After the Jiang family’s affair was up, the teenagers in the hutong felt a little guilty for both Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan.

    Si Xiangming and a group of people gathered together and discussed in private. After thinking about it, it was Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan who suffered the most from the whole incident.

    No wonder the siblings used to target Jiang Rourou everywhere.

    For them, if the daughter of the comrade-in-arms brought home by the father is actually the father’s illegitimate daughter, they will also be mad and may do something more fierce than Jiang Ning before.

    Sometimes a group of teenagers are young and vigorous, but it is not unclear what is right from wrong. After discussing, they decide to find an opportunity to go to Jiang’s house and apologize—especially to apologize to Jiang Fan.

    They didn’t like to play with Jiang Fan before. As a result, Jiang Fan always played with the group of people in Nanmeng, and they were almost taken away. In the past few years, they have been in a bad relationship with Jiang Fan. Have been racked several times.

    Of course, even if Jiang Fan was beaten, he would never give up. He secretly kicked the cactus ball raised by Si Xiangming and used colored pens to draw his butt on the shirt of Tan Pengxing’s school uniform hanging outside. He did nothing less.

    They plan to take this opportunity to find Jiang Fan to shake hands and make peace.

    The teenagers paid some money alone, bought a bunch of pornographic comics and the hottest game cassettes, surrounded Si Xiangming in the lead, came to Jiang’s house, and said to Jiang Fan: “Fanfan, we will take you to the top.”

    Jiang Fan was disgusting enough by this name, and suspected that they were deliberately disgusting him, and almost didn’t pick up the broomstick and drove a group of people out.

    “Wait a minute, don’t you want the game cassette we bought?”

    Jiang Fan glanced at the comics and game cassettes, and refused ten moves: “No, I have to study

    hard .” A group of teenagers almost didn’t startled.

    Seeing how shocked they were, Jiang Fan felt a sense of refreshment that was more refreshing than gaining experience points from playing games. He sat on the table, tilted his legs, turned his pen, and said triumphantly: “I’m going to Heng soon. At the beginning, you let Xu Mingyi wait! The Hengchu school grass will soon be mine, hahaha.”

    A group of teenagers: “…”

    Forget it, the children in Secondary Two are more happy.

    They shouldn’t expect Jiang Fan to be normal.

    For Jiang Ning, the discord with the teenagers in the hutong was just a bit of unpleasantness when she was a child, and she had no plans to care about them.

    But for those straight men who didn’t know where they bought the aesthetic crystal apples, she still euphemistically rejected them.

    Attorney Guo assisted in litigation during this period. Zheng Ruonan’s company also had two subordinates doing it for her. Although Zheng Ruonan insisted on going to the company every day, it could be seen that Jiang’s father had betrayed her family. Caused a lot of psychological trauma.

    Although Jiang Ning could give her some comfort, to her, Jiang Ning was a child and needed her protection. She was unwilling to talk to Jiang Ning too much.

    Xu Mingyi’s mother often came to accompany Zheng Ruonan and took a few days off to take Zheng Ruonan to go shopping.

    Jiang Ning is grateful for this.

    The two are friends.

    Therefore, when Aunt Xu made an excuse to say that a group of boys could not recognize the style and needed a girl to ask Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi to help her pick her customized cheongsam. Xu Mingyi’s relationship was very stiff. To ease the relationship between the two children, Jiang Ning still didn’t want to make trouble too much, and agreed to go with Xu Mingyi.

    After taking Aunt Xu’s cheongsam, Jiang Ning just wanted to quickly send the cheongsam to Aunt Xu.

    She walked quickly ahead with the transparent bag in her arms.

    Xu Mingyi hasn’t spoken to Jiang Ning for a long time, and only feels that a short period of time has passed, but since summer has entered autumn, the two have gained a lot.

    He felt a little complicated, and quickened his pace. He shook off Si Xiangming and the others. Holding two ice creams, he walked quickly to Jiang Ning and asked for words: “How is your mother’s condition recently?”

    Jiang Ning didn’t. Say.

