“Chi Zhengzheng is too courageous, right? He even wears 230 million imitations of jewelry?”

“Don’t say it, it’s pretty real, it looks very expensive, there is no sense of cheapness at all.”

“Hey, Chi Zhengzheng is so stupid today. Deep Sea Dream is a treasure and dare to come out wearing fakes.”

“No, this is still a collection of Aunt Xu Jiahong’s house. Hasn’t this been dismantled by her?”

“She is really embarrassed this time, I am embarrassed for her.”

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak?, her expression was a little sluggish, no one could tell from her expression? She was thinking? What, but they could feel that she was wandering.

Wearing fakes was dismantled, so she was still distracted? !

Wen Sisi was also taken aback. She tightened her lips and subconsciously argued for Chi Zhengzheng: “Xu Jiahong, what does Chi Zhengzheng wear have anything to do with you? This is my birthday party, so don’t mess around!”

“Sisi, don’t be angry. After all, this matter is related to Aunt Jiahong and their company. She is worried? You are a little anxious, so please understand. Jiahong, so do you, what can you say? Can’t talk privately.” An Qinru persuaded. Dao, she looks like taking care of the overall situation?.

Even Wen Sisi can’t pick out anthing is wrong with her words. I even thought she was making ends meet.

But Xu Jiahong understands as soon as he listens, and now he has more confidence, and he takes a step forward——

“Sisi, this time I have to dismantle Chi Zhengzheng. Do you know how imitations will affect my aunt’s collection? This is a shameful thing in the jewelry industry! I must seek justice for the Deep Sea Dream Let everyone know that the value of Deep Sea Dream and it still rests in my aunt’s jewelry company!”

This is very righteous and awe-inspiring.

Wen Sisi was choked, for a moment? I don’t know how to refute it.

After all, Aunt Xu Jiahong’s family is in the jewelry business, and it is very large. So although Xu Jiahong’s family has no skills, she is also included in their circle. Now she is going to stand up for her aunt, what can they say?

Standing on the sidelines, Wen Yiran took a deep look at Chi Zhengzheng. His eyes were still complicated, but in the complexity, there was a hint of unspeakable joy.

——Look, you have to follow? Wen Yu lives together, what can you get?

——Does the house live? Others, even jewelry can only wear fakes, even if it is cheap, there are only fakes.

Chi Zhouchen pursed his lips. He complained a bit? He glanced at Chi Zhengzheng and thought to himself? Why is Chi Zhengzheng so stupid? Or maybe she doesn’t know?

It may be that I don’t know!

He stepped forward, just as he was about to defend Chi Zhengzheng.

She didn’t know it was a fake, so it was excusable, and there was no need to go online.

An Qinru noticed that Chi Zhouchen was walking forward, knowing that he was going to make a stand for Chi Zhengzheng, and immediately said: “Jiahong, is it possible that you have misunderstood? Sister Zhengzheng…maybe wearing it? What about Deep Sea Dreams?”

“Puff,” someone immediately snorted: “How is it possible?”

The 230 million deep-sea dream, just wore it and wandered around, without even a bodyguard!

“Huh, let me call my aunt? Confirm, lest you don’t? People say I wronged you!” After Xu Jiahong finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone, made a call, and activated the amplification.

Wen Sisi and Chi Zhouchen wanted to stop, but Xu Jiahong moved too fast and was picked up after two bangs on the opposite side.

The two had no choice but to stand beside them with their lips pressed.

There was a middle-aged woman with a serious voice: “Who is it?”

“Auntie, it’s me, Jia Hong.” Xu Jiahong immediately softened her voice, with a smile on her face, obviously pleased.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Ms. Xu’s attitude is not bad, but not so soft.

Xu Jiahong glanced at Chi Zhengzheng, and raised his chin slightly: “Is that so? Aunt, I know you have a collection of Deep Sea Dreams worth 230 million yuan…”

“Oh, you want to ask Deep Sea Dream? It was sold yesterday? It’s not with me now.” Ms. Xu on the other end interrupted what she was going to say directly?

