Chi Zhengzheng and the others looked back, and after seeing the group of people walking by, her eyes were surprised.

——It turned out to be Wen Yiran and his party!

Not only Wen Yiran, but also Wen Sisi, An Qinru, Chi Zhouchen and others.

Zheng Ye, standing next to Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu, immediately whispered: “I didn’t invite them, really!!!”

Wen Yu’s eyes were slightly sinking, and he didn’t say anything, but just stared at the people indifferently.

Wen Yiran also saw them. Seeing Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng standing together, standing side by side, they looked very good-fit, and he couldn’t help but press his lips slightly.

“Brother Zheng Ye, I just happened to meet Yiran and the others. They heard that you were back and wanted to come to see them, so I brought them over.” One of the men stepped forward and smiled thoughtfully.

——This? Obviously an excuse.

These? These? People are all gathered together, and they must have come rushing to meet the wind banquet.

Zheng Ye paused, then smiled and said, “It’s okay, let’s play together, thank you for this? Welcome me back.”

It’s really bad for him to ignore Wen Yiran and the others. This time he came back to help Wen Yu clean them up. This time he just came back, so naturally he couldn’t get rid of them.

All these people are here, but not only Wen Yiran them, but also a lot of other people in the group, it is impossible to turn them away.

“Chi Zhengzheng!” Wen Sisi saw Chi Zhengzheng, his eyes brightened.

She walked up quickly and walked to the side of Chi Zhengzheng, and asked, “How come you will come too? It’s really so–“

Halfway through, her sight saw Wen Yu, and she immediately paused, and said after a while: “Okay, I get it.”

Wen Yu is here, it’s normal for a girl to also come.

Zheng Ye greeted a group of people to walk inside, and Chi Zhengzheng followed.

“Why are you here with them?” she asked in a low voice.

Wen Sisi: “It’s boring, I heard Brother Yiran say that Zheng Ye is back. I want to come and have a look. I’m also bored, so I came along.”

“Oh…” What are Wen Yiran and the others thinking? Still want to make friends with Zheng Ye?

Chi Zhengzheng thought for a while. He really didn’t know his purpose, so he didn’t waste his mind to think about it. Naturally, Wen Yu and Zheng Ye would think about these questions.

“Chi Zhengzheng, you will accompany me for a drink later, I haven’t had a drink for a long time.” Wen Sisi said again.

“talk later.”

While talking, a group of people walked in.

The orchestra playing inside stopped, Zheng Ye walked to the stage and said with a smile–

“Thank you…”

He was speaking on stage, and some people were listening carefully, and some were communicating in low voices.

Those who were outside with Zheng Ye before, waiting for Wen Yu and the others, began to communicate in a low voice.

“Have been doing it for a long time? The person we have been waiting for so long is Wen Yu.”

“I am not familiar with Wen Yu, but I only heard that his father broke off his father-son relationship with him?”

“Tsk tusk, I’ve heard about this before? The father and son are in a bad relationship, so it’s a step to sever the relationship.”

“Wen Yiran is here too. He and Zheng Ye are two well-known talents. Why doesn’t Zheng Ye have a good relationship with Wen Yiran, but instead is so good with Wen Yu?”

“The wife of the Wen family has recently told my mother that Wen Yu is not doing well, but Zheng Ye treats him as usual.”

“And Zheng Ye also called his brother…”

“Let’s make friends with Wen Yiran. Wenyu didn’t have friendship with us before, and now he has severed ties with Wen’s family. Even his fiancé Chi Zhengzheng is in a state of running away from home.”

“Forget it, he is Zheng Ye’s friend. Let’s treat him equally, right? Today? But Zheng Ye’s reception banquet.”

An Qinru also lowered her voice and said in Wen Yiran’s ear: “The relationship between Zheng Ye and Wen Yu is really very good…”

She looked at Chi Zhengzheng who was not far away. The other party was looking at the stage right now, with a lazy attitude and a good complexion. Obviously, they have had a very good time recently.

