very short of money?”

    Jiang Ning choked suddenly and waved his hand. Said: “Lack of money is not lacking, but you see, my mother’s company’s annual turnover is only about 1 million, and the net profit obtained is about 200,000. I used to have six people in my family. , All rely on this expenditure. Although you can worry about food and clothing, it is not easy to save some money. And my mother’s company is not stable. There is no particularly stable industry these days, and in case it goes bankrupt in the future What? If you buy a few more apartments now while the house price is low, you will be able to realize tens of millions in the future. At least it will enable my mother to retire early and provide her with pensions so that she will no longer be tired…”

    Speaking, Jiang Ning looked at the young man indignantly: “Of course, rich people like you can’t understand it.

    ” There is a wall between “rich” and “rich.”

    Jiang Ning’s and Xu Mingyi’s families are rich, and they are well-off families who can buy a few hundred yuan of clothes without blinking. But the wealthy family of the strange young master in front of him is a family of bloody monsters who buy an old castle without blinking.

    Yan Yixie changed the subject and asked, “What real estate did you originally want to buy?”

    “Jingxiu.” Jiang Ning lay on the table, swiping his fingers across the table, and said to him: “Jingxiu’s apartment is very different. good, but there is indeed a risk, if not up to the time housing prices, money for naught, than to buy the uncompleted good to go. my mother chose the more conservative real estate, excusable. “

    teenagers like He asked casually, “Is it good to live on a clean seaside?”

    Jiang Ning saw that he was under a dark green sweater under his down jacket today. The silver zipper on the neckline flickered, and he couldn’t help pulling his zipper with a low hand. .

    The zipper was rattling by her.

    Yan Yixie was accustomed to Jiang Ning always trying to catch something restlessly, so he glanced at her, too lazy to care about her, and continued to deal with his homework.

    “The seaside is too humid. Actually I don’t like it very much. If your house has a villa with a view of the sea halfway up the mountain, of course it would be good, but my house can’t afford it. Moreover, I still like a lively place.”

    Jiang Ning said . Leaning slantingly by his side like boneless, pulling his zipper, leaning on the table watching his homework, said: “But your house is gloomy, and I don’t like it very much. I want a fireplace, a huge one. Shiping’s cloakroom, dance studio, and the life-scented one can buy all kinds of delicious roadside stalls

    downstairs . Then you can go to bed together— ” Jiang Ning almost said that after getting up, I will go downstairs to eat with you. breakfast.

    But before the words were spoken, the reason returned, and he swallowed back in an instant.

    She was scared to death, and she almost said out accidentally. It would be weird if Yan Yixie found out that he was in her future plans at this moment.

    “What’s the matter in bed together?” The boy asked seemingly casually, but the tip of the pen paused imperceptibly.

    “Let the cat go in bed together.” Jiang Ning stuck out his tongue and successfully saved the topic.

    Yan Yixie asked with no expression: “You have this ambition?”

    Jiang Ning looked at him with his head supported, and said, “Otherwise, this kind of life is already very happy.”

    Jiang Ning had already gone a long way in his career in his previous life . Now, she wants to stay with her family in this life and live every day well.

    “Of course there will be lovers in the future. Eat breakfast with me and run up the cat with me.”

    Yan Yixie lowered his jet black eyelashes.

    She didn’t have him in her plan.

    Teenagers don’t want to think about the future, and they don’t want time to pass too fast. Once they grow up, there will be many variables.

    She is so good, she will like it in the future, and she will never be disabled.

    Yan Yixie suddenly pursed his lips, and took away Jiang Ning’s hand holding his neckline zipper: “Be quiet, I haven’t finished my homework yet.”

    “What’s wrong.” Jiang Ning rubbed his hand. I don’t know if it was an illusion, but Yan Yixie seemed a little unhappy.

    She muttered: “I will wear a dress with straps tomorrow, so you can pull it back.”

    Is this a question of whether there are zippers or straps on the clothes. Yan Yixie thought in his heart.

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