Everyone laughed? Booing.

Chi Zhengzheng reached out and picked up the wine bottle. It took a long time for her eyes to focus, and then her voice was hoarse: “Stop drinking, just drink one bottle.”

——It is rare that she was drunk and still remembered that she promised Wenyu to drink only one bottle.

An Qinru smiled and said, “Sister Zheng Zheng, this one is so fun. If you don’t lose, you won’t drink it.”

“Yes, come on, start a new game!” Everyone started to shake the dice.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t move. He leaned back on the sofa, his cheeks were slightly pink, his eyes were misty, and his eyes were not focused. Holding an empty bottle in his hand, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, as if he was smiling.

Is she really? Drunk? !

An Qinru was surprised, isn’t Chi Zhengzheng’s drinking volume particularly good?

Could it be that she hasn’t drunk for too long, and she was drunk after only one bottle?

Her eyes flashed, and she stretched out her hand to postpone Zhengzheng: “Sister Zhengzheng, come on, let’s start, shake the dice.”

Hearing the words, Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand on the sieve cup blankly.

At this time, Wen Yiran suddenly said: “If she loses, let me drink, she is drunk.”

Everyone was stunned, subconsciously looking at Wen Yiran.

He didn’t move, just slightly lowered his eyes and put his hands on the sieve cup.

Beside, those who were onlookers? Some people suddenly started to booze——

“Hahaha, Yiran, this is Lianxiangxiyu?”

“Is it a former fiancée, who is also affectionate?”

“Haha, what’s wrong with Yiran, brother?”

This group of people are basically young people, especially those who have just grown up. Seeing this situation, they immediately followed suit.

An Qinru’s face was extremely ugly for a moment.

Because I was ashamed of Wen Sisi’s birthday party last time, I have been very silent today? Xu Jiahong finally couldn’t help it, and said: “Brother Yiran, Qinru is still here, why don’t you help Qinru drink, help? Chi Zhengzheng…”

Only An Qinru is mentioned, because she and Wen Yiran are now a face-to-face pair, but they are not engaged.

No one mentions Wenyu, they are used to when he doesn’t exist and don’t take him to heart.

But Zheng Ye wiped his forehead? In a cold sweat, he said in his heart-Damn, what are these people doing? !

He was about to speak, looked at Wen Yu, and immediately stopped the sound.

Wen Yu was packing his coat and Chi Zhengzheng’s bag, and then took out the car keys.

He is not a very talkative person. When Chi Zhengzheng said not to play, he had already packed up and was about to take her away directly.

As for the game and others?

Oh, he didn’t care about it at all.

But at this moment, when he heard these sounds, his face sank for an instant, his eyes became cold, he put down his coat and bag, and walked back to Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng’s brain is dizzy, even more dizzy than just now.

——This is the wine spirit has come up completely.

She couldn’t react a little, An Qinru asked her to shake the dice. Before she woke up, her hand touched the sieve cup.

Just touched so blankly, didn’t shake, didn’t move.

At this time, a warm and familiar hand covered her hand and gently took her hand off.

Chi Zhengzheng looked over blankly.

——Wen Yu!

She is dizzy? But the corners of her mouth are already grinning.

“I will play for her.”

Wen Yu was expressionless, only gently supporting Chi Zhengzheng and leaning on the sofa, taking up her coat and covering her body, just in June, the air conditioner in the nightclub was already blowing.

Everyone was stunned, looking at Wen Yu blankly, and then suddenly remembered-this is Chi Zhengzheng’s? The real fiance!

Wen Yiran pursed his lips.

Wen Yu wore casual clothes today, reducing his spirits, but at this time, his face was calm, making the whole person look like a sharpened knife, which was extremely sharp.

He pulled a chair over, sat down, and glanced over Wen Yiran, An Qinru and others, with a cold voice: “It’s boring to shake the dice. Let’s play with Jinhua, a bargaining chip… a glass of wine.”

When the voice fell to the ground, there was no sound in the entire night show except for the music on the stage.

Everyone was shocked, Zheng Ye swallowed even more, glanced at the cup, and thought–

This can’t be drunk? People?

This game is almost never online. I don’t know how many chips I have to go down. If I follow one at a time? Hundreds or thousands. If this game goes on, if there is so much alcohol and drink, this person can still? Okay? ? ?

Wen Yu looked at Wen Yiran, and finally stopped on An Qinru, repeating what she said to Chi Zhengzheng: “Don’t you want to play with me?”

