“It won’t be a bad thing.” Wen Yu was still calm, sitting on the chair, turning his finger with the pen, “If they are smart, they will naturally retreat from this project, stop the damage in time, and won’t notify Wen Jia.”

Does Wen Yu think? They will make a decision other than this choice.

Chi Yan values ​​profit the most, and he also knows what choices he should make.

“What if? Did they really notify Wen Jia?” Zheng Ye asked suddenly.

Wen Yu is still calm: “Is it important to inform Wen Jia?”

Zheng Ye was taken aback, and then he laughed.

It really doesn’t matter. It is inevitable that the Wen family will fall now. If the Chi family wants to coexist and die with the Wen family and inform the Wen family, it will not be able to save the Wen family.

“Tsk tsk, I still hope they don’t let Wen Jia find out, I still want to appreciate them the previous moment, happily and proudly, the next moment I have nothing, I can’t turn around again.” Zheng Ye smiled. Meaningful.

Wen Yu didn’t speak, but looked down at the file.

After thinking for a while, Zheng Ye approached him and lowered his voice: “Hey, boss, you didn’t start with Chi’s, is it because of his sister-in-law?”

Wen Yu’s hand stopped and looked at Zheng Ye.

Zheng Ye’s face was gossip.

Wen Yu was expressionless: “I didn’t do anything wrong with the Chi family. They were alert and retreated early.”

Then he didn’t pursue it, even… deliberately let those who followed him leak the news to Chi Yan, so that he could be sure that he was Yu Ding’s boss.

After all, he and the Chi family have no grudges. The only intersection between the Chi family and him is to turn Chi Zhengzheng from Wen Yiran’s fiancée into his fiancée.

Is this a hatred?

This is obviously grace!

But Chi Jia made Chi Zhengzheng unhappy, so he would not take the initiative to remind them, nor would he help them.

If he can be found, he won’t be held accountable, and he can’t be found… he probably won’t be merciful.

Well, if Chi Zhengzheng asks for it, it’s still okay.

But these things he wouldn’t tell Zheng Ye, this is…this is his relationship with Chi Zhengzheng, and it has nothing to do with outsiders.

“Yes, you? You’re right.” Zheng Ye shrugged.

As if thinking of something, he blinked again and winked, “I heard that my sister-in-law makes small biscuits very delicious, can I go to Wangjiang Manor to taste it?”

Actually, he just wanted to see more who can hold an iron tree like Wen Yu!

Best to be able to communicate and discuss the private life of the boss, hehehe.

“No.” Wen Yu’s face was cold.

“Hey, boss, you? You can’t do this to me! After all, in the eyes of outsiders, you? The house in Wangjiang Manor is still mine, hahaha!” Zheng Ye continued begging, and refused to give up.

Wen Yu was silent for a while, then took out a box from the drawer.

Zheng Ye’s eyes widened when he saw the box.

——It was a small pink tin box with Peppa Pig painted on it.

He looked at Wenyu, and then at the box…however it didn’t match.

… The boss still has such a hobby?

Wen Yu had opened the box, and there was a small half-box of biscuits inside. He said, “Eat it.” So don’t make trouble to go to Wangjiang Manor after eating.

This kid can talk, and the relationship between women is very good, and his mouth is dumb, he doesn’t want Zheng Ye Tiantian to shake in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

Zheng Ye took out a piece in a daze, and Wen Yu immediately closed the box.

Zheng Ye: “…” I really didn’t think of it, you? It turned out to be like this!

Throw small biscuits into your mouth, the taste is okay, not too sweet, not greasy.

But compared with what those masters did, it was still far behind.

As far as Zheng Ye used his tongue, it was okay, but it was definitely not the taste of others boasting the sky.

Thinking about it carefully, it seems that apart from myself, Gao Te helped those who said that Chi Zhengzheng biscuits are very delicious. The reason is that Wen Yu made a fool of himself and ate a lot.

And they have never tasted it.


He seems to understand.

Zheng Ye glanced at Wen Yu again with a strange look, his expression fully explained-he didn’t think this cookie was delicious.

Wen Yu said coldly: “Are you free?”

Zheng Ye immediately jumped up, walked out, and said, “I’m going to prepare for Chi’s reaction!”

After that, the person disappeared?.

Wen Yu snorted, then opened the biscuit box, took out a piece and fed it into his mouth.

——Well, it’s still so delicious.

–Really tasty.

——It is Zheng Ye who has no eyesight.

Wen Sisi gave Chi Zhengzheng the latest news again.

“Big news! An Qinru is pregnant, and brother Yiran is going to marry her. My uncle, big aunt, and brother Yiran and An Qinru are discussing at home!!” Wen Sisi’s voice was shocked.

Chi Zhengzheng was also taken aback.

Isn’t there a big gap between this world and the original text? !

“Mom, An Qinru really has any means! If my uncle and my uncle agree, it is estimated that they will get married as soon as possible, lest? When I have children in the future, the time will not be right, and the family will save face.” Wen Si In the voice of thought, it was obviously not happy.

“Are you unhappy?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little surprised.

Wen Sisi almost jumped up, her voice suddenly raised: “How could I be happy?! An Qinru’s scheming bitch is too cruel, let me give you? Say, if she marries Jin Wenjia, she will point out later. Uncertain how to get it? Feeling!”

——She would not admit that she suspected that she might not be able to beat An Qinru in the future.

Chi Zhengzheng said with a smile: “If you want to start, you? Even if that big aunt agrees, she won’t have a good attitude towards An Qinru, she won’t be able to see her in the future? It will be easier.

