Wenyu, don’t look away? Looking ahead, his voice became even more hoarse, “Look at the road, don’t look at me.”

He felt that a certain part of his body was awakened, but it was just that when she looked at him, it caused such a big reaction…

This made Wen Yu somewhat afraid to look at her. At a certain moment, he felt like he was a pervert.

But he couldn’t control it, just like? He was almost unable to suppress the beast that was about to rush out in his heart.

Chi Zhengzheng would never know, when she was standing next to him, “protecting” him and staring at Wen Yiran, when she said that Wen Yiran could not even match a single hair of him, when she covered her face. When I dare not look at him…

He just wanted to hide her, in the tightest place, in a place known only by him, never show it to others, and never be robbed of it?

He is really a pervert.

Wen Yu thought.

“Huh?” Look at the road, not at him?

Chi Zhengzheng blinked, then suddenly looked forward, his face bursting red.

Damn, is it? Her eyes are too hot? Even Wen Yu can’t stand it? !

Is the expression in her eyes obvious? !

Um, but? She just likes him, he just rushed out and put her in his arms?, when she beat Wen Yiran hard, she thought she was so handsome and blinded her!

At that moment, she wanted to agree with her body.

But? He didn’t even show it to her!

Chi Zhengzheng stared at the road ahead, not daring to see Wenyu.

Wen Yu took a deep breath, steady his heartbeat, and then drove the car towards their Wangjiang Manor.

The lights outside are bright and busy.

The car was quiet, and neither of them spoke.

After a while, Chi Zhengzheng really couldn’t bear to be quiet, and secretly moved his gaze from the window to Wen Yu.

He is driving the car seriously, with profound features, so the profile of his profile looks extremely handsome and perfect, which is fascinating.

Huh, still? So handsome.

“That…thank you for coming to pick me up…” Chi Zhengzheng finally opened his mouth and blinked.

Wen Yu looked at the road ahead, but Yu Guang kept paying attention to her.

Hearing this, he responded: “Yeah.”

It’s over?

Chi Zhengzheng is a little discouraged? Wen Yu, it is really too few words!

Thinking about this, Wen Yu suddenly opened his mouth: “Today, is it fun?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “It’s okay.” What’s so fun? Probably? It’s fun to watch An Qinru’s black face, but not fun at other times.

At the very beginning, I felt very boring, and then I was frightened by the deep-sea dream.

and many more!

Deep sea dream? !

Chi Zhengzheng sat up abruptly, touched the necklace on his neck, and then hurriedly said: “Wen Yu, why did you send me this? What an expensive thing, what if I lose it? Can be scared? I die!”

Wen Yu took it for granted: “This? This necklace suits you well.”

After a pause, he said: “It’s just a necklace.”

“What is called just? A necklace?! Wen Yu, 230 million! Do you know that I am full of my head today? The news leaked, someone else came to steal jewelry, you know, there are not many bodyguards at the party today, If it is really stolen, it will be over.” Chi Zhengzheng patted his heart.

This? How much? Money, she? Maybe? She won’t make it in her life. If she really loses it, how can she pay it?

Wen Yan, Wen Yu lost a smile? Some helplessness: “If you lose it, you will lose it. It’s just a necklace, which is given to you for you to wear.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

Her eyes widened and her face was in disbelief: “Give it to me?! Open? What a joke? I don’t want it! Wen Yu, if you? Tell this? The value of the necklace, I won’t wear it.”

Like? Thinking of what, she asked: “You won’t be? Going to a banquet for me, wasting this? How much money? I bought this? A necklace to match the clothes, right?!”

She actually wanted to say–

This? What kind of prodigal stuff? !

Is this? So much? Money, just this? Is it pretentious? !

And is it? To match her clothes? She felt bad all over.

Before, she was still thinking, what might Wen Yu mean by that, after all, this? A big boss has always been? Take a step and look at a hundred steps. In the original text, he never does boring things that are not profitable!