He has never had a habit of not bullying women, especially when this person shot Chi Zhengzheng several times.

An Qinru’s face turned pale, she put her hand on her lap and held her skirt tightly, sweat dripping down her forehead.

For a moment, when she looked at Shang Wenyu, she felt as if she had already gone to the realm of the abyss of death.  

“Play! What can’t you dare?!” Wen Yiran gritted his teeth.

So, the waiter quickly brought them poker and chips, a huge pile of chips, thinking that each one represents a glass of wine…

“Go change the small cup.” Zheng Ye pulled the manager over and whispered.

The manager nodded hurriedly: “Okay?!”

He was afraid that something really happened here, so he immediately changed the small wine glasses.

“Zheng Ye, you come to deal the cards.” Wen Yu said again.

Wen Yiran didn’t say a word, obviously there was no opinion.

So Zheng Ye took a set of poker, and the others who wanted to play took a pile of chips and sat down.

Look at this? The posture is a little scary. Many people walked away and stood on the sidelines. Obviously they didn’t participate, but there were a few? Fun?, laugh? Hee hee sitting there waiting for the big game.

An Qinru was a little trembling, but Wen Yu had clicked on her name and left without going to the venue, which was a bit embarrassing.

She sat still, her lips pressed tightly. At this moment, she was inexplicably afraid of Wen Yu.

——This? What is the man? The momentum is so terrifying?

The game starts now.

Zheng Ye dealt with cards.

Since Wen Yu got the card, he kept raising, Wen Yiran followed, An Qinru gritted his teeth and followed.

After a few chips, someone looked at the cards and then left the field one after another.

The wine glasses have been changed to smaller ones, but ten glasses of wine are almost one bottle. The cards are not good. After two rounds, some people are afraid that they can’t hold it and slip away as soon as possible.

“Plus.” Wen Yu continued to add, a pair of sharp eyes staring at Wen Yiran and An Qinru.

An Qinru gritted her teeth: “Follow.”

Soon, there were only three of them left on the field, and even Xu Jiahong withdrew at the time of two bottles. After pouring two bottles of wine in public in silence, he stood quietly by the side and continued to watch the follow-up.

Everyone gathered together and watched around them.

All of them have sorrows on their faces.

The chips were quickly added to sixty, six bottles of wine, An Qinru had already drunk one bottle before, and now his face was a little pale.

She looked at the cards.

“Oh, don’t play too much, leave the field early, this one will play? Don’t play this?” Just? Someone said.

——It’s just that this one is over. I’m afraid that something will happen.

After An Qinru heard it, he looked at the opposite? Wen Yu, he was also looking at her, his eyes were completely different from those of Chi Zhengzheng? Gentle, looking at her at the moment, with sarcasm and indifference.

She trembled all over, as if meeting a tiger with her eyes, her hair standing up.

“Follow!” She gritted her teeth.

Wen Yu also looked at the cards, tick the corners of his mouth, and increased to seventy.

Seven bottles of wine! !

An Qinru’s face was completely pale, no one was speaking at the scene, everyone was looking at her, waiting for her to speak.

She was silent for a long time, then let out a long breath, then said hoarsely: “Don’t follow.”

Wen Sisi had been by the side and immediately opened six bottles of wine, all selected the strongest? Which one, placed in front of An Qinru, with a smile on the corner of his mouth: “Drink.”

——She just filled Chizheng zither! !

——Can you drink it? She!

An Qinru gritted her teeth, picked up the wine, and poured it down.

Wen Yiran also looked at the cards, his eyes lit up, there was hardly any? Hesitatingly said: “Plus!”

“Follow.” Wen Yu didn’t hesitate.

So, nine bottles of wine.

“Wen Yu, it’s impossible for your hand to be bigger than mine. I advise you to give up as soon as possible and don’t drink to death later.” Wen Yiran’s voice mocked, staring at Wen Yu, closely observing his eyes? .

Wen Yu expressionlessly said, “Who knows? Dao?”

“Plus!” Wen Yiran gritted his teeth, “Since you are not afraid of death? Don’t blame me.”

Wen Yu was still very calm, did not mind his threats at all, and said calmly: “If this is the case, don’t add it slowly, just cap it.”

I’m afraid that I will die. Zheng Ye said before the start of the game that the capped two hundred cups would be twenty bottles.

The scene was a little quiet, Wen Sisi blinked, and she suddenly discovered-Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yu, her fiancé, her brother in the lobby, is indeed really handsome, not only in appearance, but also in momentum.

