Two weeks after this gathering, I was very calm. Chi Zhengzheng picked up live, read and studied.

Wen Yu and Zheng Ye moved towards the end of the big net weaved by Wen’s family, Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen were also quiet and quiet.

Wen Jia Chunfeng is proud.

At this time, An Qinru found Wen Yiran, who had just come out of the company.

Wen Yiran frowned just when he saw An Qinru. He always wanted to see? People, I don’t know when they started, just? No? So I want to see them, but I still feel that it is a bit troublesome.

Especially when I woke up in the hospital that day and found An Qinru was sleeping next to me, Wen Yiran’s brows could catch mosquitoes.

But is it the person he has always liked, he talked to her softly, watching her care about him, busy for him, and his heart was very touched.

For the next two weeks, he had been dealing with Wen Jingsen’s company affairs. The Wen family was proud of the recent spring breeze, and naturally there were a lot of things and a lot of entertainment.

Coupled with this deliberately, Wen Yiran has not seen An Qinru for many days.

——He doesn’t know. The more he avoids, the more An Qinru will clenched.

She seldom came to the company to look for him. He always went to look for her. When she saw her today, she subconsciously tightened her brows.

But he still showed a smile and said softly: “Qinru, why are you here?”

An Qinru’s eyes turned red as soon as she saw him.

What is in Wen Yiran’s mind? All thoughts were put down, and he was immediately worried? Anxiously stepped forward: “Qin Ru, what’s wrong with you? Who is bullying you? Tell me, I’ll help you call the shots.”

An Qinru’s eyes became more red, and she reached out and hugged him.

Wen Yiran was a little stiff, but soon? Relaxed, raised his hand and patted her back, “Qinru, what’s the matter, tell me.”

An Qinru’s tears fell all of a sudden, and looked at him with his head held up: “Brother Yiran, I, I…”

“What?” Wen Yiran wiped her tears.

An Qinru bit her lip and muttered, “I’m pregnant!”

Wen Yiran froze all of a sudden, then stared at her blankly, his hands stiffened on her face.

An Qinru leaned into his arms, but her eyes flashed.

——Wen Yiran really? It has changed. If it was before or Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé, when he heard this news, he would definitely not have this reaction!

At that time, she was making arrangements. She wanted to marry into Wen’s house under the reception of Wen’s family. She wanted Wen Yiran not to carry the identity of Chi Zhengzheng’s fiance, and Chi’s family happily gave her her marriage…

So she won’t get pregnant and won’t get married.

But now Wen Yiran heard the news? The reaction is absolutely unhappy!

If she doesn’t take advantage of it, he still has feelings for her to marry Wen’s family, she will never be able to marry again in this life.

The Wen family has money, and Wen Yiran is excellent, and she likes it too. Under such conditions, this man is the most suitable person for her in the whole world!

How could she miss it? !

An Qinru has no intention to care about what Wen Yiran is thinking about with Chi Zhengzheng? It’s the matter, and now the top priority is still the identity.

Wait till she gets married into Wen’s house, Chi Zhengzheng was only driven out by Wen’s house? Go? Smell the extra? Fiancee, at that time, she can do whatever she wants!

It took a long time for Wen Yiran to recover, put her hand on her shoulder, and pulled her out, looking at her eyes, her voice trembled slightly: “It was…that night?”

An Qinru is red? Nodding her eyes.

Wen Yiran’s voice was hoarse: “It’s only been two weeks…should, shouldn’t you tell? Is it pregnant…”

“It’s been two weeks. I’m sure.” An Qinru’s eyes blinked and tears fell.

Wen Yiran opened his mouth, he wanted to say-don’t this kid, he is not yet ready?

An Qinru’s voice is hoarse: “Brother Yiran, I’m not yet ready? I’m pregnant, I’m so scared, but as long as I want this child to be ours? Bone and blood, I’m so happy!”

She was crying and laughing, at a loss, holding her hands tightly? His? sleeves, as if he? Abandoned her, she? I don’t know how to live.

——Qin Ru is such a weak woman.

As a result, Wen Yiran’s words could not be said anymore, he froze in place, his eyes froze, no focus.

