Chi Zhengzheng gave her aside with disgust, and handed her the tissue: “If you don’t eat it, don’t waste it. Wenyu made this by himself. Do you know how busy he is these days?”

Is it wasteful to make breakfast for her when she is so busy? !

Wen Sisi? He took the tissue and wiped it as he said: “Who made you scare me? Are you really pregnant?”

Look at her belly, with an incredible look.

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at her even more disgustingly: “What do you think? I’m talking about dogs. Wen Yu and I picked up a dog. I’m not with him yet.”

Alas, they are not together yet.

There is the possibility of Be at any time, and even if we are together, there is still the possibility of Be…

It’s desperate.

But who made Wen Yu the male protagonist without CP?

“You are his fiancée, why are you still talking about not being together? Both of you are about to get married, what else do you need to be together? And don’t you both live together?” Wen Sisi? He was convinced, and rolled his eyes.

They all live together, and they say that they are not together, hypocritical!

Chi Zhengzheng sighed for a long time: “You don’t understand, we are only in a joint tenancy relationship at the moment.”

——It is the co-rental relationship of hugging, kissing, and having a son.

Wen Sisi?: “…I think you two are like crazy.”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at her, what did that look in her eyes say, with a sense of discrimination of “you scumbag”?

She slowly said: “Oh, you are a single dog, you don’t understand.”

Wen Sisi?: “???”

She was stunned, looking at Chi Zhengzheng, as if she didn’t believe her ears.

“Chi Zhengzheng, let me tell you, I have talked about it all? I have been in love for ten times, don’t look at me with your narrow eyes!” Wen Sisi? Unfair, she has had many boyfriends since she was a child. Up.

How is it like Chi Zhengzheng, who used to be thinking about Wen Yiran, but now he is thinking about Wen Yu.

Talking about love experience, she hangs ten Chi Zhengzhengs one at a time!

“Can the quantity and quality be the same? The ten boyfriends you have made together are not as good as Wenyu.” Chi Zhengzheng grinned, with a smile in his eyes.

Wen Sisi?: “…” Crazy.

She really couldn’t help it, turning around to face Chi Zhengzheng: “I’m also convinced, Wen Yu has nothing…”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at her coldly.

Wen Sisi?: “…Well, I won’t talk about him anymore, where is Wenyu so good, do you like him so much?”

“Where is he not good? His only bad thing is that he is too good.” Chi Zhengzheng’s smile grew sweeter and his eyes were full of stars.

Of course, the most important thing is-she likes him, she thinks he is good everywhere.

Wen Sisi?: “?”

Is this the damn good-for-nothing Wen Yu? !

Swallowing the sandwich with difficulty, drank the soy milk in another sip, wiped his hands, and thought about it? I think I should drive.

“I’m going to drive, don’t talk about it, it’s so sour.” After saying that, she stepped on the gas pedal.

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at her, and continued to sip on the sandwiches, with only one sound in his mouth: “Tsk.”

Wen Sisi? A dumbfounded look: “What is your reaction?”

“Just be jealous of you, single dog.”


——Is this a fucking man?

Manager Li made a mistake, and the contract was handed in. Only then did he discover that there was a very obvious mistake on it.

When Wenyu signs on it, the company still doesn’t know how much it will lose.

He tremblingly found the special assistant Gao who had a decent relationship, confessed his mistake, crying with a face: “Special assistant Gao, you can think of a solution for me, the report is on the boss table, I am going to die!”

Gao Tezhu took a deep breath and couldn’t help saying: “You are stupid, why don’t you come to the company earlier, and you can get it back to change if you come earlier. Now the boss is in the office, how can I help you?!”

“Oh, Gote Help, please, I have a wife and children, but I can’t be unemployed!” Manager Li was about to cry.

“Then you say how can I help you?”

“Just… now quietly go and help me get the contract out, I’ll go down and revise it immediately!”

“Then I will be unemployed.” Gao Tezhu was expressionless and sneered.