Xu Jiahong was taken aback, and raised her voice, her voice a little sharp: “What?! It was sold? Gone?!”

“Is it sold? Gone, it was just sold yesterday.” Ms. Xu obviously wanted to have Deep Sea Dream sold, she was quite happy.

So, she said two more words: “The buyer said it was going to match a blue long skirt with a tulle style, which is very beautiful. Right? Fang also caught the deep sea dream at a glance, saying that it is a match. ? Most suitable. Tsk, I don’t know if the deep-sea dream will come out? Which luxurious banquet is at the moment…”

Because of the amplification, the sound is very clear, so everyone can hear it.

Everyone opened their mouths slightly, shocked? “Whhhhhh” looked at the azure blue dress on Chi Zhengzheng!

Are they all right?

The one on her neck turned out to be a deep-sea dream! A deep-sea dream worth 230 million! !

Did they have the problem with their eyes, or did they have the problem with their heads? !

Out? Now at the banquet?

Do not! Just at an ordinary birthday party! !

Xu Jiahong also burst out of her forehead in an instant? Cold sweat, she was shaking? The voice asked: “Aunt, who bought it…”

“This is customer privacy, not what you should ask about. I have something to do. Don’t call if you are okay.” Ms. Xu became unhappy and her voice was serious when she heard Xu Jiahong inquiring about the buyer.

After speaking, she immediately hung up?

After a beep from the phone, there was no more sound.

There was no sound at the scene.

Are they shocked? Looking at Chi Zhengzheng and the deep-sea dream on her neck.

Wen Sisi was also stunned. He laughed for a long time and said, “Hahaha, Xu Jiahong, right now you have nothing to say? What Chi Zhengzheng wears on his neck? It is a real deep-sea dream!”

It was just sold yesterday? Go, and it’s good to go with a blue long dress, plus the unusual-looking necklace on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck. There is nothing to say-she really wears a deep-sea dream!

Even Ms. Xu is curious about what kind of luxury banquet will be held recently? But in fact, she was directly caught in her early twenties, just ran away from home, and Chi Zhengzheng, who they thought was very difficult. La La Dai arrived at an ordinary birthday party! !

There are still young people present, even Wen Yiran hasn’t been in power yet, so he can’t get 230 million in his hands!

“You, why didn’t you just say it?!” Xu Jiahong’s voice trembled, staring at him? Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng finally blinked those eyes of God. She looked at Xu Jiahong, her voice was calm and calm: “Oh, did I just say it was fake?”

So, they all imagined it?! !

Xu Jiahong took a mouthful? The blood almost vomited out? They all laughed at her for this purpose. She didn’t even say anything? Who can think? Is she really wearing it? Really! !

She wanted to hit Chi Zhengzheng’s face, but now, her face seemed to have been slapped several times, with fiery pain.

An Qinru was also stunned, looking at Chi Zhengzheng in disbelief.

How can it be? How could she wear it? Deep Sea Dream? How can she afford it? Or who will buy it for her? !

How can it be? !

She was so shocked that she lost her words, staring at the necklace on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck.

There was shock, envy, and jealousy in her eyes.

That’s something she might hardly own in her life.

“Chi Zhengzheng…Is Deep Sea Dream yours? Who bought it for you?” someone asked weakly.

——She asked for An Qinru?

Chi Zhengzheng looked at her, her expression unchanged, and smiled, “What’s it to you?”

Everyone: “…”

She said. You are very welcome, but at this moment, no one of them said much. The jewels on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck really shocked them and made them speechless.

“Wen Sisi, today is your birthday, let’s cut the cake.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at Wen Sisi.

——A word from her? It put an end to this farce.

As a result, everyone continued the process just now, pushing the very tall cake out of the room, singing a birthday song for Wen Sisi, and making a wish with Wen Sisi closing his eyes, sharing the cake for everyone.

It’s just that the atmosphere is different from before?

Everyone went to see Chi Zhengzheng intentionally or not, and deliberately stroked the deep-sea dream on her neck, their eyes were shocked and envious.

