Yan Yi Xie Huai hurried back with the egg tarts. Jiang Ning was squatting outside the carved fence. The headlights shone her figure small, and the shadow on the ground was also small. There was a paper box behind her, I don’t know. What was pretending to be hidden behind her.

    As soon as the car stopped, before the butler came and put down the pedals in the back seat, the boy opened the door by himself, quickly lifted the pedals, and then pushed the wheelchair down.

    The butler couldn’t help smiling when he saw him moving fast.

    But when he was about to approach the girl, Yan Yixie deliberately slowed down the speed of the wheelchair. Don’t start to go, and pretend to pass by without any haste.

    Steward: “…” When are you still arrogant?

    Jiang Ning stood up holding the box. In the autumn night, the dew was heavy. Although the deep grass outside the carved fence had been treated, the dew still wetted her trouser legs slightly. She squatted here, her legs were a little numb, and she subconsciously slapped it. Own legs.

    “I brought you…” Before she finished speaking, she sneezed.

    Yan Yixie’s movements accelerated again, and he came to her side in the blink of an eye.

    Before she could finish her words, he took off the blanket from his arms, sat in the wheelchair, leaned over, and wiped her wet trouser legs.

    Jiang Ning lowered his eyes and looked at the back of the boy’s short black hair with the headlights of the car, and the white to transparent but faintly red skin illuminated by the light. He couldn’t help but curled his lips.

    Yan Yixie raised his head and threw the blanket aside.

    Jiang Ning: “…” It’s really a blanket.

    Yan Yixie raised his head to look at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning quickly touched the corner of his mouth, pretending to have never laughed.

    “Go in.” Just after apologizing, Yan Yixie didn’t know how to talk to Jiang Ning for a while. He looked away a little awkwardly, and said blankly: “I will let people keep the courtyard gate and the gate. Change it to a code lock. Next time you come, go directly in and don’t wait outside.”


    Yan Yixie gave her the egg tart in his arms again: “It was hot when I brought it to you, but it’s cold now. I can’t eat anymore. I’ll buy it for you again tomorrow.”


    “Jiang Ning,” Yan Yixie looked into her eyes and said again, “I said too much.”

    Jiang Ning was in the car at the time . I was angry again, but now I heard the boy apologize for the second time, and I felt a little uncomfortable again. Knowing that she would not get out of the car long ago, she should have pestered him to fly a kite, and within a few hours, the teenager must have thought that she had lost her.

    That’s why he ran to wait outside her yard.

    In fact, because of her, he has smoothed out a lot of edges and corners.

    “I don’t blame you.” Jiang Ning whispered, “But, don’t you think I am nosy?”

    To be honest, Yan Yixie still thinks that Jiang Ning is nosy, but he will never do anything like that. Say. Nosy, nosy, if she is not nosy, she will not come to him.

    He didn’t say a word, raised his hand to take the box in Jiang Ning’s arms, then grabbed Jiang Ning’s wrist and pulled her into the hospital.

    “Wait a minute!” Jiang Ning

    hurriedly said : “My things, don’t bump in your arms.” She quickly snatched her small box back and put it in her arms like a baby.

    Yan Yixie glanced at the box in her arms with a weird expression. Fortunately, it was just a box, not a person.

    The butler hurried over to open the door.

    Yan Yixie pulled Jiang Ning into the house and asked the butler to bring another blanket and a cup of hot milk. He handed the hot milk to Jiang Ning’s hand, then glanced at the box in her arms and asked: “What is it?”

    Jiang Ning didn’t care about drinking the milk, and put the milk on the coffee table aside, then gently placed the box on the ground.

    At this time, Yan Yixie suddenly smelled a strange and unpleasant smell in the box, like—something was peeing in it.

    He suddenly had a bad premonition and raised his eyes to look at Jiang Ning.

    “What do you think this is?” Jiang Ning squatted on the ground, placed the box between himself and Yan Yixie, raised his head, looked at Yan Yixie, and slowly opened the box.

    It’s a cat.

    An orange kitten the size of a palm, looks a little congenital, malnourished, with knots of hair tied up, and eyes that can’t be opened.

    Jiang Ning might have just brought it from a rescue station. He didn’t even take a bath, and his whole body exuded an unpleasant smell. His paws were black, lying helplessly in the box, and whispered.

    Compared to the kitten brought over by Jiang Ning in a box with an open hole, Yan Yixie seemed more nervous.

    Since the boy was born, he has never touched such a dirty thing before, and his whole body is stiff.

    However, he had just quarreled with Jiang Ning. At this time, his reason told him that no matter what Jiang Ning did, he would curb his bad temper.

    “A stray cat.” Yan Yixie calmly reminded Jiang Ning: “You don’t expect to keep it with me, do you? I warn you, neither the housekeeper nor I have experience…”

    “Yes, a stray cat, I I went to the relief center and just saw it, so I brought it back.” Jiang Ning said.

    Yan Yixie frowned: “In case the wheelchair accidentally runs over the kitten…”

    Jiang Ning interrupted him: “I know what you have to say. You have to say so many cats. It will never be possible to save every one of them. But if you save this one, now it is you and me. The stray cat adopted on November 13, 2006.”

    “You give it another name, feed it, and raise it, and it will become a cat unique to you. That’s it. It’s not a pointless thing.”

    Jiang Ning Juvenile is unwilling to establish contact with anyone, unwilling to let anyone into his world, but at least in addition to himself, he can give him a cat.

    It is difficult to be friends with others, and it is also difficult to make him empathize with others.

    But maybe it’s not that difficult to let a kitten break into his lonely island.

    Jiang Ning squatted in front of him, held the kitten in both hands, brought the kitten to his face, raised his face to look at the teenager, and said softly: “Think about it, wait for you to establish a relationship with him, for him , You

    are– ” Yan Yixie said blankly: “Just the lame man who is happy to help others.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    You are lame.

    Jiang Ning said angrily: “It’s its father! It’s its protector, a unique two-legged beast!”

    Yan Yixie looked at the thin and helpless kitten on Jiang Ning’s cheek, still indifferent.

    He turned the wheelchair and said, “No support.”

    “Oh, support, please.” Jiang Ning began to act like a baby.

    “No support.” Yan Yixie was determined.

    “Choose a name, Daddy Orange Cat.” The

    boy’s eyelashes trembled, and his lips were pursed inexplicably and uncomfortably.

    Although he said resolutely not to raise, but I don’t know what Jiang Ning said, which made the boy finally move. He glanced back at Jiang Ning who was hopeful, and then at the dirty little girl in her arms. The cat glanced at it and said perfunctorily: “Then call it a custard bag.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly became happy, showing a standard little sugar cake smile, and said to the kitten in his arms: “Okay, custard bag, now I’m going to find a wet wipe to wipe your body.”

    Let Yan Yixie say to a certain It’s already a big step forward to bring up a loss of interest.

    Jiang Ning went to Yan Yixie’s bathroom.

    The boy’s sight followed one person and one cat upstairs until one person and one cat disappeared in the corridor.

    There was a strange feeling in his heart.

    He found that what Jiang Ning said seemed to be correct.

    When he gave this cat milk yellow bag its name, it began to become unique.

    When he saw it, the moment she squatted and rolled in at his door the first day would automatically flash in his mind.

    Then involuntarily… the

    cat also became pleasing to the eye.

    For the first time in his life, he had a person who said to him “will not be separated from him” and a cat called Custard Bun.

    If it is related to her, it seems that it is not so difficult to accept, and it is not so repulsive.

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