Chi Zhengzheng beckoned, Wen Sisi approached, and then Chi Zhengzheng finally stood up, approached her, and lowered her voice in her ears——

“Hey, can I go first?”

Wen Sisi frowned in an instant? She frowned, didn’t she? Knowing why, there was a panic in her heart that something was changing, inexplicably uncomfortable.

She couldn’t help but said coldly: “If you want to go, just go.”

After talking, holding the cake? Ready to leave.

Chi Zhengzheng held her hand, trembling slightly.

She said again: “You can send me out yourself, I’m a little scared.”

“Huh?” Wen Sisi was taken aback.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered her voice, gritted her teeth–

“I fucking didn’t know that this necklace was so expensive? I stay here now, I remember those theft movies I’ve watched. I always feel like I’m surrounded by terrifying thieves, aiming at the necklace on my neck every minute. By the way? Will I get shot! F*ck, I was so restless? Even sitting is not at peace! I only dare to sit in the big hall, dare to go nowhere!!!”

Wen Sisi: “…”

She suddenly laughed, and looked at Chi Zhengzheng disgustingly: “I don’t know, I’m so courageous, I dare to come out with a deep sea dream! I ate the birthday cake I cut, and I’ll send you out.”

Her eyes were disgusted, but the corners of her mouth rose higher and higher.

Well, it’s still the same Chi Zhengzheng.

It doesn’t matter whether she wears a torn sweater or wears 230 million jewels, it’s Chi Zhengzheng.

That’s nice.

Chi Zhengzheng glared at her, she didn’t know what to say?

From when Xu Jiahong mentioned the collection of Deep Sea Dream, which was worth 230 million yuan, she knew that it was real on her neck. Would someone like Wen Yu give her a fake? !

But can she bear it? Come on!

As long as she thinks of a Wangjiang Manor house hanging around her neck, she is not all right.

Biting the cake in one bite made my heart very complicated.

Next to her, Wen Sisi lowered his voice, okay? Wonderful: “I’ll look for you when I look back. I want to see what Deep Sea Dream is like. I haven’t seen such expensive jewelry.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “Look now, I will give it back when I go back tonight.”

Wen Sisi: “…Alright.”

She leaned closer, took a closer look, and reached out and touched it.

“Have you finished watching?” Chi Zhengzheng asked.

Wen Sisi released her hand and sighed: “It’s perfect, and it’s charming, it’s enviable.”

“Why don’t you think about its price, shouldn’t it? You will be so envious.” Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes and sighed, “Really, don’t you? I didn’t think it had any value until I knew the price. This I want to leave soon, and return it as soon as possible. If I lose it, I won’t be able to pay for it if I sell it.”

Why is Wen Yu? No? Tell her?

If you tell her, she won’t be killed? Will wear it! !

“Fine, I will send you out.” Wen Sisi suppressed a smile.

So, the two went out.

Wen Sisi: “Should I ask the driver to see you?”

“Okay, find a reliable driver in your family.” Chi Zhengzheng looked serious.

In my mind, is it good again? A few jewelry theft movies have flashed, and when I watched the movie, I felt very cool and awesome, but when the expensive jewelry was worn on my neck that day, it was? Isn’t that the feeling…

Simply soft.

“Wen Sisi.” Behind, someone suddenly said.

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisi were taken aback at the same time, then looked back.

——Wen Yiran walked towards them.

“You give in first, and I have a few words with Chi Zhengzheng.” Wen Yiran said to Wen Sisi.

Wen Sisi was taken aback, then subconsciously looked at Chi Zhengzheng, with two hesitations.

She doesn’t dare to offend Wen Yiran. Everything about her depends on Wen Yiran’s love for her, but she is afraid that Chi Zhengzheng is not? Yes, she knows that Chi Zhengzheng after the car accident no longer? Like Wen Yiran. .

——She likes Wen Yu.

