After Jiang Ning returned home, Jiang Fan heard the movement and immediately poked his head out of the room and exaggeratedly said: “Sister, what kind of rich friend did you make! Someone sent this in the afternoon.”

    Jiang Fan has always exaggerated. Jiang Ning had no intention of joking with him, put down his schoolbag, frowned and said, “What?”

    ” Well , come here, I can’t help but take it into my room and study it.” Jiang Ning went back to the room. Jiang Ning heard the sound of pulling the zipper. While he was dismantling something, he said in an enviable tone: “By the way, a few friends and I have also made an appointment to climb the snow mountain next month. You can give it to me if you don’t need it at that time.”

    “Climbing the snow mountain?” Jiang Ning was stunned. , Thinking of something, I immediately went up to the second floor.

    Jiang Fan, the little bastard, has taken down the things she gave her.

    In his room, there is a large package half a person tall, with a set of women’s hiking clothing, hiking boots, helmets, protective glasses, etc., as well as some professional hygrometers, altimeters and oxygen equipment.

    Among them, the oxygen equipment had been dismantled to pieces by Jiang Fan, and the parts were lying miserably on the ground.

    Jiang Fan squatted on the ground and said excitedly: “I just checked it. It is a foreign brand. No one has ever seen the Hutong area. I dare to pack a ticket. Even Xu Mingyi has never heard of it. Sister, my question just now. you did not answer me, when I go out to play and the class of people, can you lend me two days to force the equipment installed – even if women Jackets “

    Jiang Ning gas is not one to play, can not wait to roll up its sleeves Beat Jiang Fan: “You know it’s for me, do you still give me hands and feet?”

    “Don’t be stingy.” Jiang Fan said: “I just study the internal structure, and I will put it back for you later. “As

    he said, he quickly became dumbfounded: “I just put a big screw here.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning threw the other things to Jiang Fan, and she silently picked up the jacket and hiking boots. I got up and hugged him back to his room.

    It was delivered by Yan Yixie.

    Jiang Ning hugged the jacket and looked down at the lonely suit. He felt like he was pinched by a hand, and he couldn’t tell where it hurts. In short, he was so sad that he couldn’t heal it.

    She couldn’t imagine how the teenager sent these things, hoping that she would be happy.

    He was really a contradictory person. He let Yan Dahang approach him. He didn’t say anything when he found out. He let him stop and help the two people. He still let the butler get out of the car—all the soft things were done. But the words spoken are always thorny.

    Jiang Ning is more distressed than angry.

    Jiang Ning sometimes couldn’t imagine how Yan Yixie in his previous life survived those years without seeing the sun when he didn’t have himself.

    The boy was supposed to be the pride of the sky. All the resources of the Yan family were handed over. He should have healthy legs, run and jump, and freely engage in all exciting projects, such as skiing, mountain climbing, and even parachuting. He shouldn’t have faced the disinfection water and walls of the hospital, suffering and despair in the day-to-day suffering… In

    that long life, the extremely heavy loneliness, whether at every moment of death, let him form The self-enclosed cocoon erects a thorn that repels all people from approaching.

    Fortunately, I came back by myself.

    But what should I do in order to rewrite the tragic fate that has happened, and to pull him out of the quagmire completely.

    Jiang Ning sometimes fears that he can’t do it.

    Young people can accept her, but they can’t accept this world.

    Yan Yixie remained silent as the car drove back. He pressed his lips tightly and his handsome face was a little pale. The butler glanced at him in the rearview mirror and found that he had been staring at the kite next to him.

    However, there is probably no way to fly a kite today.

    Autumn will soon pass, and when autumn has passed and winter has arrived, this kite will have to be put away completely.

    The housekeeper couldn’t help but said: “Master, you sometimes speak too aggressively, so you can clearly say things like

    this– ” The housekeeper coughed, cleared his throat, holding the steering wheel, and looking straight ahead: “Xiao Jiang Ning, I don’t want you to help others. I don’t want your attention to be too much on others. Although very selfish, but you remember other people’s names, I am not happy at all, if only you and me are left in the world a. ” “

    …… “Xie Yan, a black face:”?? housekeeper weeks, you is not seen a lot of soap operas, I face a lot you can write so many words, ” “

    Does your heart do not think so ? “

    .” Do not wild speculation, “Xie Yan, a coldly:” I do not think so much sentimental. “

    butler also like to say something, but juvenile facial features, a shadow, straight put on the headphones.

    The butler had to shut his mouth.

    Yan Yixie was a little upset. He looked out of the car window. The car was getting farther and farther away from the alley. There were fallen leaves on the ground. For a moment, Yan Yixie almost wanted to rush back to apologize-he didn’t mean it, he I don’t know why I suddenly fainted and said something like that.

    At the beginning, he excluded Jiang Ning and desperately tried to push Jiang Ning away, only to have a bad attitude towards Jiang Ning.

    But this is not what he has in mind now.

    He didn’t know when it started, and didn’t want Jiang Ning to leave at all.

    He didn’t intentionally make Jiang Ning uncomfortable.

    But how does he get to Jiang Ning’s house? Should he go in a wheelchair? If he sees Jiang Ning’s family, what will he say? Is he Jiang Ning’s disabled classmate?

    What would Jiang Ning’s mother think of him? In short, I would not like him as much as I like Xu Mingyi.

    Forget it.

    Yan Yixie closed his eyes, and the complex emotions on his face flashed away fiercely. Maybe he could wait until he went to school the next day.

    After returning to the villa, the butler parked the car and put away the kite silently.

    Yan Yixie had no appetite for dinner, and after a few bites, he put down the tableware and chopsticks.

