The Hutong where Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi live is not far from Hengchu. On weekdays, teenagers ride bicycles and can rush to school in a few minutes.

    Jiang Ning is accustomed to walking, and he will be there in at most twenty or thirty minutes.

    But after Yan Yixie came to school, Jiang Ning started to go to school and after school, he shamelessly pestered him and rubbed his car. Yan Yixie looked disgusted with this, and even suspected that she was approaching her to drive the car… But she still asked the housekeeper to drive the car to a small road outside the alley on time every day to stop and wait for others.

    There are too many familiar neighbors in Hutong. Jiang Ning was afraid of being seen by Zheng Ruonan, so he dared not let the housekeeper send it too close. He yelled at the small road that was tens of thousands of miles away from home and no one passed by. Stopped.

    In this way, it is a long way to go by going back and forth.

    Yan Yixie calculated the time. Originally, Jiang Ning went home from school and only needed about 23 minutes to walk. Now I get in the housekeeper’s car, go through the road with heavy traffic, make a big circle and park at the back of the alley. She will go home again, and it will take almost half an hour.

    Jiang Ning’s answer to this was: “I just want to stay with you for a while, just a few minutes.”

    As expected, the young boy immediately became angry and became angry: “You don’t know how to be ashamed to say such things every day! “

    Jiang Ning pleasant laugh, butler looked at two children in the rearview mirror, smiled.

    Yan Yixie’s face was tense and refused to pay attention to her along the way.

    Yan Yixie sometimes really doesn’t know which words Jiang Ning is serious about, and which words he said casually without going through his head. Does she often talk nonsense to others?

    But Yan Yixie used his spare time to pay attention to Jiang Ning’s getting along with the rest of the class in recent days, but he didn’t see her doing this to others. Although sometimes it is not serious, but it does not seem to be so tightly entangled with others, let alone put his chin on others’ elbows at all times.

    Although his face was as cold as ever, the young man’s heart seemed to be spreading a piece of sweetheart, slowly overflowing the sunny day.

    After the car stopped, Jiang Ning jumped out of the car with his schoolbag on his back: “See you tomorrow.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at her blankly, nodded slightly, and went up to the car window.

    “Wait.” Jiang Ning rushed forward quickly, grabbing the car window.

    Yan Yixie frowned and looked at her: “This is very dangerous. What if the car has restarted.”

    Jiang Ning said, “Did you forget something?”

    Yan Yixie raised the volume incredulously: “You are hungry again. You—”

    “It’s not this!” Just now, I ate two pieces of fawn cakes from Yan Yixie in the car. Jiang Ning blushed a bit, and quickly wiped off the froth from his mouth, interrupting him: “I will explain to you. You can’t also reply to me. See you tomorrow? When someone speaks to you, you have to respond.”

    Jiang Ning has discovered that Yan Yixie has no habit of responding to others at all. His response is not to look at each other coldly. , Which are phrases such as “go away”, “keep away from me”, “don’t get in the way”, “get in the way” and so on. After coming to school for a few days, apart from talking to himself, he only said to Yan Dahang ” roll”.

    Jiang Ning decided to at least let him get used to saying “good morning”, “see you tomorrow”, “have you eaten?”

    Yan Yixie pressed her lips tightly, frowned and looked at Jiang Ning: “I already nod to you.” It

    means, what else do you want.

    Jiang Ning tempted him and said, “If you said’see you tomorrow’ to me this week, I will give you a bottle of paper cranes next week, which is the kind that other girls will give to boys.” The

    housekeeper was driving. The seat lowered the car window, wondering if he should remind Jiang Ning that when he was in the hospital a few years ago, the young master hadn’t spoken for a full year. Since I met her, the young master has obviously spoken more than before. She also tried to get him to say some meaningless nonsense, which was almost impossible.

    Moreover, things like paper cranes are too naive.

    Master will not be rare, right.

    Then the housekeeper listened to Yan Yixie’s tone and non-emotional tone: “See you tomorrow.” The

    housekeeper: “………………”

    Jiang Ning got his “See you tomorrow” for the first time since he met Yan Yixie. , Was immediately satisfied, and said: “Remember to tell me for a month.” The

    young man

    raised his eyebrows: “You just said it was a week.” “Did you record it?” Jiang Ning slapped her skin: “I said clearly. It’s a month.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning went home happily carrying his schoolbag.

    The butler couldn’t help but glanced at Yan Yixie in the rearview mirror.

    Yan Yixie said with a cold face: “I don’t care about what she gave me.”

    Butler: “…”

    Yan Yixie: “But she has already asked me that. If I don’t agree, she will cry.”

    Butler: “…”

    To be honest, he didn’t think Jiang Ning would cry over this little thing.

    When Xu Mingyi and Si Xiangming came back from playing basketball, they happened to see Jiang Ning getting out of Yan Yixie’s car.

