Compared with drones, Jiang Ning instantly felt that the fireflies he sent were weak! burst! NS!

    They are all bright things, but one is the Rolls-Royce Phantom galloping past the Bund, and the other is a tractor in the countryside.

    She turned her head and glared at Yan Yixie: “Did you deliberately?”

    Deliberately show off her wealth in front of junior high school students who are struggling to eat instant noodles and have only a few dozen dollars a month’s pocket money. Bar? ?

    Xie Yan, a Jiang Ning Sometimes it can not keep up the speed of brain circuits horizontal jump, he glanced at Jiang Ning one: “What is intentional?”

    “Well,” show off their wealth to show off their wealth, although his face but still dazzle. Very happy, Master, please show off a few times! Maybe she can follow her to eat and drink in this life without struggling! Jiang Ning suddenly said with joy: “Let the storm come more violently.”

    Yan Yixie said coldly, “Where is the storm? The weather forecast for the next few days is just light rain.”

    Jiang Ning’s attention is already pony monkey. The same moved to the drone in the night sky, pointing to the last one, and asked: “Do you think that one is a bit behind? It’s not neatly formed.”


    How did she do it? The conversation is not on the same channel at all?

    Yan Yi thanked the three black lines on his forehead.

    The flashing drone shone light beams on the top of the mountain, piercing through the shadows of the trees in the middle of the night, and the falling light spots resembled rounds of small moons falling on the ground. Putting on a blanket, Jiang Ning jumped up and cheered for a while, couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and playing the first noisy BGM.

    The teenager sitting quietly in a wheelchair: “…”

    Yan Yixie looked around calmly and made sure no one was on the mountain except for the two of them, otherwise he might consider taking a coat for such a shameful thing. Cover your head.

    After a moment of noisy, Jiang Ning suddenly sat down next to the young man, in a posture that he wanted to have a long conversation late at night, and turned on his cell phone to switch to a quiet and sad music.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    It’s really a sense of ritual.

    Jiang Ning looked at the sea in the distance against the shore in the night, feeling upset in her heart. Too many things happened after her rebirth, and she sometimes panicked because she couldn’t find anyone to talk to.

    She didn’t know whether every step she took was right or wrong, just like now: she didn’t know that she had exposed the fact that her father had derailed in advance, leaving the family with only three people eight years in advance, which would eventually make the lives of her mother and brother better. Better or worse.

    After all, everything is the real life that will be faced. Rather than game options, after knowing a wrong option, choosing another option can be completely reversed.

    She was also worried that if fate had already secretly marked the established route, the gifts and bad luck that should come will come, no matter how to avoid it, it will eventually lead to the same ending, what should be done.

    Perhaps it was the teenager who brought her here, which made her long-lost desire to talk: “Anyway, the thing I am most grateful for is to be able to come back.”

    “Come back?”

    Jiang Ning nodded and said uncontrollably, “Senior- —Before, I knew a friend who, because she was at odds with her family and hated everything at home, left home early and wished she would never go back. Because she was eager to prove herself, she was always busy making money, as if no matter how much money was not enough. However. When she comes back one day, she finds that everything in her memory has changed, and she can’t go back again. She was eager to get rid of the house before, but when she wanted to catch it again, she couldn’t catch it anymore.”

    At this moment, Jiang Ning suddenly changed his mind, not wanting to repeat the life that he had achieved fame in his previous life.

    If she did it all over again, her life was just staying in this small city by the sea, buying oranges in summer, and making snowmen in winter, it seems there is nothing wrong with it.

    “Fortunately, the lanes in the hutong haven’t changed.” Zheng Ruonan is still there, Jiang Fan is still there, and the teenagers beside him… are still there.

    Jiang Ning said something that people didn’t understand at all, but teared himself up.

    She wiped her tears with the back of her hand, sucked her nose, and looked at the teenager next to her.

    The teenager was wearing snow-white clothes, sitting in a wheelchair, looking at her dirty face with disgust, and involuntarily moved a little farther away from her.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    “Hey.” Jiang Ning said angrily: “At this time, shouldn’t you send a shoulder over?”

    Yan Yixie is obviously obsessed with cleanliness.

