Chi Zhengzheng is reading a book.

She was lying on the sofa and reading, with the book in front, Wen Yu was also lying on the sofa, holding the laptop.

Keeping the original among them? Wen Yu felt an eyesore and kicked to the ground.

“Wang!” Retained dissatisfied howling at Wen Yu, and then jumped up again, this time it walked to Chi Zhengzheng’s shoulder nesting, not giving Wen Yu a chance to kick it.

Sure enough, after Wen Yu looked at it coldly, he stopped paying attention to it.

Retaining the tail and flicking it, he lay down next to Chi Zhengzheng somewhat proudly.

After a while, Wen Yu said, “Zheng Ye will be back tomorrow, and pick him up at night.”

After a pause, he said: “You? Let’s go together?”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

Why is she at a loss? She wants to go, but Wen Yu thinks she is at a loss. Who is Zheng Ye.

Therefore, Wen Yu explained: “Zheng Ye is a former classmate of mine. In the past few years? He has been helping me with matters abroad. He is my most capable assistant besides Secretary Ning and Manager Hao.”

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng blinked.

“Zheng Ye is the future heir of the Zheng family, but he has ambitions and is unwilling to do so. He said that he is more optimistic about Yu Ding. Although the Zheng family is also going up, the pattern is only that big, and the person in charge of the Zheng family is Zheng. If Ye’s father can continue, he will help me open up Yu Ding’s future in Yu Ding.” Wen Yu said again.

Of course, Zheng Ye’s choice is actually very smart.

He can clearly see Wen Yu’s talent in business. Yu Ding’s future is definitely far from what the Zheng family can compare. Zheng Ye obviously wants to witness Wen Yu’s business empire rather than guarding the Zheng family. It even helps to contribute.

How attractive is this for a young person.

Moreover, it is good for him to help Wen Yu. At least Yu Ding will not be embarrassed with the Zheng family. If he meets in the mall in the future, the Zheng family can still be taken care of by Yu Ding.

If it wasn’t for Zheng Ye’s outstanding ability, Wen Yu wouldn’t worry about using it? He.

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly realized: “Oh~”

She understands it very well, what about the hero? Maybe there are fewer young brothers who are coming in a swarm of outstanding strength?

If not, it is unscientific!

If it weren’t for a CP-free novel, there must be a lot of confidantes around the male protagonist. This is the standard routine of male frequency.

However, Wen Yu was really good to Zheng Ye. People like him who didn’t like social relations even gave him the wind, and even pulled himself into the field…


“Okay, we’ll go together at that time.” Chi Zhengzheng nodded, went back, and continued to read the book.

Wen Yu’s mouth raised slightly?

Bring the wind to Zheng Ye?

Heh, is he that? Is there anything to worry about?

When Zheng Ye talked about receiving the wind, Wen Yu refused mercilessly, but Zheng Ye said again—

“Brother, you? Really don’t bring my sister-in-law? See you?”

He is older than Wenyu, but to call “Brother” is completely honorific.

sister in law?

Wen Yu was inexplicably itchy when he heard these two words.

So he said: “Time?, location?.”

That’s it? Zheng Ye’s reception banquet is here, and Wen Yu will bring Chi Zhengzheng to attend.

Thinking of things in his head, Wen Yu reached out and picked up the coat next to him, and put it on his shoulders for Chi Zhengzheng. He said, “Don’t catch a cold.”

Chi Zhengzheng shook twice subconsciously and shook his coat off, “I’m hot, it’s already June, so don’t need to wear a coat.”

After finishing speaking, he realized that Wen Yu had put it on himself.


She turned her head to look at Wen Yu, but the other party didn’t have any other reactions. She just bowed her head and picked up the coat, and then put it back next to her, saying, “If it’s cold, remember to put it on, the weather is not completely hot yet. stand up.”

——Really like an old father, a heart that can’t be done.

“Okay…” Chi Zhengzheng responded.

Then she couldn’t sit still, just glanced at the time, and stood up: “I have an appointment with Wife Wang to make biscuits. I have to go to the kitchen to prepare first.”

After finishing speaking, oiled his feet and slipped away.

Wen Yu looked at her back, laughed, and shook his head.

I have made a lot of small biscuits, all of which are bite by mouth, fruity, milky, yogurt, what? Taste? Yes, Chi Zhengzheng is quite satisfied.

“Wen Yu, taste it?” She packed some in a box.

This is all? She did it herself!

Wen Yu looked down and looked at them. They were all very small, but there were all kinds of shapes, very…cute.

Is it Chi Zhengzheng? Something that can be made.

Chi Zhengzheng put him on the coffee table, and went to the kitchen to see the cook cooking, feeling happy.

——On the feeling of having a senior chef at home.

Chi Zhengzheng: Happy.

Wen Yu reached out and took a small biscuit. He didn’t like to eat these. He always found it too sweet, but the small biscuit made by Chi Zhengzheng was not sweet, and… she made it by herself!

There are many “fish”-like biscuits inside, and Wen Yu first ate this shape.

There are few other shapes, which means the most “fish”.

He eats a piece, then another piece, and then another piece…

By the time I have lunch, a box of biscuits is finished.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned: “You? Have you eaten it all?!”

Wen Yu was uncomfortable and coughed: “Well, it’s delicious.”

“…You? Just like it.” But she was quite skeptical, eating so much, how much can you eat for lunch?

“Anything else?”

“…Yes.” Chi Zhengzheng swallowed, “but it’s not good to eat too much.”

“It’s okay, I will pack a box and take it to the company in the afternoon.” Wen Yu said.

