The custard bag is only one month old. I haven’t been vaccinated yet, and I can’t take a bath, but it’s too dirty, my hair is knotted, and my eyes cannot be opened because of the knotted eye feces.

    Jiang Ning wiped it all over with a wet towel, but couldn’t wipe it clean.

    Jiang Ning had to turn on the heater and shower head, and rinsed it with gentle water.

    The kitten meowed meowly and looked around helplessly, but he was behaved and didn’t stretch out his paws to Jiang Ning.

    Before coming, Jiang Ning bought a small packet of pet shower gel in the relief center and put it in his school bag.

    She wrapped the wet kitten in a towel, poked her head out, and rushed downstairs and shouted: “Yan Yixie, can you help me get my schoolbag up?”

    Yan Yixie recovered and picked up Jiang. Ning’s schoolbag was placed on his knees and pushed into the wheelchair.

    As soon as he entered the bathroom, Yan Yixie was hit by five thunders, and he smelled a smell even worse than before.

    He stared closely at the towel that Jiang Ning had thrown into the trash can and had completely turned into a gray towel, as well as the dirty water on the tiles. The acceptance of the kitten that was built with difficulty was immediately lost to the cleanliness.

    He stared at Jiang Ning incredulously: “Jiang Ning! You put it in my bathroom for a bath?!”

    Jiang Ning quickly said, “It wasn’t put in the bathtub, it was just placed on the ground and washed with the shower head. “

    Yan Yixie took a deep breath: “Do you still want to put it in the bathtub???”

    Jiang Ning saw that the boy’s face turned dark, he wanted to laugh but didn’t dare, and said, “All cats are raised like this, such a small one. Kitty, I have never been in contact with water before, and was frightened. It is inevitable that the water will be splashed everywhere. I will flush the dirty water down later.”

    Although there are many rooms in the villa, it is because there are only two people, the teenager and the housekeeper. There are only two bathrooms in the house. Jiang Ning can’t hold a dirty kitten to the bathroom in the housekeeper’s room.

    Although the housekeeper is a housekeeper, Jiang Ning can never really treat him as a person.

    Yan Yixie handed the schoolbag to Jiang Ning and decided to go out to calm down.

    “You take out the shower gel for me.” Jiang Ning smiled and said, “Don’t you see my wet hands?” The

    boy found out the shower gel with a stinky expression and wanted to throw it to Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning said again, “Tear it apart. , Squeeze out the shower gel and squeeze it directly on the custard bag.” As

    Jiang Ning hugged the kitten, he leaned over.

    Yan Yixie felt that his patience had long been exhausted. He didn’t know why he had to name the cat five minutes ago, tolerating Jiang Ning and turning his bathroom upside down, and waiting for the cat to take a bath at this moment.

    “Hurry up,” Jiang Ning urged inch by inch, “The custard bag is about to catch a cold.”

    Yan Yixie : “…” The

    young man held his breath and tried his best to hypnotize himself and couldn’t smell the unpleasant urination. Taste, the custard bag did not pee on the floor of his bathroom, all this is my own illusion.

    He bit his scalp, tore open the package, and put the shower gel on the custard bag casually.

    After putting on the shower gel, Jiang Ning squatted down again and continued to bathe the slapped kitten. After rubbing it a few times, I picked up the shower head and started washing.

    When the entangled and dirty hair on his body was finally washed away, the little orange cat finally showed a delicate face.

    Yan Yixie pushed the wheelchair to the door and looked down at it.

    Just when Jiang Ning thought he was finally going to take a pleasurable look at the custard bag, he heard the teenager     say coldly,

    ” Are all orange cats so ugly?” Jiang Ning: “…”

What the hell, how can anyone in this world dislike it? The cat is ugly?

    Go away! Go away!

    Jiang Ning hurriedly covered the small ears of the custard bag, and whispered to it quickly: “You didn’t hear, you didn’t hear, you look at your thick eyebrows, big eyes, and big muzzle. It looks like a big orange is the most important thing. . seedling, and doubtless will grow into a big guy next to this beast feet if you did not hear, do not go long as he says. “

    Yan Xie a:” …… “

    “? big guy, “Xie Yan suddenly a little Yue.

    Jiang Ning smiled “hehe”, and said to the little orange cat again: “Of course, even if you grow up to be a handsome guy, but I’m sorry, in my heart, the two-legged beast next to you is still more handsome.”

    Yan Yi thanks “…” Although it’s a bit weird to care about with a cat, he has to say that the discomfort in his heart disappeared immediately, and he even looked at the custard bag and looked a little pleasing to the eye.

    The boy comforted the cat in

    Jiang Ning’s arms lightly: “You are fine too.” Jiang Ning looked at the boy’s nonchalant expression, and almost laughed out loud.

    Yan Yixie raised her head to look at her, she immediately looked away with her tongue tipped against her cheek.

    After drying the custard bag, Jiang Ning took a new dry towel, wrapped it up, and placed it on the teenager’s lap: “Help me hold it, I’m going to dry it now.”

    Yan Yixie was a little bit all over his body. Stiff, almost afraid to touch this kitten that can be held up with two hands. Its small arms and legs seem to be broken fragilely at any time.

    This feeling is a bit strange, a fresh and thin life lying on his hand, with his eyes wide open, looking at himself pitifully. Jiang Ning entrusted it to himself for the next ten years. It seems that after having this cat, he and Jiang Ning will be connected in tandem for the next ten years.

    Jiang Ning turned on the softest position of the hair dryer and began to blow the custard bag slowly.