At this time, Secretary Ning came out of the boss’s office and said coldly: “Manager Li, the boss wants you in.”

Manager Li’s face went white after a brush.

Gao Tezhu gave him a helpless look, and then stood at the door, watching Manager Li, who was trembling and sweating profusely, entered Wenyu’s office.

Secretary Ning walked in front of him, but after entering the office, he stood silently beside him, for fear of being affected by artillery fire.

“Is this the contract you handed in?” Wen Yu asked.

“Yes, yes…” Manager Li didn’t even dare to wipe the sweat from his forehead, stammering.

“The data is wrong, take it back and change it.” Wen Yu said lightly, handing him the contract.

Manager Li: “?”

He was taken aback for a moment, and then he took it with both hands: “Okay!”

Next to him, Secretary Ning couldn’t hide his surprise in his eyes.

Is this over?

“All go out.” Wen Yu said.

So, Secretary Ning and Manager Li both went out, Wen Yu put down the pen, looked out the window, looked softly, raised his hand, and gently touched his lips.

Then, he chuckled lightly, with a smile in his eyes.

He took out his phone, clicked on the familiar avatar, and sent a message–

[Wait for me to go back for dinner at noon. 】

Outside the door, Manager Li, who was walking far away, was stunned, with a dazed expression, and then asked in a low voice, “Secretary Ning, what’s the matter?! Why didn’t the boss scold me? Could it be that… he didn’t want to talk nonsense with me and would fire me? ?!”

Secretary Ning was silent for a moment, and then said: “It shouldn’t be…”

The boss wouldn’t dismiss Manager Li for this, but he was scolded for sure. Why is it so calm today?

Gao Te’s assistant was also shocked to see that Manager Li came out so quickly, and he did not hear the curse.

“What happened to the boss today?”

“I don’t know either.”

In the secretary’s office, Secretary Xu, who is playing with roses, said lightly——

“Tsk, you can quickly inform the other high-level officials. The boss is giving the green light now. As long as it is not a major issue, he will not be scolded. If you have a report, you should pass it now.”


So soon after Manager Li left, Yu Ding was able to see the boss’s senior management, and they came up one after another.

——Such a rare opportunity in a century, we must seize it!

Secretary Ning did not go, he walked to Secretary Xu.

He, the secretary-general, has always been an overview of all things about the boss. As an excellent secretary, he is not allowed to not understand the boss!

Secretary Ning rarely let go of her voice, and the corners of her mouth made a difficult smile: “Well, Secretary Xu, do you know what’s going on with the boss?”

“I know.”

“What’s going on?!” Secretary Ning asked quickly with a serious look.

Secretary Xu looked at him, her short hair dangling between her neck: “The boss is… falling in love.”

“Huh?” Secretary Ning was stunned. “With the boss’ fiancée, Ms. Chi?”

“of course.”

“!!!” He couldn’t help but be puzzled and surprised, “Isn’t Ms. Chi already the boss’s fiancee? Why are you still in love? But?… Then for a long time, we will all have a relaxing life!”

“You think too much.” Secretary Xu raised a finger and shook his head at the same time.

“Huh?” Secretary Ning was confused.

Secretary Xu said: “Men and women in love, sometimes the weather is sunny, sometimes…”

Inside the room, Wen Yu received a reply——

[Well, I won’t go back at noon. Wen Sisi and I will eat out (*▽*)]

“…It only fell by 0.2%.”

“Bang!” Wen Yu had a black face and threw the report on the table, shocking the seniors who were reporting to work.

“Only a drop of 0.2%? Ha ha, what did you say last quarter? You said it will definitely rise this quarter, but in reality?” A pair of sharp eyes stared at the senior in death.

Senior: “…” The legs are shaking.

Didn’t you say that a good boss is good at talking today? !

On the same floor, when he heard the movement of the secretary’s office, Secretary Xu continued: “…sometimes, it can be overcast.”

Especially for the first time in love.

