The next morning, after the housekeeper finished breakfast, he began to prepare things for Yan Yixie to go to school.

    Because Yan Yixie does not go to the cafeteria like other students. So in addition to textbooks and pens that have not been touched for a long time, lunch and mineral water must be prepared.

    After Yan Yixie’s student status was transferred to Hengchu the year before, the school manager of Hengchu took the initiative to install elevators on the side of the teaching building for the buildings donated by the Yan family.

    This elevator is always closed, and you can only take the elevator by swiping your card.

    Yan Yixie is the only student with an elevator card.

    In the past two years, Yan Yixie didn’t go to the school often. The elevator has gradually become an obsolete facility. The housekeeper has to say hello to the school in advance and ask him to overhaul the elevator in advance.

    After all these arrangements were made, the old housekeeper called Yan Yixie’s grade director again and told him that Yan Yixie was about to go to school.

    There was a sudden turmoil at the grade level, and immediately began to adjust the class 1 curriculum, and all the physical education classes that Yan Yixie could not attend in the class were transferred to before school. In this way, the young man from Yan Dong’s family can go home early when he has a physical education class.

    In short, Yan Yixie goes to school, which is very troublesome for everyone.

    Because the Yan family had a lot of money, he was walking on the road while pushing a wheelchair. From time to time, teachers from the school or unknown teachers came to care about him and asked him if he needed any help. The look in his eyes is as if he is unable to take care of himself and has a weird and crippled character.

    Yan Yixie was very tired of all this.

    This is one of the reasons why he has appeared at school only two times in the previous two years.

    In fact, if Jiang Ning hadn’t been impulsively agreed that day, the next time he appeared in school, it might be the high school entrance examination a year later.

    The housekeeper helped Yan Yixie get into the car, handed him the blanket and black long-handled umbrella used to cover his knees, then started the car and drove on the way to school.

    The steward of this road hasn’t been opened for half a year, and almost forgot how to go.

    He glanced at the young master in the rearview mirror. The young master was quietly closing his eyes and rested. The sea breeze blew in from the opened window of the car and gently brushed his forehead.

    The old housekeeper couldn’t help but feel a little worried-although from the bottom of his heart he hoped that the young master would go out to make some new friends and bask in the sun under different scenery, but what if something like that happened again last year?

    While the housekeeper was worried, Yan Yixie was also a little upset.

    It’s just that Yan Yixie was used to hiding his emotions and didn’t show it.

    “Didn’t Jiang Ning send you a message this morning?” the butler asked, breaking the silence in the car.

    Yan Yixie didn’t want the housekeeper to find that he was always picking up the phone to see if Jiang Ning called.

    He said “Well”, still lazily closing his eyes, and said indifferently: “It may have been posted, but I am too lazy to read it.” The

    butler hurriedly said, “You have a quick look. She said she wants to go to school with you, maybe wait at school. You. What if you missed it?”

    Yan Yixie opened his eyes and glanced at the housekeeper, in an insignificant, unintelligible tone of showing off, and a little disapproving: “She did say something to give I was pleasantly surprised.”

    “Surprise?” The butler immediately smiled, sighed in relief, and said, “Do you need me to remind her?” The

    young man immediately made a face: “Don’t remind me .”

    But did Jiang Ning remember that day? Yan Yixie is not sure about the surprise she said after the hook. During this period of time Jiang Ning didn’t mention this matter again, so Yan Yixie would naturally not take the initiative to ask.

    The young man held this matter in his heart, and was about to suffocate his internal injuries.

    Yan Yixie hadn’t come to school for a long time, and only felt that everything was strange, but he still remembered his seat by the window in the second row from the bottom of the class.

    He suddenly appeared at the school, and the students in Class One were really shocked. When he passed by in an automatic wheelchair, the boys at the back of Class One hurriedly gave way to him.

    “Why is he here?” A class of students was surprised and startled.

    Last year, there was a boy with a good family background who didn’t know how high he was. He mocked him for being crippled, and his leg bones were discounted by the umbrella in his hand. Afterwards, everyone thought that the school would resolve the matter, and asked Yan Yixie and the boy to apologize to each other. As a result, the school dealt with it by directly transferring the boy to another school.

    Afterwards, a student who had a good relationship with the boy went to the boy’s house to find someone, but found that the boy’s family had moved away. And he didn’t leave a word, and I don’t know what happened.

    In short, after this incident, the people in the class quickly figured out his background, and no one dared to approach him easily.

    Everyone dared not approach him, nor dared to provoke him with death.

    But this does not mean that everyone has no complaints in their hearts.

    As soon as the young master came to the school, the grade level immediately made a number of adjustments to the physical education and extracurricular classes in a class. The director of many competition grades also chased him frequently and asked him if he was willing to participate.

