Wen Yu kept staring at her, as if trying to melt her into his eyes.

He only wanted to hide Chi Zhengzheng in a place where no one else could find it. But today, he wants to make Chi Zhengzheng smaller, and then put it in his pocket, take it wherever he goes, and hold it in his hand at all times.

The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth rose when thinking of her appearance just like a baby guard.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” She looked at him and smiled.

It’s over.

The image is gone!

Now Wenyu must think she is a bitch, ooh, he definitely doesn’t like her anymore!

Chi Zhengzheng was about to cry, so sad.

Wen Yu stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and pulled her into his arms. He put one of his hands behind her head and the other held her, rubbing against her head.

“I believe you are very gentle,” he said.


Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, feeling the temperature in Wen Yu’s arms, and muttered, “Really?”

She… She doesn’t seem to believe it.

Wen Yu understood the uncertainty in her tone and couldn’t help but laugh in a low voice. The two of them hugged each other. When he laughed, there was a noticeable shock.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Look? You don’t believe it!

She rolled her eyes with despair.

Wen Yu gently touched her head, his smile couldn’t be restrained, and his voice was also smiling: “Chi Zhengzheng, it’s really great.”

A pun. (MTL/N: In Chinese, really sounds like zheng in Chi Zhengzheng)

She always makes him feel warm and happy, even if it is the presence of the family, he does not feel sick because of her, at that moment, he only sees her.

Chi Zhengzheng had a slight meal.

I think it’s really good, because someone finally said something for him when Wen Jingsen, Xu Wei, and Wen Yiran were besieging him?

Soreness surged in her heart for a moment.

He was clearly a relative, but in the past two decades, the three of them besieged him together for various reasons, wounded him badly with bad words, and stimulated him with chilling behavior.

They always tell Wen Yu with deeds and words all the time—the three of them are a family, and Wen Yu is superfluous.

Wenyu is very capable and sensible, and because of this, he doesn’t like to talk, and he doesn’t fight with them, even more so.

Whenever faced with verbal accusations and slander, he could only look at them with a cold face.

After a while, she slowly raised her hand and hugged him back gently, with a gentle voice: “From today, you have nothing to do with them. …For the rest of my life.”

It’s not superfluous anymore.

Wen Yu didn’t say anything, just that the hands holding Chi Zhengzheng tightened. She didn’t let her look up or see? Seeing his slightly moist eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng nestled in his arms, pressed his side face to his heart, gritted his teeth: “So if they come again, I will let them go and kill them!”

Whirling on the ground, he kept his tail and raised his head: “Bow!”

When Wen Jingsen walked out of Wangjiang Manor, almost the whole person was dizzy and completely angry.

Xu Wei was also angry, and her voice was a little sharp: “Too much, too much, it’s just… it’s so ignorant, sordid thing!”

She looked at Wen Jingsen and reached out to support him: “Jingsen, Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng are too much, you have to teach them a lesson.”

Wen Jingsen gritted his teeth, the blue veins on his forehead were beating, and finally only three words came out from his mouth: “Good, good, very!”

Xu Wei: “Chi Zhengzheng has ran away from home. He is still so hard-headed. Wen Yu has nothing. She will regret it in the future. There is also Wen Yu. He left Wen’s house. He was nothing! He lived in someone else’s house and even paid it back. …”

She talked endlessly, adding fuel to the fire, making Wen Jingsen even more angry.

Wen Yiran hadn’t spoken all the time. He turned around and glanced at the direction he had just come out, his eyes…somewhat envious.

He could not tell how he felt at the moment in his heart. He always thought that Chi Zhengzheng said that he liked Wenyu and wanted to catch him. After all, she used to chase him so hard, as everyone knows.

But today, Wen Yiran finally admitted-Chi Zhengzheng changed his mind.

What she likes now is Wen Yu.

Just now, because they accused Wen Yu, she was like a hen protecting her cubs, standing in front of Wen Yu angrily, attacking them and protecting Wen Yu.

She didn’t allow them to hurt Wen Yu. They accused Wen Yu as if they were accusing her, making her angry and angry.

She doesn’t want image, quality, desperate, scolding them, even chasing them with a broom…

That was the most true reaction, and that was the evidence that she had liked Wen Yu.