    Xu Mingyi thought Jiang Ning hadn’t heard clearly, so he passed the ice cream to Jiang Ning and asked again.

    Jiang Ning did not pick up the ice cream, and replied: “It’s okay.”

    Xu Mingyi glanced at the ice cream in his hand, and some dryness surged in his heart-he bought her favorite flavor, did she notice it? Why don’t you even look at it?

    But he also thought that Jiang Ning might not have done it deliberately. There was a change in her family during this period, and he shouldn’t ask her to talk to him like before.

    So he took a deep breath and asked, “Why did you hear that you are going to transfer to Class One?”

    The people in several classes know him, and Xu Mingyi is very popular. A little movement in Class Three is no secret to him.

    Jiang Ning said perfunctorily: “Yes.”

    Xu Mingyi’s mood improved a bit, and the dark clouds that had been hanging over his head seemed to have disappeared a lot in the past few days.

    Not only because if Jiang Ning can transfer to Class 1, the two will be in the same class in the future, but also because he can’t think of any reason why Jiang Ning must transfer to Class 1.

    ——He thinks 80% of the reason may be because of him.

    Si Xiangming at the back looked at the boys and girls in front of him as if he was hitting a cp, and whispered to Tan Pengxing beside him: “I bet that Jiang Ning has ignored Xu Mingyi recently, but she must be holding back. Make a big move.”

    Tan Pengxing is still out of the situation: “What big move?”

    Si Xiangming said with a smile: “Have you not heard of it? Jiang Ning intends to transfer to our class.”

    “But what about her grades?” Tan Pengxing thinks Jiang Ning is smart. He used to face her old lady and Jiang’s father, often handing in blank papers, and his grades have been in the bottom of the grade. But no matter how smart you are, at most one or two hundred rankings can be promoted, how can you not suddenly rush to the front?

    He was surprised: “Don’t you have to be admitted to the top 40 before you can enter our class?”

    “I don’t know.” Si Xiangming looked like a stick, and the old god said: “No matter whether you turn or not. In short, it must be for Xu Mingyi to turn.”

    Tan Pengxing disapproved, and was a little worried about Zhong Congshuang : “What about Zhong Congshuang ?”

    Si Xiangming asked inexplicably, “What’s the matter with the study committee?”

    Tan Pengxing mentioned. This incident made Jiang Ning a little dissatisfied, saying: “If you are in a class, I am afraid that Jiang Ning will embarrass her. Last time I heard that she was teaching in the evening of class three, and Jiang Ning made it impossible to come to Taiwan. “

    Secretary to the next what to say, after a moment and said:.” maybe the girl, who is not necessarily who is embarrassed, “

    but rather given ginger not lose.

    Si Xiangming has never seen Jiang Ning lose in anything.

    She and Jiang Fan’s sister and brother are both of the same character. No matter what they lose, they must find their place in other ways.

    Xu Mingyi, who was walking in the front, was still trying to make it clear to Jiang Ning.

    Out of self-esteem, he didn’t want to be heard by the two friends behind. His voice was suppressed very low: “I used to get closer with Zhong Congshuang, I might not realize it myself…but I have been with you since I was a kid. When he grows up, he’s still the best friend, Jiang Ning, I hope you can say something and don’t hold it in your heart.”

    It is extremely difficult for Xu Mingyi to say this.

    He never expected that this cold war would last longer than he thought, and Jiang Ning would be more tolerant than he thought.

    He couldn’t help it himself.

    Jiang Ning glanced at Xu Mingyi lightly and said, “I don’t hold things back in my heart, we are still friends.” It’s

    just that the young throbbing that lasted for so many years in the previous life was completely dead.

    Xu Mingyi finally felt relieved when he heard what Jiang Ning said.

    He handed the ice cream over again: “Then give it to you.”

    “Thank you,” Jiang Ning said politely: “But I don’t want to eat it. If you raise your hand sorely, you can give it to the trash can or the two people behind.”

    “… ………”

    Xu Mingyi looked at Jiang Ning’s strange expression, and was inexplicably irritable. He didn’t know why he made it clear, and Jiang Ning was still like this.

