When Chi Zhengzheng woke up, he was still a little embarrassed, his head exploded, and he was very uncomfortable.

–Hangover’s sequelae.

It turned out that it didn’t get better because of a change of body drink. Chi Zhengzheng let out a long sigh.

She was lying flat on the bed, her eyes open, her eyes empty.

After a while, she raised her hand and rubbed her eyes, only to notice herself? She was still wearing the shirt from last night.

“Swipe!” Sit up suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes rounded and his face was still shocked.

She? She was drunk last night, how did she come back?

Only vaguely remembered in my mind that it was Wen Yu holding her? Leaving the nightclub, and then?… Then? Her? The hand kept holding his neck and not letting go?

Later? Come on?

Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t remember it anymore. The above? The little bit that I remembered, it just appeared vaguely in his mind.

As for other things…fragments.

It’s over, she? Did you do anything bad last night? Or to Wen Yu? What?

Chi Zhengzheng raised his hand, slapped his head, annoyed.

Why can’t I remember it? !

She lowered her head and sniffed, still full of alcohol, she got up, went to the bathroom to take a shower and wash her hair, and changed into the smelly clothes.

After she came out again, she still didn’t leave the bedroom, her face tangled.

“Zheng Zheng, are you up yet? Go down? Let’s eat something.” Wang’s wife’s voice sounded at the door.

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at the time, it was time for lunch.

“Okay!” She? Answered.

Then? Slowly and slowly walked out of the room, cautiously and lightly.

She? First raised her head towards the study? A peeking glance, um, no one.

Sweeping downstairs again? Still no one.

——Wen Yu went to work?

Chi Zhengzheng breathed a sigh of relief, immediately straightened her back, and walked downstairs. She didn’t eat breakfast, and she was also a little hungry.

“Da Da Da” drooped his slippers, Chi Zhengzheng walked quickly towards the restaurant.

Then, his feet stopped, the expression on his face also froze.

——The man sitting at the dining table is clearly Wen Yu! !

——He hasn’t gone to work yet! !

“Get up?” Wen Yu said lightly, and put down the financial newspaper in his hand, pretending to be in the middle of the afternoon.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Ah…get up.”

“Let’s eat then, drink some cooked medicine first. It is good for a hangover. Does the headache hurt?” Wen Yu said again, and took the Chinese medicine that Wang’s wife brought out.

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment, then? Nodding? Then he shook his head suddenly.

I did have a headache at first, but when I saw Wenyu, I was so embarrassed that my hair broke and I couldn’t feel the headache.

“Yeah, Zhengzheng, drink something soon, don’t you want to drink so much wine in the future? You don’t even have breakfast? It’s very harmful to the body.” Wang Sao said, wiping her hands, “I’ll go back first. ?, Mr. Wen, Zhengzheng, you guys? Hurry up and eat.”

“Huh.” Wen Yu nodded, and Wang’s wife walked out quickly.

The chef had already left, and suddenly only Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were left in the room.

Before she stepped forward, she carefully took the Chinese medicine in Wen Yu’s hand, and after smelling it, her brows wrinkled together in an instant.

“Good medicine has a bitter taste, if you think about it in the future, don’t drink it if you don’t drink it.” Wen Yu said softly.

Thinking of her? Wen Yu was reluctant to react to her being drunk last night, but compared to her healthy body, he would rather not see that drunk state in the future.

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng responded, and then he closed his eyes, pinched his nose, and took a mouthful of it.

“Hmm!” After drinking, his face wrinkled into a bun.

Wen Yu’s glass of water has been handed to her, she quickly took it, and drank it for several times. Her eloquence dilutes the medicine.

“Huh—” Chi Zhengzheng took a breath, sat down, and the two began to eat.

The dinner table was a bit quiet, she bowed her head to pick up the rice.

After a while, after all, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t hold back, and asked: “I, I… Didn’t say something bad last night? I drank the fragments, can’t remember what happened last night…”

Hearing that, Wen Yu raised his head and looked at her, his face was still calm, but he was silently relieved.

——He was also a little gagged last night, very impolite, but fortunately she? Don’t remember.

——But inexplicably, and a little disappointed.

“Didn’t say? What.” Wen Yu said.

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath, and then, halfway out, Wen Yu said again: “Just holding my neck, forbidden me to go, put it on the bed? Still making trouble.”

He looked at her?, serious, but his eyes were full of smiles.

Chi Zhengzheng: “?” Damn!

After half-relaxed, he suffocated, his face flushed.

Then? She? hurriedly lowered her head, her head was hanging in the bowl, and she stammered: “That, that…I…”

The roots of the ears were red, only showing Wenyu a forehead and red ears. You don’t need to look at it to know that her face is already red. At this moment, she can’t say anything, stammers.

The smile in Wen Yu’s eyes was thicker, and the voice was also smiling. He couldn’t help but continue to tease her?: “You still have to? Be light of me, so Chi Zhengzheng, are you responsible?”

“Puff-cough cough!!” Chi Zhengzheng choked on the meal.

After a violent cough, two grains of rice came out.

Wen Yu leaned close to her immediately, stretched out his hand and gently patted her back, handed her the water glass, and said with concern: “Hurry up and drink some water, why are you choking? You be careful.”

Chi Zhengzheng took two sips of water abruptly. 

His face flushed and his brain was blank, both shocked by Wen Yu’s words, and embarrassed by his embarrassing reaction just now.


She? Why is she spewing rice, so lost? People! !

Also, she? Did she do anything like that last night? !

Damn, she? Maybe… can really do it.