    Seeing that the young master had been playing with the phone, the housekeeper turned on the screen of the phone, opened the text message page, and turned off the phone blankly. This was repeated more than a dozen times, and he almost made him feel bad.

    The butler finally couldn’t help

    saying : “If you want to call, call it.” “When did I want to call?” Yan Yixie was furious like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

    The housekeeper sighed: “Then give me the phone to avoid receiving Jiang Ning’s call.”


    Yixie : “…” Yan Yixie held the phone tightly and returned to the room with a frosty face.

    After a while the butler knocked on the door and said, “Master, have you seen Jiang Ning playing with her former friend recently?”

    There was no movement in the room.

    Yan Yixie knew that Jiang Ning had a tablemate who was playing very well before he changed classes, but he couldn’t remember her name. In fact, he had never cared about anyone else’s name except Jiang Ning’s name.

    “It’s called Lan Zhenzhen.” The butler said to himself: “Recently I saw that Jiang Ning has had less contact with her. I drove to pick you up when school was over in the first half of the month, and I could still see Lan Zhenzhen and Jiang Ning. Come downstairs together, you should also have the impression that the little girl who walked behind you and talked with Jiang Ning during school. But for half a month, she has almost stopped appearing. According to her and Jiang Ning’s personalities , There shouldn’t be any conflicts, maybe it’s just because of the shift of the shift, the time is not coordinated, so the two children are drifting away.”

    “What are you trying to say.” Yan Yi thanked Shen Shen.

    The housekeeper sometimes feels pity for the child Yan Yixie. Although the young master is indeed too precocious and can bear the pain that many people can’t bear, he is still a teenager and needs a playmate and someone to speak.

    But there were many truths, but no one taught him.

    Parents who were supposed to teach him and accompany him, but treated him as a tricky baggage, and dropped here.

    “What I mean is that even if there is no conflict, the two people will gradually drift away due to growth, separation, time and energy.” The butler had to act as the elder and said, “Not to mention it. Quarrel? Don’t think it’s just a short-term quarrel. Many times a quarrel is not repaired in time, and it may bring upside-down barriers.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t want to lose Jiang Ning.

    He didn’t want to lose her.

    Lan Zhenzhen can leave Jiang Ning, but he can’t.

    Because he only has Jiang Ning.

    The door of the room suddenly opened.

    The boy came out with his wheelchair and lowered his eyes: “I want to go out.”

    You can learn if you have not learned to bow your head, or you can learn if you have not apologized.

    The mood of the teenager is completely different from the last time. The night he had a fever last time, he could drive Jiang Ning away with a cold face, but this time, there was only one thought in his mind. What if Jiang Ning really did not come again, as the housekeeper said?

    Yan Yixie arrived outside Jiang Ning’s house, it was already dark.

    The housekeeper’s car couldn’t get into the alley and could only stop outside. The boy bought two boxes of egg tarts and walked out of the Jiang Ning’s yard by himself in a wheelchair.

    The surrounding area was very quiet, a locust tree stretched out from the courtyard, and tiny flying insects flickered under the street lamp of the red brick wall eaves.

    Yan Yixie picked up a small rock and raised his head to hit the window of Jiang Ning’s room, but no one came out for a long time.

    He was a little embarrassed, and his cold handsome face was a little pale.

    Would she not want to see him anymore?

    Yan Yixie took out the phone and dialed the only phone number in the address book.

    Fortunately, the phone was picked up soon.

    Yan Yixie pursed his lips, and said, “I’m outside your house. Jiang Ning, what happened in the afternoon…”

    “I’m sorry.”

    There was obviously some surprise on the phone. Jiang Ning couldn’t help but hear the boy’s initiative to apologize. Slightly sour, she whispered softly: “What to do, but I’m not at home.”

    Yan Yixie’s heart fell straight down.

    Is she really not at home or-the

    next second, but listening to the phone, Jiang Ning said: “I just went to your house, and now I am outside the fence. Come back and open the door for me.”

    Yan Yixie: “… “

    Speaking, Jiang Ning bent his finger and knocked on the carved iron fence.

    There was a crisp sound on the phone.

    Yan Yixie breathed for a while, and for a while he could not speak: “I thought…”

    Jiang Ning said briskly: “Idiot, do you think I will break off friendship with you after I get angry?”

    Although he refused to admit it, but only then At that moment, Yan Yixie almost thought it had reached this point. The boy hardened his mouth again: “No.”

    “You come back soon,” Jiang Ning said again, “I will come to you in the middle of the night, and I have something to show you.”

    “I’ll go back now.” He was relieved, his voice was still dumb, but his eyes were brighter.

    “I’m waiting for you.” Jiang Ning said, hearing the voice of the wheelchair hurried out of the alley, she said again, “Also, when the butler persuaded you to call me, I heard what he said to you—”

    The boy’s handsome face flushed red for a moment: “You–“

    “But there is one thing he said is wrong.” Jiang Ning interrupted him: “To me, you are different from Lan Zhenzhen.”

    Yan Yi thanks : “…”

    Jiang Ning: “I have been friends with her for a while, but because we are not in the same class, sooner or later we will get separated. But you are a more important person to me. Even if we are separated, conflicted, and grown up, we still I won’t lose each other. Is it okay?” In the

    dark, in the alley where a street lamp hung in the sky, Yan Yixie looked at the light under his feet, and his dark eyelashes trembled.

    There was no sound from the phone for a long time, only the sound of Shaoyoung’s breathing.

    Jiang Ning asked again with uncertainty: “Can you?”

    “Of course.”

    Yan Yixie took a breath and replied in a low voice.

    In the dark night that no one saw, his eyes were bright, like dead trees in spring.

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