Chi Yan’s pupils shrank.

He is more familiar with business matters than a student like Chi Zhouchen. Shopping malls are like battlefields. They are more about calculations and mutual gains. How can it be helpful to others?

Wen Jia’s recent state is too good, everything is going well to the point of worrying.

And Wen Yu was once again discovered by them that it was not easy, the house could be borrowed from Zheng Ye, and the jewelry was bought by others as a gift? Or rent it?

How can such collections be easily loaned out?

“Wen Yu.” Chi Yan said these two words, feeling confused.

“Dad, I have an idea.” Chi Zhouchen looked at it? Chi Yan, or gritted his teeth?, “Should we stop cooperating with Wen Jia!”

“Nonsense!” Chi Yan immediately stood up and said angrily. “The things about Wenyu are your guesses. Even if he is not simple, he may not be able to deal with the Chi Wen family, nor may he be able to deal with us!”

So a kid, no matter how simple it is, can he knock down their experienced and rich old people?

“But I can’t think of what he would do? If he hides for so many years to avenge Wen Jia, then this project is the best opportunity to start.” Chi Zhouchen also said?, with serious eyes.

Chi Yan took a deep breath: “Zhou Chen, do you know how much capital our Chi family invested in this project? I showed you the process? We almost suppressed the entire Chi family. How could it be because Withdrawal from a guess?”

Chi Zhouchen stopped talking, pursing his lips and fell silent.

Yes, once this capital is withdrawn, their Chi family will be precarious, and their strength will be greatly damaged.

So much investment has gone in, so much effort has been paid, how can it be easily let go?

Chi Yan sighed and said, “It’s already a little late. You can rest early, and I will go upstairs to rest.”

After speaking, he walked upstairs.

But his footsteps are not as calm as usual, and he has become a lot messy.

Although Chi Yan refuted Chi Zhouchen loudly, they all knew that the seeds of doubt and worry had been planted.

Ding Yijun never interrupted. She never interfered with business affairs. After Chi Yan left, she lowered her voice and said——

“Zhou Chen, you said that Wen Yu is not easy. I am so up and down in my heart. After a while, he feels that he is not easy. Maybe it is a good thing for your sister. After a while, I feel a little scared. He is so wronged in Wen’s family. , And Xu Wei is staring at him, he can hide deeply? Can’t he?”

Chi Zhouchen let out a long breath: “Yes, that’s why I was worried.”

Hidden for many years, once it broke out, that’s not bad?

He looked towards the door.

“Huhuhu–” The wind was blowing outside.

The wind is a bit strong, bringing the mountain and rain to the wind full of the building posture.

It’s going to rain heavily.

“It’s a big wind.” Chi Zhengzheng shivered.

She was immediately covered in a piece of clothing. She looked up and saw that it was Wen Yu who took off the outer sleeve and wrapped her tightly.

“It’s going to rain, let’s go in quickly.” The door was half open, and Wen Yu wrapped her to open the door.

On TV, when a tall and handsome man puts clothes on a beautiful woman, he is always romantic and warm. The outer suit is only gently draped on the woman, without losing his grace.

However, at this moment, Wenyu didn’t put her on her, but wrapped her in a suit, wrapped her tightly, and then hugged her through the clothes with his hands, in a little anxious steps, obviously he wanted to take her in quickly? go with……

Not romantic at all.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” 0_0

One of her feet was in her various brain supplements, and she stepped through the door.


“Huh? What’s the sound?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback and stopped.

Wen Yu frowned: “Go in, you wear thin clothes, don’t catch a cold.”

“Ouuuuu” called again.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t go in, but instead looked towards the place where the sound was made, “There really is a sound!”

She stretched out a hand from under the tightly wrapped suit with difficulty, tugged at the corner of Wen Yu’s clothes, turned her head, and just stared at him.

Wen Yuqing sighed: “Okay, let’s go and see?.” There is really no way to take her.

Chi Zhengzheng was immediately happy, and took Wenyu to the corner where the sound came from.

Outside their house, there are many flowers, grasses, lawns, and some beautiful trees. It is already night, and the wind is so strong that the grass and trees are swaying crazily and making “rustling” sounds.

But in such a “rustling” sound, the small whimpers that sounded from time to time were still very obvious.

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu walked to the front of the wooden bridge next to them. It was the sound from the dense grass at the end of the bridge.

She carried her skirt, bent down, and squinted to see.


Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

She let go of the hand holding Wen Yu, broke free of his embrace, and walked slowly towards the bush.

——It’s a puppy!

She was still wearing a noble and elegant dress, but at the moment she also ignored it, squatted down cautiously and stretched out her hand.

The puppy was too young to hide, just looking at her, and seeing her approaching, he whimpered more and more quickly.

Pitifully asking for help.

Chi Zhengzheng held it up gently and looked at? Xiang Wenyu: “Can I take it in? Go?”

Wen Yu stared at the puppy, his brows wrinkled for an instant, his eyes were complicated, and he nodded when the wind was blowing and the hair was messy, and the heavy rain was approaching.

So, Chi Zhengzheng happily hugged the puppy and followed Wen Yu into the house.

Chi Zhengzheng changed her clothes, and her necklace was locked in the drawer. Because the puppy was still underneath, she didn’t stay long and went downstairs wearing house clothes.

Wife Wang was feeding the puppy, Wen Yu stood not far away, frowning and watching.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes lit up, and he walked quickly? Go: “Wang Sao, how is it going?”

“Fortunately, it’s quite edible, and I should be fine. I will go to the pet hospital for an examination tomorrow. It is a small dog and I don’t know where it came from.” Wang Sao said with a smile.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded and squatted down in front of it.

The puppy was nested in a small quilt. The hair was dark brown and a little thin. I probably knew that Chi Zhengzheng brought it in. The puppy stopped feeding and stood up, waving his tail towards Chi Zhengzheng. near.

“I don’t know where this puppy came from. It’s going to rain heavily outside. If I don’t find it, I’ll spend the night? Go…” Chi Zhengzheng felt that? Fortunately, if she didn’t find it, the dog would have I don’t know if I can survive it.

Sister Wang nodded, agreeing very much: “It’s lucky? Very good, otherwise it won’t be picked up by Zhengzheng. There should be no stray animals in this community, and I don’t know where it came from.”

Chi Zhengzheng raised his hand to touch the puppy’s head, reached out to take the bottle in Wang’s wife, and continued to feed the puppy.

It’s just like that? It’s standing, eating, and wagging its tail, obviously in a good mood.

Aunt Wang said with a smile: “I said before that I would like to raise a dog with Zhengzheng. I also have something to do. I didn’t expect that Zhengzheng would be picked up today…”

The corner of Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth raised, she turned her head to look at her, and she smiled after hearing Yu, “Wen Yu, can I have a dog?”

This is Wen Yu’s house, and she wants to ask Wen Yu’s opinion.

Wen Yu, who had been standing far away, frowned when he was not close to them.

After a while, he said?: “Tomorrow I will let Uncle Li send it out and find someone to raise it.”

Obviously, he didn’t want to keep a dog.

Resist in an air.

Chi Zheng Zheng Shou? After a while, he looked back at him in surprise, his heart moved slightly.

Wen Yu is not a person who doesn’t like dogs. On the contrary, he liked dogs very much when he was young. He was a partner who accompanied him when he grew up, and was a very important part of his childhood.

But why is he doing this now? He resists keeping a dog?

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly thought of a very important plot, which made her extremely angry when she was still a vegetable at the time. She hardly remembered Wen Yiran in her heart, and sympathized with Wen Yu.

——Wen Yu’s most important dog was killed by Wen Yiran in front of him.

At a young age, Wen Yiran always knew how to stimulate Wenyu’s madness.

Probably he had been living outside as an illegitimate child earlier. When he first returned to Wenyu’s house, he was very disgusted with Wenyu and wanted to drive Wenyu out.

At that time, Wen Yu beat Wen Yiran like crazy. Later, he was beaten by Wen Jingsen, locked up, and released after being hungry for a day and night.

——And he couldn’t even see the puppy’s body, so Wen Jingsen let someone get it out.

Wen Yu hated Wen Jia extremely because of these painful experiences.

It’s not that he doesn’t like dogs, he is just a little scared.

——Chi Zhengzheng suddenly understood.

Then, her heart became sore, and her eyes slowly turned red.

“Wen Yu, let’s keep it, you see? How cute it is.” She raised her hand and hugged the puppy, enduring distress and looked at Wen Yu.

If she hadn’t insisted on keeping a dog before, then at this moment, she made up her mind–

This puppy must be kept.

The puppy seemed to know whose destiny was in his hands, and looked at him, his watery eyes were pitiful.

