Because it was the weekend, many children in the hutong did not go to school and played outside. The housekeeper was afraid of causing trouble to Jiang Ning, so instead of going directly to Jiang’s house, he found a student from the third class of Heng Junior High School to inquire about it.

    When he came back, the butler thanked Yan Yi: “I went to the city this morning. That girl Jiang Ning seems to have a cold.”

    Yan Yixie was in the room without opening the door. The butler said through a door panel.

    However, after speaking, there was silence inside, without any response, not even the sound of flipping the book, as if I hadn’t heard it.

    The housekeeper couldn’t help raising his voice, and said the words just now again: “Master, Jiang Ning has a cold!” For a

    moment, Yan Yixie’s impatient voice came from the room: “When did you become so loving? Nosy?”

    “Even though she was joking to the extent that you were injured and infected, this child also got a cold and fever. The little girl had a fever and was so uncomfortable that she was driven away by you the night before.” The

    housekeeper sighed and persuaded: ” Don’t quarrel with her about this matter, and send some fruit baskets to let her recover as soon as possible, okay?”

    Yan Yi thanked her annoyedly: “You dare, don’t make claims.”

    He was not angry with Jiang Ning. He knew she was unintentional. But he really wouldn’t tolerate the butler to do these superfluous things for him.

    Jiang Ning did not come yesterday, Jiang Ning did not come today, and Jiang Ning will never come again.

    So be it.

    Her cold will get better in a few days, and then she will focus on other things and start to forget about him, who has a weird character and annoying. If it takes longer, she might forget to open his trouser legs that night. At that time, I saw the terrifying and hideous legs.

    He wanted her to forget instead of remembering, being frightened, and then running away without looking back.

    Even if Yan Yixie did not drive her away, her interest in being here and approaching him would only disappear without a trace from being scared the night before.

    “She doesn’t show up anymore, it’s better.” Yan Yixie said calmly: “Finally it stopped. I have time to do my own business.” The

    butler said, your own business is staring at the 38th of the same book. See page 18 for two days and one night?

    “Every time she comes, she is very noisy and brings unexpected trouble.” The

    butler said, now it’s quiet, but I don’t see how happy you are.

    “After that, will breakfast and dinner be prepared according to the previous taste? There are also cushions on the sofa. The little girl brought them some time ago

    . Do I need to throw them away together?” He paused and said, “Throw it away.” The

    housekeeper was a little disappointed. He had to say: “Then I will go and clean up now.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know why he became more irritable. He took off the headphone cable and threw the book in his hand, and said, “You have nothing else to do? Now in a hurry. Throwing away the trash is in a hurry to reincarnate?” The

    two were talking, and suddenly there was a clear “bang”, something was thrown into Yan Yixie’s room from the open window.

    The housekeeper was confused: “What sound?”

    Yan Yixie turned to look, and saw that a pineapple-flavored yellow candy wrapper fell on the floor of the room, bounced twice, and rolled down to his feet.

    He frowned and was about to push his wheelchair to the window to see what was going on.

    Suddenly another one, this time it was strawberry-flavored, and the red wrapping paper was accurately thrown in from the window.

    This one is a bit bigger than the previous one, and it seems to be a soft candy.

    There was a “boom” on the floor, and it landed beside the floating curtains.

    The air was quiet for a while.

    Yan Yixie suddenly realized something and looked at the window in disbelief.

    He squeezed the armrest abruptly, and his fingertips turned white.

    Then the third one, blueberry flavor, blue wrapping paper, hard candy.

    The fourth one, peach flavor, pink wrapping paper, hard candy.

    The fifth one, chocolate flavor, light gold wrapping paper, hard candy.


    Boom, boom, boom.

    Countless sugar.

    Like flowers scattered all over the sky, candy on the floor jumped endlessly.

    Candy of various colors was thrown in from the window.

    Others missed their heads, smashed their heads on the trees in the yard, and were bounced back. After a while, the people outside the yard took the attitude of not being wasted, picked them up, and threw another candy one after another. Came in.

    The housekeeper has already ran out of the yard to take a look. It was Jiang Ning who smashed the young master’s window. He was immediately happy and smiled: “Are you here?”