Wen Yu saw that she was sitting upright and her eyes widened, as if he simply bought her to give her away, she would be able to breathe out, and fainted.

After thinking about it, Wen Yu smiled and said: “High-end jewelry is also a valuable collection. This deep-sea dream is unique and can maintain its value and even increase its value.”

This is true, but what he gave Chi Zhengzheng is impossible to sell.

She is so good, and only the best things can be worthy of her.

He just feels that it is not enough, how can he feel that it is expensive to send?

He also didn’t tell Chi Zhengzheng that during the development period of his business empire, all the money for selling the Wangjiang Manor house was invested in Yu Ding.

Spending 230 million of the working capital to buy the necklace, although not a big deal or hindrance, will cause him to not be able to stay with her at home for a while, and have to go to the company to “work overtime” every day.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know about these things. Hearing that she could still appreciate in value, she took a breath, relaxed, leaning on the seat, and then earnestly said: “Then you will put the necklace away and put it away properly. it is good.”

“Just keep it, you can wear it anytime…”

Chi Zhengzheng interrupted him: “No, or? You keep it, what about this? What an expensive thing?”

“Chi Zhengzheng.” At the red light, Wen Yu stopped the car and turned to look at her with serious eyes, “You keep it, don’t refuse me.”

Don’t reject me…

This? Words…Why? Does it look like a confession?

Chi Zhengzheng’s face blushed and her heartbeat speeded up sharply. When she reacted, she had already covered her chest and nodded in response.

Wen Yu smiled contentedly, the street light turned green, he started the car and continued towards Wangjiang Manor, his eyes were full of smiles, and he was obviously in a very good mood.

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

She froze for a long time, and then looked at Wen Yu with shock.

by? !

He actually uses beauty, maleness, and tactics! ! !

This is too insidious! !

Give her this stuff, how does she look at it? What if you lose it? !

After Chi Zhengzheng left, Wen Yiran also left, and the birthday party came to an end. Wen Sisi obviously didn’t want to party with them all night.

When did An Qinru and Xu Jiahong leave together, they were sent to the door with thoughtful thoughts.

“Sisi, you haven’t had an appointment with us for a long time, what are you up to?” one of the little sisters asked.

Wen Sisi shook his head: “Nothing is busy, just? Not really? I want to go out.”

She didn’t know when it started. She felt that she would rather fight with Chi Zhengzheng than go out with them. It’s better to show off this one, or just whisper that one.

“Let’s get together again in two days.” Xu Jiahong twitched at the corner of her mouth.

She was embarrassed tonight, anxious to maintain her position in this circle.

“Let’s talk about it.” Wen Sisi only returned this? What a sentence.

Then, she went to see other people.

Only An Qinru and Xu Jiahong are left? People walked out slowly.

“Sisi has really changed. What is the relationship between her and Chi Zhengzheng now? It’s really good…” someone said.

An Qinru didn’t say a word, she always kept her face calm.

The intuition that Chi Zhengzheng once had after waking up from a car accident seems to have worked. Chi Jia, Wen Sisi, Wen Yiran, everything is turning to Chi Zhengzheng…

The nail was pinched in the palm, and the blood was pinched out.

She didn’t feel anxious before. Even if she wants to marry into Wen’s family, Wen Yiran must pursue her to marry. Only what she has worked so hard will be cherished, and she will have a status in Wen’s family.

But now it is? No? Not in a hurry, she has a hunch that if she drags on, it will be difficult for her to marry Wen Yiran…

——You must take the initiative.

She must marry Wen Yiran, no matter how much Chi Zhengzheng resorts to, how little is it, Mrs. Wen Jia’s future, can only be? She An Qinru!

Chi Zhouchen also left after Chi Zhengzheng left? He had some thoughts and hurried back to talk to Chi Yan.

“Is it fun to be at Wen Lao Er’s house today?” Chi Yan asked.

Next to him, Ding Yijun also asked anxiously: “Did you see your sister? How is she? Do you want to come back?”