    Didn’t you say that you are still friends—?

    Wait, friend?

    Xu Mingyi stared at Jiang Ning, with a faint premonition in his heart.

    The thought that seemed to have failed to grasp anything, passed away in a flash.

    At this moment, Tan Pengxing’s voice interrupted the stalemate.

    “Studying Committee!” Tan Pengxing happily waved to the other side of the street.

    Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning subconsciously turned their heads and looked back. Seeing that they were looking at Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning from Shuang, they were walking from the opposite street.

    The neighborhood happened to be within the scope of the school. Zhong Congshuang was carrying a paper bag. It should be a work-study program on weekends.

    Tan Pengxing said excitedly to Xu Mingyi: “Xu Mingyi, it’s rare to see the academic committee outside the school. Let’s ask her to eat ice cream?”

    Xu Mingyi forced her face to be dark. He really wanted to beat Tan Pengxing this pig head for three times. Which pot to open, didn’t Jiang Ning think that they often asked Zhong Congshuang to eat ice cream before? ? ?

    Xu Mingyi glared at Tan Pengxing.

    Tan Pengxing didn’t understand the wink, and said, “What’s the matter, why are you so stingy today and didn’t bring your wallet?”

    Zhong Congshuang seemed to be bullying her, showing an embarrassed face, glanced at Jiang Ning, waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, I’m already very happy to see you outside of school. You don’t need to ask me to eat.”

    Tan Pengxing looked towards him. Jiang Ning, hesitated but stopped.

    Jiang Ning has already begun to be irritable, what’s all this?

    She didn’t do anything, why did she seem to have done everything?

    Her face became cold: “What do you mean? It doesn’t need to be because of me, as if I am a sinner who prevents your class committee from eating ice cream.”

    After finishing Jiang Ning holding the cheongsam bag, he turned and walked quickly.

    “If you don’t talk, no one will treat you as dumb.” Xu Mingyi glared at Tan Pengxing, then angrily turned and chased him quickly.

    Zhong Congshuang looked at Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning, and then at Tan Pengxing.. Iridium.. and Si Xiangming. His complexion slowly turned pale, and he stood in place and said uneasy: “What happened?”

    Tan Pengxing said immediately. “It’s none of your business. The two of them quarreled, and the narrator was operating the knife. It’s really speechless!”

    Si Xiangming gave Zhong Congshuang a thoughtful look.

    After Jiang Ningwu sent Aunt Xu’s things to Xu’s house, he returned home. Xu Mingyi caught up with her and could only pass her by. Jiang Ning didn’t even look at him.

    Xu Mingyi felt angry with Tan Pengxing, and became more and more certain that the problem was Zhong Congshuang.

    After this incident, Aunt Xu tried to find Jiang Ning again, trying to ease the relationship between Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi.

    But Jiang Ning no longer wanted to suffer from the inexplicable anger, and all those who could avoid it made excuses to avoid it, and those who couldn’t stop pushed them all to Jiang Fan to run errands.

    Not to mention the Xu family’s wondering, even Jiang Fan was a little puzzled-before going to Xu’s house to get quick-frozen dumplings, my sister was rushing to go, and her temperament really changed drastically now.

    In a blink of an eye, Jiang Ning’s monthly test results finally came down.

    She controlled the points, deliberately took the test for more than 30 grades, and just met the requirements of the first class by the way of the crane tail, so as not to be too exaggerated and the grade director suspected that she knew the test papers in advance.

    The entire third class was stunned. Teacher Wang, the head teacher of the third class, had an earthquake in the office facing her test scores. Needless to say.

    What made Jiang Ning most sad and sad was Zheng Ruonan’s reaction.

    Zheng Ruonan has been immersed in the sorrow of being betrayed for a while. Although she tried hard to be strong for the two children, she was still a lot haggard.

    However, after learning that Jiang Ning’s grades were improving rapidly and she was directly qualified to enter the first class, her whole face was visibly radiant.