First love, tut.

Secretary Ning: “…”

He was silent for a long, long time, and slowly spoke–

“Secretary Xu, please teach me how to fall in love!”

As the first secretary, you are not allowed to be ignorant of your boss!

Even the one inside, because of the boss who fell in love and turned his face faster than turned a book!

Of course, Secretary Xu could not teach Secretary Ning to fall in love, but given that Secretary Ning is the boss, she stalked.

As a result, she ordered some books online, such as “Mood Changes in Love”, “A Hundred Things to Pay Attention to in Love”, “How to Correctly Fall in Love” and so on.

Secretary Ning was very busy, but she also took time to read secretly.

However, just after reading the beginning of the book, it was seen by Wen Yu passing by and confiscated.

A few days later, Secretary Ning found out—

His boss read these books seriously during the break time!

After Chi Zhengzheng returned the news to Wen Yu, he turned his head and glared at Wen Sisi.

Next to him, Wen Sisi? Still whispering: “Well, I came out to accompany me to make up for my birthday today, and what’s the matter of going back to eat? You are not allowed to go!”

Chi Zhengzheng sighed, who caused her to disturb Wen Sisi’s birthday party?

Alas, I can’t have dinner with Wen Yu at noon.

There was a mask on her face, and the technician was massaging. She didn’t dare to move, but said: “You don’t behave a little. I don’t have so much money to make it for you. When you go out, you will pay the bill.”

Wen Sisi? He glanced at her, rolled his eyes at her, “Chi Zhengzheng, I really convinced you, but a good day? I have to come out and live this messy life. 230 million jewelry can be hung around my neck. Go up, you will have no money when you enter a beauty salon…”

“That’s not mine.” Chi Zhengzheng muttered.

“Okay, did you really crash your head in the car accident, or did you not look at the sign when you first entered the door? This beauty salon belongs to Zhang Yuanwei. At that time, she wanted to open a beauty salon. Didn’t you give a lot of money and get a lifetime card? ?”

Looking back at that time, how rich and extravagant Chi Zhengzheng was.

At that time Wen Sisi? But there was not so much money to concoct. When listening to Zhang Yuanwei at that time, even though she disliked Chi Zhengzheng stupidly with them, she also envied her for having so much pocket money.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

She sat up abruptly, and the technician immediately took two steps back.

Chi Zhengzheng tore off the moisturizing mask on his face, then his eyes rounded.

She remembered it, she couldn’t accept all the memory of the original owner, she just remembered it after hearing Sisi?

When Zhang Yuanwei wanted to run this beauty salon, the original owner paid a lot of money!

At that time, she was a friend of Zhang Yuanwei. Later, after learning that Zhang Yuanwei hadn’t made her friends, the two shot and separated, and she never came to this beauty salon again.


Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t dare to mess around with this face. The beauty salon can probably make up water and press a massage. Even if it is a lifetime, I think that I have invested so much money in the first place. !

No wonder the original owner didn’t give her any pocket money, and it was too much to spend! !

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath and looked at? Wen Sisi?: “Hey, then you can help me think about it, besides the lifetime card here, is there anything else in the store? Think about it, all the money is paid. I have to use it all.”

Wen Sisi?: “…I don’t know, we were not familiar at the time. Think about it for yourself. Really, let’s kill you.”

Chi Zhengzheng sighed, lay down again, and nodded to the technician with a smile. The other party was taken aback for a moment, and immediately smiled and went forward and continued to massage her.

“Deadly…” She was still muttering.

Wen Sisi rolled his eyes and talked about other things: “By the way, I went to Yiran’s house yesterday and heard the uncle and aunt scolding Wenyu. Did Wenyu provoke the uncle and the uncle again? I still heard them say. We must teach Wen Yu a good lesson.”

The author has something to say: Secretary Xu: Tsk, primary school chickens are in love.

Secretary Ning: Hurry up and teach me! ! My boss has changed, I don’t know him anymore! !

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