“Of course not!” Jiang Ning hurriedly denied: “There are more people in the world who are more miserable than you. How many people in China are still hungry, without clothes, and without a house, do you know? Why should I sympathize with you like this? There is such a big villa, so many delicious foods every day, such a rich guy?!”

    Yan Yixie looked at Jiang Ning quietly, there was no expression on his face, but he couldn’t see any anger.

    “I’m just—” Jiang Ning said again: “You are fighting so hard that you can cover me.”

    Yan Yi thanked, “Oh?” He said, “Did you mess with someone?”

    Jiang Ning said, “That group of gangsters too. I often come to my alley to collect protection fees, but I want to be seen by them that I know you and the housekeeper, they should not dare to come to charge me and my brother again.”

    Yan Yixie looked at her, did not say a word, neither I know if I believe it.

    Jiang Ning continued to ridicule: “Also, you have good grades. I want you to make up for my brother after we become friends.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t believe this at all, he sneered and said, ” Don’t think I can’t tell. Your problem-solving speed is the same, and you don’t need me.”

    Jiang Ning complained: “Can’t I just want to be friends with you?”

    Yan Yixie did not answer this sentence. But when he stared at Jiang Ning, the sharpness and sadness in his eyes seemed to be less.

    He paused and said blankly: “The best thing you said is true. If I find that you are sympathizing with me, we can’t be friends.”

    If you sympathize, we can’t… Jiang Ning’s little brain is turned enough. Quickly, she pushed Yan Yixie’s shoulder with her shoulder, and blinked happily: “You mean…we are friends now?” The

    firefly bottle is on the bookshelf.

    The blindfolded shirt danced lightly.

    In the dark, the movie subtitles continued.

    Yan Yixie turned his head awkwardly and looked at the curtains that were constantly blowing by the summer wind and the candy like gypsophila, scattered on the ground, bringing colorful colors.

    After a pause, his face was cold, and he whispered, “Forget it.”

    Jiang Ning widened his eyes in disbelief.

    This is the first time in so long that Yan Yixie has admitted that they are friends.

    She was so excited that she didn’t know what to say for a while, couldn’t help but jump over, put her arms around the boy’s neck, and gave a big hug.

    Yan Yixie was stiff.

    Cherry-flavored washing powder drilled into the tip of the nose.

    It seemed that something made the boy’s heart beat for a second.

    The blood rushed to the top of the head.

    “Hey.” The young man immediately pulled her away, pushing the wheelchair away from her at least ten feet away, as if she had some plague disease on her body, frightened and angry: “You have such a sense of distance to any man. How can you hug people casually?”

    “Isn’t this too excited?” Jiang Ning touched the back of his head embarrassedly.

    She was in a happy mood like the wind on the beach, but the pale face of the teenager was flushed. She couldn’t help but smiled and pulled Yan Yixie’s hand, drew his finger, and said, “That’s it, good friend forever. “

    Who wants to make such a naive agreement with you.” Even though he said that, Yan Yixie still finished hooking with her coldly.

    Jiang Ning grinned and said: “Hanging on the hook will not change for a hundred years. Whoever changes is a puppy.”

    Yan Yixie did not start.

    Jiang Ning put down his hand and asked happily, “Then now, have you promised me to go to school with me?”

    “Don’t–” Yan Yixie wanted to say that he didn’t know how to do it, but he didn’t know why the words came to his lips. Jiang Ning’s expectant eyes, he silently changed to an “Um.”

    Jiang Ning was almost crazy for joy, and said, “Then you are packing up these days, making preparations and going to school often. After you go to school, I will give you a surprise.”

    “Naive and not naive, there are surprises.” The teenager revealed. With a speechless expression, there was an extra calendar in his heart, quietly drawing a circle for a date.

    surprise. I haven’t heard this word in years.

    For no reason, I felt that the weather must be very good that day, like a long-lost anniversary.

