The kitten grows very fast, almost the same a day, and after half a month it will not be able to hold it with both hands.

    Because of the custard bag, Jiang Ning came to the villa very diligently again. Every day after school, he carried his schoolbag and followed Yan Yixie back to the villa, and then went back later.

    But during this time, she was still giving Jiang Fan a make-up lesson, hoping to help him sprint for the transfer exam, so she often lacked energy, and started eyelid fights at Yan Yixie’s teasing cats halfway through.

    Yan Yixie sat by the window, turned a page, raised his head, and saw Jiang Ning collapsed on the sofa, breathing evenly, holding half a bag of unfinished biscuits in his hand.

    The custard bag was lying on top of her head and her belly crooked.

    “Jiang Ning.” Yan Yixie yelled in a low voice.

    Jiang Ning replied vaguely, and clicked his mouth.

    The custard bag also opened his wistful eyes and closed it again.

    “Asleep?” The

    teenager was a little bit incredulous. She was still eating snacks for the first second, but fell asleep while eating the next second.

    Yan Yixie pushed the wheelchair over, leaned over and took the custard bag from her hair, put it back into the cat litter cushion on the ground, and took away half of the biscuits in her hand.

    Jiang Ning was still clenched very tightly in his sleep, as if someone was about to snatch her things, waved and hit him.

    Yan Yixie dodges calmly and quickly to avoid bruising at the corners of his eyes.

    He pushed back her moving arm, gently split her fingers, and took out the half bag of biscuits.

    Jiang Ning was really sleepy, and finally gave up holding the cookies, let go, turned over and fell asleep again, and stepped on the sofa with slippers.

    Yan Yixie looked down at her for a long while.

    When the girl fell asleep, she was very quiet, without grinding her teeth or talking in sleep, her sleeping posture was a bit poor, her coat was rubbed up, revealing a small piece of thin and white waist, and two red stamps on her face.

    It seems to be much softer than when he was awake, and he was totally different.

    Yan Yixie looked at her with a strange feeling in his heart, like a brush sweeping restlessly across the tip of his heart.

    He tried his best to ignore this strange feeling, and carefully dragged her shirt off, took off her slippers, then went to the room and took the quilt over and gently covered her.

    After finishing these teenagers, return to the window to continue reading.

    The custard bag crawled out of the cat’s litter, looked at Yan in a daze for a while, then “meowed” in anger, then crawled back down the sofa, and huddled on top of Jiang Ning’s head.

    Yan Yixie: “…” The

    setting sun fell diagonally through the window, and the treetops outside gently swayed with the wind.

    One person and one cat are drowsy on the sofa.

    So time becomes slow and quiet.

    The young man was a little greedy for such a time, his eyes fell out of the window, watching the setting sun go down little by little.

    He sat there, his back looked like he was in a daze.

    Hearing the movement coming from the stairs behind him, he turned his head back, gave a “shh” to the housekeeper who brought the drink up, and said softly: “Just put it down.” The

    housekeeper nodded and put the tray on the coffee table, lightly. Go downstairs lightly.

    Jiang Ning didn’t sleep for too long. She set the alarm clock to prevent herself from fainting.

    The alarm clock rang suddenly, she was taken aback and bounced reflexively.

    “Why are you so sleepy?” Yan Yixie looked over: “Did you not sleep last night?”

    Jiang Ning beat his head and complained: “It’s not Jiang Fan yet. I’m giving him a supplementary lesson. There was a topic last night. For a long time.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know that Jiang Ning was still giving her brother a make-up lesson recently. He couldn’t help but feel a little upset. He had known that Jiang Ning had other things after school, so he didn’t need to cheat her over in the name of Custard Bun.

    He paused, and asked, “Need… help to hire a tutor?”

    Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie with a bit of novelty, and he rarely asked for help.

    Yan Yixie was a little awkwardly stared at by Jiang Ning and turned away: “What are

    you looking at?” “Thank you, but no need.” Jiang Ning smiled and said, “If my brother asked a tutor to be useful, I would have asked it a long time ago. Only I can cure him.”

    Yan Yixie nodded, and said: “Then go back early and do business at home first. I will take care of the custard bag and nothing will happen. You will come back later.”

    Jiang Ning In fact, I still don’t want to go back. Although I can stay together at school every day, I still feel that there is not enough time. I also want to stay here after school.

    But she couldn’t really stay here, and the housekeeper would have to wonder if she was pure friendship with Yan Yixie.

