Jiang Shan never thought that Jiang Ning would know! He has been hiding very well, and Jiang Rourou is also sensible. The day she brought her into the house, she agreed with her on the train. When she came to this house, she could only call him uncle.

    For so many years, Rourou has never called a miss even once.

    Every time Jiang Shan heard her calling her uncle, he felt complicated. How could he be a father like this, so bad that even “dad” could not be called by the child. Because of this guilt, the more I want to compensate her.

    “What nonsense are you talking about?!” Jiang Shan was frightened and angry, looking like he wanted to rush to discipline Jiang Ning: “You are getting more and more lawless recently! This kind of thing can be a joke!”

    Jiang Rourou looked at him in panic One glance: “Uncle.”

    Zheng Ruonan immediately guarded Jiang Ning behind her, and pushed Jiang Shan away: “You give me a distance from Ningning!”

    She squatted down, and her hands holding Jiang Ning’s shoulders trembled a little imperceptibly. “Ningning, what did you just say?”

    Jiang Ning hesitated, opened his schoolbag, and took out the paternity test. The first thing she did after she came back from rebirth was to do this. The appraisal came out long ago, and she always carried it in her schoolbag.

    She handed the appraisal paper to Zheng Ruonan, looking at Zheng Ruonan’s expression a little heavy, as if it was studded with lead: “Mom, look at this.”

    Zheng Ruonan’s eyes slowly fell to the paternity appraisal book, and when he took it over, he fingered Still a little trembling.

    After seeing each line clearly, her pupils shrank sharply and looked shaky.

    It was Jiang Shan who looked paler than her.

    He didn’t know why it was Jiang Ning who exposed this, and even without warning, she showed evidence-

    no, not without warning, his daughter has always looked a little strange in his eyes since this time. , The attitude is also very cold, but how can he think of this level?

    How could I think that Jiang Ning, who was only fourteen years old, had secretly done a paternity test for him and Jiang Rourou!

    He has been cautious in front of Zheng Ruonan for so many years, and dare not say anything in his dreams. At least before he has the financial power, he can’t let her know that he has done ridiculous things less than a month after he has been married.

    Unexpectedly, the truth was revealed so unexpectedly.

    For a moment, the air was dead, and only Zheng Ruonan’s voice was breathing air-conditioning.

    Jiang Ning watched Zheng Ruonan suddenly lose his bloody face, and he supported her worriedly: “Mom…”

    She suddenly didn’t know whether it was good or bad for her to be so reckless.

    However, long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain, and this day will come sooner or later.

    No matter how you tell Zheng Ruonan, Zheng Ruonan and Jiang Fan will experience the most painful moment-knowing that they have been betrayed by the pillow man and father for many years.

    “This girl Jiang Ning is really getting more and more mischievous.” Father Jiang was still trying to quibble, and said angrily to Jiang Ning: “Jiang Ning, do you have to

    hurt the chickens and dogs so that you are willing to be willing?!” Zheng Ruonan took a long time. She calmed down, her face was still pale, but she looked calmer. She pushed Jiang Ning out and said, “Ningning, you go to Xu Mingyi’s house first, and dinner is also at his house. Take your phone and I will give it to you in the evening. You call and you come back.”

    After speaking, she glanced at Jiang Rourou, ignoring Jiang Rourou’s red eye circles for the first time: “You also go outside.”

    Jiang Ning and Jiang Rourou were sent out of the hospital by Zheng Ruonan.

    Then, the courtyard door was locked.

    At the same time, the two heard the quarrel of the coffee table turning on the floor and the glass torn apart.

    Jiang Ning is not worried that Zheng Ruonan will lose in a fight. Her father has always been weak and will only yell at his children, but in front of Zheng Ruonan, he will always look like a little chicken. She thought that maybe Zheng Ruonan should be given some time to let her vent her resentment for so many years.

    Jiang Rourou’s legs were a little soft, she almost sat down outside the yard.

    She panicked for a long time before she figured out the current situation.

    She looked up at Jiang Ning in disbelief, and the hatred in her eyes could no longer be concealed: “Jiang Ning, why do you have to bully people like this? Do you have to kick me out to give up? Am I getting in your way? I will have no home soon.”

    Jiang Ning didn’t know where the girl’s face said this. If she didn’t know that she was an illegitimate daughter, it would be fine. However, listening to her tone, she knew it early.

    Jiang Ning zipped up the schoolbag, took a condescending look at Jiang Rourou, and said mockingly: “Am I bullying you? I’m helping you. How come you don’t have a home? Am I just giving you a home? Wait. When my dad is kicked out, he can completely belong to you. In the future, you can call him dad if you want to.”

    “Oh, and the old lady, you have an extra grandma.”

    Jiang Rourou was horrified. Began to cry.

    Jiang Ning thought jokingly, because Jiang Rourou knew very well who made the money in this family.

    Jiang’s father’s job was arranged by Jiang Ning’s grandfather. After his grandfather’s death, his project director has long been in name, and his monthly salary was not enough for him to maintain a car.

    ——Not to mention the high cost of tuition, living expenses and various tuition classes for Jiang Rourou in the future.

    Regardless of what Zheng Ruonan thinks in Jiang Rourou’s years in Jiang’s family, at least on the surface, she is completely treated equally.

