Jiang Ning was shocked when he went to the second floor.

    There is a full wall of bookshelf on the left hand side, filled with various books and CDs. In front of the sofa is a projection of a full wall. At this time, nothing is put, only the slight background sound of snow and wood burning, I don’t know the boy What’s wrong, it’s obviously summer outside, but the second floor of the villa feels like cold winter, gloomy and low.

    Except for a few locked rooms, all the other walls were opened up, and the entire second floor was Yan Yixie’s room.

    The desk on the left side of the sofa is extraordinarily long, two to three meters long and full of debris.

    It was a little messy, but Jiang Ning looked at this huge sandalwood table intently as soon as she came up. She was envious. She dreamed of such a big table when she was a child.

    Because of the large population in the family, Jiang Rou and Jiang Fan both need rooms. Although Jiang’s family occupies a small area in the hutong, the room allocated to each of her children is not big, and it is impossible to fit such a big one. A table.

    The teenager was sitting in a wheelchair, expressionless by the window, looking at her coldly.

    The window was open, and the summer wind outside kept blowing in, and the white curtains flicked behind him.

    Sugar scattered in front of him.

    In such an atmosphere, he was carrying the light again, his handsome eyebrows were extraordinarily deep and cold, and his pale complexion was extraordinarily bloodless.

    If he had two dragon horns on his head and two sharp teeth at the corners of his mouth, he would be able to cosplay an indifferent vampire.

    Jiang Ning’s brain twitched and said, “No wonder I haven’t known me for so long. There are so many good things on the second floor.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie choked, and the vampire became a grumpy little dragon, angry. Said: “These are all mine, I have no obligation to share with you! Please don’t speak in this tone, as if I am a stingy.”

    “Ah, is it?”

    Jiang Ning stood in front of the bookshelf and scanned the books row by row. She saw a lot of books related to film, television, opera, musical and dance drama with sharp eyes. Take a look.

    She said, “Aren’t you? When I first met, I gave you breakfast, but you didn’t even give me any leftovers. The universe is invincible.”

    Yan Yixie sneered and began to turn over the old account.” Breakfast? Are you referring to the rotten white rice?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning smirked and touched the tip of his nose.

    Yan Yixie suddenly remembered that the two of them were still in the cold war, and their expressions changed suddenly.

    Why is it that every time Jiang Ning starts to have a convulsion, she unknowingly takes her away?

    He clutched the armrest of the wheelchair and said coldly: “What the hell are you here for?”

    “Of course I’m here to see if you are better, and the high fever has gone away.” Jiang Ning said confidently.

    Yan Yixie squeezed her fingers, curled her eyebrows and looked at Jiang Ning. After he said those things that drove her away, she still came to see if his fever subsided? Does she understand human speech? Shouldn’t she hate herself? She also carried a big bag of sugar up the mountain-so heavy, what on earth did she picture?

    Yan Yixie took a shallow breath and asked irritably: “Did you not hear what I said that night?”

    ” I heard you clearly .”

    “Then you still— “

    Jiang Ning interrupted him: “You did that night. I heard what I said, but that is your wish.”

    “Your wish is not to see me, and my wish is to be friends with you and see you every day…”

    Yan Yixie’s dark eyelashes lightly There was a tremor.

    “We each have a will. Your will shouldn’t override my will, so there should be nothing wrong with me doing things according to my own ideas? You can reject me, then I can reject your rejection. Ability.”

    “I’m on the second floor by my ability. Why would you drive me away?”

    Yan Yixie was born and it is the first time I have seen Jiang Ning’s fallacy like this.

    He almost laughed angrily.

    Jiang Ning walked towards him and walked around the candy on the ground, but the candy she threw in was too much, not only on the ground, but also a few stuck in the teenager’s wheelchair. Jiang Ning didn’t want to step on the candy, so she had to kick the candy on the ground with her feet. This sweep took a long time. She looked at Yan Yixie with a guilty conscience and awkwardly: “Did I hit you just now…”

    “… …” Yan Yixie took out a fallen candy from the back of his neck with a cold face, and threw it on the ground.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning awkwardly changed the subject and said, “I’m going to come over and touch your forehead to see if you are still hot, okay?”

    Yan Yixie said coldly: “No.”

