Jiang Ning failed to get into Yan Yixie’s car the next day.

    Zheng Ruonan finally recovered a lot. Not only did he wake up early in the morning to make breakfast for Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, but because the company had nothing to do, he planned to send them to school personally.

    Zheng Ruonan talked about it halfway through breakfast and asked Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan if they wanted to go around the city center on their way to school and buy some new stationery they needed. Jiang Fan was overjoyed, but Jiang Ning was taken aback, for fear that the two cars collided and the egg and soy milk in his mouth hadn’t been swallowed, he quickly texted Yan Yixie under the table.

    “Today, my mother took me to school. You and Uncle Housekeeper said don’t come. Hurry up and see you at school!”

    When Jiang Ning’s text message was received, a black car had already parked outside the alley. Not far from the street.

    The weather got colder again. The boy was wearing a black jacket and trousers. He also carried an empty glass bottle. He had black hair and white skin. He looked slender and refreshing. He took a vibrating cell phone from his trouser pocket and glanced at it. , Said to the butler: “Let’s go.” The

    butler asked: “Aren’t you waiting for classmate Jiang?”

    Yan Yixie glanced at the alley and said, “Go straight to school.” The

    butler suddenly felt the air pressure in the car. Lowering down, although the young master has always had no expression on his face, he can clearly feel that he has become unhappy.

    When he was upset, he closed his jet-black eyelashes, and began to close his eyes and calm down without saying a word.

    The car drove all the way and was almost at school, but Yan Yixie didn’t say a word.

    The housekeeper was used to the chattering when Jiang Ning was there. At this time, he was a little flustered. He couldn’t help asking, “Master, what’s wrong?”

    Yan Yixie: “What’s wrong?” The

    housekeeper looked in the rearview mirror. He glanced at it and asked cautiously: “Is there anything wrong with classmate Jiang that can’t come?”

    The young man was silent. After a while, as if he couldn’t help it, he opened his eyes, filled with indignation, “Am I shameless?” The


    “She told me to get away quickly and don’t be seen by her mother!”

    The butler, who finally figured out what had happened, almost laughed out loud.

    Yan Yixie glared at him in the rearview mirror.

    The old butler hurriedly suppressed his smile. He really didn’t know that the young master would care about such trivial matters, and would even sue him.

    The housekeeper has never played the role of unraveling in front of Yan Yixie before. At this time, he can’t help but feel a little fluttering. He smiled at Yan Yixie and said: “You don’t like to contact others, even if you see Jiang Ning’s mother, Master, you What do you want to say?” The

    young man pressed his lips and said nothing.

    Taking advantage of his time, Zheng Ruonan drove Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan to the city center for a ride, bought some stationery, and then sent the brothers and sisters to the school respectively.

    Sure enough, time is the cure for everything. Zheng Ruonan finally walked out and was able to react to some jokes made by Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan in the car.

    When Jiang Ning saw it, he felt a lot more relaxed.

    She also wanted to persuade Zheng Ruonan to try to go on a blind date, or ask those aunts and friends to introduce her a new uncle.

    With a new relationship, he might be able to get out more quickly, and Zheng Ruonan can have a new outlet for confiding if he feels that it is inappropriate to confide in him and Jiang Fan.

    But thinking that it has only been divorced for a month, let Zheng Ruonan enjoy a period of single life without any urgency. In short, Jiang Ning will support Zheng Ruonan’s decision.

    When he arrived at school, Jiang Ning stuffed his schoolbag into the table and started to stare at Yan Yixie.

    Staring at Yan Yixie frowned, he took the initiative to speak: “…Morning, good.”

    The boy hadn’t said this to anyone before, it seemed like a hot mouth, and he closed his mouth as soon as he finished speaking.

    Jiang Ning instantly burst into joy: “Early, early!”

    She quickly took out a green square piece of paper from her schoolbag, flexibly folded out a thousand paper cranes with her fingers for half a minute, and placed it on Yan Yixie’s desk: ” Yes, I said yes yesterday.”

    “Ugly dead.” Said so disgustingly, the boy picked up the green paper crane with two fingers, put it into the glass bottle he brought, and stared without a trace. After a long while, he hid the glass bottle.