    Si Xiangming hurriedly grabbed Xu Mingyi, let out a “Fuck, look over there”, and stared at the car enviously.

    Xu Mingyi stared at Jiang Ning for a while, until Jiang Ning’s figure disappeared at the intersection of the alley.

    When Jiang Ning could not be seen, the engine of the black car restarted and turned around and drove away.

    In the cold autumn wind, Xu Mingyi stared at the car with an ugly expression.

    When Si Xiangming returned to look at him, he had already thrown the basketball and left without saying a word.

    When Xu’s mother came home from get off work, there was no sound of playing basketball in the yard, the TV was also turned off, and Xu Mingyi was not watching the Go channel. The room was quiet, she almost thought something was going on at Xu Mingyi’s school, and she hadn’t come back yet.

    Thinking of clearing up the room for Xu Mingyi, she pushed open the door of Xu Mingyi’s room, but she was shocked: “Son, are you at home?”

    Xu Mingyi was lying on the bed, covering his eyes with the back of his hand, with the corners of his mouth hanging, and usually full of spirits. It’s all gone, looking lost and confused.

    “What’s wrong? I’ll pour you a glass of milk?” Xu mother walked over and sat down.

    She took away Xu Mingyi’s hand.

    Xu Mingyi looked at the ceiling with his eyes open.

    Xu Mingyi sat up and scratched his short hair distractedly, trying to say something, but couldn’t say it.

    Too many things have happened recently, all related to Jiang Ning.

    Something happened in Jiang Ning’s home, Jiang Ning’s grades improved, Jiang Ning transferred to their class, very close to him, but far away.

    She began to become good friends with another person, leaving his world step by step.

    Even though he is ten feet away from Zhong Congshuang now, Jiang Ning’s relationship with him has not returned to the past. She doesn’t seem to care who he cares about or who he likes.

    Xu Mingyi finally confirmed that she was not jealous, she was simply alienating him.

    How could things become like this?

    Xu’s mother guessed something, and asked: “It’s because of Jiang Ning?”

    Xu Mingyi immediately denied: “No.”

    Xu Mu smiled and said, “What’s the reason? You are so depressed?”

    Xu Mingyi said vaguely, ” Quick test.” It’s not good for the exam.”

    “You are too strong, and you want face too much, sometimes because of this you will make wrong choices and lose something.” Xu mother gently stroked her son’s shoulder, not knowing that she was absent-minded. Does Xu Mingyi understand him?

    She said: “But the relationship between people and people is so shallow. You will know many people from birth to old age, and there will be many stages of fate that come and go, be friends for a while, and separate.”

    Xu Mingyi raised his head and looked towards Xu mother.

    Xu’s mother also tried to help Xu Mingyi repair the relationship some time ago, but she thought that perhaps there was indeed an irreconcilable conflict between Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi. This is also normal. In adolescence, everyone is growing up and it cannot be the same as when she was a child. . Perhaps Xu Mingyi should be persuaded to think about it.

    She said: “It’s like you and Si Xiangming are good friends now, playing basketball together all day, in one year, you may go to different high schools, and you can’t get together often, in another three or four years. , you will go to college in different cities may face a few years are faceless, but did not need pity, because at that time, and you have new feelings and friends. ” “

    unable to retain, and perhaps should not belong You, don’t force it.”

    Xu Mingyi understood, but the needle still felt like a needle in his heart.

    Does he like Jiang Ning?

    He swore he didn’t like it.

    Then just lose a friend.

    But since he was young, he has transferred schools several times, and there are no five or three or four friends who have gradually stopped contacting, but no one has ever made him so uncomfortable.

    why is that?

    “I see, Mom.” Xu Mingyi stood up and pushed Xu’s mother out of the room: “You leave me alone for a while.”

    Maybe his mother was right. When did he repeat it with such dignity. And three sums?

    If Jiang Ning wanted to leave his world, he would leave her world at the same time.

    It’s just a complete loss of a friend, no big deal.

    He will have dozens of friends like Jiang Ning in the future, and he doesn’t care at all.

    Jiang Fan went home early after school during this period.

    He didn’t tell Jiang Ning. Once he came back a few days ago, he found some swear words like “Not good to die” stuck outside the courtyard. He got angry and quickly slammed the wall on the wall. The white paper was torn, and I looked around, but I didn’t see anyone, and I didn’t know who posted it.

    Jiang Fan suspected that the old lady came back to vent her anger after being kicked out, but there was no evidence. He still hates his father in his heart, and is unwilling to call Father Jiang to ask about it.

    Fortunately, after that time, nothing similar happened again.

    But Jiang Fan was afraid after thinking about it. In case it was not he who came back first, but Jiang Ning and Zheng Ruonan came back first, they would have been bullied when they saw the old lady’s curse.

    Originally, Zheng Ruonan was fighting a divorce lawsuit during this period of time, and she was a little bit mentally unable to hold on.