The person Xu Wei came to power through the child, how could she like someone to treat her son like this?

Even if An Qinru’s wishes come true, her mood will not be good.

Of course, the most important thing is – Wen Jia is a fire pit, and no one will be more noble than anyone in the future.

“I just don’t like her. I haven’t felt it before. The closer I look at it, the more annoying it becomes. The heart is so deep.” Wen Sisi’s voice was unhappy.

Chi Zhengzheng thought for a while, and said, “You? How did you know the news about Wen Yiran’s house, you? Are you now living in their house again?”

“I happened to come over to pick up things, and Wen Yiran and An Qinru had a relationship? They said, my uncle let me go.”

Speaking of this, Wen Sisi’s voice suddenly dropped: “Chi Zhengzheng, I sometimes have to admit that, in fact, my uncle and his family are not so sincere to me.”


“I’ve always thought that my uncle treats me as his daughter and loves me, and Brother Yiran treats me as his own sister. But several times I have discovered that Brother Yiran doesn’t care about me that much. The uncle’s love for me…mostly wants me to be Marry the Wen family.”

If there were no accidents between her and Liu Yuxiang, even if she didn’t want to, they would get engaged…

Had it not been for Liu Yuxiang to see Chi Zhengzheng midway, something happened to the Liu family later? She is now tied to Liu Yuxiang.

“But they are really good to me, I am so contradictory…” Wen Sisi’s voice was struggling.

Chi Zhengzheng pursed his lips, and only said: “Sisi, you? Since you realize that their love for you is nothing more than this, then you can try to free yourself from Wenjia. Even if they treat you? Yes, you? You don’t need to sacrifice your future to reward them…”

Although Wen Sisi was arrogant and bad-mouthed, she was actually not that bad in her heart.

She also didn’t want her to end in the same way as the original text, in order for Wen Jia to marry an older person, and beat her severely, causing her to commit suicide.

Wen Sisi did not speak and fell silent.

But Chi Zhengzheng knew that she was thinking, so he didn’t say more.

After hanging up the phone, she was two points of melancholy, but when she thought that An Qinru might marry into Wen’s house, she couldn’t help being happy.

——I am so happy!

——I hope An Qinru will be more powerful? Success quickly!

An Qinru is indeed very good, because a week later, Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu received an invitation from Wen Jia.

——Why send them an invitation? This is a mystery.

The wedding was scheduled for a month, and An Qinru couldn’t see her belly at that time, so she happened to attend the wedding.

“Really getting married?” Chi Zhengzheng poked his head out of the sofa and stretched out his hand. “Let me read the invitation.”

Wen Yu was about to throw it away. Seeing? She wanted to see, she frowned slightly, summing up in two words: “Unlucky.”

“Hey, it’s not bad luck. I really wish them my best wishes, and then I will send my blessings!” Chi Zhengzheng was very happy, flashing sly in his eyes.

Wen Yu saw this, shook his head helplessly, and handed it to her.

Chi Zhengzheng flipped through it. The wedding invitation was still made? Very beautiful, with photos on it. An Qinru was wearing a white wedding dress, smiling? Gentle, Wen Yiran also smiled, but the smile was not so real.

But it doesn’t matter, they are getting married anyway! !

Good news!

See? She looked at the wedding photo above, Wen Yu thought about it, and coughed: “They only have a month to do this wedding. They are too perfunctory, Wen Jia, not sincere.”

“Not bad, one month is enough.” Chi Zhengzheng replied.

Wen Yu earnestly said: “If it is a wedding that you really look forward to, you will start preparations long in advance. From the day’s costumes to the ceremony process, as well as the venue guests, etc., everything must be prepared in advance.

At the end, he concluded: “One month, not enough.”

Chi Zhengzheng raised his head in surprise: “Do you? Know the wedding process so well?”

Isn’t getting married to take wedding photos, make reservations, and post invitations?

Wen Yu nodded: “Well, some? I understand.”

——I also learned a little about honeymooners, maternity hospitals, etc.

After thinking for a while, Wen Yu said: “This is a major event. I don’t think it counts as a person, and I will discuss it later.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…?”

She raised her head and looked at Wen Yu, who was also looking at him with a serious face.

Her face burst into red with a “swipe”.

See what she does? ! Are you talking about their future wedding? !

But they haven’t confirmed the relationship yet! Why did you get married? !

Chi Zhengzheng was a little bit frizzy, but soon became discouraged again and dropped his head drooping.

Well, she has a secret crush on Wenyu, and in her heart, she wants him to love her too.

But in fact, for him, she already has the identity of “his fiancée”.


The head hangs lower.

“Chi Zhengzheng?” Wen Yu Jian? She lowered her head, not knowing why, she asked blankly.

Chi Zhengzheng changed the subject, his voice weak? “It’s okay, let’s go to the wedding on July 28.”

Wen Yu frowned.

——She is lying, she clearly has her mind.


After a while, Wen Yu sent a message to Zheng Ye——

[The planned time is slightly delayed a few days. 】

Zheng Ye responded quickly, at a loss——

【what’s happenin? When will it be postponed? 】

Wen Yu was expressionless–

【July 29th. 】

Well, one day after the wedding, Wen’s tall building instantly collapsed.

Wen Yu looked at Chi Zhengzheng, who was obviously depressed and bored.

He pursed his lips.

She didn’t like An Qinru, and she heard the news that day—

She should be a little happier, right?

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Huh?

An Qinru:? ? ? grass! ! Are you two quarreling and bullying me? !

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