He doesn’t even know what his mood is at the moment, but it may be? Not happy.

Chi Yan called Chi Zhouchen to the company.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” He opened the door and asked.

Then I stepped into the office, and I smelled a very strong smell of smoke inside, which was a bit choking.

Chi Zhouchen’s brows frowned all of a sudden, and he looked over, and sure enough, Chi Yan was sitting there, lighting a cigar and smoking slowly.

He doesn’t smoke in the office, and he rarely smokes even except for social occasions.

But today, he is sitting in the office, looking out the window, smoking a cigar. Smell this smell, you know, he obviously has already smoked a lot.

“Dad, why did you smoke a cigarette?” Chi Zhouchen stepped forward, trying to put out the cigarette for his dad.

Chi Yan looked at him, hoarse? Voice said: “Zhou Chen, you are here, look at this.”

While talking, he reached out and pushed the two pictures on the table to the opposite side.

Chi Zhouchen lowered his head and glanced. The photos were not particularly clear. One photo was outside Yu Ding’s side door and the other was outside Wangjiang Manor.

——It is the same car.

In the first photo, because the window of the car was opened, I looked carefully inside and found that the co-pilot was sitting? Is it Zheng Ye?

Chi Zhouchen frowned.

Chi Yan said: “When you came back that day, you vowed to tell me that Wen Yu is definitely not easy. He will definitely fight Wen’s family, and Wen’s family has been too abnormal recently…”

Although he didn’t believe it, he was still anxious.

“I found some private detectives and kept staring at Wen Yu. But he was too cautious and didn’t have anything? Tracked down, and a wave of people have been discovered.” Chi Yan let out a sigh of relief.

That’s it, he became more anxious, and he became more convinced—it was not simple to hear.

“I’m just looking for someone to stare at? Yu Ding and Wangjiang Manor, staring at the outside of Wangjiang Manor for almost ten days, only to take such a photo, or is it because Zheng Ye just came out? The company opened the window and took this photo. a photograph.”

Speaking of this, Chi Yan’s voice was a little trembling: “Yu Ding has developed rapidly in the past two years, but their bosses rarely come out for activities. Ask the people in their company to find out that ordinary employees have never I’ve seen the boss! Can you? See the boss? It’s all high-level people, and those high-level people don’t know why, they can’t open a mouth.”

It can be seen that Yu Ding’s management is strict, and it can be seen that Yu Ding’s boss has his own skills.

Chi Zhouchen looked at him, listen carefully, although he didn’t know why Chi Yan suddenly got involved with Yu Ding’s boss.

“Their boss is too cautious! He has a dedicated elevator, a dedicated underground driveway, and the car is changed from time to time. The private detectives can’t get hold of it until this photo is taken…”

Chi Yan took a deep breath and looked at Chi Zhouchen: “Zhou Chen, you guessed it, it’s not easy to hear Yu, you guess he is Yu Ding’s? Senior, but I want to tell you-he is Yu Ding’s? Boss, is Zheng Ye his? Subordinates!”

Chi Zhouchen took a deep breath.

After a long time, he was hoarse? The voice said: “He is so young…”

“Yes, so young and so terrible.” Chi Yan’s voice trembled slightly.

I don’t believe it? It’s more than Chi Zhouchen. Sometimes, he would rather not be so rational than guess the result, or even pray that his guess is wrong.

“Dad, what should we do?” Chi Zhouchen couldn’t help asking.

Chi Yan looked out the window, his voice seemed to be in the sky?: “What…you have been trying to persuade me? Do we have any other options?”

Stop investing, stop Chijia from participating in this project, and stop the loss in time. This is the only option left.

Zheng Ye returned to China, Wen Yu moved out of Wen Yu’s family, Wen Yu is Yu Ding’s boss, he wanted to retaliate against Wen’s family, and the changes of Wen’s family, as well as the smooth flow and expansion of this project, etc…

As long as these are connected, it is almost certain-this project will be over.

“Then how do we stop? Stop? Can’t? Tell Wen Jia the truth? It shocked Wen Yu…he won’t let us go?” Chi Zhouchen said slowly, his voice? Two points and ruthless.

