Another week has passed in a blink of an eye, and the purchase of a house has gone smoothly. Zheng Ruonan has been thinking about it for a while, as if he has found a spiritual support, and his spirits have been refreshed a lot.

    On the weekend, she hired two cleaners, cleaned the old house inside and out, and threw away all the unnecessary furniture. In the yard, the gardenias that Father Jiang used to take care of also invited two craftsmen to pull out the gardenias. It was dropped, because there was no time to plant, it was simply laid on a marble floor.

    The whole home has changed a lot and has a whole new look.

    Jiang Ning was lying on the balcony on the second floor, and she was very pleased to see her mother busily busy.

    Zheng Ruonan and Jiang Shan were also in free love back then. There were sweet times, and even some old photos can still be found out of the cabinet. But the final outcome is Lan Yinxu fruit.

    But life is like this, most of the time it is helpless. Fate is forced by one side. When neither party has fate and does not want to force it, then it is time to break and move on.

    On the day of Lidong, Zheng Ruonan lighted a brazier with a porcelain basin, and took Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan across it, meaning to wash away all bad luck.

    She also took Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan to make a large table of dumplings, with Jiang Ning’s favorite mushroom filling and Jiang Fan’s favorite leek filling.

    “Dumplings means ‘cross’, meaning the turn of the season.” Zhengruo Nan said with a smile: “.. Hope messy and quarrels are left in the fall, from the beginning of winter, everything has a new look, especially you two grades”

    If in the past Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan don’t like to participate in the family activities of making dumplings. Jiang Ning doesn’t like getting all the flour in his hands, while Jiang Fan thinks it’s a waste of time, so he might as well play games.

    But an accident in the autumn made Jiang Fan a lot more calm.

    He actually sat peacefully at the dining table from start to finish, frowning, and wrapped a dozen crooked dumplings.

    Jiang Ning looked at Jiang Fan and said with a smile: “I don’t need to worry about my grades anymore. There is only one person left at the back of the crane.”

    “I’m working hard, okay? People are hard to tear down.” Jiang Fan’s face flushed.

    In the past, the two brothers and sisters used to waste wood together, and he was at ease, but now he is the only one who is still struggling, and he feels very shameless.

    “Achievements are second, I hope you are all healthy and safe.” Zheng Ruonan smiled and finished the game.

    After eating dumplings, the family of three raised Sprite and touched a cup, not feeling deserted.

    After dinner, Zheng Ruonan asked Jiang Ning to deliver another package to Xu Mingyi’s house.

    Jiang Ning was standing in the kitchen, reluctantly: “I have something else, let Jiang Fan go.”

    Zheng Ruonan glanced at her daughter’s expression and was a little surprised: “I’m a little busy lately, and I don’t have time to care about you. , Quarrel with Xu Mingyi?”

    Jiang Ning squatted in front of the refrigerator, put the part of dumplings he had made into the fresh-keeping box, sighed, and said, “It’s not a quarrel, I just don’t want to play together.”

    “Why suddenly Don’t want to play together anymore? Don’t you like to run to your Aunt Xu’s house? I ran three or four times the day before,

    wishing to become a child of his family.” Zheng Ruonan quipped, “Is it Xu Mingyi and other little girls? Puppy in love?”

    Jiang Ning was not in the mood to talk about this with Zheng Ruonan.

    She closed the lid of the fresh-keeping box and hugged it and walked out: “It’s my business. Mom, don’t worry about it. I’m not the only friend.”

    Zheng Ruonan wanted to say something, Jiang Ning had already changed it quickly. Shoes, put the scarf around his head, and ran away.

    Zheng Ruonan shook her head, only to call Jiang Fan over: “You send it to your Aunt Xu’s house.”

    “Why is it me again.” Jiang Fan looked bitter.

    He ran to Xu Mingyi’s house every day, waiting for Xu Mingyi to suspect that he was in love with him.

    Jiang Ning ran all the way with dumplings to Yan Yixie’s house.

    Because she had said in advance that she was coming today, Yan Yixie was absent-minded all the time during dinner, and his ears were always paying attention to the sound outside.

    The biggest advantage of living here is that no one will break into the villa halfway up the mountain, and there are only the sounds of leaves falling and the wind blowing.

    If you live in an elevator room or an alley area, there are often footsteps outside, and the housekeeper suspects that the young master wants to make a sound and is ready to open the door.