    Jiang Ning picked up the candy, aimed at his head and continued to throw it, and smiled. Looking at the housekeeper, “I had a low-grade fever yesterday, but I didn’t come. I have almost recovered today.”

    She explained what she said to Yan Yixie in the second floor room, speaking very loudly.

    The butler smiled and said, “Why don’t you come in and sit? What kind of window is smashed? Master is on the second floor. I will take you upstairs.”

    Yan Yixie poked his head out of the window and glared at the butler angrily.

    The housekeeper was silent immediately, and did not dare to say any more to let Jiang Ning in. But he hurried in, took out a chair, and let Jiang Ning sit and throw candy.

    “Wow–” Yan Yixie closed the window with a cold face.

    However, within a few seconds, the sound of “bang-bang-bang” smashing the window with sugar rang out again. The sugar could not be thrown in, and all smashed on the windows, smashing the glass windows with a “bang and bang” sound.

    Jiang Ning downstairs did not speak, just stubbornly smashing sugar one by one.

    Sound after sound.

    It’s like a unique movement in summer.

    Yan Yixie simply put on noise-cancelling headphones and continued reading, ignoring the disorderly and disturbing noise.

    However, the voice outside has not stopped.

    Even the noisy cicada stopped, and the girl hadn’t given up on the noisy.

    Yan Yixie glanced at the ground, and the candy thrown into the room almost covered half of the floor, and there were hundreds of them. Not to mention that most of them are smashed on the windows.

    I don’t know how much sugar she brought. The boy finally couldn’t help it, and opened the window to take a look.

    Under the shade of the tree, Jiang Ning raised his head, grabbed a handful of candies, and looked at him with a smile.

    The candy brought next to her was half a person tall.

    A whole burlap bag.

    She dragged a sack of sugar up from down the mountain.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    “Which kind of nerve do you have?” the young man said viciously. At noon, he looked down and Jiang Ning looked up. The sun couldn’t fall under his eyes, making his dark eyes look colder than when they first met at the beach.

    “If you don’t see me, I can only smash until your window breaks and until you have to come out.” Jiang Ning played a rogue and was about to lose his posture.

    Before coming, she had already done a good job of psychological construction, so be ashamed, even if it is a stalker, let Yan Yixie take back the words of “not seeing each other again”.

    With a “bang”, the window was closed again by the boy.

    Yan Yixie clenched the wheelchair armrest tightly, leaning his back against the wall under the window, forcing himself to calm down, but his breathing became heavier.

    His dark eyes were almost full of blankness…

    He closed his eyes fiercely and still couldn’t understand. He had already used such bad words to drive her away, why did she come?

    After lifting his trouser legs, seeing his leg, knowing that he is not temporarily broken, but always disabled, and seeing the hideous and ugly part of his body, why did she still come?

    All this exceeded Yan Yixie’s expectations, or cognition.

    He had never imagined that someone would not be afraid of the terrible wounds on his legs.

    Even the doctor frowned every time he changed his dressing.

    So, what is she here for?

    It is not always naive to think that he is a handicapped person who needs help and cure.

    Yan Yixie’s heart pierced, and a little irritable emotion crossed his face again. He took a deep breath and swept his indifferent and complicated gaze to the window.

    He began to think about whether to let the butler drive her away forcibly.

    But at this moment, the girl’s crisp shouts came from downstairs: “Isn’t it just a few scars on my legs? What’s so great, even though I can’t break my legs and sit in a wheelchair, my mother will hit me damn, but I can make a few scars on my calf and wear long pants for the whole summer.”

    Then she started looking for sharp stones that could make bleeding.

    It’s crazy.

    Yan Yixie’s face was terribly cold.

    The window was suddenly pushed open in the sky behind Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning smiled slightly, already holding a stone in her hand, and she bent down and lifted her trouser legs, with the sharp section facing her fair calf.

    Yan Yixie’s pupils shrank sharply and said angrily: “Are you sick?!”

    Jiang Ning raised his head and said shamelessly: “Let me go up, I won’t stab.”

    Yan Yixie stared angrily in disbelief.

    Jiang Ning also returned to the old monk’s expression.


    On the last day of this summer, cicadas screamed, the boy was furious and his eyes were red.

    After a while, Jiang Ning got her wish and got on the second floor of the old castle for the first time.

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