    She gave Jiang Rourou the same amount of living expenses that Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan had. Sometimes, because Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan had relatives on the grandfather’s side to give pocket money, she would give Jiang Rourou more.

    The New Year’s Eve money received by the three children is the same every time during the New Year holidays.

    Because of this, Jiang Rourou can afford to wear beautiful clothes, and brand-name canvas shoes, practice piano from childhood, and learn ballet and modern dance.

    To some extent, although she is the “orphan” in the alley that everyone sympathizes with, her life is much more comfortable than Zhong Congshuang.

    And once Jiang’s father left the house, her favorable conditions would disappear.

    Hearing the quarrel of the Jiang family, all the neighbors in this hutong came out. Someone didn’t figure out what was going on. He hurried over and pulled Jiang Rourou, who was sitting on the ground, up: “This kid, why are you sitting on the ground? My parents quarreled. , How about your grandma?” The

    old lady should be playing cards at the entrance of the street at this time.

    Jiang Ning estimated that the old lady should be back soon. When Zheng Ruonan didn’t stop her, she might want to slap herself fiercely. So Jiang Ning carried his schoolbag and planned to withdraw it first.

    Before withdrawing, I called Lawyer Guo and asked him to come to his home immediately with the documents.

    Jiang Fan is still playing basketball with his friends at school, and Jiang Ning plans to go to school to get him back. Jiang Fan is now at the age of rebellion, and it is better for him to explain clearly to him, instead of letting him come back and face the rumors of neighbors in a panic.

    As for Jiang Rourou, Jiang Ning glanced at Jiang Rourou who was still crying, but she didn’t plan to care about it.

    Neighbors watched the two little girls in the Jiang family’s completely different reactions with dumbfounded expressions. Jiang Ning walked away quickly, while Jiang Rourou wiped her tears helplessly, and she was instantly confused.

    When Jiang Fan was holding a basketball and was called by Jiang Ning, he thought Jiang Ning was joking.

    He turned the basketball around with his fingers, tugging at his short sleeves, without a proper shape: “Sister, what are you kidding me? Jiang Rourou is my dad’s illegitimate daughter, hahaha, ha—”

    smiled Suddenly it jammed.

    His face suddenly became hard to look.

    He remembered that since childhood, father Jiang and grandma really loved Jiang Rourou very much. He had also wondered several times whether father Jiang had been kicked by a donkey. How could an outsider be more important than his own children?

    I was okay, probably because of the old thoughts of patriarchal patriotism. Grandma was still very cold to her, but Jiang Ning was miserable. The old lady always looked at her unpleasantly.

    After all, he was still a little boy. Although he usually claims to be the No. 1 Tyrant in Nanmeng, he is not serious, but something suddenly happened in his home. Jiang Fan also realized with hindsight that today may be a turning point in his life.

    At first, he resisted and remained silent, but on the way back with Jiang Ning, when he passed the Haizu Pavilion where Jiang’s father had taken them to, his eyes suddenly turned red.

    Jiang Fan choked up and said angrily: “No wonder my father has to give Jiang Rourou a new year’s money in private every year, shit.”

    “Don’t talk dirty.” Jiang Ning was a little bit dumbfounded. This is what Jiang Fan cares most about.

    She turned to look around and decided to do something to replace Jiang Fan’s memory of the Aquarium Pavilion, otherwise every year after passing by here, Jiang Fan would remember his father’s betrayal.

    However, there are boulevards near Nanmeng Middle School. Apart from a basketball court where Jiang Fan often comes to play basketball, there are also a few small shops.

    She suddenly asked Jiang Fan, “Do you want to eat oranges?”

    Jiang Fan’s favorite fruit since childhood was oranges. It was just an elderly man with three children in the family. Every time Zheng Ruonan bought a few kilograms, he would be gone when he reached out.

    Jiang Fan wiped his tears and said, “Grass, when are you still eating oranges?”

    “Wait for me.” After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he immediately turned around and rushed to the fruit shop.

    Jiang Fan stood on the spot, watching Jiang Ning dimly with teary eyes.

    After a while, Jiang Ning came out of the fruit shop carrying a big bag of oranges. The big bag was five basketballs, and he couldn’t finish eating it for a month.

    In the autumn sun, Jiang Ning walked over here strenuously and said to Jiang Fan, “We will go home now. Before we go home, we will eat all these oranges and eat enough at once.”

    With that said, Jiang Ning stuffed an orange into Jiang Fan’s hand: “Quickly, whoever eats more and eats faster in the game, and the one who loses carries the opponent home.”

    “You are sick.” Jiang Fan “Wow” I cried with a cry of the earth. It’s not that a ten-year mental patient can’t do this kind of thing.

    On this day, Jiang Fan’s memory was a mess when he grew up. He remembered that when he and Jiang Ning opened the door, he saw Father Jiang with a swollen nose and embarrassed face, and he also saw the hysterical Zheng Ruonan. From this day on, there were only three people left in his family.

    But at the same time, he also remembered that day’s bet, Jiang Ning lost in the end-Jiang Ning was afraid of acid, of course he couldn’t match him.

    Finally Jiang Ning carried him home in the sunset.

    His nose and tears wiped Jiang Ning’s neck, but Jiang Ning didn’t beat him for the first time.

    The Aquarium has disappeared, but Jiang Fan still has oranges.

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