    Finally, a doorbell rang outside the carved fence. Before the housekeeper could open the door, the boy had already controlled the wheelchair and went out quickly.

    Before Jiang Ning looked over, his speed was not swiftly controlled, as if he was walking in the yard.

    Yan Yixie opened the door carelessly: “Why did you come?”

    Jiang Ning took out the fresh-keeping box from his schoolbag: “I brought you dumplings. I packed them by myself. Have you had dinner?” He

    glanced at the restaurant. Jiang Ning said, “Oh, you must have finished eating. I knew I would come a little earlier. We made an appointment at 8 o’clock, but it’s 9 o’clock this time. My mother took me and Jiang Fan across. The brazier, I really can’t get away, otherwise you will try again tomorrow morning—”

    Yan Yixie looked at her disappointed and interrupted her: “It’s okay, I haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

    Jiang Ning’s eyes lit up. Liang, handed him the fresh-keeping box: “Then you have a taste? Today is the winter solstice, everyone is going to eat dumplings.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at the transparent fresh- keeping box in his hand, revealing a little disgust: “This dumpling is really packed. It’s not pretty.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    “Then you give it back to me.” Jiang Ning gave him a vicious look and pulled the fresh-keeping box back.

    However, the boy clung to it and said, “Who is going to send it out and go back again.”

    After a while, the butler cooked the dumplings Jiang Ning had brought. There were 20 dumplings in total, all of which were cooked and filled with two bowls.

    Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie were sitting on the side of the coffee table playing flying chess.

    Jiang Ning bent his eyes and said, “I have eaten it, and I am too full to eat. This is for you. Or else, uncle, you and Yan Yixie each have a bowl?” The

    butler has not eaten the little girl’s bag yet. Dumplings, although these dumplings look a bit crooked on the outside, they smell pretty good.

    He happily said: “Good.”

    Yan Yixie suddenly raised his head and stared at him for a moment.

    The housekeeper: “…” The

    housekeeper quickly changed his words: “I have had dinner and I can’t help it. Let the young master eat it alone.”

    He put both bowls in front of Yan Yixie.

    Only then did the boy’s cold expression ease.

    He stretched out his hand and encircled the two bowls in front of him within his arms. The dumplings are steaming hot.

    He held his chopsticks, as if thinking about which bowl to eat first.

    Jiang Ning finally made dumplings. Where could he not offer the treasure, she urged the butler: “Just try one, try one.” The

    butler looked at Jiang Ning embarrassedly, and then took a look at Yan Yan again. Thanks.

    Yan Yixie reluctantly said: “Then you can get another bowl, you can take one away.”

    “Okay.” The butler quickly turned around and went to the kitchen to get the bowl.

    After he took one away with a spoon, Yan Yixie turned his back to Jiang Ning, stared at him, squeezed his hand calmly, and pushed his hand back.

    Steward: “…” If you say one, there is only one.

    Yan Yixie stared at the dumplings on the table for a long time, as if trying to keep the steaming picture in his mind, until Jiang Ning urged: “If you don’t eat it, it will be cold. Even if you dislike you, try it first. Maybe it tastes good.” The

    boy picked up the chopsticks and swallowed the dumplings one by one into his stomach.

    Yan Yixie has been vague about festivals in recent years.

    If it weren’t for Jiang Ning to tell him that today is the Winter Solstice in advance, I’m afraid he would never remember it.

    Even before, when the legs were still healthy, the Yan family rarely had more intimate family activities.

    Yan Yixie only learned about the custom of eating dumplings in the winter solstice from the movie.

    He was eating dumplings intently. Jiang Ning was sitting on the carpet on one side and playing flying chess. Before he noticed, he secretly moved his chess pieces back a few steps.

    Yan Yixie felt that she glanced at herself from time to time, and looked at her subconsciously. Jiang Ning suddenly hummed and smiled at him with a guilty conscience.

    Yan Yi thanked and startled.

    Jiang Ning suddenly became more guilty, he wouldn’t find that he had stolen his chess.

    “What’s the matter?” Jiang Ning asked bitterly.

    “Nothing.” The boy turned his head back blankly.

    He was a little flustered.

    Her smile was very bright, as if it poured an unobstructed light into his cold winter.

    The delicious smell of dumplings floated up, the temperature became a little bit colder, the Margaritas planted in the yard grew silently in the ground, and the winter came gradually with a warm smile.