How did it happen before? Didn’t find it?

“Okay! Then? Cap it!” Wen Yiran was dead? Dead? Staring at Wen Yu, with a mockery at the corner of his mouth.

Chi Zhouchen was behind Wen Yiran because of his position.

He saw Wen Yiran’s card, and thought to himself, Wen Yu’s mentality is really good, but this game is really helpless.

None of them have ever seen Wen Yu drink. I don’t know if he can or can he drink 20 bottles. Fortunately, Zheng Ye is still there, so he shouldn’t let him really drink.

“Wen Yu, see clearly.” Wen Yiran tickled the corner of his mouth and turned over the card.

Straight flush, KQJ.

“Really! It turned out to be a straight flush! No wonder Brother Yiran is so calm!!”

“Haha, isn’t this a sure win?”

“I’ll say it, Brother Yiran isn’t the top one? People, if the card is not good, how can you dare to cap it?”

“Hahaha, unless Wenyu is older than Yiran? Flush AKQ or Leopard, but it’s impossible?!”

“Wen Yuneng? Drink twenty bottles? I just saw him still feel confident, but I didn’t expect…Tsk.”

An Qinru can drink, but seven bottles of wine have made her very uncomfortable.

Her “brain can” be enough to think rationally, stand and insist on gritting her teeth. Seeing this, the corners of her mouth can’t help but raise.

Wen Yu, see how proud you are.

The one who was watched by everyone? Wen Yu looked at the straight flush, and immediately, the corner of his mouth ticked, and he sent out a?: “Huh.”

Everyone was stunned, and Wen Yiran was also stunned.

Wen Yu turned over his own card in the midst of everyone’s stupefaction.


“How is it possible?!” How could he? So lucky? !

Wen Yiran stood up abruptly, unbelievable.

An Qinru’s face was also white, and the whole person was ill.

The only card that can be bigger than the Leopard is very small? 235 different suits, right in her hand!

Thinking of those three bad cards, she didn’t dare to add it? Give up, never expected…

“Please.” Wen Yu stretched out his hand to signal, paused, and then said: “Or do you want to admit defeat?”

Admit defeat…

Wen Yiran’s face was dark and ugly, and gritted his teeth: “I have a drink, I would like to bet!”

Everyone was stunned, but someone still took the wine that was just opened for Wen Yu to Wen Yiran. He looked at Wen Yu, full of anger, took the wine in his hand, and poured a bottle into his mouth.

Wen Yu just watched him drink a bottle, smiled coldly, then dismissed it, and just walked towards Chi Zhengzheng.

Then, in the sight of everyone, he held Chi Zhengzheng’s bag, picked her up and walked out, as if he didn’t care if Wen Yiran was drinking.

A game, like slapped An Qinru and Wen Yiran several times?

At this moment, he left directly, and another loud slap slapped Wen Yiran’s face, causing him to hold the bottle of wine with white hands and blue veins on his forehead.

Wen Yu calmly carried Chi Zhengzheng and went out.

Just when I left the house, the cold wind blew, and his head became clear for a moment? Chi Zhengzheng asked with a hoarse voice: “You won?”

“Well, I won.”

Wen Yu’s voice was with a smile, meaning: “It hurts my heart, and I will avenge you tonight. The rest? I will count the rest.”

Isn’t it sad and heartbreaking?

Is he still cautious if he doesn’t give Wen Yiran a straight flush? How can he? Can he play to the top? Twenty bottles of wine, more than the maximum number Wen Yiran can bear, after all, tonight’s wine is not the degree of beer.

If you want him to follow, you have to make him proud.

And An Qinru, who gave her the worst card, but was the only card that could win the Leopard. She conceded and ran first, but the result was the most heartbreaking. He stepped on Wen Yiran, to An Qinru, it was as embarrassing as stepping on her.

Wen Yu tightly hugged Chi Zhengzheng’s arm, smiling more deeply in his eyes.

Except for him, no one knew that Zheng Yeneng played a hand of cards to the extreme, and he also played to the extreme.

And for many years of tacit understanding, he has a look in his eyes, and Zheng Ye knows what effect he should give him.

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: Sorry, my father paid a thousand dollars, but my father is happy.

Wen Yiran:? ? ?

An Qinru:? ? ?

Zheng Ye: Serve the boss! !

(The game is based on zha Jinhua, gambling harms others, don’t touch it!)

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