    “Remember to have a good morning tomorrow too. I’ll fold a big one for you.” The

    boy said coldly: “Who is rare for you to fold a thousand paper cranes crookedly?”

    Jiang Ning opened the book while watching Yan Yan. Yixie suddenly reached out and touched the short black hair on his forehead: “Yan Yixie, shouldn’t you have your hair cut?”

    Her fingertips touched Yan Yixie’s forehead indiscriminately, like being caught by a kitten. As if scratching her paws, the young man flushed immediately, grabbed her wrists, and threw her hands away: “Speak as you speak, don’t move your hands or feet.”

    Jiang Ning gave Yan a little inexplicably a glance. “I haven’t touched it before. The time you got a fever, I touched you for a long time. Why did you suddenly start to be so virginal?”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning added: “And I am Subconscious behavior, you didn’t intend to touch your forehead on purpose, you have to touch me, I may not want to touch it.”

    Yan Yixie : “…” I

    don’t know why the strange young master started sulking again.

    Jiang Ning: …

    So should she touch it or shouldn’t she touch it?

    It’s hard to be a woman.

    … After

    Jiang Ning was transferred to Class 1, everything has gone smoothly so far.

    Teacher Liang, the head teacher of a class, initially denied her, thinking that she would be a hindrance to the class, and called her to the office twice, in order to ask her to find a cram school in private to make up lessons, so as not to keep up. The rhythm of the class.

    As a result, he tested Jiang Ning’s test paper twice, and Jiang Ning was able to get a perfect score. Instead, Teacher Liang slapped him twice. Teacher Liang’s face was dull, so he no longer looked for Jiang Ning alone.

    Zhong Congshuang and Jiang Ning have hardly any intersection at this time. The two little sisters around her who have good grades seem to be somewhat uncomfortable with Jiang Ning. During the physical education class, they will deliberately not pass Jiang Ning’s volleyball.

    Occasionally, such a estrangement similar to “isolating someone” between middle school students is inevitable.

    If Jiang Ning is really a junior high school student Jiang Ning, she should be very uncomfortable because she is still watched by the physical education teacher. Later, if the teacher thinks that she is not good, everyone will stop interacting with her.

    But it’s a pity that the reborn Jiang Ning in the shell is now. She felt that such a small act of forming gangs was a bit funny, and did not harm her interests, and did not make any sense. The girls didn’t pass the ball to her. She simply went to the physical education teacher to report that she could not get the ball, and then went to sit lazily on the edge of the stands to bask in the sun.

    Thanks, she really doesn’t want to play volleyball.

    Instead, the girls from Zhong Congshuang stared.

    They found… Jiang Ning was more cheeky than they thought, and didn’t care if anyone played with her at all.

    The “bathroom appointment” between Jiang Ning and Lan Zhenzhen also failed. At first, Lan Zhenzhen missed her tablemate, and went to the third floor to find Jiang Ning several times.

    But as time passed, after Lan Zhenzhen had a new tablemate, she began to forget Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but pinch the little girl’s face. Before the division, she cried and said that her lifelong best friend was her, and she was also the one who had a new love immediately after the division.

    But this is also normal. After the division, the two are not on the same floor. It is too troublesome to run around. After the separation, the topic has become less, and there is no way to share gossip, and it fades over time.

    This is probably the trouble of “long-distance relationship”.

    …But this is too fast, right? ! Jiang Ning has only changed classes for half a month!

    In addition, Jiang Ning felt that Xu Mingyi had also undergone some changes in the past few days. It was about that after changing classes, he ignored the seat he had reserved for himself, and forcibly sat next to Yan Yixie, touching the bottom line of his self-esteem. He became determined to alienate himself.

    On two occasions in the hallway, he deliberately passed by himself without even looking at himself.

    If there is any notice in the class, he and Si Xiangming’s gang are not coming, and they all let Yan Dahang pass the message.

    Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief on the contrary, it is best for Xu Mingyi to take the initiative to stay away from her, so that there are not so many troubles, maybe it can make Zhong Congshuang’s group of girls less targeted at him.