    In this way, the waves rolled and the tide ebbed again.

    The last day of summer is over.

    Once summer is over, the weather will soon start to get cold.

    Jiang Ning took part in the monthly exam in the school.

    Last time, she and the class teacher had agreed that if she was admitted to the top 40 of the year, Lao Wang would contact the class teacher of the first class and transfer her to another class. Therefore, Jiang Ning naturally had to take the test well. After each test, she checked the paper three times from start to finish.

    During the math test, Lan Zhenzhen saw that she was half an hour away from the time to rewind the papers, so she put down her pen and started checking, she was shocked and shocked.

    When did Jiang Ning finish writing test papers so quickly before?

    Originally thought it was just a subject in mathematics, but Jiang Ning in other subjects was at the same speed, and there was still a long time left to hand in the paper, so he slowly relaxed.

    After the monthly exam was over, Lan Zhenzhen couldn’t help but ask with concern: “Did you encounter something at home and you started to hand in a blank paper?”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Do

    n’t everyone believe that the prodigal will turn around?

    On Xu Mingyi’s side, since the last time he had a conversation with Jiang Ning in the milk tea shop, he began to alienate Zhong Congshuang intentionally or unconsciously, and decided to gradually draw a line with Zhong Congshuang.

    He felt that Jiang Ning was jealous for Zhong Congshuang, and of course, Jiang Ning, who grew up with him, was more important.

    It rained twice in the past few days, and Zhong Congshuang did not bring an umbrella twice.

    She lives far away, and even if she sometimes brings an umbrella, she is easily squeezed out on the bus when the rain is pouring.

    Xu Mingyi is generous. Sometimes when he sees a girl wearing a short skirt in the class without an umbrella, he will throw the umbrella to each other indifferently, and then squeeze an umbrella with Si Xiangming and rush towards the school gate. Anyway, Someone from his house often drives to pick him up.

    Besides, he is a boy, it’s okay to get a little rain.

    On two occasions when he saw Zhong Congshuang hesitated under the eaves of the teaching building, he threw the umbrella to Zhong Congshuang.

    But today—

    Zhong Congshuang was standing downstairs in the teaching building, her little white shoes were soaked by the pouring rain, she saw Xu Mingyi and a few boys in the class coming down from the third floor and was about to say hello.

    Xu Mingyi didn’t know why, as if he hadn’t seen her, he turned his head away and talked with Si Xiangming next to him.

    Zhong Congshuang was taken aback, and subconsciously felt that something was wrong.

    Xu Mingyi didn’t see herself?

    But only then did he have a clear glance at himself.

    It was Tan

    Pengxing who saw her and came over and asked: “Member of study, didn’t you bring an umbrella?” Zhong Congshuang withdrew his gaze on Xu Mingyi and smiled awkwardly: “I brought it, but I didn’t know who was taken by him outside the classroom. Take it away.”

    “The group of people in the class is really, always take other people’s umbrellas casually. But everyone is a lattice umbrella, it is normal to take the wrong one.” Then Tan Pengxing handed the umbrella in his hand to Zhong Congshuang: “You take it.”


    Congshuang was flattered: “Then what do you do?” “I and Xu Mingyi live in an alley, very close to home, even without a car, just a few steps away.” Tan Pengxing smiled heartily. : “Your home is farther away, but you still need it more.”

    Zhong Congshuang bit his lip, Yu Guang glanced at Xu Mingyi in the distance, only to take it: “Thank you.”

    Xu Mingyi still didn’t look here at all, even though Tan Pengxing beside him suddenly walked away and came over to talk to him. Zhong Congshuang spoke.

    Soon, the rain became a little lighter, and several teenagers rushed to the school gate in the rain.

    Zhong Congshuang slowly opened Tan Pengxing’s umbrella under the eaves, but his eyes kept falling on Xu Mingyi’s back.

    Not knowing if it was her illusion, Xu Mingyi suddenly became indifferent to her.