“You? Going to the company this afternoon?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little surprised. She saw Wen Yu’s posture in the morning and thought she would work from home all day long.

Wen Yu pressed his fist to his lips and kept his gaze away: “Well, go to the company and take a look. By the way, take care of something?”

“Oh, okay…” Chi Zhengzheng didn’t say anything? He hurried to the kitchen and filled Wen Yu You with a box of biscuits.

At noon, Wen Yudu? Didn’t eat much, and left with the biscuits after the meal.

Yu Ding.

“Boss?!” Secretary Ning was taken aback, obviously not expecting Wen Yu to come to the company.

Wen Yu: “Well, let me have a look.”

As he spoke, the box he held in his hand shook slightly.

Secretary Ning looked over: “This is?”

The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth moved, but he was very calm: “Little biscuits made by Zhengzheng.”

Secretary Ning: “…?”

After Wen Yu finished speaking, he walked inside and entered the assistant’s office.

Special Assistant Gao: “This is?”

“Small biscuits made by Zhengzheng.”


Go to the secretary’s office.

“Small biscuits made by Zhengzheng.”


After a while, the manager came up one by one.

“this is?”

“Small biscuits made by Zhengzheng.”


In less than an hour, Wen Yu met almost all the senior officials who could meet him.

Then he quickly handled the company’s affairs, holding the box of biscuits that he had half eaten, and went back.

This trip to the company, less than two hours before and after, left again, which is equivalent to playing soy sauce.

And then almost the entire upper management of the company? Know?-

“The boss’ fiancee made him cookies!!!”

Secretary Ning was a little dumbfounded, and blinked: “So… the boss is here to show off?”

Secretary Xu despised the boss again, and curled his lips: “You? Show off and don’t give others a piece, really stingy.”

——She also wants to try the little biscuits made by the boss’ fiancee!

——Have never seen the boss like this?

——Obviously in other aspects? Quite generous? !

Didn’t Chi Zhengzhen know? Someone had already shown off in the company, and she was still busy with her translation work until the next afternoon.

——I’m going to Zheng Ye’s reception banquet.

The place they chose was in a high-end nightclub. Chi Zhengzheng thought about it, put on a lady’s shirt, put on a pair of jeans, and then boarded a pair of small brown leather shoes, light and easy to move.

“How? That’s it? Can you wear it?” She blinked and asked Wen Yu.

Wen Yu was very satisfied and nodded: “Very good.”

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at the black suit on his body that hardly changed anything, and couldn’t help but said: “Why don’t you? Wear casual clothes and go out to play and relax.”

She also served Wenyu. In her opinion, a wardrobe of clothes was almost all black suits without any difference!

Of course, there may still be a difference in Wen Yu’s view.

After all, I don’t know? Starting from what? He wants to change one every day, and sometimes he asks her-how?

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” To be blunt, she really couldn’t see the difference.

But Shuai is really handsome. He has a very good figure. He has been exercising, and he is almost perfect in shape. Putting on a suit, he can be handsome and blind.

But handsome in a suit is handsome, but it’s too oppressive.

Chi Zhengzheng was just a suggestion, but Wen Yu nodded without hesitation: “Okay.”

So he went back to his room and changed into a casual suit.

When he came out again, Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help staring at him.

Sure enough, a handsome guy is a handsome guy, what to wear? Can be handsome and blind! !

Her gaze was a little hot, Wen Yu coughed, and said awkwardly?: “Let’s go.”

So, the two of them went to the destination together.

This nightclub was booked tonight, and because of this, Chi Zhengzheng and the others? When they arrived, there were not many people, just a few cars parked outside.

In addition to the manager at the door, there are also a few young people under the age of 30.

Seeing Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu walking side by side, among those few people? Who, immediately walked over, with a bright smile——

“Brother Yu!”

He looks far inferior to Wen Yu, but he is also a handsome guy. He wears glasses, looks gentle, and has a smile on his face. He has an easygoing temperament, which is obviously very pleasing.

“Is this my sister-in-law?” He looked at Chi Zhengzheng, stretched out his hand, and his eyes flashed with surprise, “My sister-in-law looks really beautiful!”

His eyes are unpleasant appreciation, clear eyes, and will not make life unpleasant.

Hearing the name, Chi Zhengzheng was stunned.

Wen Yudao?: “Don’t pay attention to him, this is Zheng Ye.”

He introduced her to her softly, saying “Don’t pay attention to him”, but because of that name, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

“You? Well, my name is Chi Zhengzheng.” Chi Zhengzheng also politely stretched out his hand, ready to shake hands with him.

Wen Yu’s face sank: “Lead the way.” He glanced at the knife at Zheng Ye’s hand.

Zheng Ye noticed his eyes and immediately withdrew his hands.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” She quietly withdrew her hand again.

“Go for a walk, let’s go in.” Zheng Ye greeted them immediately, smiling brightly.

Those people who originally stood with Zheng Ye, only then followed them in, they were all friends in the circle.

They? Came to the reception banquet and saw Zheng Ye standing outside. They? I don’t know? Who is he waiting for? They all waited. They never expected that Zheng Ye was waiting to hear Yu!

These people have a good relationship with Zheng Ye, and some have ordinary relationships. Most of them also know Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng, but they never expected that it was worth waiting for Zheng Ye at the door. They turned out to be?!

These people looked confused, but none of them asked.

A group of people just stepped into the nightclub door? Behind them, there was another sound?——

“and many more.”

The author has something to say: Guess who is here?

(Well, actually don’t have to guess to know who it is… There is no suspense QAQ)

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