This time? Chi Yan didn’t hum, but instead looked at Chi Zhouchen, waiting for the answer.

Chi Zhouchen shook his head.

Chi Yan’s face turned black in an instant, and his voice was angry?: “Then let her live outside. I think she? Isn’t it? She won’t come back for the rest of her life!”

Ding Yijun frowned and sighed?: “Oh, or? I’ll talk to Zhengzheng tomorrow.”

“If you don’t find her, what do you want her to do?! The door? Right here? Here, she herself? I don’t want to come back!” Chi Yan is still angry.

What else did Ding Yijun want to say, Chi Zhouchen whispered: “Parents, she is fine outside, so let her live outside, right? I can feel that she is much happier outside than in Chi’s house? …”

This cognition makes him uncomfortable, but in fact it is just like this, Chi Zhengzheng is to be happier outside.

Every gesture and every word of her is the talent of a free and confident person.

She smiled a lot, and she was more fearless. It was no longer like when she was at Chi’s home, her angry hands were clenched into fists.

Sometimes I think about the present, and then think about when Chi Zhengzheng was in Chi’s house, only to realize that she, Miss Chi’s family, has been wronged all the time.

That’s why she would rather leave nothing and leave? Chi’s family?

Chi Yan and Ding Yijun became silent all at once.

Suddenly, their hearts were complicated, and they didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Chi Zhouchen said: “There is another thing, Dad, I think it is necessary to tell you.”

“What?” Chi Yan opened his mouth, his eyes still in a daze.

Obviously, he was still immersed in Chi Zhengzheng being happier outside than at home.

“It’s really not easy to hear Yu.” Chi Zhouchen said.

Isn’t this? They discussed this for the first time, and they have discussed Wen Yu a lot of times.

Chi Yan immediately retracted his thoughts and frowned, “Wen Jingsen has already investigated. Is the house in Wangjiang Manor? Zheng Ye’s, Wen Yu or that Wen Yu, we guessed wrong.”

Isn’t it? Wen Yu kept secret, and in order to please Chi Zhengzheng, he borrowed someone’s house.

Chi Zhouchen shook his head: “Dad, I always feel wrong. Sister is outside? She lives with Wen Yu. She has no other friends, and she has never looked for any relatives…”

Chi Yan looked at him, waiting for the words behind him.

“But tonight, the necklace my sister wore when she attended the banquet was worth 230 million yuan. It was a collection of Mingfu jewelry. It was sold yesterday and my sister wore it today.” Chi Zhouchen took a deep breath.

At that time, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t tell him where the necklace came from, but Chi Zhouchen only felt that–I’m afraid it was? Wen Yu gave it to her.

When the voice fell, Chi Yan and Ding Yijun both took a breath of air-conditioning.

“Dad, although I don’t know what Wen Yu is hiding, and what identity he is, but all the traces now show that he is extraordinary.”

After a pause, Chi Zhouchen said again: “Dad, although Wenyu is the eldest son of the Wen family, he also has grudges. He hides his identity and pretends to be Wen Duo Yu, which is ignored. , Despise…what the hell is he going to do? Wen Jia has been so angry recently, but there are so many things, but the more you think about it, the more terrifying it becomes.”

Some details can hardly be considered. They have felt that it is not easy to hear them for several times in a row.

It’s only three times, once or twice? A coincidence, three or four times?

Moreover, Wen Jia has really been going smoothly recently, and it has gone so smoothly that it is unbelievable.

The Liu family fell. They had to take a lot of effort to clear the level, but inexplicably, the level went smoothly, like? Someone is helping them.

Everything went well to the unbelievable. Wen Jingsen has been proud of the spring breeze recently, and the Wen family has made great strides. In the cooperation with the Chi family, it is also more and more pressing on the Chi family.

It seemed that there was a sudden east wind, and their momentum couldn’t be suppressed.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Damn! Wen Yu attacked me—beautiful man!

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