When Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan returned home, they were in a mess. Father Jiang was wounded on his face, his clothes were messy, his face was sweeping, and he turned his head and left home.

    Zheng Ruonan had cheered up, and started to throw things from room to room with a cold face, and all the things of the three parasites, bedding, toiletries, father Jiang’s wallet, old lady’s cat fan, and Jiang Rourou’s textbooks. They all smashed to the ground, and called the waste collector, and asked the other party to come over later.

    Zheng Ruonan is this character, and he is very resolute and resolute in doing things.

    Although she was so traumatized in her heart at this time, she was so tranced that she could not stand still, but she would not show it in front of the child.

    The yard was crowded with neighbors watching the excitement, and the old lady brought Jiang Rourou to the side.

    Every time Zheng Ruonan threw something, the old lady cried and cursed, “Look at how there is such a cruel woman in the world. Let me drive my son out, but also throw away the things of my old man. Go out and don’t leave us for one night. Do you want us to sleep on the street at night?”

    Jiang Rourou looked helplessly crying.

    Zheng Ruonan ignored her and smashed everything with a cold face.

    Jiang Fan quickly squeezed over and pushed the old lady: “Go away! Don’t bully my mother!” The

    old lady was furious: “You are my grandson! How do you unite your mother to deal with your father and your grandma?!”

    Jiang Fankou No choice but to say: “You are my grandson!” The

    old lady glared and raised her hand to slap Jiang Fan this little thing, but was stopped by someone brought by Lawyer Guo. When Jiang Ning called him, he asked him to help bring employees from the two offices to prevent the old lady from making trouble.

    Jiang Ning squeezed over, whispered Zheng Ruonan’s “Mom”, soothed her, and started to help her throw away the rest.

    She saw the old housekeeper from the crowd, and the old housekeeper gave her a gesture, indicating to the young master to let him wait here all the time, and talk at any time if necessary.

    Jiang Ning felt quite settled and nodded to him.

    Attorney Guo has been here. Father Jiang should have known that he is about to leave the house. Father Jiang is not crazy, but the old lady is crazy.

    Where can I support my son alone?

    Let’s not talk about whether we can support it or not, it’s just a place to live.

    Where do they live?

    Father Jiang didn’t own a house, and he didn’t even have a room for his unit.

    The old lady was like being struck by lightning. I thought that once the truth was revealed, Zheng Ruonan would at most quarrel with Jiang’s father. She would be fine if she persuaded them, but he never expected that Zheng Ruonan’s first reaction was to drive them all out. .

    “You can’t just drive me out like this! Lawyer?” She grabbed attorney Guo’s sleeve: “Look at the lawyer, how can it be like this? Even if my son did something wrong, sorry for her, but what are we? My family, my old lady is already in

    her seventies and eighties , and this daughter-in-law wants to kick me out, and this child, can’t go to school yet?” Attorney Guo flipped through Zheng Ruinan’s birth certificate and said coldly: “This house is the property left to her by Ms. Zheng’s father. It belongs to her alone. You used to borrow at most. She has the right to drive you out at any time.”

    “It’s all you–!” Old The wife suddenly came to Jiang Ning, gnashing her teeth and staring at her: “It’s you who caused the family to keep going. What do you want to do? Must your parents fail

    to get a divorce ?” “Of course I’m going to get a divorce?” Jiang Ning said with a laugh: “Why, anxious? Seeing that there is no way to continue parasitic blood sucking in my house, I was so anxious to cry?” The

    old lady burst into tears and rushed to the neighbor: “Look if there is any reason, this girl doesn’t respect it at all. Me!”

    Jiang Ning was annoyed by her noise, and sent a text message to the old housekeeper: “Can you help me throw these two people out? Then help me buy a lock. I want to change the lock at home. Let them not come in again.” The

    old butler moved faster than Lawyer Guo, and immediately brought people over and pulled the old lady and Jiang Rourou away.

    The old lady was terrified, her old bones were almost crushed, her legs kept staring forward in embarrassment.

    She looked at Zheng Ruonan unclearly: “What a vicious woman, would you please black/she/will?”

    Zheng Ruonan was busy throwing things away, and she was in a trance, ignoring what happened behind her.

    Jiang Fan looked at the three men in black suits, opened his mouth in shock, and pushed Jiang Ning’s arm: “Sister, is this the person you are looking for?”

    Jiang Ning whispered: “Friend, I will introduce you to you in the future. “

    Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Ning’s eyes suddenly different from before. Unexpectedly, he was lonely in the Internet cafes, and his sister knew this kind of people silently.

    Sister, you will be my dad from now on.

    The old lady and Jiang Rourou, who was choking up helplessly, were immediately pulled out, not knowing where the butler dragged them away.

    In short, the old lady’s scolding was no longer heard in the courtyard.

    As soon as the noisy and distressing sound disappeared, the air suddenly became much quieter.

    Many neighbors are still watching. Some people don’t know the truth of the matter. They think that Zheng Ruonan is simply arguing with Jiang’s father. Are they all driven out?