    But watching Jiang Ning not only didn’t respond to his estrangement, but also slipped away, Xu Mingyi was even more angry.

    How could she be unresponsive? ? ?

    Xu Mingyi was so angry that he hadn’t eaten any food for several days.

    After school, Jiang Ning got into Yan Yixie’s car as usual and asked, “Where’s the kite?”

    Last night, the teenager inexplicably sent a screenshot of the weather forecast with a full stop.

    The weather forecast shows that there is no rain and light breeze today.

    Jiang Ning stared at the screenshot of the weather forecast and kept looking at it, thinking for a long time what this meant. After a few minutes, his mind turned around, so he tentatively replied: “Wow, the weather is really good. Will you go to fly a kite after school tomorrow? “The

    young man replied: “If you have to go, it’s not impossible.”

    Jiang Ning let out a “pouch” laugh, and rolled on the bed with her phone in her arms. She could almost imagine Yan Yixie’s cold and arrogant expression on the phone screen. She was also very satisfied with him. , Crackling replied: “Go, go, want to go, begged.” The

    boy calmly and reservedly replied “OK” and brought a “.”

    So today after school, he had an extra itinerary and went to the riverside. Kite.

    “Student Jiang, here.” The butler pointed to the passenger seat next to him.

    Jiang Ning took off her schoolbag, grabbed the back of the passenger seat and glanced at it. Seeing that it was a bright yellow rabbit-shaped kite, she turned her head and glanced at Yan Yixie, and said clearly: “This is what the housekeeper said. You picked it back–” The

    young man’s ears were red, and he twisted his head coldly, pretending not to hear, and for an instant he put the phone music very loudly, so noisy that Jiang Ning could not finish talking.

    Jiang Ning: “…This is a trick I like to use. Why are you still a good scholar?”

    Yan Yixie said coldly: “I didn’t hear it.”

    Jiang Ning sat back in his seat and shouted in his ear: “I Let me turn my voice down, my eardrum is about to burst.”

    Yan Yixie calmly said: “I still didn’t hear it.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” The

    two were talking, and Jiang Ning stopped suddenly. Pointing out of the car window, thanked Yan Yi, “Is that someone from our class?” The

    car happened to pass the alley outside the school.

    From a distance, I saw two students in Hengchu school uniforms pressed against the wall, and the alleys were blocked by some people. Some of them were a bit like the tattooed men who appeared when Jiang Ning met Yan Yixie for the first time on the beach. With his little brother, these people are searching the bodies of the two students.

    Asking for protection fees?

    It didn’t take long for Jiang Ning to transfer to Class One, but she actually didn’t recognize the faces of the people in Class One, so she was also a little uncertain.

    The two students pressed on the wall were a boy and a girl. She didn’t know which class the boy was in, but she was sure she was in the same class because the girl seemed to be there in the volleyball class.

    The girl’s hair was messy and she was out of breath from crying, while the boy received a few punches on the cheek with a blue nose and a swollen face.

    Yan Yixie Tuojin glanced out of the car window, not interested, and looked away: “Yeah.”

    “Oops, this is the back door of the school. No teacher will come at all. The guard may be off work.”

    Jiang Ning frowned and looked. Toward there, he said: “Otherwise, let the butler uncle stop the car and go over and scold it. When the group sees that they are adults, they should run away immediately.”

    Yan Yixie seemed rather indifferent to this . What’s the use. This kind of thing is definitely not once or twice. They don’t know how to resist, and they will be targeted by the group.”

    He glanced at Jiang Ning.

    Seeing Jiang Ning staring there worriedly, he nodded to the housekeeper anyway.

    The housekeeper got the order from Yan Yixie, then stopped the car, opened the door and walked over there.

    The group of gangsters saw the old housekeeper in a plain trench coat, and at first told him to go away. Then somebody suddenly recognized that the old housekeeper was the man in suit who appeared on the beach with the boy a few months ago. They panicked. The gangsters swiftly seized the alleys and fled like the flies being driven away.

    The butler walked over and patted the dirt on the pants of the two students, and told them to leave quickly before returning.