    The two are the monitor and study member of the first class. They also have some intersections in the student union, and they often need to have meetings together.

    But in the past few days, no matter what needs to be told to her, Xu Mingyi always let others pass it on, and almost didn’t say a word to her.

    Zhong Congshuang didn’t know what happened.

    She was a little disturbed, and she was afraid that she was thinking too much.

    Tan Pengxing also saw this. He hid under Xu Mingyi’s umbrella, walked towards the school gate with Xu Mingyi, and couldn’t help asking: “Did the learning committee do something wrong? Why have you ignored her recently?”

    Xu Mingyi But he asked a question: “What does it mean to ignore her? Did I interact with her a lot before?”

    “Many! Of course many!” Tan Pengxing said: “You are all class members, student union cadres, meeting together and organizing activities together. , And you often go to participate in Go and competitions, and last year’s summer camp…”

    Si Xiangming, who was holding an umbrella alone on the other side, also began to add: “Before the teacher asked me to go to the office and ask if you are in a premature love. . ” “

    …… “

    Xu Mingyi speechless said:”.. ah head just puppy love to join activities only, when in fact she and I sat with a shuttle to the competition, we do not communicate. ” “

    but you always borrow an umbrella to her, I took her home.”

    Xu Mingyi said angrily: “I am the class leader. After the class party, do I have to send it to the class teacher? Besides, I have sent it to other girls several times.”

    Tan Pengxing and Si Xiangming remembered that, Xu Mingyi did. Not only Zhong Congshuang.

    He has given away to other people, but maybe other girls are a little bit more ordinary, so no one in the class makes jokes.

    And Zhong Congshuang is about the same as him in terms of excellence, so there are more scandals in the class.

    “So you don’t like her?” Tan Pengxing asked.

    “I don’t like it.” Xu Mingyi said.


    Pengxing immediately said: “Then I will go after it.” “Whatever you want.” Xu Mingyi said irritably.

    Si Xiangming looked at Xu Mingyi thoughtfully, but asked another question: “So what about Jiang Ning?”

    “I don’t like it either.” Xu Mingyi squeezed her neck and said: “She has a blower, she doesn’t know her mind at all. Where did it go?”

    So – Jiang Ning also misunderstood.

    Xu Mingyi was thinking about this in his heart.

    He was a little anxious, but also relieved.

    In his opinion, he and Jiang Ning have known each other for so many years, and there is no quarrel that cannot be reconciled. This time, they can definitely return to the previous relationship, as long as they explain clearly.

    After the monthly exam, Xu Mingyi planned to find Jiang Ning, but he hit a wall with her last time, which caused him to lose face.

    The dignity of a young man cannot allow him to touch his nose again in a short time.

    During this time his mother was on a business trip again, and the father and son in the family didn’t even have to eat, not to mention making dumplings or something to be sent to Jiang’s house with excuses, so he could only wait.

    He thought that after a while it was the school’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. As the art committee member of their third class, Jiang Ning would definitely come to him to find out what program their class was—

    It’s like Jiang Ning would threaten and lure him to eat sweets since he was a child, and force him to name the program of their class.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know Xu Mingyi’s thoughts, she was immersed in great joy.

    Zheng Ruonan’s medical report came out.

    Because there were a lot of inspection items, and the hospital’s equipment was not enough this year, the physical examination report was delayed until now.

    As soon as Zheng Ruonan’s medical report came out, she didn’t have the time to look carefully, but Jiang Ning snatched it over.

    Jiang Ning’s throat tightened, his hands were shaking a little, and he could see the last line from the upper line without fail.

    There is no tumor.

    Thank goodness.

    Zheng Ruonan is not early this year.

    After reading it, Jiang Ning almost felt weak in his legs.

    “What’s wrong, you child.” Zheng Ruonan couldn’t help muttering when seeing Jiang Ning’s face pale for a medical report.