Wen Jia’s investment is even more exaggerated than Chi’s. They are out of help. If Chi’s wants to pull them out, they can’t pull them out, they will only fill in themselves.

Besides, do they need to pull Wenjia? How did Wen Jia treat them these days? He was arrogant, did not put Chi Jia in his eyes, and even went to the door to scold Chi Jia for not teaching a girl!

They went smoothly, so they felt they could step on the Chi family. From now on, the Chi family should not be afraid…

“Just find an excuse to make trouble, as long as you don’t let Wen Jia suspect.” Chi Yan said hoarsely, not looking at Chi Zhouchen.

“Okay,” Chi Zhouchen replied softly.

He was shocked and panicked. He knew that his father had decided to stop, which meant that he had confirmed that Wen Yu was the boss of Yu Ding through various channels and news, and the project was going to be over.

——Even if he believes that it is not easy to hear Yu Yu, the news is still like a bolt from the blue to him.

“Only this way, we withdrew, Wen, Wen Yu, see your sister’s face, and won’t be indifferent to us?” Chi Yan looked out the window, his voice hoarse.

He thought his daughter was the stupidest of the Chi family? Now it seems that the Chi family is stupid except for Chi Zhengzheng!

Is it only now that I can see? Wen Yu’s? It’s not easy!

However, Wen Yu lives in Wen’s family, but Wen’s family has nothing at all? Discovered, how terrible is this?

——He really? Hiding too deep.

If it’s someone else, it’s impossible for Chi Yan to just give up and don’t resist, but that’s Yu Ding.

Was that just a few days? Can you disturb the boss of Yu Ding who almost disappeared from the Liu family and now disappears?

He once analyzed the boss Yu Ding’s operations for Chi Zhouchen many times, each time he was amazed and jealous.

He is terrible.

Chi Zhouchen looked at his father, and there was some silence.

He is still young, and this company hasn’t been handed over to him properly, but this company has his dad’s hard work for most of his life, just such a sudden frustration, how could he feel good?

At this moment, his dad is afraid that he is going to cut his heart…

“Dad, don’t be sad, you can leave the green hills without fear of firewood.” Chi Zhouchen’s hoarse voice, softly comforted.

The Chi family has invested so much, already? Has it? The contract is first, and it is time to leave, nothing is left, the whole Chi family’s vitality is badly injured, and I don’t know what to face next? The storm, it is a heavy loss. .

But it’s better than nothing.

Chi Yan didn’t say a word, looked at Chi Zhouchen, and then said after a while: “Zhou Chen, Dad is old…in the future this world will belong to your young people? The world…you have to stand up sooner…”

His? voice trembled, as if he was ten years old instantly.

Chi Zhouchen opened his mouth and said, “Okay.”

Because of the butterfly effect of Chi Zhengzheng, the world is different after all.

In the original text, Chi Zhouchen is ignorant, he has been admiring Wen Yiran, and there is no such thing as a sudden awakening and some growing up because of Chi Zhengzheng.

Didn’t he? He found that Wen Yu was not easy, and he has been working hard to explore.

He was not an adult, and suddenly faced with the collapse of Chi’s family and the bloody storm under Wen Yu’s wrist, his mentality collapsed, so that he later became addicted to drugs and tortured Chi’s family crazily.

Is this world different? He has alienated Wen Yiran and An Qinru because of Chi Zhengzheng.

It was also because of Chi Zhengzheng that he noticed Wen Yu, noticed it in advance, and even discovered it first. He has been conducting various investigations and persuaded Chi Yan to stop the loss in time. If he is prepared, he can bear it.

Besides, hasn’t the Chi family yet? Falling down, they don’t have to bear countless debts.

But now, all they have to do is to have a fight with Wen Jia, and then stop the investment.

They need an opportunity.

——An Qinru is pregnant.

At this time, Yu Ding.

“Then who followed us? Did you find it?” Zheng Ye asked, frowning.

Wen Yu said indifferently: “Chi family.”

“Huh? It turned out to be them.” Zheng Ye’s? frowned, and asked Wen Yu, “Then how do we deal with them? They? Will they do bad things?”

The author has something to say: Wen Yiran: ——Qin Ru is such a weak woman.


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