    Jiang Ning looked over there from the car window and heaved a sigh of relief when the matter was resolved.

    When the two students saw the butler walking this way, they hurriedly followed and thanked the person in the car window. When they first saw Jiang Ning, their eyes were hot, and then they saw Yan Yixie next to them. They were immediately shocked.

    A teenager with a whiter complexion than the average person sat in the car with a cloud of shadow around his eye sockets. He raised his eyes and glanced at them impatiently.

    The boy was even more panicked than before, took two steps backwards, and ran away with the girl.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yan Yixie was tasteless, and went up to the car window blankly.

    Yan Yixie said to the butler: “Let’s go.”

    “It’s really from our class,” Jiang Ning said. “Fortunately, I stopped and helped.”

    Yan Yixie said, “If you want to get rid of those people, you can only rely on it. Be tough, otherwise, next time there will be such a lucky thing, someone who can help pass by?”

    Jiang Ning said: “But they are our classmates—”

    “Classmates who ran away when they saw me?” Yan Yi Xie disagrees.

    Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie and suddenly realized that Yan Yixie wouldn’t be interested in taking care of his business if he wasn’t there. Even if the two of them were beaten and fractured today, the teenager would only give a lazy glance.

    Yan Yixie’s sense of participation in this world seems very weak.

    He is impatient to help others, and it doesn’t matter whether others thank him or not. Helping others will not make him feel any pleasure. Of course, he is too lazy to do things that oppress others.

    It’s not so much that he feels a little indifferent, it’s better to say that he doesn’t want to connect with anyone.

    Even if he had himself on his island, he only tolerated himself entering his world alone, he was still an isolated island.

    Since going to school for more than a month, he still refuses to be friends with anyone except himself.

    Jiang Ning hopes to bring him to the sun, so that after years of being closed, he can once again perceive the beauty of a fallen leaf, the wanton when the wind blows by, and the happiness of having feelings.

    Not just wanting to become the light of his dark world.

    But Jiang Ning didn’t know what to do.

    She stared at Yan Yixie for a long while, racking her brains and squeezing out two sentences: “Have you not been taught? Help others, and they will return you kindness.”

    Yes, kindness.

    Jiang Ning helped two more people.

    Yan Yixie saw the grateful eyes of the two people just now, and the boy’s eyes almost flashed with surprise and admiration.

    This made the teenager think of himself for a moment.

    Looking at yourself from the perspective of God, it seems to see a poor worm.

    Tomorrow those two people will definitely come over to thank Jiang Ning, and then there will be two more people in Jiang Ning’s world, and his position will be less.

    Yan Yixie had been prepared for this a long time ago and had repeatedly warned himself that Jiang Ning could not stay in his gloomy world forever.

    But no matter how he was warned, there was always a moment of possessiveness uncontrollable.

    The young man didn’t know why his face was a little bad: “You are always so sympathetic, do you help others when you see others pitiful?”

    Jiang Ning said: “This is not sympathy, but a simple effort. Can you help, why not help?”

    “What? It’s called a little effort. The housekeeper got out of the car clearly and used his legs.” The

    housekeeper: “…”

    Jiang Ning: “…You are a mess.” The

    young man looked outside angrily.

    Jiang Ning said again: “You didn’t see Jia Zhou coming over just now and the eyes moved after he was saved.”

    “Really? It turned out to be Jia Zhou, you remember it clearly.” The boy’s tone suddenly became sarcasm: “Is it moved enough? Do you still expect him to become inseparable from you like me?” The

    air suddenly quieted.

    Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie incredulously.

    Yan Yixie’s words came to an abrupt end, his eyes twitched.

    He looked at the wounded expression in Jiang Ning’s eyes, and the heart in his chest suddenly jumped extremely fast, as if it had also been pinched.

    As a teenager, he suddenly realized that he had said something wrong.

    What is he doing, what is wrong with Jiang Ning. Why is he covered with thorns again, so bad.

    He opened his mouth and wanted to apologize.

    “Stop.” But Jiang Ning said dejectedly: “I want to go home first.”

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