Wen Yu is really lucky. He has a woman like Chi Zhengzheng who protects him and cares about him.

It’s clear… This used to belong to him.

Her love has always been so strong and desperate.

At that time, Chi Zhengzhen stalked and chased him. He felt annoyed and embarrassed. He hated her, hated her, and despised her, but when her eyes were no longer on him, he…not very well.

Especially not knowing when it started, it was difficult for him to look away from her.

Wen Yiran’s lips were tightened, his eyes were empty, his thoughts had already drifted away.

Chi Zhengzheng is staying and playing, Wen Yu is watching Chi Zhengzheng staying and playing.

“Here! Keep it!”

“Pretty! Keeping you more and more vigorous!”

“Wow! It’s great to keep!”

I’m not sure if I can understand Chi Zhengzheng’s praise, but its tail is indeed about to wave to the sky.

Wen Yu looked at them and smiled slowly at the corners of his mouth.

“Buzzing—” The phone vibrated.

Wen Yu picked it up, didn’t look at it, and answered directly: “Huh?”

The voice was relaxed and smiling.

Zheng Ye on the other end of the phone paused, and then exaggerated: “Damn! Ayu, you are laughing?! God, is there a problem with my ears, or is there a problem with my phone?!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, talk about things.” Wen Yu said in a low voice, afraid of disturbing Chi Zhengzheng and retention.

“Hahaha, okay, I’m talking about business?” Zheng Ye also constricted a little bit. Wen Yu is his friend, but now he is also his boss. “That’s it. Your dad called my house and said that you are not sensible. ?, want me to take the house away…”

Wen Yu didn’t speak, but sneered.

Zheng Ye still exaggerated on the other end: “Ancestor, where am I the house of Hopejiang Manor? I have to keep my money for future development! Your family is embarrassing me. They can’t embarrass you, so they come to embarrass me. !”

As if thinking of something, Wen Yu’s brows stretched out, “I have severed relations with Wen Jia.”

“Huh?” Zheng Ye was taken aback.

Wen Yu: “Wen Jingsen said it himself.”

And today, Chi Zhengzheng and Wang Sao irritated him severely. It is estimated that they are really going to send a message to sever the relationship between father and son.

“Damn! When he called our house today, he still said that you were not going home, which resulted in Miss Chi’s family also not going home, thinking about taking the house back, first? Let you go home to ease the relationship…”

Zheng Ye cursed: “I want you to live in the streets, what a fool, what a thing! Ayu, don’t be upset, he will regret later, when he kneels and begs you, you don’t pay attention to him!”

It was really ruthless, Wen Yu had no friends, and in their perception, it was Zheng Ye who was helping him.

So I went directly to the Zheng family and asked Zheng Ye to take back the house on the pretext of going home to ease the relationship, and informed Zheng Ye’s parents, they would persuade Zheng Ye to take back the house.

After they left Wangjiang Manor, Wen Jingsen immediately released the news of severing the relationship between father and son, completely shutting out Wen Yu’s path.

Is this something his biological father could do?

Anyone who is a bit human is not to interfere with each other, so how can they let their sons have no place to live?


Wen Yu was not angry. When he thought of them, he thought of Chi Zhengzheng who was protecting him today, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raised: “It’s okay, I’m not unhappy.”

——On the contrary, I am quite happy.

Zheng Ye: “…”? ? What’s wrong?

At this time, Wen Yu became more serious, with a faint voice: “Zheng Ye, pack up and get ready to go back to China.”

“Huh? What’s the matter? You want me to do it?” Zheng Ye asked.

Wen Yu’s eyes were slightly cold, and his voice was calm: “I don’t want to keep Wen’s house.”

“it is good.”

—— Zheng Ye’s return to China is the time for Wen’s family to bear Wen Yu’s revenge.

Not only Zheng Ye, Wen Jingsen also found Chi Yan.

Because the two are not too far away, he personally came to find Chi Yan, said something coldly, then left again.

Chi Yan, Ding Yijun, and Chi Zhouchen sent them out. When they came back, their faces turned black in an instant, and the black was extremely ugly.

——Wen Jingsen’s attitude is really rude!

“What’s going on with Zhengzheng now?? He even pointed at his elder’s nose to curse?” Ding Yijun frowned, sighed, with sorrow.