    As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Ning looked at him for an instant, lifted the trouser leg of his right leg, revealing the white ankle, and raised the sharp stone that he had just picked up under the yard, slowly speaking in a sloth-like tone. “Then…I…just…”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning hadn’t even thrown this damn stone away, and Yan Yixie didn’t know what to use to describe her mood at the moment. “…”

    He said angrily: “You only have this trick?”

    “The trick is not old, it’s easy to use.” Seeing his compromise, Jiang Ning smiled and put the stone back into his pocket.

    She walked over, stretched out her hand, and leaned down.

    She touched the boy’s forehead and then touched the boy’s face.

    The boy was stiff.

    At that moment, the breeze of summer blew in from the window behind him, shook the curtains, and also shook the hair of Jiang Ning who was close at hand.

    He raised his eyes to look at her, stiff like a sculpture, unable to move.

    Before Jiang Ning let go, Yan Yixie’s face turned dark, and she raised her jet-black eyelashes to look at her: “Have you touched enough?”

    “It’s not hot anymore, it should be the fever completely.” Jiang Ning was a little happy, and she wanted to ask. Asked how many bottles of water he had hung up in the past few days, did he hung up today, and do he need to hung up tomorrow, but I would not tell her if I want to come to Yan Yixie, so I might as well ask the housekeeper later.

    Yan Yixie’s eyes reflected her smiling face, and some strange and unnamed feelings flowed in his heart inexplicably, and he turned his head awkwardly.

    “You can touch me too, and see if I still burn it.” Jiang Ning said again: “You are not the only one who is sick, and the cold medicine I drank also died of bitterness.”

    Yan Yixie showed no feelings. The expression of wishing, said indifferently: “This is called self-sufficiency, who makes you want to jump into the river.”

    “Okay.” Jiang Ning showed a disappointed expression: “Don’t touch it.” But

    when she straightened up, When he was about to leave, the collar was suddenly grasped by a white and slender young man’s hand.

    The young man drew her in his direction blankly.

    Jiang Ning was caught off guard and was pulled low. The boy raised his forehead and touched her forehead.

    The foreheads of the two touched lightly, and they separated at the touch of a touch, both of them were cold.

    “Don’t burn it, idiot.” Yan Yixie let go of Jiang Ning, don’t start saying.

    Seeing his ears, Jiang Ning didn’t know whether he was sitting on the edge of the window and was blown by the wind, or why, anyway, it was slightly pink, she couldn’t help pursing her lips and smiled secretly.

    “What are you laughing at?” Yan Yixie stared sharply.

    Jiang Ning quickly flattened the corners of his mouth with his hands: “Who laughed? You read it wrong.”

    Yan Yixie said, “You better not.”

    Jiang Ning smiled and picked up a candy from the ground and stuffed it in the palm of Yan Yixie’s palm. , Said: “Here you are, pineapple flavor. I have spent all my pocket money today. I asked you to eat so much sugar. It also depends on the fact that we don’t have a fever anymore. Let us reconcile, okay? ? “

    Yan Xie a Liyebuli her cold face, pushing her wheelchair bypass.

    Jiang Ning turned around, followed up, and said, “By the way, what were you doing before I came today?”

    Yan Yixie still ignored her.


    Yan Yixie seemed deaf.

    Jiang Ning continued to follow. She glanced at the huge projection and said on a whim: “This weekend, I can play here all day, or should we watch movies?”

    This year, families with LCD TV screens Rarely, although Jiang Ning has a TV at home, she can guarantee that Jiang Fan has never seen such a large white wall projector.

    Yan Yixie didn’t even look at her.

    Jiang Ning was still thinking about the table and said, “I think I can come here to do my homework in the future, maybe I can bring Jiang Fan, can you help him make up lessons?”

    Of course she didn’t say anything. Yes, she feels that Jiang Fan, this stinky boy talks more than herself, and is even off the line than herself, and should be able to bring more excitement to the lifeless villa.

    Yan Yixie finally turned his head and glared at her: “Do you take this place too much as your own home?”

    Jiang Ning covered his heart, deliberately showing a wounded tone: “Aren’t we friends?”

    Yan Yixie was indifferent. Said: “No.”

    Jiang Ning grabbed his wheelchair and said: “Then you accept my firefly and you return it to me.”

    “Give it back to you.” The young man also angered.

