“Heh.” Chi Zhengzheng mocked: “Wen Yu provokes them? Did they do the things they did?”

“What about you…”

“Is what I said wrong? Wen Sisi, you are also a member of the Wen family? You also know that Wen Yu grew up from childhood? What kind of day? Even if you don’t know the whole picture, you probably understand it. Your uncle and Auntie, really, “Isn’t a family? People?, don’t enter a house?”, a bunch of raccoon dogs, not a good person?.” Chi Zhengzheng’s voice was angry.

She doesn’t even know someone like Wen Jingsen?, Why does he have the face to claim to be a father? Since Wenyu is not welcome, don’t let Wenyu’s mother conceive him? Ah!

And Xu Wei, of course she knows that person who has watched the plot? How many calculations have been made on Wen Yu since childhood. When he was young, he was hungry, all people rejected him, and he was lonely and lonely since he was a child.

Wen Yu was able to grow up like he is now, without dying halfway, without mental illness, it’s just Wen Yu being strong!

When Chi Zhengzheng was in her head before finishing the plot, her heart was pitiful for Wenyu, and for the happy ending of Wen’s family.

But now, after she likes Wenyu, she hates every time she thinks of everything Wenyu has suffered.

Wen Sisi opened her mouth, and for a while, she didn’t know what to say.

She wanted to say that Wen Yu was wrong, but she discovered that Wen Yu didn’t seem to have ever spoken except for not speaking? What’s wrong.

But since I was young, it’s almost a matter of course. Of course, I feel that Wen Yu is Wen Duo Yu, waste, Wen Jia? It is enough to have Yi Ran brother, Wen Yu has no value at all. His existence will only make Yi Ran. Brother and uncle are not happy.

Looking back now suddenly, did Wen Yu do something wrong?

Him? Except for being born in Wenjia?, he did nothing wrong.

But him? Would you like to be born in Wen’s family?

I am afraid that he is given a chance to choose, and he will definitely not choose Wenjia?!

Parents can decide whether to have children or what environment to give them, but children do not have any right to choose, whether it is about their own birth or their own family environment, they do not have any right to choose.

“I’m sorry…” Wen Sisi muttered suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath, calmed her breathing, then looked at her, and said seriously: “You don’t have to say sorry to me, Sisi, we are friends, and you and I will have the way I get along with you. But I will always I won’t persuade Wenyu to forgive you Wenjia people, and I won’t interfere with all his actions.”

Wen Sisi was stunned, and said softly: “Okay.”

After thinking about it, she said again: “I’m just worried that the uncle and the uncle will be unfavorable to you and Wen Yu. I can feel that they are really angry, and the uncle has no feelings for Wen Yu, so he will definitely not be merciful… …”

“What can they do?” Chi Zhengzheng sneered and muttered: “Grasshopper after Autumn.”

“What?” Wen Sisi didn’t understand, and looked at her.

“Nothing, what do you want to eat at noon? What shall we play in the afternoon?” Chi Zhengzheng decided to change the subject.

“Let me think about it, I want to eat that on Xishan Road? French food, would you like it?”

“French food, let’s do it, I will make up for you today? Birthday? I will satisfy you.”

“Hey, do you go to the secret room to escape this afternoon?”

Chi Zhengzheng was surprised: “Dare you go? Aren’t you afraid?”

Wen Sisi was a little embarrassed, face down, not looking at her, and whispered: “Still afraid, but after coming out, it’s pretty cool…”

I have to say that Chi Zhengzheng opened the door to a new world for her.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Hahaha!!!”

“Do not laugh!”


“Chi Zhengzheng!!!”

Having been crazy with Wen Sisi for a day, she insisted on not letting her go. After coming out of the haunted house, she went to KTV and howled for a while.

I have to say that Wen Sisi’s singing is really unpleasant, it is really howling, torturing her ears.

She also wanted to drag Chi Zhengzheng to the nightclub, but Chi Zhengzheng did not agree.

Let her take herself back to Wangjiang Manor, and then watch her get out.

It’s not dark yet, it’s time for dinner right now? I don’t know if I have the rest of get off work?

Thinking like this, Chi Zhengzheng walked into Wangjiang Manor.