    Jiang Fan is still a little kid, and he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to tell Jiang Ning, but he feels that Jiang Ning is already annoying enough about his parents.

    He also thought about finding a group of friends to warn the old lady. After thinking about it, he felt that this was not the way. What if something happened at that time.

    In the end, Jiang Fan could only hold back in his heart.

    Because of this, Jiang Fan not only stopped going to Internet cafes with a group of friends, friends, and even basketball after school. As soon as the bell rang after school, he quickly picked up his schoolbag and rushed home. First, he went around the yard to check. Make sure there is nothing new outside the yard, and then open the door to go home.

    Jiang Ning still doesn’t know about this, she just feels that Jiang Fan has changed recently.

    It may be because of changes in the family that made him mature and sensible a lot.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

    During this period of time, Zheng Ruo’s business has increased, and he went home late. He doubled the pocket money for Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan. After Jiang Ning came back from school, he went out for dinner with Jiang Fan before returning. Do homework together at home.

    Regardless of Jiang Fan’s error rate when writing the papers, he can at least settle down to finish writing a complete set of papers.

    Jiang Fan is actually quite smart. Once he puts his mind on studying, the effect is obvious. It has not been half a month since Jiang Ning gave him a supplementary lesson, and he has barely mentioned the passing grade from zero.

    If this continues, you should be able to take the transfer exam soon.

    Even if you can’t enter Hengchu’s top class, it is a good thing to transfer to the last class first.

    Jiang Ning was very pleased, and promised Jiang Fan that if Jiang Fan could pass the transfer exam before New Year’s Eve this year, she would buy him a limited edition basketball.

    Jiang Fan is actually not so rare about that basketball, but Jiang Ning stays with him after school every day, and he is very happy.

    He used to go to Internet cafes with a group of uninfluenced gangsters, just because no one at home cares about him, and the group of children in the alley also exclude him.

    But now Jiang Ning is doing homework and watching cartoons with him after school, and the group of children in the hutong have taken the lead to play with him because of the changes in Jiang’s family. He has no intention of continuing to go to Internet cafes to fool around.

    But he refused to admit that he actually hoped that his sister would accompany him more.

    He only pretended to want to get that basketball in particular, and brushed two more questions in exchange for Jiang Ning’s praise.

    After dinner in the evening, the housekeeper listened to Yan Yixie and went to the rooftop to call someone.

    After listening for a while in the corridor, the housekeeper found that Yan Yixie was calling his father’s secretary.

    The housekeeper was a little surprised. It was the first time in the past few years that he had seen the young master contact the Yan’s family when he moved into this abandoned villa.

    After a while, Yan Yixie turned the wheelchair and came out from the rooftop. The old butler did not hide that he heard his call, and said directly: “Have you asked your husband and wife for me?”

    Yan Yixie said coldly: ” I didn’t contact them, I just asked Secretary Xiao to help me purchase a set of climbing equipment from abroad.”

    “What climbing equipment?”

    Yan Yixie ignored the butler’s question: “In a few days, Secretary Xiao will ask someone to deliver it. You and Secretary Xiao will check the time. Then wait at home and check when you arrive.” The

    butler followed Yan Yixie into the elevator. Lou, it is inevitable that he was a little worried, he hesitated, and said, “The doctor said, you’d better not engage in stimulating exercises, mountain climbing—”

    “It’s not me.” Yan Yixie interrupted him, but made no secret of it. He wrote: “Jiang Ning is going to participate in the winter camp in some time.”

    “Oh.” The butler was relieved, almost thinking that the young master had acted arbitrarily as he did in previous years.

    The housekeeper asked about the date and said: “The school bus will inevitably have some motion sickness. I can take her there that day.”

    Yan Yi thanked him : “December 25.” It

    was Christmas, and also the young master’s birthday.

    The butler was taken aback.

    After a while of silence, the butler said: “If you tell her that it is your birthday, I believe she will come to accompany you.” For

    about five years, the teenager has not had a birthday.

    His first birthday happened shortly after his accident. The husband and wife bought cakes and went to the hospital to spend them for him, but they were blasted out by him. The housekeeper didn’t know what happened in the ward at that time, only that year later, The husband and wife seemed to have given up on celebrating his birthday.

    In the past few years, every December 25th, Mr. and Mrs. have only made a phone call.

    Yan Yixie turned over the ghost film the housekeeper had bought for him, paused, lowered his eyes, and said in a calm manner: “I hope she has a better time.”

    He occupied her a lot of time, and it was impossible to wish her to stay. By his side.

    There are many moments when the teenager wants to desperately grasp Jiang Ning’s life-saving straw, when he is in a nightmare, when he is out of step with the world.

    But most of the time, he was sober again.

    She is like a river flowing happily, and she will meet countless people along the way. And he was like a dead well that stood still, it was difficult, and he couldn’t go further.

    One day, she will continue to move forward while he stays here.

    I don’t know when it will be separated.

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