    The school almost wrote the thought of “pleasing” on the surface.

    A group of adolescent teenagers are in a good family situation. No matter how they can bear it, they are a little short. In private, they laugh at themselves as ordinary people. The “Master” came to their class to praise their class.

    But later everyone discovered that Yan Yixie had come to the school no more than three times in total, that is, just hung up a name at Hengchu, and everyone gradually forgot that there was such a person in the class.

    But who knows, after half a year, “Young Master” once again appeared in the school.

    “I finished the exam just a month ago. There was no exam today and nothing special. Why did he come?”

    “Should be the same as last time, only coming for a long time. Go to the office to sign a letter?”

    “I don’t know, look, he brought a schoolbag this time, it seems to be real, and he also brought textbooks, is it possible to start school?” A

    group of people were panicked and talked a lot, and many people looked back frequently. go.

    Although everyone was whispering, it was inevitable that a voice reached Yan Yixie’s ears.

    He felt horribly noisy, and his unconcerned expression grew colder and colder, as if frosted, and he was dazzlingly impatient.

    He suddenly raised his eyes.

    A group of whispered discussions stopped abruptly.

    The group of people in front immediately turned their heads anxiously.

    Xu Mingyi sat in the middle of the corridor window, separated by seven or eight rows of seats. He glanced at Yan Yixie from a distance, but didn’t take the cold-faced teenager to heart.

    As before, he thought Yan Yixie would leave after about half a day.

    And he was still thinking about another thing at this moment.

    “Is there no room in our class?” He patted Si Xiangming, who was sitting in front of him, on the shoulder.

    Si Xiangming took a look. There were 42 people in the class—and if Yan Yixie who didn’t come to the school frequently, it was 43 people.

    Except for Yan Yixie, everyone else is at the same table, and they have been sitting like this for two years.

    There is indeed no room to make room for.

    “If Jiang Ning transferred it, there are indeed no seats available.” Si Xiangming said, “I’m afraid the head teacher will arrange her to that side randomly.”

    He gave Yan Yixie a slap in the face and made an exaggeration. The gesture of the ghost catching the child.

    “In that case, Jiang Ning would be scared to cry.”

    “I’ll talk to the head teacher later, but before that, I have to make room for an empty seat.” Xu Mingyi looked at his front, back, left, and right positions.

    Arrange Jiang Ning as his own tablemate?

    The intention is too obvious.

    Xu Mingyi suddenly looked at Si Xiangming again.

    A few seconds later, Si Xiangming reacted to his intentions and was taken aback: “You don’t want me to give up my seat????”

    “You are sitting in front of me, and your deskmate is again Girl, it’s just right.” Xu Mingyi slowly took out a completed question book and threw it on Si Xiangming’s chest: “I will lend you a copy this year.”

    Si Xiangming flipped through Xu Mingyi’s question book. He has moved a bit, but the expression on his face is still very bitter: “Then what should I do, where do I sit?”

    Xu Mingyi had already arranged for him, pointed to the back of the classroom, raised his eyebrows and said, “You take the last one first. Excuse me, then I will find a way to change people with you.”

    Si Xiangming: “…” People of the opposite sex are inhuman.

    There was a lot of noise in the class, and because of Yan Yixie’s arrival, everyone’s attention was focused on Yan Yixie in the penultimate row.

    Apart from Zhong Congshuang, no one noticed that Si Xiangming quietly moved the table and vacated the seat in front of Xu Mingyi.

    Zhong Congshuang kept watching Si Xiangming finished moving, and his gaze fell on Xu Mingyi again.

    Xu Mingyi took out a comic book, flipped through the comic absently, and turned his head to look at the back door of the classroom from time to time, as if waiting for someone to come over.

    Zhong Congshuang couldn’t help but bit his lower lip.

    At this moment, Jiang Ning and a class teacher finally appeared at the back door of the classroom at the same time. Because it was just a class transfer, not a school transfer, the head teacher of one class didn’t plan to let Jiang Ning introduce more. After completing the formalities and bringing her to the classroom, she asked her to find an empty seat to sit down.

    Xu Mingyi turned his head to look at the appearance of the person, and immediately winked at Si Xiangming, who had already sat behind.

    Si Xiangming understood, stretched out his leg to stop Jiang Ning, and said to Jiang Ning familiarly: “Over there, there is a place over there.”

    Jiang Ning glanced at him.

    Si Xiangming thought it was too noisy in the classroom, Jiang Ning did not hear clearly, so he raised the volume slightly: “There is an empty seat in front of Xu Mingyi.”

    This time the voice was really louder, and suddenly, the class did not notice anyone at the back door of the classroom. Those who had changed shifts turned their heads and looked over here.

    “I will sit in front of Xu Mingyi as soon as I come here? Who is this person?” a girl whispered, her tone not without envy.