However, when she went back, she found something was wrong.

With the door open, Wang Sao, Uncle Li, and Aunt Li stood outside and didn’t enter the yard. There was still a middle-aged man talking inside, which was a bit… familiar.

Chi Zhengzheng frowned slightly and quickened his pace.

“…If I don’t come today, have you been living outside and not going back to Wen’s house?” Wen Jingsen’s voice was angry, pretending to be leaning on a cane, and hitting the ground. .

Wen Yu stood at the top of the stairs on the first floor with no expression on his face.

After a while, he said to an angry Wen Jingsen: “How did you get in?”

Wenjia? People? But Wangjiang Manor’s blacklist, so should the security guard change?

“Wen Yu! You really turned the sky! This is Zheng Ye’s house. Do you really think you can live for a lifetime?! Do you really think you can live on Zheng Ye?” Wen Jingsen angrily hit the ground with a cane. .

“Don’t bother you.” Wen Yu calmly said, took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the security to see off the guests.

“Wen Yu, let me tell you, leaving the Wen family? You are useless, and now you also have a Wen family? Young master! If you don’t respect your elders anymore, I will cut off your relationship with your father and son? , Make a will now, and you won’t get anything after hearing about it!” Wen Jingsen gritted his teeth and made a fierce expression.

Next to him, Wen Yiran glanced at Wen Yu meaningfully, but Xu Wei couldn’t help but show a little smile from the corner of her mouth.

Wen Yu curled her lips mockingly, and the phone had already pressed the number.

At the door, a cold female voice sounded: “That’s really thank you, you can quickly sever the relationship between father and son? You can keep this relationship for a day, just to discredit Wen Yu for a day. Your family? Those things. , It’s better to save it for yourself, but to protect it.”

As Chi Zhengzheng said, he walked in with a cold face.

It is rare for her to be so powerful, her eyes seemed to suppress the burning anger.

“Chi Zhengzheng?” Wen Jingsen frowned.

Xu Wei immediately glanced at her disgustingly: “Chi Zhengzheng, is there any place for you to speak here? You are a girl from home? Home? You have a little education, OK?”

Chi Zhengzheng walked to Wen Yu and stretched out his arms like his? “He? Is my fiancé, why can’t I speak? I really have no education. If the education refers to you like this–“

She lifted her chin slightly, and said every word: “Give it to someone? After being a junior for more than a year, and after entering the house, if he abuses the original child, then I really have no education.”

“You, you, you–” Xu Wei raised her finger to Chi Zhengzheng, shaking all over.

She is indeed a junior, but since marrying into Wenjia?, no one dare to tell? Come on, Chi Zhengzheng is the first one who has been so eloquent and eloquent. They were all trembling with anger, unable to speak.

“Chi Zhengzheng!” Wen Yiran yelled, staring at her, and stepped forward to help Xu Wei.

Chi Zhengzheng refused to give up, sarcastically, “I said badly in Wenyu’s place. You can leave if you don’t want to hear it. You are not welcome here.”

“Good, good,” Wen Jingsen’s hands on crutches trembled, and said bitterly: “Since you are willing to cut off the relationship, then cut off! Starting today, you will no longer be my Wen Jingsen’s. Son, in the future, you won’t want to get a penny from what you’ve heard from your family!!”

Wen Yu didn’t even look at him, his eyes kept looking at Chi Zhengzheng, and there was a crazy emotion that seemed to drown out people.

He? Just faintly replied: “Extremely happy.”

Wen Jingsen became even more angry, struck her neck, her face flushed, and cursed: “I knew you were such a thing. When you were just born, you should be thrown into the water to drown! Now you have hardened wings, Wen I tell you, leave Wen’s house?, do you think Chi Zhengzheng can still be your fiancé? Do you think Chi’s? Can you still agree? I want Chi Zhengzheng to marry you?! Are you dreaming! Leaving Wen’s house? You are useless? !”

“Bah!” Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t bear it, rolling up his sleeves, and said, “Whether I marry Wen Yu or not, it is my own business, and it has nothing to do with Chi’s family? It has nothing to do with it! Did you drown in the water? In the past twenty years, he’s done everything equivalent to killing him, isn’t he? He’s able to live up to now, that’s his skill, don’t put gold on your face !”