So, she didn’t know for a while whether she should leave or not.

Chi Zhengzheng knew her embarrassment, right? She nodded.

Wen Sisi glanced at her gratefully, and hurriedly backed away, but did not go far, looking at them from a distance.

Wen Yiran stood in front of Chi Zhengzheng and looked at her deeply, his eyes full of complexity.

He had been paying attention to her tonight, why couldn’t his eyes move away from her, until she just left, he couldn’t help but chased it out.

Anqinru pulled him, which he once liked, but he subconsciously swung it away and followed it out in big strides.

“What’s the matter, let’s talk.” Chi Zhengzheng’s voice was a bit impatient?

Wen Yiran looked at her, but didn’t speak.

He had never looked at her beauty carefully before, but after taking a closer look, he discovered how immovable she is? Open your eyes, she has this ability-always the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

“It’s okay, I’ll leave.” Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes when he saw him not speaking, then turned and left.

However, Wen Yiran pulled her abruptly, with force in his hands, pulling her into his arms, holding her hands tighter.

“Wen Yiran! What are you doing?! Let go of me!” Chi Zhengzheng was shocked, struggling desperately, but Wen Yiran’s hand only grasped her arm.

Is this man crazy? !

“Chi Zhengzheng, you won. If you use Wenyu to stimulate me, then you have succeeded. I can’t move my eyes away from you now.” Wen Yiran’s voice sounded of gritted teeth.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback and looked at him.

If Wen Yiran looked at her expression carefully, she would find that she had written all over her face—Damn it! Where does the neurosis come from here!

However? He didn’t look closely, his heart was filled with all kinds of emotions, and there were too many chaotic thoughts in his head, and his voice was dulled by two points——

“Leaving Wenyu, I…we try to get along.”

Slap on the face of what he has said and done. This is a very difficult thing for him to say, but he really wants to Chi Zhengzheng to return to You Wenyu again. local.

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

She was stunned, as if she couldn’t believe her ears.

Before she was extremely shocked, she spoke, as if there was a gust of wind next to her, a person rushed over, grabbed her with one hand, pulled her into her arms, and waved her fiercely at Wen Yiran with the other hand.

“Bang——” After two punches went down, Wen Yiran was knocked to the ground.

Chi Zhengzheng’s head slammed into his sturdy chest, and a familiar steadfast smell hit his face.

——Wen Yu!

She suddenly raised her head, and in her gaze, Wen Yu’s chin was tightened, and the blue veins around her neck bulged, like a lone wolf who was provoked and angered. Her eyes fixed on Wen Yiran with murderous aura.

It seemed that the next moment, he was going to rush to kill Wen Yiran.

His hands even trembled slightly, his lips opened slightly, his teeth were gritted, and he said every word: “Smell, leisure, ran, you, find, die!”

Wen Yiran fell to the ground, and after a long pause, he raised his hand and touched the blood on the corner of his mouth.

Wen Yu… even hit him?

He and Wenyu have never been right since they were young, except when he first went back to Wenyu’s house, they never fought, only when he just went back to Wenyu’s house, because he sniffed Yu’s things and smelled I beat him.

But later, I probably knew that there was no point in hitting him, Wen Yu never hit him again.

But I never expected that, obviously because of Chi Zhengzheng, he actually did it to him.

Looking at Wen Yu’s eyes, Wen Yiran has no doubts—

Wen Yu likes Chi Zhengzheng.

And now, Wen Yu wants to kill him.

He trembled inexplicably, but quickly, he was covered by anger.

With a hard hand, Wen Yiran stood up on the ground, with a smile at the corner of her mouth mocking: “Wen Yu, how long have you been Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé? Before that, she has been my fiancee. She has liked me for so many years, do you think Can you really have this woman?”

Wen Yu’s hands trembled slightly, the blue veins on his forehead throbbed, and he gritted his teeth.

At that moment, his eyes were full of violence.