    “Wait a minute, I’ll take another look.” Jiang Ning grabbed it again, and took a closer look at the blood sugar, heart, etc., and confirmed that Zheng Ruonan was also within the normal range.

    It seems that Zheng Ruonan’s hard work in the previous life is indeed related to Jiang Fan and her own rebellion. In the past few days, both herself and Jiang Fan have been more motivated, and her mood has improved a lot.

    So, isn’t it, it’s time to tell her about it.

    Jiang Ning was hesitant in her heart. On the one hand, he was worried that Zheng Ruonan would not be able to handle it, and on the other hand, he felt that Jiang Rourou would stay in his own home. When Zheng Ruonan finally learned the truth, he would be even more responsive.

    Seeing her frowning, Zheng Ruonan touched her head: “What’s wrong? A little girl did not pass the exam? I was worried.”

    “Mom, I’ll tell you one thing.” Jiang Ning made up his mind.

    Maybe she should trust her mother.

    Zheng Ruonan’s body is now normal, not as fragile as she imagined.

    “What’s the matter? So serious?” Zheng Ruonan half-joked: “Don’t tell me you fall in love early.”

    “It’s not this.” Jiang Ning was about to speak when the outside door was suddenly pushed open.

    It was Jiang Rou softly Jiang Shan’s voice. The two probably didn’t know that Jiang Ning and Zheng Ruonan were in the study. They were walking towards this side. While walking, Jiang Rourou said aggrievedly to Jiang Shan: “Uncle, you promised to give I applied for a foreign teacher class, Jiang Ning has already applied, why should I make an exception?”

    Jiang Shan was also a little upset, but he still calmed Jiang Rourou patiently: “Wait, I’ll go to the study to find a card and pay a certain amount of money in advance. You report it.”

    Jiang Rourou was a little worried: “Don’t tell Auntie? Aunt will not be angry?”

    Jiang Shan said: “

    Cut first and then play.” Jiang Ning glanced at Zheng Ruonan and saw that Zheng Ruonan’s face was already ugly.

    The husband and wife have a common deposit card. Zheng Ruonan rarely checks the balance in it, but occasionally finds a decrease. She only thought that Jiang Shan took it to a treat. After all, he has also worked hard in running projects recently.

    But never expected that he would do this behind her back.

    The door is being opened at this time.

    Just as Jiang Shan was about to lead Jiang Rourou in, he saw Zheng Ruonan looking at him displeased, and he was stunned.

    Jiang Ning was beside him, with a weird expression, an indescribable coldness.

    Jiang Shan immediately realized that Zheng Ruonan had heard it, and he quickly explained: “I didn’t mean to cut first and

    play later , I’m just afraid you would disagree.” Zheng Ruonan frowned, “When do you want to spend money on Rourou, I didn’t agree? Am I such a stingy person? Secretly using a common savings card, what do you think of me?”

    Jiang Shan immediately seized the opportunity and said, “That soft foreign teacher—”

    But he was interrupted by a voice: “Reporting is not allowed.”

    “What do you kid say?” Jiang Shan looked at Jiang Ning with a look of expression. This girl was weird recently. He signed her the last time. Nor did she tell him Ouyang Bo’s contact information.

    I don’t know if it was Jiang Shan’s illusion. He always felt that Jiang Ning’s eyes looked strange at him during this period of time. In short, there was no respect for his father.

    “The last time you lied to me to sign your transcript, I haven’t told your mother that your child has become more and more weird recently. Do you still respect me as your father?”

    “Because she is An illegitimate daughter.” Jiang Ning sneered: “I am a child. Of course, I can’t interrupt. I can’t say that you betrayed my mother. You brought the illegitimate daughter into the door, pretending to be the daughter of a comrade-in-arms, and took my mother’s money. Raise your illegitimate daughter. Why should I respect a father like you?” As

    soon as I said this, it was like a shock, and the expressions of the other three people on the scene suddenly changed.

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