    Where are they staying tonight?” Jiang Ning was about to get angry, but she didn’t expect her mother to be stronger than her.

    Zheng Ruonan picked up a loudspeaker and said coldly to all the neighbors in the hutong, “Attention, neighbors! It was Jiang Shan who cheated first, and brought three parasites, one old, one young, to my house. The house is my house. , The child is my child, and it is only right for me to drive out the three parasites! This time the old lady will definitely come to spit, who will persuade me to take a step back and let the old lady and that little girl in, I There is only one sentence-you are so kind, why don’t you take them to your own home and give them to your house!” The

    neighbors were in an uproar.

    Although some people think that Zheng Ruonan has done a great job, most of them still scold Jiang’s father for not being a human being.

    Zheng Ruonan didn’t care what others said, and continued to do his own way.

    Soon, the garbage truck she called stopped at the entrance of the alley. Several staff members came over and packed all the things of the three people that she and Jiang Ning had thrown on the ground into the garbage truck.

    After cleaning up like this, Jiang’s house was suddenly empty and spacious.

    Jiang Ning comforted Jiang Fan, who was still sucking his nose: “For the benefit, both grandma and Jiang Rourou’s rooms belong to us. From now on, I can play the piano, and you can put the sandbags to practice boxing.”

    Jiang Fan: “………… “I thank you, it’s really comforting.

    The sky just dimmed in chaos.

    The neighbors who watched the excitement gradually left, and Attorney Guo also went back, preparing to sue Jiang’s father for Zheng Ruinan.

    Xu Mingyi and Xu’s father were away during the day and came back at night when they learned what had happened to the Jiang family. Xu’s mother was a good friend of Zheng Ruonan for many years. She scolded Father Jiang bloody on the phone. After being entrusted by his wife, Xu’s father also came to sit for a while and chatted with Zheng Ruonan.

    Si Xiangming’s group of young people were dumbfounded, and never expected such a big change in the Jiang family.

    “Jiang Rourou turned out to be an illegitimate daughter????? Then what Jiang Ning said before was the orphan of her father’s comrade-in-arms, is it a lie?”

    “Does she know it herself?

    “It should be known. “

    Although we can’t say anything about this kind of thing, I now understand why Jiang Ning has been targeting her. It is estimated that Jiang Ning and her father have always been partial to her. “

    Xu Mingyi feels complicated: “Jiang Ning is probably crying now. “

    Because the gate of the Jiang family’s courtyard was closed, Xu Mingyi couldn’t get in, so he could only let Si Xiangming squat down. He stepped on Si Xiangming’s shoulder and climbed up to the Jiang family’s courtyard.

    It turned out that it was Nanmeng Yiba who was crouching in the corner crying. Jiang Ning seemed to be in a clear mood, so he almost set off firecrackers to celebrate.

    A group of teenagers: “…”

    Absolutely, absolutely absolutely.


    Zheng Ruonan didn’t know how to come over this day, in short, there was a mess in his mind. When she was lying on the bed at night, Jiang Ning ordered the takeaway, then called Jiang Fan over to eat and helped her up from the bed.

    Unconsciously, Jiang Ning has become the backbone of the family.

    Although Zheng Ruonan behaved quite aggressively during the day, but at night, facing two children who were only fourteen years old, they couldn’t help but blush. Fortunately there was Jiang Ning. After the three of them had finished their meal, Jiang Ning went to wash the dishes again.

    “I’ll go to sleep for a while.” Zheng Ruonan knew that she should cheer up, but she really had no energy at this time.

    “Go, it’s okay.” Jiang Ning said.

    Zheng Ruonan went upstairs, and immediately only Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan were left downstairs.

    Jiang Fan glanced at the house with a lot of things missing, and suddenly felt that the house was extremely deserted.

    He didn’t mind playing games or homework. He moved a stool and sat next to Jiang Ning to watch Jiang Ning wash the dishes.

    He couldn’t help asking: “Are we…no father anymore?”

    Jiang Ning thought for a moment, washing the dishes while looking at him: “Did you think he was your father before?”

    Jiang Fan curled his lips and said, “I felt like before. He is more like Jiang Rourou’s father.”

    “That’s it, so there is no need to regret.” Jiang Ning said.

    Jiang Ning only felt a lot of relief in his heart now. If according to the development of the previous life, Zheng Ruonan in the future will be ill with qi, and impulsive Jiang Fan will go to jail for stabbing Jiang’s father, then everything is really irretrievable.

    And now, she saw the opportunity to start again.

    “Maybe in 20 or 30 years you will forgive him, but that is your business. Before that, you should study hard and cultivate a correct outlook on life.”

    Jiang Fan wanted to laugh at how Jiang Ning started preaching again. Recently, it has become less and less like Jiang Ning before. But the house was so empty all of a sudden, he felt very cold, so he couldn’t help but moved a little closer to Jiang Ning like a helpless little animal.

    At night Zheng Ruonan lay in the middle, Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan slept next to her, Zheng Ruonan had not slept with them for many years.