One person and one dog, two big round eyes looking at him together.

Wen Yuxin melted instantly.

He slowly opened his mouth: “Okay, raise it.”

Chi Zhengzheng blinked and said, “Then you will come to feed it.”

Wen Yu: “…”

He pursed his lips, his expression somewhat resisting.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak, so he kept looking at him with those eyes that made him unable to refuse.

Wen Yuqing sighed, raised his foot, walked over, and squatted down in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

Then, he picked up the baby bottle she had put aside, and fed it carefully and awkwardly to the puppy.

The puppy immediately bit and drank, his tail wagging? More joyously.

Gradually, Wen Yu’s frowning brows slowly unfolded, his expression still focused.

The puppy’s head is bit by bit, which makes people laugh.

Chi Zhengzheng held the dog all the time, and a smile slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

After a while, she said softly: “Wen Yu, give it a name. We will raise it well, and it will definitely grow old happily.”

So, everything is different. If he wants to raise this puppy, no one can bully it anymore.

Wen Yu’s pupils shrank, and he looked at Chi Zhengzheng abruptly.

Chi Zhengzheng’s gaze was facing him, his round eyes were full of seriousness.

“Woo~” the puppy called to him.

——He withdrew his hand out of shock, and the bottle got out of the puppy’s mouth.

So the puppy protested.

Wen Yu was stunned for a long time before slowly feeding the bottle to the puppy again, staring blankly at Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered his eyes to coax the puppy, with a soft voice: “Be good, eat slowly. I don’t know how old you are. What can you eat?. Just drink some milk first, and we will go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow, and then give it to you. Improving your food will definitely raise you strong.”

He opened his mouth, a little speechless, and only felt that his heart was sour and soft, as if there was something? Well, it made him feel a bit sore.

Chi Zhengzheng…

Is it a coincidence?

He raised his hand, some want to hug the woman in front of him.

But in the end, his hand fell on the puppy’s head, patted it lightly, and then said: “Call to keep it.”

He didn’t have anything before? He wanted to keep it, but he got it after he met Chi Zhengzheng.

The appearance of Chi Zhengzheng is like a gift from God, the best gift. She always makes him happy all the time. She makes him feel that he has roots in his heart and belongs in this world.

She dispelled his loneliness and warmed his cold heart.

I thought this was enough, but she actually warmed his past a little bit.

Those despair and fear that did not dare to remember, dreaming back at midnight are being gently healed by her.

Chi Zhengzheng laughed, with a bright smile: “Keep it? Wen Yu, you name it? Your level is too bad, right!”

She looked down at the puppy again, and mocked it mercilessly: “Keep it, you will be called “Keep it” in the future. I didn’t take your name? In the future, other dogs will laugh at you. Go to the person who gave you the name. .”

Hearing this, the corners of Wenyu’s mouth were raised, a pair of eyes kept looking, and then looking towards Chi Zhengzheng, he couldn’t move away anymore.

the next day.

They looked for the property and asked about it, and they were sure that it was a stray dog.

Surveillance showed that it came in secretly through the small door. It was small and got in. There are not many people living in this community, and the garbage is cleaned up very cleanly. There is no garbage to turn around. I’ve been hungry for almost two days.

Before the heavy rain last night, it was very windy, so I kept hiding in the grass and was picked up by them.

Determined to keep the stray dog, Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng took it to the pet hospital.

“Come on, leave the retention to me.” The young veterinarian stretched out his hand.

Chi Zhengzheng will keep and pass it out.

“Woo~” Retaining a whimper, his head tilted towards Chi Zhengzheng, and threw into her arms, not willing to go out.

“Hey, don’t be afraid, just check your body and take care of your hygiene.” Chi Zhengzheng coaxed.


The doctor stretched out his hand again, kept it, and made a fierce cry at him: “Wow!”

The sound of milk is milky, there is no deterrent at all?

Chi Zhengzheng looked helpless.

Wen Yu thought for a while and stretched out his hand. This time, I kept hesitating for a while, or followed the strength of Chi Zhengzheng to move to Wen Yu’s hand, without struggling.

Wen Yu looked at? To the doctor: “Let me hold it.” His face was expressionless.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

The doctor was helpless, and clicked the dog’s head: “Your parents are here, what are you afraid of?”

Mom and Dad? !

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were taken aback, subconsciously looking at each other, their eyes facing each other.

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