“Don’t get close to her.” Wen Yu said.

“Why? Wen Yu, are you worthy? Chi Zhengzheng, she likes me, and now she has succeeded, I am right? She is tempted, do you think you have any value?” Wen Yiran mocked, cheeks, his pain made him feel humiliated and angry.

Wen Yu’s teeth bit harder, he thought of Chi Zhengzheng’s love for Wen Yiran for many years…

Wen Yu bowed his head and looked at Chi Zhengzheng, his eyes were complex and scary, and his voice was hoarse: “Zhengzheng, let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, he hugged Chi Zhengzheng and was about to leave, two points of panic.

——Wen Yu? Dare to think that if Chi Zhengzheng left his sight, how could he be willing to hold the warmth in his hand for such a short time?

——Feeling the warmth, and losing it again, it makes him feel more uncomfortable than killing him.

Chi Zhengzheng could feel the slight trembling of the man holding her, and she hurriedly said, “Wait a minute!”

Wen Yu didn’t stop, the hand holding her arm so hard for the first time, as if to force her away, as if he was afraid that she would say something that scared him.

——This is the first time that Wen Yu has lived for more than 20 years and knows what fear is.

“Wen Yu! Do you think you can take Zhengzheng with you? Can you get her?! No? It’s impossible! What belongs to you, never will it belong to you!” Wen Yiran shouted loudly.

Wen Yu stumbled, and finally stopped.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his head, Wen Yu was also looking at her, his eyes…desperate?

She was a little surprised, not knowing what Wen Yu was afraid of, she patted his arm, then turned to look at Wen Yiran.

Wenyu opened his mouth, but couldn’t make any sound.

Behind, Wen Yiran was also looking at her, seeing her turning back, a triumphant smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him and took a deep breath: “Wen Yiran! What can you do? Can you be less narcissistic?! Let me tell you again, I don’t like you, I don’t like you at all! I used to be blind and confused, but now I’m sober, I’m just bored, how can I like it? I beg you to stop being narcissistic and stay away from me, okay?”

The smile on the corner of Wen Yiran’s mouth froze, and he looked at her incredulously.

Wen Yu was also taken aback, staring at her in his arms closely.

Chi Zhengzheng seemed to want to finish saying what she held in his heart at one time, and continued: “Really, even if all men in this world are dead, I don’t like your narcissistic arrogance! Short and inferior man! And, don’t you think about laughing at Wen Yu again, every time you ridicule, I think you are like a fool, you can’t even compare to a strand of Wen Yu’s hair? Who gives you the confidence that makes you so proud?”

“Short and no quality” re-emerged, and even added “narcissistic arrogance?”.

Wen Yiran’s breathing became rapid, his eyes widened, and he looked at her unbelievably.

After Wen Yu was stunned, the corners of his mouth slowly rose.

They were a little away from Wen Yiran, and because of this, her voice was not small, and Wen Sisi heard everything in the distance.

She twitched the corners of her mouth, silently covering her face.

Well, in silence for her cousin Wen Yiran.

How poisonous Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth is, she has already learned of it, and today it’s her cousin’s turn…

Not in the distance, Chi Zhengzheng, who was so cool, took a deep breath and said the last sentence–

“So, Wen Yiran, please understand yourself correctly, be less narcissistic, more self-aware, and stay away from me and Wen Yu, okay?”

May I?

May I?

May I?

These three words echoed in Wen Yiran’s mind, like a big stick, and one stick knocked him dizzy, almost unable to stand firm.

After Chi Zhengzheng finished speaking, he looked to Wen Yu, “Let’s go.”

She hadn’t forgotten that she was wearing a Wangjiang Manor house around her neck!

A person like Wen Yiran, doesn’t she actually? Want to talk nonsense with him, after all, every time she sees him, she will sigh for the original owner-what kind of blindness is it?