    Jiang Ning took the hands of Zheng Ruonan and Jiang Fan, and comforted: “Mom, Jiang Fan, everything will be okay, I promise.”

    Zheng Ruonan held Jiang Ning’s little hand, listening to Jiang Fan’s worryless snoring. , I suddenly felt relieved a lot.

    She gently turned around and hugged Jiang Ning: “Little Jiang Ning is sensible and has grown up.” The

    paternity test was done by Jiang Ning, and the lawyer was found by Jiang Ning. When Lawyer Guo came to find Zheng Ruonan Zheng Ruonan was shocked. When did Jiang Ning get everything ready?

    She also wanted to ask how Jiang Ning discovered this incident, but she was angry all day and she was so exhausted that she soon fell asleep.

    Only Jiang Ning could not sleep alone.

    Suddenly heard some small sounds on the balcony, like the sound of candy hitting the window, she immediately got up and went to the balcony lightly.

    Jiang Ning looked down from the balcony. Under the cold moonlight, the boy was dressed in white, sitting in a wheelchair, holding a handful of candy in his arms.

    Perhaps it was instinct, she knew he would come.

    She laughed immediately and beckoned to Yan Yixie.

    Yan Yixie made a faint gesture: “Come down.”

    “Now?” Jiang Ning asked, but didn’t hesitate at all. Wearing a white bear pajamas, stepping on slippers, he quietly opened the door and went out.

    She ran over and braked sharply in front of the wheelchair.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her slippers: “Go in and change your shoes.”

    “Trouble.” Jiang Ning went back sneakily, changed a pair of sneakers, locked the door, and came out with the key.

    “Aren’t you the candy I had last time?” Jiang Ning Chaoyan thanked him and walked over, took one from his arms at random, peeled off the candy paper, and threw it into his mouth.

    The teenager glanced at her lazily, raised his hand, and gave her a bag: “Used waste.”

    “Hey, something has happened in my house now, and I am in a bad mood. Don’t make me angry. Be careful. I will give you one. Feet.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at her and said to her heart, how do I think you are in a good mood.

    However, in view of the major incident in the girl’s house, he still controlled the repudiation.

    Yan Yixie pushed his wheelchair through the alley. This should be his first time here, but he didn’t know why it seemed that he was quite proficient in roads.

    Jiang Ning followed him with his arms.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her and threw the blanket he had brought to her. She caught it and put it on her body.

    Yan Yixie suddenly paused and asked, “Don’t you ask where to go?”

    Jiang Ning looked at the moon above the alley: “Whatever you want, you can go anywhere .”

    Yan Yixie turned his head and said lightly, “I’m not afraid I will You abducted?”

    Jiang Ning shrugged, habitually half-joking: “Then I would be willing.” The

    boy’s cold face turned red in the dark night for a moment, and he said angrily: “You, can you please? Running the train all day long?”

    Jiang Ning had already seen the black car parked at the entrance of the alley. The butler lowered the window and beckoned to Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning quickly ran over, got into the car with a little excitement, and urged Yan Yixie who was still behind to hurry up.

    Yan Yixie didn’t know why he was a little angry. After getting in the car, the housekeeper packed the wheelchair and started the car, he turned his head to look outside the car, and did not speak to Jiang Ning along the way.

    Finally, the car stopped on the flat ground at the top of the mountain.

    Jiang Ning got out of the car and found that this was the top of the mountain on the back of Yan Yixie’s villa. From here, one could see the light of the villa halfway up the mountain.

    In the distance are thousands of lights.

    A little further away, it is the sea in the surging night, a round moon hanging above the sea, making the sea appear a shimmering silver.

    Jiang Ning has lived for so many years, and still doesn’t know that there is such a place in the sea city, so he couldn’t help but ask excitedly: “This is your secret base?” The

    boy pushed the wheelchair to her side and said with a cold face: “Soap idol drama. See too much? Where’s the secret base? Didn’t see a picnic cloth nearby? People often come to have picnics during the day.”

    Jiang Ning: “…………”

    I thank you, you are a romantic crusher!

    “Why did you bring me here?” Jiang Ning asked.

    The young man looked at the sea in the distance with no expression, as if he had organized the language for a long time, before finally squeezing out a comforting sentence: “The stars will rise every night as usual, and you will change in sorrow.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Is this a comforting word?

    I’m afraid this kid hasn’t comforted anyone in eight hundred years, right?


    Jiang Ning deliberately raised the bar: “For example, these two days are cloudy, and there will be no stars tonight.”

    However, at the moment when her voice fell, a few planes suddenly rushed up on the distant mountain. Something extremely bright.

    For a moment, it was like a meteor rising into the sky, illuminating the top of the mountain on which she stood.

    Those things that shone incomparably and radiantly like stars began to change shapes in the night sky.

    For a moment, Jiang Ning had the illusion of a kind of star running over, shining specially for himself.

    It took her a few seconds to realize what those things were.



    Yan Yixie raised his head and said “Um”.

    Jiang Ning glanced at Yan Yixie’s calm face, dumbfounded.

    This year’s nothingness, people, and machine.

    Master is really rich.

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