    So Jiang Ning touched the raised little head of the custard bag, and had to say, “Then I will go first.”

    She stood up and found that she was covered with a quilt. She accidentally stepped on her foot.

    Jiang Ning quickly picked up the quilt and shook it up on the sofa.

    The boy said: “It’s okay, don’t stack it.”

    Jiang Ning felt a little sweet, scratched his face and smiled, and looked at Yan Yixie: “Did you bring the quilt over and help me cover it?”

    “What are you thinking about? What?” Yan Yixie frowned, with an expression of’Why are you so narcissistic’, and said: “Of course it was covered by the butler. Didn’t you see that there was a drink delivered by the butler next to it?”

    Jiang Ning: “… “

    Damn, she paid the wrong way after all.

    Jiang Ningzou took two cups of milk tea and a bag of snacks and biscuits before leaving. The housekeeper took her to the alley as usual, and then turned back to the villa after she walked in.

    When the housekeeper and Jiang Ning were not in the villa, the sky was already dark, and the whole villa was empty to a degree of silence.

    Yan Yixie put down the book that hadn’t turned a few pages.

    Suddenly there was a faint “meow.”

    He lowered his head, the custard bag lay on his feet, and raised his head and yelled at him.

    “What are you doing?” The boy glanced at the custard bag and said coldly: “I want to go to the toilet and go to the litter box by myself. Don’t expect me to help you.” The

    litter box is not very high, but this cat’s legs are more unusual. The cat is short, often flipped in, unable to flip out for a long time.

    As soon as Jiang Ning left, the custard bag was like a cat. He recognized who was the master of the family and was very pleased with him. It sat down, looked up at him, and “meowed” sadly again. Screamed.

    The boy stared coldly at the custard bag for a long while, then finally leaned down in resignation, picked up the little cat, pushed the wheelchair to the litter box.

    What Jiang Ning said was right. Since she brought the custard bag to him, the villa has never been so dead.

    In early December, the weather became even colder, and Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie both changed into down jackets and coats.

    Zheng Ruonan’s lawsuit came out before the court, Jiang’s father was unwilling to go to court and lost his face. Finally, he finally gave up the idea of ​​reconciliation and agreed to divorce Zheng Ruonan.

    After Zheng Ruonan survived the most tormented month, she became more and more cheered up. When she entered the Civil Affairs Bureau, she even put on a light makeup, showing off the image of a capable and neat female entrepreneur. On the contrary, it was Father Jiang, who looked extremely good. Haggard.

    After Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan came home from school that day, Zheng Ruonan had already arrived home and made a large table of dishes, so that Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan could come to eat quickly after washing their hands.

    Jiang Fan originally thought that after his father left the house, the family would undergo drastic changes. After that, he would be a child of a single-parent family without a father. Then the children in the alley would laugh at him even more. Why would his mother wash her face in tears from now on? Don’t care about him… Thinking about it, I feel so miserable. It is simply the tragic childhood of the hero in the idol drama. Because of this, he bit his horn and secretly shed tears several times in the middle of the night.

    As a result, nothing in the imagination happened.

    Zheng Ruonan did not feel well in the first month, but he gradually recovered after a month. Moreover, after Father Jiang left the house with the two vampires, the house was rather peaceful. Although it’s a bit deserted, there are also fewer quarrels, especially Jiang Rourou, who is not an eye-catcher, Jiang Fan’s pocket money has doubled, and he can afford the brand-name sports shoes he wants to buy.

    The happiness of a boy is so simple. He sleeps with his shoes, and Jiang Fan laughs too late, where there is still a kung fu tiger crying.

    Seeing that Zheng Ruonan was so solemn today, Jiang Ning inquired curiously: “Mom, did something happen?” Could

    it be the beginning of a new year?

    But Zheng Ruonan suffered this disaster and obviously had no thoughts to find a stepfather for the brothers and sisters. Her recent thoughts have all been put on work.

    She glanced at the slightly old kitchen, and suddenly asked, “Ningning, Fanfan, do you want to live in a different place?”

    “What do you mean?” Jiang Fan was almost choked with braised pork in fright: “Mom. , You won’t be bankrupt, you’re going to sell your house?! Next, will you be living on the streets?”

    Jiang Ning said to the back of his head: “Don’t be crow mouths.”

    Zheng Ruonan felt that these two brothers and sisters Yue Lai is very sensible, especially Jiang Ning, who has almost become the only person in the family who can discuss matters, so she does not intend to hide it.