    He stared at her with a cold face, tears and nose, very embarrassed.

    It seemed that after a great psychological struggle, he clenched his fist and slightly leaned his shoulder to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning stood up with a grin, “Hahaha, I was joking with you, did you really bring your shoulders over? It’s so cute.” The

    boy flushed suddenly, furious in the night, and slapped the wheelchair armrest: “Jiang Ning, come over, I promise not to kill you!” After

    such a fuss, Jiang Ning felt that his mood was completely better.

    To her, Yan Yixie this evening was the orange she gave Jiang Fan along the way.

    In the rest of her life, every time she recalled the day when her father left home, her memory was not entirely sad, but there were also the hazy moon in the middle of the night, the undulating sea, the gleaming drone…and the teenager. A handsome face with red blood and anger.

    Something happened to the Jiang family. Jiang Ning took a few days off and didn’t go to school. He stayed at home to accompany Zheng Ruonan, who was not in a good state, and helped Zheng Ruonan clean up several rooms in the house. All the things that should be lost were lost.

    In addition, it is to receive attorney Guo and prepare for prosecution matters.

    She learned from Lan Zhenzhen that Jiang Rourou hadn’t been to school these days.

    It is normal for Jiang Rourou to avoid going to school.

    I’m afraid the whole school knows that she is an illegitimate daughter these days. She is afraid of being looked at by others, but she is just haunting Father Jiang, crying and wanting to transfer.

    As for Father Jiang and the old lady, a neighbor in the hutong said he had met them in a cheaper hotel in the city center.

    Zheng Ruonan didn’t mind the ugliness of his family, and he had already informed his father Jiang’s unit of the derailment of Jiang’s father.

    Although Father Jiang will not be expelled, the pressure will only be greater if he wants to continue to stay in the unit without contributing.

    When Father Jiang left the house, he took some of the money, about 40,000 to 50,000. Although the money was not too large to spend, it was saved a little, enough for him to live with the old lady and Jiang Rourou for a while, until he found a second part-time job in addition to his current job.

    After all they have been a couple for many years, even though Zheng Ruonan hated him in his heart, he did not return this card as well.

    Give him the last bit of leeway.

    However, because Zheng Ruonan threw the clothes and other things of the three people into the trash can on the same day, all Jiang’s father had to buy again for the old lady and Jiang Rourou, which made Jiang’s father even harder.

    Perhaps because of guilt in his heart, Father Jiang has not dared to show his face.

    Only the old lady came to make trouble every other time.

    But the neighbors don’t like Jiang’s sharp-mouthed old lady very much, and no one is on her side at this time. As soon as she came to play, Zheng Ruonan closed the courtyard door shut and turned a deaf ear. The neighbors also detoured to the old lady. .

    After a few troubles, it was her own shame that she didn’t come again in a desperate manner.


    Jiang Ning saw Father Jiang again, a week later.

    Jiang Ning didn’t go to dance class for a while. The old teacher at the Art Center was extremely dissatisfied with her behavior of fishing for three days and two days on the net.

    So while it was not raining that day, Jiang Ning hurriedly carried his schoolbag to the Art Palace in the city center.

    At first sight of Jiang Ning, the old teacher was taken aback, and his criticism got stuck in his throat.

    To him, Jiang Ning has changed a lot. After the hair was cut, the messy eyelashes were erased, and the dressing style returned to the most normal style.

    But the whole child’s temperament has changed.

    At first glance, the skin is fair, the panshun is pretty, and he has a ball on his head, he is the most suitable candidate for dancing.

    But he still sternly asked Jiang Ning if he remembered where he was in class a month ago. As expected, Jiang Ning touched the back of his head, and embarrassedly said that he didn’t remember at all. This makes the old artist angry enough.

    However, although Jiang Ning didn’t remember what dance he was dancing a month ago, he gave the old teacher a random section.

    The old teacher was surprised again from ear to ear. Why did Jiang Ning suddenly jump so well?

    The old teacher completely swallowed his anger back, pulled Jiang Ning, and kept saying that Jiang Ning is a good seedling, so that Jiang Ning will come to class well in the future, and he must teach her well.

    Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief and agreed to the old teacher.

    Suddenly aware of someone outside the glass, Jiang Ning turned around and saw Father Jiang and the old lady holding Jiang Rourou’s hand.

    The shock on the faces of the three of them was greater than that of the old teacher.

    The old lady was stupid.

    Was Jiang Ning dancing just now? This is much better than Jiang Rourou’s jump…

    and Father Jiang’s face was mixed with some other emotions besides consternation… Maybe it was regret, or regret that didn’t make it. In short, it was extremely complicated.

    Father Jiang is here to give Jiang Rourou the dance class.

    Previously, Zheng Ruonan reported to Jiang Ning and Jiang Rourou for a one-year course at one time, two classes a week, fifty-two weeks a year, and the total number of courses was more than 10,000 yuan.

    Jiang Rourou has been on a third, and if it goes well, he can still get back more than 7,000 yuan from the Art Palace.

    It was very difficult for Father Jiang himself to be able to afford the lives of three people, let alone to report such an expensive class to Jiang Rourou.

    He persuaded Jiang Rourou for a long time at the hotel, and finally convinced Jiang Rourou to get back the tuition for the dance class first, to get through the difficulties of this period of time, and then send Jiang Rourou to it when he has money.

    In addition to the dance class, there are two other classes, and Father Jiang plans to pay the tuition fees one by one.

    As much as you can get.

    Jiang Rourou stood beside him, her eye circles were swollen, and she had obviously cried.

    “Jiang Ning.” Father Jiang said hello in embarrassment.

    After a few days, stubble grew on his lips, and he looked a little embarrassed.

    On the day when Jiang Ning stabbed him through his derailment, Father Jiang was indeed so angry that he lost his mind. However, in the past few days, he has somewhat awakened. It was he who was sorry for the two children Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, not Jiang who exposed the truth. Ning sorry for him.

    He had lost the dignity of being a father in front of Jiang Ning, and he almost didn’t dare to face Jiang Ning.

    Not to mention the desolate thing Jiang Ning bumped into to get back the tuition fee was simply a scandal of dignity.

    Jiang Ning glanced at them, then turned his head back, ignoring them.

    She and the old teacher made an appointment for class in the future, then picked up her schoolbag and pushed out the door.

    “Jiang Ning!” Seeing Jiang Ning going far away, Father Jiang called out again behind her.

    Jiang Ning then turned his head and glanced at him.

    Father Jiang somehow, under the eyes of his fourteen-year-old daughter without any emotion and scrutiny, he felt a sense of guilt as a thief in his heart, and subconsciously let go of Jiang Rourou’s hand.

    Jiang Rourou’s fingers stiffened and looked up at him.

    “Your mother…Is it okay?” Father Jiang asked embarrassedly.

    Before Jiang Ning had time to speak, the old lady was already annoyed by her cold attitude, and said in a strange way: “Look at this child, look at us like strangers. Now you are satisfied? Have you got what you wanted? You are finally satisfied. I broke up this family!”

    “It wasn’t me who broke up this family, but you,” Jiang Ning said coldly, “Dad, if you are still a father, please take care of the old lady. Let her stop talking dirty, and stop coming to make trouble, next time I see her in the alley, my mother and I will call the police!” The

    old lady’s head was bruised: “You said my dirty words— —?!”

    “Enough!” Father Jiang stopped the old lady, and said to her: “You should also restrain yourself. If it weren’t for you, how would you have come to this day?”

    Father Jiang felt angry with the old lady in his heart. I felt that if the old lady had not been intensifying the contradictions and she had no time to manage, perhaps Jiang Ning’s hatred for him would not be so great, and perhaps there was still room for recovery.

    Seeing that they were arguing again, Jiang Ning decided not to respond, turned and left.

    Father Jiang looked at the figure of his daughter who turned and left without hesitation.

    Regret it?

    Standing outside the glass window and seeing Jiang Ning’s extremely spiritual dance, Jiang’s father did indeed feel regretful in his heart.

    He was supposed to have a harmonious family, a slender and beautiful daughter, a rebellious but innocent son most of the time, and a wife who was stern but extremely caring for the family.

    But all this was completely messed up by him.


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