Chi Zhengzheng looked ashamed and raised his head? He glanced at Wenyu, and said in a low voice: “Um, that…I’m sorry, I, I made a mess last night…”

As for the responsibility?

Hmm…what are you responsible for?

See? She? believed it, Wen Yu couldn’t help but raised the corners of her mouth, and she was in a bad mood.

Raised his hand towards Chi Zhengzheng’s face.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!” Frozen, motionless.

Wen Yu stretched out her hand to her face, and gently took off a grain of rice with her fingers, his eyes were petting, with a deep smile.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Damn! Shame!

His face swelled into the color of pig liver.

Wen Yu laughed in a low voice.

After dinner, Wen Yu went to work.

The ashamed Chi Zhengzheng stayed at home. The effect of that bowl of medicine was pretty good. All her hangover discomforts disappeared, but she still hugged and kept wailing.

Keep the head? It’s a bit longer, but not too big, she can still hold it up.

So, she hugged and stayed on the sofa? Turned to and fro, her voice with shame—


“What did I do to your dad last night?!”

Retaining his dumbfounded look, thinking that Chi Zhengzheng was playing with it, and happily flung his tail: “Wow!”

Then?, Chi Zhengzheng continued–

“If you take advantage of it, you will also take advantage, but you can’t remember it!!!”

So did you kiss or touch it?

What a loss!

Well, knowing that you are taking advantage of borrowing wine, the first reaction is shame, and the second reaction is-why can’t you remember? !

Loss, too loss.

I took the advantage, but I forgot to return it.

Woo woo woo.

But she? Really working hard? Go? Think, just how? Can’t remember!

Turning around holding and retaining?, head on the sofa? I hate it! !

At this time, the phone rang.

Chi Zhengzheng answered the phone, and his voice was weak?: “Hey…”

“Chi Zhengzheng, why is your voice like this? The wine hasn’t woken up yet?” Wen Si Si?’s voice came.

“Wake up…” Chi Zhengzheng’s nose moved.

“Then what’s the matter with you, didn’t you drink well in the past? Why did you get drunk with one bottle last night? Ren An Qinru drank seven bottles, can you still go? The hospital induces vomiting and sober, and then takes care of Brother Yiran.” Wen Thinking? Thinking? Tsk two times, the voice was disgusting.

“Hey, it’s probably been a long time since I drank it.” After that, she sat up, her voice raised, “Wen Yiran and An Qinru were in the hospital?”

“Ah, yes, why, are you worried about Brother Yiran or your cousin?” Wen Si? Si? Bewildered.

“Hahahaha!!!” Chi Zhengzheng laughed, and summed up the words, “Deserve it!”

Wen Si? Si?: “…” All right, you are happy.

She paused, and then said, “This time An Qinru really benefited. She took care of Brother Yiran all night in the hospital. After inducing vomiting, she stayed with Brother Yiran. My uncle and aunt treated her? My complexion is much better.”

Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei have always wanted their son to marry a well-known daughter-in-law, An Qinru’s family background is a little worse in their eyes.

This is also the reason why they have been opposed to it when Wen Yiran was arguing to marry An Qinru.

But this time after An Qinru took care of Wen Yiran, the two people’s attitude towards An Qinru turned out to be a little better. Although they didn’t want to have the idea of ​​letting her marry Wen Yiran, it was also compared to before. Progress.

“Oh.” Chi Zhengzheng just responded.

“Are you so calm? After all, Brother Yiran is your ex-fiancé. You don’t worry about An Qinru marrying Brother Yiran. You will always show off in front of you in the future?” Wen Si Si Si was a little surprised.

Chi Zhengzheng casually replied: “Worry? I’m not worried at all. If they are married, I would go there happily? Give them gifts and congratulations.”

Those scumbag men and women are best tied together for the rest of their lives.

Wen Si? Si? choked for a while, she wanted to say?——An Qinru was not as good as you before, if you marry Wen Yiran, and you are with Wen Yu, who has severed ties with the Wen family, Then she? Doesn’t she keep stepping on your head?

Thinking that Chi Zhengzhen should not dislike Wen Yu in front of her, she held back this sentence.

Just thinking of Wen Yu, she thought of last night. She couldn’t help but said: “Speaking of it, it’s the first time I found Wen Yu’s aura. He actually pressed Brother Yiran’s face on the ground last night? !”

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng sat up abruptly, and suddenly became excited, his voice murmured with two points: “Hahaha, of course, Wenyu is of course better than Wen Yi, they deserve them? Lost the card. Drink it into the hospital!”

Wen Si? Si?: “…”

When she heard the sound in the phone, she just felt sore teeth.

“It’s alright, I’m too lazy to tell you?.” Wen Si Si? originally called to remind Chi Zhengzheng that An Qinru might marry Wen’s family.

But the other party didn’t care about it, and she didn’t bother to talk nonsense.

After hanging up the phone, Chi Zhengzheng continued to play with retention, and continued to howl at what Wen Yu said.

She really didn’t care about it at all. In fact, she really hoped that An Qinru could marry Wen’s family. After all, in the original text, she was running away with jewelry.

——This ending is really cheap for her?

But there is no way. In the original text, An Qinru could not marry in until Wen’s family went bankrupt.

However, she? This butterfly probably has an effect? ​​Too good. After many deviations in this world, there is another major deviation——

An Qinru really wants to get married with Wen Yiran.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng (happy): Come, let us applaud their marriage! Happiness! !

Wen Yu (with no expression on his face): Happiness!

Chi Zhengzheng: Where is the applause of the others? !

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