Xu Jiahong hid behind the crowd a long time ago and did not dare to appear.

She only felt that everyone’s eyes were full of ridicule, and all of them were laughing at her!

But in fact, they think too much. At this moment, almost everyone looks at Chi Zhengzheng intentionally or unintentionally, paying attention to Chi Zhengzheng, no one cares about Xu Jiahong at all!

Carrying a man, An Qinru gritted her teeth: “Aren’t you so sure that the one on her neck is a fake?!”

She felt like a fire was burning in her heart and wanted to burn everything out.

Leaving home? Chi Zhengzheng should be poor and miserable, so why did he live better than before? !

Why do they think? What they dare not think? Wear something on their necks? !

Xu Jiahong opened her mouth and said, “How did I know that she could even wear the real thing…”

After that, she stared again? An Qinru, raising her voice: “If you didn’t suggest that I call my aunt?, how could I be so embarrassed?!”

Her voice is not small, and people around have noticed them.


An Qinru passed disgust in her eyes, but she was wronged in her mouth: “What are you talking about, I am advising you to solve it in private, who made you such a big trouble? Jiahong, you can’t find me to lose your temper!”

“You, you!” Xu Jiahong was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

These two have been tied together, and the “good girlfriends” who have been tossing the original owner have finally had an irreparable gap.

Chi Zhengzheng was holding a cup and drinking water. Through her expression, she couldn’t see any emotions in her.

Chi Zhouchen came over, opened his mouth, and asked for a long time: “Chi Zhengzheng, is it really a deep-sea dream?”

Didn’t he still doubt the truth? He just couldn’t believe that Chi Zhengzheng was wearing a Deep Sea Dream!

“I think it should be true.” Chi Zhengzheng said this way, very calm.

Chi Zhouchen paused for a while before finally saying: “Who gave it to you?”

“Just leave it alone.” Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand and stuffed him a piece of cake into his mouth, obviously to shut him up.

Chi Zhouchen was taken aback.

It was the first time that he had eaten what Chi Zhengzheng had fed. After a long pause, he slowly opened his mouth and ate slowly.

Forget it, Chi Zhengzheng has left Chi’s family. I’m sorry for her. They don’t have the right to care about her. Seeing that she can wear 230 million jewels, I don’t think her life is too bad…

He took a small bite and ate the cake, and shook his head helplessly.

After Chi Zhouchen left, Chi Zhengzheng still sat there with a calm expression, feeling that she was also very calm and unmoved by others’ eyes.

Soon, the others began to communicate in a low voice–

“Chi Zhengzheng is too calm!”

“Wearing such expensive jewellery and so calm, the gifts are made by myself. Speaking of it, for the first time, I think Chi Zhengzheng is quite modest.”

“Yes, and she is so beautiful!”

“I want to be friends with her, but I dare not go there…”

“Me too, I dare not go over and talk to her?.”

Wen Sisi listened to the discussion and said, holding the cake that was just cut in his hand, and walked towards Chi Zhengzheng.

She has a complicated expression.

After walking in front of her, she looked at Chi Zhengzheng’s neck in a complicated way, and for a while, she didn’t know what to say.

Although she has been standing by Chi Zhengzheng’s side, although she has just been stunned by Xu Jiahong because she is wearing a real deep-sea dream, in fact, her feelings are also very complicated.

The Chi Zhengzheng she knew should be the one who corrupted her for more than 6,000 yuan and could wear a broken sweater for a few days. It should be the one with thick skin and no water for her. It should be the one who wears a crocodile pajamas to save money. The “annoying” woman in pajamas…

Instead of the one in front of me, the necklace on her neck is worth 230 million yuan. Let me leave it alone? No matter how people talk, always sit calmly in the hall, with a calm look of a perfect woman…

She hasn’t spoken yet, and don’t know what to say.

At this moment, Chi Zhengzheng said: “Wen Sisi.”

“Huh?” Wen Sisi responded complicatedly.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: I am calm, really.

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