    Because of this dumpling, Jiang Ning thanked Yan Yi for stalking and asked for his small drone and remote control.

    The next day, Jiang Ning was taken to school.

    The family of these young girls is pretty good, but no one has seen a drone this year. They immediately surrounded them with curiosity and excitement, and asked in a hurry, “Jiang Ning, is this yours?” “

    It was raining heavily outside, and most of the people in the classroom crowded into the back of the classroom.

    Jiang Ning was in the center of the crowd. It could be said that it was Gongyue among the stars. She sat cross-legged on a chair and pointed to the displeased teenager next to her: “I’m at the same table.”

    Everyone panicked.

    Despite the curiosity in their hearts, the number of people surrounding them decreased by half.

    However, there are some boys who really love drones. They just want to get to Jiang Ning and touch the manipulator. The excitement of seeing the drone makes them forget about it. Think so much.

    Jiang Ning unpacked and said to them: “I said at the same table that I can lend you to play.”

    “Really?” Several boys looked at Yan Yixie in surprise: “Yan, Yan Yixie, yes, yes. Is it?”

    Yan Dahang is very good at coming, squeezing in the front, and immediately said: “What’s your full name? Brother Yan.”

    But when it was his turn to look at Yan and thank him, he immediately started to persuade him again: “Yan, Yan. Brother, can you lend it to me first, I promise not to damage it, just touch it.”

    Jiang Ning pushed Yan Yixie’s arm and dragged Yan Yixie’s clothes corner, whispering: “Please, please. Don’t let me get off stage.”

    Yan Yixie raised his cold eyes and looked at Yan Dahang.

    Yan Dahang and a group of boys looked at him blankly.

    Yan Yixie’s word “roll” came to his lips, remembering the last quarrel with Jiang Ning, and swallowing back.

    He waved his hand.

    Jiang Ning immediately said: “I agree with the table, yeah, let’s go play, remember that I am at the same table to help others and treat others friendly, please give him a little more grades at the end of the term.”

    A group of boys were so excited that they saw the machine. As if seeing his wife, his face flushed and thanked Yan Yi. Then Yan Dahang was surrounded quickly, you pushed me and I pushed you to grab the remote control: “Give me first!” As

    soon as the crowd dispersed, Yan Yixie glanced at Yan Dahang, who was flushed with excitement, and then at Jiang Ning, his face darkened. Said: “You asked me to bring me here last night, just for him?”

    “Of course not!” Jiang Ning lay on the table and looked at him, and immediately put his chin on his elbow: “I was purely for The people in the class are not so afraid of you.”

    “I don’t need it.” Yan Yixie shook his elbows, trying to shake the little girl with a deadly face.

    “Why don’t you need it? Everyone has to be in the same class for a whole year, so you can blend in a little bit.” Jiang Ning grabbed him: “What did you promise me last time?”

    Yan Yixie glanced at Jiang Ning sideways. He pursed his lips and said nothing.

    He really doesn’t need it.

    Fear reassured him more than sympathy or strange eyesight.

    Even if it wasn’t for this, Yan Yixie never felt how important it is to maintain interpersonal relationships.

    He knew a long time ago that even your parents and your friends will leave, and you will be the only one left in the end. These people were noisy around him, but he didn’t even remember a name, and the shadows around him were faint as phantoms.

    Only Jiang Ning’s figure became clearer and clearer every day.

    But accepting Jiang Ning’s suggestion does not seem so unbearable.

    If it makes her happy.

    Xu Mingyi, Si Xiangming and others were the only boys in the class who didn’t get close.

    Xu Mingyi stared at this side from a distance. Seeing Jiang Ning lying on Yan Yixie’s arm again, whispering to him, the beads of eyes came out almost.

    Si Xiangming reminded: “Don’t look at it, you will

    lose your liver when you look at it.” Xu Mingyi didn’t hit the place with anger, and threw the textbook on the desk and out of the classroom.

    As good buddies who grew up together, Si Xiangming and Tan Pengxing quickly followed out.

    Si Xiangming said to Tan Pengxing: “What to do, I actually want to touch that drone. Good guy, silver and black, it’s just the color of the lover in my dreams.”

    Tan Pengxing glanced at Xu Mingyi’s face and hurry up. Covering Si Xiangming’s mouth: “Don’t speak for the guy who is prying the corner.”