Even if it doesn’t? Know the original plot, looks so good? Also silent and considerate, Wen Yu who always appears when he needs it most, isn’t it? Isn’t it a slap on the self-confident and narcissistic Wen Yiran?

But Wen Yiran provoked Wen Yu, which made her unbearable.

The person I have a crush on, such a perfect person, why do you use words to discredit him? !

Yes, in Chi Zhengzheng’s view, what Wen Yiran said is slander and slander! It’s jealousy! !

Right? When she looked at her, Wen Yu regained her senses, her lips pursed higher and higher, her eyes were endlessly tender, as if the frozen frost instantly melted away.

He slowly said: “Okay?.”

Then, he gently led her towards the car parked not far away.

Behind, Wen Yiran shook his body and almost fell to the ground. He stared at the backs of the two and gritted his teeth.

Wen Sisi walked over slowly, with a tentative voice: “Brother Yiran…”

“Get off–” Wen Yiran waved her away, angrily.

Immediately, he angrily walked away in the other direction.

Wen Sisi curled his lips and didn’t catch up.

At this time, Wen Yiran was just a firecracker, why should she send it up to be scolded?

She looked in the direction where Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were leaving, she couldn’t help but grinned, but she cursed–

“Chi Zhengzheng, you ruined Lao Tzu’s birthday party, and have to make up for it later!”

Chi Zhengzheng was in the passenger seat, and Wen Yu was in the driver’s seat next to him.

The air was quiet for a moment before the car started.

Chi Zhengzheng was very refreshing just now, but after she finished she calmed down, thinking that Wen Yu was next to her, the roots of her ears slowly turned red and her face turned red…

Hmm, she was so rude and venomous just now, isn’t she? Isn’t she too bad? Lady?

Will Wenyu? Will…I like her like this?

She covered her face, her voice faltered: “That… I actually, don’t? It’s like this, it’s just that he is so annoying…”

Wen Yu didn’t speak.

Chi Zhengzheng felt a little in his heart.

It’s over, isn’t Wen Yu really? I like it!

Uuuuuu, it’s really good for a while, will the crematorium have any consequences?

“I won’t do that again…” Chi Zhengzheng sounded like a mosquito, his head hanging down.

Wen Yu still had no voice.

She couldn’t help but move her face covered by her hand to Wen Yu, her fingers slowly opened two slits, her eyes… just right? Right? Shang Wenyu had been looking at her with the smiling eyes.


“Chi Zhengzheng.” Wen Yu said suddenly.

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng looked at him.

“Let go of your hand.” Wen Yu said.

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng slowly let go of his hand, revealing his reddish cheeks.

His white cheeks were shyly peachy pink, and his eyelashes quivered slightly.

She obviously felt Wenyu’s pupils shrink, her eyes became sharper, with…aggressive?

She blinked, and the aggression in Wen Yu’s eyes disappeared. There was only a deep darkness, as if it was just her illusion.

Then slowly, he raised his hand and rubbed her head lightly. The voice was very light and light: “Chi Zhengzheng, what I like, you like it all.”

It’s not just like it, it’s the beast suppressed in my heart, not at all? I dare to let it go indulgently, because… it will scare her.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Huh?

She blinked her eyes, a pair of big, clear eyes staring at him, and her red ears moved slightly.

Do you like it? !

Does that one like it? !

“Chi Zhengzheng.” Wen Yu said again.

This time his voice is hoarse, this hoarse is not the same as before, as if it is suppressing something, faintly with… ambiguous?

The look in his eyes is even more scary, as if to eat her in one bite.

Just now Wen Yu called her “Zheng Zheng” when she was anxious, but no? Knowing why, he just lowered her voice and called her “Chi Zheng Zheng”, but there was a unique kind of warmth between them.

Hmm…Anyway, it really makes Chi Zhengzheng blush.

She didn’t hold back, raised her hand, and covered her face again, this time showing her big watery eyes, and looked at Wen Yu: “Huh? Why?”

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