“What are you? You have the face to do it, but you are not allowed to do it? Say it? Shameless. Leave Wenjia? No good? Hehe, your eyes are blind, there are no eyes! Hurry up and cut off? If you dare not do it, don’t confess your relatives with shy faces in the future.” Chi Zhengzheng cursed.

In the original text, after Wenjia’s bankruptcy, Wen Jingsen still wanted to use He Wenyu’s “father and son” status to get involved, and even wanted to fight a lawsuit to share debts with Wenyu.

But quickly sever the relationship between father and son, she applauded for them.

Xu Wei finally eased her anger and ridiculed loudly: “Very good, Chi Zhengzheng, I see how you can end up in the future!”

“Thank you, but? Don’t worry, I am definitely better than you? A hundred times, do you have that time? Worry about me, or worry about your own future fate.” Chi Zhengzheng snorted.

Wen Jingsen was angry. He couldn’t scold? Chi Zhengzheng, and habitually attacked Wen Yu: “You are exactly like your shameless mother! What a shame to Wen Jingsen? In my life…”

This is too shameless, even using Wenyu’s mother to attack him?! !

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng did not dare to look at Wen Yu’s face.

She was so angry that a fire seemed to burn to her forehead, let go of Wen Yu, and walked quickly to the side of the stairs, where there was a broom that Aunt Li hadn’t taken away.

She picked up the broom and went out to rush people out?: “Roll, roll, roll! What a shame, this is Wangjiang Manor, aren’t you Wenjia? Don’t attack Wenyu here, get out! Do you want to cut off the father and son relationship? Yes, you can cut it off quickly, Wen Yu and I really thank you!”

She waved her broom, how many people? Two steps back immediately.

Chi Zhengzheng shouted: “Uncle Li, Aunt Li, and Wife Wang, send them off quickly!”

How many people were waiting outside, they immediately came in when they heard the sound, and how many people were blasted out.

Wang’s wife has always been grateful to Wen Yu. At this moment, I heard a part of it. She almost knew it in her heart, and immediately began to yell at her. She cursed people for more energy than Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng scolded people? They all relied on anger and couldn’t say a word of swearing.

But Wang Sao is different——

“You shameless things, if you have a stepmother, you have a stepfather. Look at your bear-like appearance, and you have the face to have a mistress, illegitimate children, and if you don’t have two bad money in your pocket, the sows can’t look down on you! Young master is so beautiful, it must be a genetic mutation, and it has nothing to do with your family? A dime? There is also you as a bitch? Why stare? Shameless? Be a junior and have no children. , Look like a fox, you are just…”

Chi Zhengzheng was so amazed at hearing that she couldn’t wait to applaud Wang’s wife.

The three of Wen Jingsen? They really couldn’t listen, they waved their hands angrily and left, leaving only one sentence: “You wait!”

Chi Zhengzheng raised her chin: “I’ll be here waiting to see your end!”

She took the broom and said with her arms akimbo–

“Deserve it! Wang’s wife, good job! If they come again in the future, come once scold once! Humph!”

After speaking, she turned around happily, her eyes met and stood at the top of the stairs on the first floor. At the moment, he was looking at her with those hot eyes…

Chi Zhengzheng froze.

Fuck Fuck! !

After a while, half a second later, she quickly threw away the broom and adjusted her clothes. How much messy hair will be pinned behind her ears because of the action? Today she is wearing a floral dress, her hair is scattered behind her, she looks very lazy and beautiful.

Chi Zhengzheng coughed, swallowed, and looked at Wen Yu——

“Well, if I say that I am actually more gentle, do you… believe it?”

Her cheeks are slightly red, her hands are twisted tightly, the corners of her mouth are twitched, and her eyes are extremely innocent.

If you just look at it this way…

Well, it’s a fairy.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng (shy): Actually…I am very gentle.

Wen Yu (agreeing): Well, very gentle, she is a little fairy.

Wen Jingsen, Xu Wei, Wen Yiran: …? ? ? Metro grandpa looks at the phone.jpg

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