    Si Xiangming opened Tan

    Pengxing ‘s hand: “I’m speaking for the guy, I’m speaking for the drone.” Xu Mingyi’s face is ugly: “Isn’t it just a drone? What’s so great.”

    Si Xiangming and Tan Pengxing : “…” People

    used to be jealous and hate Xu Mingyi. When they mentioned Xu Mingyi, they all said, “Isn’t it the number one in the Go game? What’s so great?” “Isn’t it just speaking on behalf of the whole school, what’s so great?”

    As a child of someone else’s family, Xu Mingyi has never envied anyone, nor does he need to envy anyone.

    Unexpectedly, he would have said this one day.

    “Forget it, don’t think about it, go to the indoor gymnasium to play basketball.” Tan Pengxing picked up the basketball, pushed his friend to the corridor, and whispered: “Take a thousand steps back, think about it, at least you can Playing basketball, that guy is disabled. What’s the use of having money.”

    Xu Mingyi’s face still doesn’t look good.

    Unconsciously, he and Jiang Ning hadn’t spoken for almost three months.

    He was not in the mood to play basketball, stopped, and asked Si Xiangming, “Did you find out clearly?”

    “What?” Tan Pengxing asked with a dazed expression, how could he feel isolated by two friends.

    Si Xiangming said: “Hmm, Xu Mingyi asked me to find out how Jiang Ning and the guy met. I asked, but even Lan Zhenzhen didn’t know why Jiang Ning started chasing the guy and ran away. That’s it. Do you remember the celebration banquet after the competition?”

    “Remember.” Xu Mingyi said displeased.

    He remembered that night when he saw Jiang Ning outside the hotel, Zhong Congshuang was with him, but Jiang Ning didn’t even look at him, turned and left.

    “Jiang Fan said that Jiang Ning asked him to find some friends that night to help catch a lot of fireflies.”

    Xu Mingyi was taken aback, and his face suddenly became even more ugly after the reaction.

    It’s not for him, so if you think about it with your toes, you can guess who it is for.

    “Laugh to death, Jiang Ning’s method of soaking boys is exactly the same. Didn’t he catch you last summer? It’s no big deal to use the same routine twice.” Si Xiangming smiled at Xu Mingyi.

    Xu Mingyi said, Damn, Jiang Ning caught him a caterpillar with a small bulb stuck to his tail. The firefly she caught for that guy was a real firefly.

    How can Jiang Ning do this?

    Xu Mingyi felt that his heart was throbbing.

    Of course Xu Mingyi would not say it for the sake of face.

    Seeing Xu Mingyi’s face still as sinking as water, Si Xiangming looked at Tan Pengxing, and Tan Pengxing also looked at him.

    The two looked at each other for a while, and then said with relief: “Let me see, Jiang Ning is just three minutes hot. We have known her since childhood, don’t we know her? When she was a child, she didn’t learn swimming for three days, and she only learned to dance for a few days. If you don’t learn it, you don’t have long-term doing anything. Maybe after a while, she will get bored.”

    Tan Pengxing said, “Yes, that fool would not think that Jiang Ning is only good to him. I haven’t done it to Xu Mingyi.”

    Si Xiangming said, “I want to say that that guy is rich and looks good–” Tan Pengxing elbows him before he finishes his


    Si Xiangming hurriedly changed his words: “But in the hearts of my brothers, Xu Mingyi is more handsome. Also, according to Jiang Ning’s three-day fishing and two-day surfing character, if she turns to someone who is more handsome, she will run away?”

    “Me too? “I think.” Tan Pengxing said immediately: “Girls at this age are idiots, Xu Mingyi, this doesn’t explain much. We are only in junior high school, and when we go to high school, that kid may not be in the same school as ours. Then Jiang Jiang

    Would n’t it be far from him?” Xu Mingyi was still unhappy, frowning and let out an “um”.

    The heavy rain in winter hit the glass windows in the corridor, crackling raindrops flooded the bottom of the teaching building, and a layer of pale fog filled the windows. A black figure was sitting in a wheelchair, and at the corner of the corridor, he clearly heard the dialogue of “the routine is exactly the same”.

    The boy had thick and long eyelashes drooping, his eyes were dark, and his brow bone cast a shadow on his lower eyelid. In the gloomy rainstorm weather, his figure in the corridor also appeared dim.

    He clutched the armrest of the wheelchair with his fingers, and the joints were faintly white.

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