An Qinru’s lips pursed.

Why can she live this? So happy?

She ran away from home, and now her fiancé also severed her relationship with Wen’s family. What else could she be happy about?

An Qinru wanted to see Chi Zhengzheng’s jokes, but every time she saw her radiant face, she felt as if she couldn’t swallow it down, and felt uncomfortable.

Last time Wen Sisi’s birthday party, she made a stunning appearance, because of a necklace, it has become a topic for women in the circle for a long time, and everyone is envious.

——She always goes well? It makes people jealous.

Wen Yiran didn’t speak, and looked towards Wen Yu, just in time to see Wen Yu bowing his head and saying something next to Chi Zhengzheng’s ears. The expression in his eyes? All of a sudden, his brows became deep and frowned.

And here, Chi Zhengzheng was listening to Zheng Ye’s speech, Wen Yu lowered her voice in her ear and said, “Wait, let’s go early.”

Her voice was low and hoarse, and her breath hit her ears, so that Chi Zhengzheng’s ears moved and quickly turned red.

——Fuck, this is the legendary ear? Are you pregnant? !

Hearing this, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

The uncomfortable emotions that were originally due to the large number of people were relieved at once.

Chi Zhouchen has been sitting in the corner. Is he here today to talk to Chi Zhengzheng, but because Wenyu has been next to Chi Zhengzheng, he didn’t have the opportunity to say a few words to her alone.

“…Today? I, Zheng Ye is back!” On the stage, Zheng Ye’s wine bottle was pulled out, the lighting, sound and band started, and the atmosphere suddenly became alive.

When Zheng Ye stepped off the stage, someone immediately asked loudly: “Zheng Ye, are you coming back this time? Have you joined your Zheng family’s company?”

“Haha, I want to join the company.” Zheng Ye said with a smile, and Yu Guang glanced at Wen Yu.

There are many people now, Wen Yiran and they are all there, so he can’t get in there? Wen Yu’s place, after all, Wen Yu hasn’t collapsed. Obviously, Wen Yu still doesn’t want to be here? Why was his identity pierced.

He didn’t say what company he would join, but other people naturally thought it was Zheng’s company.

That person again said: “Then you want to have a good chat with Yiran, although you are a bit older than Yiran, but you are more advanced than you in the company, my dad always praises Yiran, saying that he is outstanding.”

Wen Yiran heard the words, smiled lightly, and raised his glass towards Zheng Ye.

Zheng Ye also raised his wine glass. The two touched them. He laughed and said, “Okay! I’ve heard many elders boast about Wen Er’s younger brother. This time I came back, so I want to learn it!”

After speaking, he poured a glass of wine fiercely.

Wen Yiran paused slightly.

I don’t know why, when he just heard the word “this?”, his heart suddenly tightened.

Did Zheng Ye use the wrong word?

Or is he just expressing his desire to see his own abilities and no other intentions?

But the two words “understand” seemed to be provocative, as if…they were about to meet each other.

Various thoughts turned around in Wen Yiran’s mind, and then he drank the glass of wine in one sip, smiled, and continued to talk to them, putting aside the thoughts just now.

Zheng Ye was entangled in drinking by everyone, and he had the same source.

Here, Wen Sisi grabbed Chi Zhengzheng: “Come on, let’s play games. Last time I asked you to drink with me, but you drank juice. You can’t hide this time. You might have drunk it before. I Want? Who can drink with you!”

With that said, she drank wine expertly.

Chi Zhengzheng swallowed inexplicably while watching her drinking wine.

She is not very good at drinking, and she is not very fond of drinking, but? The original owner seems to like to drink and can drink quite a bit. At this moment, she suddenly became greedy.

Wen Yu: “Don’t drink. Drinking is a mistake.” As soon as he saw Wen Sisi taking out the wine, his brows frowned.

Chi Zhengzheng had already taken the wine, turned to look at him, his eyes were very bright under the light, “Today? I want to drink, are you here?”