Chi Yan had a solemn face and said nothing.

“No, I have to tell Zhengzheng to come back. If she doesn’t come back, I will find her.” Ding Yijun stood up.

“Parents, don’t go, she won’t come back.” Chi Zhouchen said calmly, “I’ve been to her again, she didn’t see me.”

Ding Yijun sighed for a long time, sat down, and couldn’t help but mutter: “Now Wen Jia wants to sever the relationship between his father and son with Wen Yu. If you want Wen Yu to have nothing, what can Zheng Zheng do. She is obviously dedicated to Wen Yu now. She didn’t spend the pocket money for her.”

Chi Zhouchen lowered his eyes slightly, and said calmly: “Wen’s family didn’t give Wen Yu anything. What’s the impact of breaking the relationship between father and son? Wen Yu…I’m afraid it’s not easy, maybe it doesn’t care at all, but rather smooth. Up his heart.”

Ding Yijun was taken aback, and then pressed his temples: “It’s really sad, and Zhengzheng is really too. It’s really so unrelenting. If you don’t come back, you won’t come back. If they hear that there is nothing deeply hidden, then wouldn’t they be the next It’s not easy?”

“It’s not like it! It’s not like it!” Chi Yan only said such a sentence.

Wen’s family came here today, obviously it was a complaint. By the way, they asked them to call Chi Zhengzheng back and take care of them. His words were ridiculous and angry, embarrassing Chi’s family.

Chi Zhouchen looked at Chi Yan: “Dad, Wen Jingsen said that if we sever the relationship, we will sever the relationship. Obviously, they didn’t take their marriage contract into consideration. That is to say, they don’t care about the alliance with Chi’s family at all.”

But no, if you sever the relationship with Wenyu, then Wenyu is not the elder of the Wen family, and if Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu are together, it is not the marriage between the Chi family and the Wen family.

Chi Yan’s voice was somewhat mocking: “Wen’s family is indeed very proud now, and everything goes smoothly. Before, I was still concealed, but now I’m completely dominant and have a strong attitude. They don’t care if they are married or not. Now, my brother was too late before, and now I go directly to my house to teach me that I will not teach my daughter!”

He was very angry and Qi Zhengzheng late, but he was also very angry about his family and Jingsen.

“Yes, they went so well. A few days ago, even Yu Ding was also approaching and cooperating with them? It can help them to a higher level.”

Chi Zhouchen’s eyes flashed with light: “We guess that Wen Yu is related to Yu Ding. If we had only one point of doubt about Wen Jia’s going to be planted before, now it’s three points! Dad, abnormal will be demon, Wen Jiazheng I can’t see it, so can you? Can’t it?”

Chi Yan’s brows wrinkled together for a moment and looked back at him: “Zhou Chen, this is just a suspicion. We don’t have any evidence that Wen Yu and Yu Ding are related, but our investment in cooperation? Withdrawing, my vitality is severely hurt.”

“Dad, stay with the green hills, not afraid that there will be no firewood to burn.” Chi Zhouchen’s eyes were serious.

Young people are always more fearless, but everything in the Chi family is Chi Yan’s painstaking effort. How can he be willing to destroy most of his own painstaking effort by himself?

“It’s still the same sentence, no one can be sure whether Wen Yu is related to Yu Ding, nor can he be sure, Wen Jia will be planted this time.”

Chi Zhouchen looked at him, his eyes were a little bright: “No, some people know, Chi Zhengzheng knows.”

Chi Yan was taken aback.

After a while, he said: “If you find a chance to see your sister again, you must ask her to find out Wen Yu’s identity, if you have any plans!”

“it is good.”

They planned to find an opportunity. Soon, the weather hadn’t heated up completely. It was only in early June that the opportunity came—

Zheng Ye is back.

The author has something to say: Chi Jia: The opportunity is here!

Wen Jia: Wen Yu’s friend is back? Little things little things.

Zheng Ye: I’ll help your family go bankrupt/smile

Wen Yu: …I’m still in charge of dating.

Chi Zhengzheng: …what about me?

Wen Yu: You are responsible for cuteness.

Chi Zhengzheng: Shy? (? ???ω??? ?)?

Zheng Ye:? ? ? ? ?

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