On this day when Jiang Ning did not come, it seemed to get dark earlier than usual. Every once in a while, the old housekeeper would take a look outside the yard to see if there was any movement outside.

    The young master stayed in the room all the time, not knowing what to think.

    Instead, the old butler was at a loss.

    Over the years, he and Yan Yixie were the only two in this huge villa. The teenagers were indifferent and didn’t speak much. Even if the butler wanted to have nothing to talk to, he didn’t know what to say, so even though there were two people living in the villa all the year round. , But it was as cold as a tomb.

    There is no individual voice during the holidays.

    Even though the housekeeper will insert some cornel on the Double Ninth Festival and post couplets during the New Year, the teenagers are not interested in these, let alone make any comments or opinions.

    In the past few years, the most lively time is when Jiang Ning appeared during this time.

    Now the old housekeeper feels like a TV show has opened a noisy head, suddenly stopped, and returned to the lonely and lonely blank.

    The old housekeeper didn’t sleep peacefully all night. The next day, he couldn’t help driving to Jiang’s house by himself.

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