    The soft and tender hairs on the custard bag were blow-dried little by little, and gradually became fluffy.

    Lying on the boy’s hand, like a little chicken.

    “Blow dry.” After a while, Jiang Ning put down the hair dryer.

    Seeing that Yan Yixie’s arms were still a little nervous, she couldn’t help but smile: “You don’t need to be so nervous, the little stray cat is still very strong and won’t die easily.”

    “Who is nervous?” Yan Yi thanked: ” Take it away.”

    Jiang Ning jokingly used a hairdryer to blow on the juvenile’s forehead, and picked up the custard bag: “He’s so fierce.”

    Yan Yixie’s cold forehead was suddenly swept by the warm wind, and his skin was tapered. There was a shudder, even with a strange heart.

    His ears were a little red inexplicably, and he stared at Jiang Ning angrily.

    But Jiang Ning had already avoided holding the kitten.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t stay here for too long, she had to go back before Zheng Ruonan went home.

    After confirming that everything was normal after the kitten took a bath, she took the things she had brought out of her schoolbag.

    She introduced to Yan Yixie: “This is the milk cake from the rescue station. You can eat the custard buns in the past few days, but the cat food at the rescue station is very common. You have to buy some better brands. . Then when changing food—”

    Yan Yixie lowered his head and stared at the kitten who had started crawling all over the floor, and said: “I know, it takes seven days to change food gradually.”

    “Yes,” Jiang Ning He said with joy, “You checked the strategy when I bathed it just now, and you know how to raise it?”

    Yan Yi thanked him, “Have you never seen a pig run without eating pork?”

    Jiang Ning was a little happy, and said: “Originally, I was worried that you and Mr. Zhou are both males. They are clumsy and will not be able to raise them. When the time comes, the custard bag will be uncomfortable. I also plan to come two or three times a week to observe its condition. But now it doesn’t seem to be necessary. I am.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Is it too late to take back that sentence?

    Yan Yi thanked him, “So do I have to take a shower every day?”

    Jiang Ning said angrily: “I just praised that you know how to raise cats. What’s the matter with you?! Of course you can’t take a bath every day for a cat of this size! Today is too dirty and forced to take a bath next time after the three shots of the vaccine are given. , Don’t dislike it for being dirty, cats will clean themselves.”

    Yan Yi thanked him, “Oh,” and asked faintly: “Then the cat food, is it to be soaked in milk?”

    Jiang Ning: “… Cats can’t drink milk, they will have gastrointestinal discomforts.”

    Yan Yi looked at Jiang Ning in surprise, and said: “Then you don’t need a litter box when you go to the toilet. It will jump on the toilet by itself, right?”

    Jiang Ning: “ ………… “

    Why is it smarter than your peers in other things, so clumsy when it comes to raising small animals? ! Jiang Ning glared at Yan Yixie, fearing that the custard bag would be killed by him. He picked up the custard bag from the ground and said, “Or I’ll take it back and raise it.”

    Yan Yi thanked him : ” Your mother won’t agree.”

    Zheng Ruonan would indeed not agree, but Jiang Ning was really worried. She said, “Then I have come here after school every day until you can raise them.” The

    young man said indifferently : “I I haven’t raised it before, so I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to learn thoroughly.”

    Jiang Ning said, “After you get started, I will continue to come twice a week.”

    “…It seems that this can only be done.” Yan Yi Xie put it on the ground as if nothing had happened. Picking up her

    milk cake cat food, she said calmly: “After all, you have to raise it, and you can’t be irresponsible.” Jiang Ning was really worried about the custard bag, and it took a long time before leaving.

    The housekeeper drove her back. On the way back, he bought new cat food, litter box, scratching board, toys, etc. according to Yan Yixie’s instructions.

    The housekeeper was a little worried along the way. Jiang Ning suddenly threw a cat in. He knew that the young master had always been disinterested in these little animals, and it could even be said that there was no love. The young master would definitely not care much after he accepted it. Then it would be him again. Come and serve.

    After returning home, I saw the little milk cat playing with his tail on the ground, and the young master was watching from a distance.

    While putting out the litter box and scratching board, the housekeeper asked, “Master, what should I do with this cat? Do you really want to raise it? Don’t wait for classmate Jiang to divert his attention and give it away.”

    Yan Yi thanked He also showed a very headache expression: “You take care of it first, you know, I hate cats.” The

    housekeeper’s eyes went black, and his heart said that it is true. There is no human rights for hitting workers.

    “Oh, there is a room. It is ready. Next time Classmate Jiang comes over, you can take a lunch break in her own room.” It’s said that the doctor occasionally stayed in the guest room here.”

    Yan Yixie said “Yes” and turned his wheelchair to go upstairs.

    The butler went into the kitchen and poured milk.

    Yan Yixie stopped the wheelchair: “What are you doing?”

    “The kitten is calling, I’ll pour some milk for it.” The butler said.

    Yan Yixie: “Cats can’t drink milk.”

    Butler: “…Are you sure? How do you know?”

    “This is common sense.” Yan Yi thanked.

    “Oh, forget it.” Yan Yixie was a little afraid that the butler would really kill the kitten. He turned to the wheelchair, leaned over and picked up the custard bag playing on the ground: “I’ll do it.” The

    butler Said: “You let it into your room? What about the litter

    box ? Cat poop is very smelly.” Yan Yixie said blankly: “Put it on the corridor outside my room.”

    Butler: ……


    ? ?

    Do you hate all cats?

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