    “I heard that I knew Xu Mingyi’s childhood sweetheart.”

    “Does the academic committee have a sense of crisis?”

    Under the eyes of everyone , Jiang Ning bypassed Si Xiangming’s horizontal leg and finally started to walk.

    But who knows, she is getting farther and farther away from the seat in front of Xu Mingyi.

    Everyone watched as she unloaded the schoolbags from her shoulders and walked to the second-to-last row on the other side, and then…

    then sat down beside the teenager who was lying on the table and sleeping lazily.

    Everyone: “…”

    Xu Mingyi: “…”

    “She’s crazy???” Si Xiangming looked at Xu Mingyi incredulously, and shouted in a low voice: “What is she doing by that guy?”

    Xu Mingyi also felt unreasonable. Did Jiang Ning know that kid, sitting beside him? Even if you don’t want to sit near him, you won’t be sitting next to that guy, right? ? ?

    and many more.

    Xu Mingyi suddenly remembered something.

    When he went to the beach to look for Jiang Ning that time, he seemed to see Jiang Ning talking to Yan Yixie who was in a wheelchair, but the distance was too far to see clearly.

    He looked at Jiang Ning and Yan again, and his expression suddenly changed.

    The head teacher glanced at everyone on the podium, and asked everyone to turn the textbook and teaching aids to page 400 and page 175, respectively.

    Although everyone still wants to see what the newly transferred girls from Class 3 will end up sitting next to Yan Yixie, and want to know how to scratch their hearts, they still dare not turn their heads under the nose of the head teacher. So they all concentrated and held their breath, trying to hear something.

    The classroom became very silent for a while.

    Only the two people behind made a little movement.

    Taking advantage of the effort of taking the pencil case and books out of the bag, Jiang Ning erected the textbooks in front of him, stretched out his fingers, poke Yan Yixie’s arm, and whispered: “How come you start school when you come to school? Sleeping?” The

    black-haired boy held his sleepy eyes and suddenly heard a familiar voice falling beside him. He was stunned and took off his earphones: “Why are you in this class?”

    “You will answer this question later, you answer me first Jiang Ning said in a low voice: “I worked so hard to coax you to school, but I didn’t make you sleep in a different place lazily.”

    “Chu? You are ashamed to say.” Yan Yixie sneered: “Who was it last night? Calling, talking half a word and then suddenly disconnected, noisy?”

    Jiang Ning then remembered what happened last night, she forgot after sleeping, she immediately “hehe” laughed twice, not dare Mention this again.

    The head teacher on the podium naturally noticed that the last two children were whispering, but in view of the special care given to Yan Yixie by the school, he also turned a blind eye.

    But Yan Yixie suddenly remembered something and stared at Jiang Ning twice.

    A question mark slowly popped up over Jiang Ning’s head: “What?”

    Yan Yixie’s eyes fell on Jiang Ning’s schoolbag again, staring at Jiang Ning’s schoolbag. But Jiang Ning had obviously taken out all the things that he took out, and her schoolbag had been stuffed into the table by her.

    Jiang Ning was puzzled, and asked, “What are you looking at?” The

    boy’s face slowly darkened.

    Jiang Ning’s question mark grew over his head.

    Yan Yixie stretched out his hand, spread it out in front of her, and said angrily: “What about the surprise?”

    “Isn’t it?” Jiang Ning realized what he was looking for, and pulled his clothes on his shoulders and said, “I’ll turn to this. Come class, when you are at the same table, you can see each other for ten hours every day from now on. Isn’t that surprising enough?”

    It turned out that this was the surprise Jiang Ning said.

    Yan Yixie felt that he was deceived.

    The young

    man’s eyebrows twisted in disbelief: “What the hell?” Jiang Ning hid his head on the erected textbook, blinked at him, showing a sad expression, and said with an aura: “We have become the same table. I thought it would be a huge surprise.”

    “There is only surprise but no joy.” Yan Yixie said coldly.

    “Then what should I do now?” Jiang Ning asked: “This was the surprise I said at the time. I did

    n’t plan for anything else.” Yan Yi said nothing.

    Jiang Ning asked again: “Should I make it up later?” The

    boy put the earphones back into his ears again, and did not say whether it was okay or not, so he leaned back and

    said, “Don’t disturb me to sleep.” That being said, the boy turned his back. Jiang Ning slowly opened his dark eyes, raised his eyelashes, and looked towards the blue sky, but his eyebrows were loosened.

    It seems that it is indeed a memorable anniversary.


    Xu Mingyi and everyone in the class, who held their breath listening to the movement behind them: “…”

    What’s the matter?

    That guy didn’t beat Jiang Ning, and the two seemed to be familiar with each other? ? ?

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