    The firefly’s life is very short. It has long since passed away on that summer night, but Yan Yixie left the glass bottle. He didn’t know when he washed the glass bottle and put it in the white sand on the beach and placed it on the bookshelf. .

    It seems to have kept that summer.

    Jiang Ning picked up the glass bottle.

    Yan Yixie didn’t care.

    Jiang Ning made a gesture to pack it into his schoolbag, take it away and throw it into the trash can.

    Yan Yixie Yu Guang didn’t even scan.

    Jiang Ning raised the bottle, intending to throw it on the ground.

    Yan Yixie finally couldn’t help it, and suddenly stretched out his hand, firmly holding the glass bottle.

    Jiang Ning looked at him and said, “Well, don’t be friends, and give me back my things?” The

    boy didn’t speak, but pressed his lips tightly, pressing his fingers, and didn’t let go .

    Jiang Ning returned the glass bottle to him, and he immediately put it back to the original position of the bookshelf.

    Jiang Ning smiled, squatted down again, and shook his arm: “Let’s watch the movie together, please, I have not watched a movie.”

    This is true. At this time, the fourteen-year-old himself was indeed still there. Never seen these new things.

    Yan Yixie opened his mouth, before saying whether to agree or not, Jiang Ning immediately took out the stone from his pocket, pressed his butt and began to roll his trouser legs.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    After a while, the two sat on the sofa, the lights were dim, the projector began to play a horror movie, and the housekeeper happily delivered blankets and fruits.

    Jiang Ning opened her eyes and watched the horror movie with subtitles still on. Before it started, she already felt fear. She couldn’t help shaking off the blanket and covering herself.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her.

    She thought the boy was condemning her for taking away all the blankets, so she squeezed the blanket against the boy and put the blanket on Yan Yixie’s knee, and touched Yan Yixie’s arm with her arm.

    Yan Yixie: “…” In the

    darkness, the projected brilliance slowly slid, and the girl slowly approached like a small animal, leaving only the last distance between the two.

    Yan Yixie’s face was squeezed, and his body was stiff.

    He began to reflect on why things have become what they are now.

    Hasn’t he already driven her away? Wouldn’t she never show up again?

    Nothing seemed to have happened. She seemed to easily forgive him for his bad words that night, regardless of being injured by him again, and regardless of leaning toward him.

    So, can he think that she is an exception and that she will never leave again.

    Just as the teenager calmly looked at the ghost that almost jumped out on the screen without expression, Jiang Ning screamed for the first time.

    Yan Yixie: “…” The

    second scream.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Then screamed again and again.

    People who didn’t know thought that there was a corpse case in this old castle.

    The one-and-a-half hour movie finally ended, Jiang Ningyi was still unfinished, but Yan Yixie rubbed his ears with a cold face, confirming that his eardrums had not been shattered.

    The movie is playing the ending song. As the ending song of a horror film, the subtitles that have been crossed out are quite warm. Jiang Ning suddenly said: “Yan Yixie.”

    Yan Yixie thought she was going to be stalking again and wanted to watch another one.

    Unexpectedly, she said, “Let’s go to school together.”

    This sudden sentence called Yan Yixie and he was startled, and he subconsciously looked down at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning did not look at him.

    In the darkness, the faint brilliance of the projection illuminates her face.

    She seemed to think for a long time before she said this, in a light, slow, but firm tone: “Go to school with me. If someone looks at your leg with strange eyes, I will help you beat him. If someone avoids you, is afraid of you, and doesn’t want to be friends with you, it’s just that they have no fate with you. If someone leaves you because of your legs, it must be their loss.”

    Jiang Ning turned his head at this time , Looked at Yan Yixie.

    Yan Yixie’s throat tightened and said nothing.

    The dim halo of the movie fell on their faces.

    The girl looked into his eyes and continued: “There are many fun, beautiful, and interesting things in the world. Someone was walking on the road and suddenly fell into the water cover. There was a child who lost the sweetest bite of the watermelon. On the ground, there was a cry of wow, and some people skipped class. They just jumped off the courtyard wall and they just jumped into the arms of the dean… Let me accompany you to have a look, can’t you?”

    “Jiang Ning” “The boy called her name.

    “Huh?” Jiang Ning subconsciously responded and looked at him.

    “Are you here, sympathize with me?”

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