Drinking in a nightclub is indeed prone to accidents. She only needed juice when she came before, so she didn’t dare to touch the wine.

But? Today? Wen Yu is at ease, and she can be willful.

——Just? Wen Yuzai.

Wen Yu paused, then suppressed the curvature of the corner of his mouth, and whispered: “At most one bottle.”

Can’t help but indulge her.

But he is here? Who can bully her in front of him?

“Okay!” Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth raised his mouth, and he was happy.

Turning her head, she punched Wen Sisi.

Others didn’t talk to Wen Yu, and he didn’t pay attention to them. He just sat next to him and kept watching Chi Zhengzheng playing.

“Hahaha! Wen Sisi, you drink!”

“Chi Zhengzheng, are you driving? It’s hanging up, why is this? How powerful?!”

“Hey hey, don’t talk nonsense, you drink!”

Chi Zhengzheng was invincible in boxing, and Wen Yu raised the corners of his mouth while listening to her smiling beside him.

After a while, An Qinru noticed? They arrived, and shouted: “Why are you two hiding aside and playing by yourself? Let’s come together, there are so many people.”

She smiled softly, as if she was in a posture of enthusiasm.

Sure enough, many people immediately spoke up——

“Yes, let’s play together.”

“Zhengzheng and Sisi, you two beauties, don’t let go? Let’s play by ourselves.”

“playing what?”

“Shake the dice, it’s easy!”

They said this, and immediately a waiter came over with dice and sieve cups.

Even Zheng Ye greeted them: “Sister-in-law…Miss Chi, come, let’s play together.”

The sieve cup was immediately placed on the table.

Wen Sisi took two sieve cups and handed one to Chi Zhengzheng: “Come on, play together, and punch you again, I’m going to be drunk, I don’t believe it anymore, I can still lose when I play dice. Give you!”

“Big…Are Yu coming?” Zheng Ye looked at Wen Yu, slightly nervous.

Wen Yu: “Let’s play.”

He didn’t say to go, nor was he angry, but he didn’t participate.

Zheng Ye let out a sigh of relief.

Some people are playing games, some are watching, and some are dancing and drinking.

This is a game Chi Zhengzheng can play. She hasn’t played with this for a long time. So many people have played with it. Although there are two people she hates, Wen Yiran and An Qinru are there, but the overall atmosphere is still good.

Also? Wenyu was beside her, very relieved, so she laughed and played together.

But? So quickly, she couldn’t laugh anymore.

Because—she found out? She was targeted.

And more than one person targeted her, An Qinru united with the two with her best relationship.

This game is very simple. It depends on luck, but because of the seat problem, her upper family gave her dangerous numbers, and her next family, An Qinru, opened her again and again.

This? Simply…

It’s simply right!

This game is a test of luck, and the other party is more secretive. Chi Zhengzheng himself only drank four cups in a row before realizing that he had been targeted.

And this time, she had just drunk a bottle, but she was already drunk.

——Not? It wasn’t because the original owner had a good amount of alcohol, so she was not drunk with a thousand glasses, and her alcohol amount was only the same as in her previous life.

She was a little dizzy in front of her eyes, and her face was flushed, she shook her head and said, “No more, dizzy, you are aiming at me…”

Speaking of it? There is no strength behind, only the people sitting next to her can hear it.

An Qinru drinks well. Chi Zhengzheng drank four cups, and she also drank three cups herself.

But? This? She was still sober for a while, her voice was smiling: “Sister Zhengzheng, you drink so well, how could this be? You get drunk with a little wine, don’t you want to play with us?”

“Yes, Miss Chi, you are well-drinked and we all know that, but don’t you? I’ve already admitted it.”

“Come and come again.”

“Hahaha, this time I won’t open it? You, open someone else.”

The author has something to say: Wen Yu:? ? ? Do you treat me as dead?

This plot is very critical!


The An Qinru you are looking forward to is unlucky with Wen Jia, just after here, hehehehe!

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