    She stroked Jiang Fan’s head and said, “Recently, my mom is frustrated in love, but she is proud of her career. Our company has recently successfully completed a project with upstream and lost a lot of money. Isn’t it a popular school district room now? Thinking about whether to buy a set, it will be convenient for you to go to high school at that time.”

    Jiang Fan

    opened his eyes wide : “Moving?” Zheng Ruonan said, “It’s not a move, but just buy a larger house. We have lived in the hutong area for more than ten years. The furniture and everything are very old. It is also very troublesome to renovate. I think it is better to move to a larger house.”

    Jiang Fan was a little unhappy. “Isn’t it still going to move sooner or later? My sister and I lived here since we were born, and my friends are also here. If we suddenly change places, both of us will not be used to it.”

    Jiang Ning said, “I think this is a good thing. “

    Jiang Fan looked at her:?

    Jiang Ning didn’t even help him speak? Also, once she moved, she and Xu Mingyi were tens of thousands of miles away.

    Jiang Fan was still thinking about Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi’s old baby kiss.

    Jiang Ning said to Zheng Ruonan: “Mom, since you have opened this mouth, I will tell you directly. It is definitely a good thing to buy a house now, and you don’t want to pay for it in full. Your company has always been in contact with the bank. It’s easy to do things. Pay a down payment for a few sets, and buy as many sets as you can. House prices will definitely rise in the future. You can rent out or sell them at that time. But the only problem is that you have to choose a good location and real estate.”

    This kind of thing Just like stepping on landmines, Jiang Ning remembers that a few years later, the sea market has developed. Some of the properties that everyone is optimistic about are unfinished, and they are involved in disputes. The prices of some properties that are not favored have skyrocketed, and they have doubled countless times.

    There was no such thing in the last life.

    Jiang Ning remembered that because the family had a larger population at the time, and Liu Zhangzui had to eat every day, Zheng Ruonan could not use the savings to buy a house. But now there are three blood-sucking worms suddenly missing, and the family has suddenly become luxuriant.

    Of course, not buying a house in the previous life helped their family avoid a major event. At that time, there was a real estate called Haishi Louwang that was very popular. Several neighbors bought the Hutong area. Later, the real estate was turned into a ruined building, which made everyone’s money go in vain.

    Jiang Ning was impressed by this. He remembered that in the third year of the junior high school, neighbors protested every day.

    “How do you know that housing prices are going to rise in the future?” Zheng Ruonan asked amusedly.

    I don’t know why, since a few months ago, she felt more and more that Jiang Ning sometimes talked like a little adult.

    Of course, Jiang Ning could not say that she knew the future. She babbled: “I have nothing to do with extracurricular books on economics, and I know at a glance that if the country wants to drive domestic demand, it must start from a certain aspect. They are the most economically developed cities, and they are definitely the fastest trending.”

    Zheng Ruonan was planning to buy it. Jiang Ning laughed at it, but it only strengthened her determination.

    She asked Jiang Fan to help her carry the bag, and then took out a few real estate leaflets from them, and handed them to Jiang Fan and Jiang Ning: “What kind of apartment do you like?”

    Jiang Fan saw the Hutong not far away. The newly built high-rise building near the seaside pointed to the leaflet, and said: “This, this is good! The sea view room, and not too far from where we live now.”

    Zheng Ruonan also said: “I also like this, listen. Said that you Aunt Xu and others have inside information. The government invested heavily in this area, and it is definitely the best location.”

    Jiang Ning took the bottom one from it and said, “You can’t buy the beach, Mom, look at this real estate. This area will definitely develop in the future.”

    She remembers that the seaside real estate was protested because the moisture-proof measures were not done well. Then the contractor ran away and broke the end. The real estate called the king of the building was in arrears for seven or eight years. , Has brought an earth-shaking impact on many people’s lives.

    Instead, the Haishi Jingxiu real estate in her hands is now a low price that is not favored by people, thinking that there is not much room for appreciation, but it will develop into a new CBD center within a few years.

    Although Jiang Ning has matured much more than before in recent months, Zheng Ruonan certainly doesn’t believe Jiang Ning’s words as a child of such a major event.

    She couldn’t help laughing, and said to Jiang Ning: “Buying a house is a big deal. It’s not the same as buying a few bags at random. You can’t pick it casually. You are still young and don’t understand, this matter must be right to my mother.”

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