    She came back from the company in advance on the same day and didn’t go anywhere. She drove to pick up Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan from school. She happily cooked a large table of dishes and bought a piece of cake.

    A family of three celebrated it like Jiang Ning’s birthday.

    Jiang Ning thought guiltily, knowing that being excellent would bring such a great spiritual support to

    Zheng Ruonan , she would not have been able to… Personality, I would rather hand in a blank paper than cheat. Therefore, if the results were good this time, either Jiang Ning was lucky and the exam questions were just done before, or Jiang Ning was really sensible because of changes in the family.

    Zheng Ruonan is more inclined to the latter. Of course, she is still very happy if she only succeeds in the exam by luck.

    But Jiang Fan took a breath: “Sister, did you cheat?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning buckled a cake on his head blankly.

    Jiang Ning was about to transfer to Class One, and many people in Class Three were very reluctant, especially Lan Zhenzhen. After a few phone calls, she asked her if she could change classes with red eyes. She will no longer be at the same table in the future.

    Jiang Ning was bluffing when he was young in his last life, and he was very rash about everything. He never knew that as people grow up, friends around him will gradually drift away and gradually separate. For example, Lan Zhenzhen, when she later went abroad, she completely lost contact with this young friend.

    Jiang Ning cherishes this life very much. Not only promised Lan Zhenzhen that even if they are no longer in the same class, they are still good friends, and they will go to the bathroom together when they have time. Lan Zhenzhen was also invited to go out for a day in the amusement park. Lan Zhenzhen’s parting emotions only dissipated slightly.

    On the way home, she said excitedly: “For the better, you can go to the first class and you can be at the same table with Xu Mingyi! I support you to go to the first class to kill Zhong Congshuang.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning Suddenly speechless, no matter how many times she said it, this little girl still persisted as her and Xu Mingyi’s fan.

    Turning to the first class, Jiang Ning certainly has another person who wants to share it most.

    In the middle of the night, she couldn’t sleep and was lying on the bed, so she called him: “Yan Yixie, are you going to school tomorrow morning?”

    Since she persuaded Yan Yixie to go to school with her, Jiang Ning I’ve been thinking about it all the time.

    The teenager seemed to be suddenly awakened in the middle of the night, and his voice was still a little clear and cold on the phone, but at least he didn’t hang up Jiang Ning’s phone like he did a long time ago: “You made people clear your dreams just to say this?”

    Jiang Ning “hehehe” three times and said: “It’s okay, you can continue to sleep”, and quickly hung up the phone.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    After waking Yan Yixie, Jiang Ning changed his position on the bed, and finally fell asleep and fell asleep.

    The young man held the phone for a long time and didn’t get back to his senses.

    After a while, when the phone started to get hot, he turned off the phone screen and lay down again.

    But staring straight at the ceiling with blank eyes…He couldn’t sleep anymore.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t help frowning, supporting herself with both hands, sitting up and unscrewing the lamp.

    The curtains were not closed, and the moonlight in the middle of the autumn night was bleak and clear, shining in from the window and falling on the floor.

    The shadows of the trees outside, no longer hear the cicadas in summer.

    Summer has passed, but the boy is still involuntarily repeating the day when colorful candies smashed on the window.

    Yan Yixie finally allowed the housekeeper to hire someone to clean up the weeds in the courtyard.

    The once dilapidated castle looks completely new.

    If it weren’t for a private area and no entry sign up halfway up the mountain, I’m afraid there are curious children who will come up to explore.

    However, because Jiang Ning has to deal with family affairs these days, she hasn’t had time to come, nor can she see that the garden weeds are gone. Instead, she planted Marguerite. She only took the time to call him a few. Make phone call.

    The teenager will not say that his cell phone has been hot, and there are three chargers in the room.

    I wouldn’t say that the kitchen has the few things she likes to eat every day.

    Not to mention that I have found a few horror films and placed them in the most conspicuous position.

    The teenager was upset, and faintly began to feel that something was wrong with him.

    He began to wait passively again, as he faced the white wall in the hospital many years ago.

    But this is not right, he shouldn’t have expectations of anyone.

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