The box opened slowly, and a puppet doll appeared in front of Wen Sisi?

This is a doll that looks very similar to Wen Sisi regardless of appearance, hairstyle and dress. The workmanship is not very exquisite, but it can be seen that it is a small doll with a smile on his face and looks very lovely.

Wen Sisi? Slightly stunned.

“Puff—” Someone couldn’t help but laugh.

The corner of An Qinru’s mouth also rose slightly.

Just a puppet doll.

“Haha, Chi Zhengzheng, you really ran away from home, your family has cut off the source of income, right?”

“Your gift is too cheap, did you buy it at a jewelry store?”

“Hahaha, but also? It’s cute, a bit like Sisi? It’s not easy to find, right?”

“You can shop online now, it’s easy to find online.”

“Chi Zhengzheng, if you are too financially struggling, you can find us.”

The voices of everyone sounded like a joke, but they were actually laughing at Chi Zhengzheng being too poor.

——They? Many people like Chi Zhengzheng have never dealt with Chi Zhengzheng.

An Qinru’s voice is gentle and gentle: “Sister Zhengzheng, it’s okay, courtesy is light and affectionate, we all know what your situation is now.”

Standing among a few boys, Chi Zhouchen, who was blocked by someone because he was still not fully developed, tightened his lips.

He walked forward with a calm face, Yu Guang coldly glanced at An Qinru and the people around her who were laughing at Chi Zhengzheng, then turned to look at Chi Zhengzheng: “Sister, go home, parents are here. I look forward to your going back and waiting for you to go home. You are the eldest lady of the Chi family, do you want anything.”

——He? This is to support Chi Zhengzheng.

He even called her “elder sister” in public.

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly surprised, then shook his head and said softly: “I told you before, I won’t go back, I’m really doing well now.”

What else does Chi Zhouchen want to say, besides, the silent Wen Sisi? Looking at the crude thread of the doll, he looked up at her: “Chi Zhengzheng, did you do this yourself?”

“Of course, does it look like?” Chi Zhengzheng smiled.

This was made by her in a handicraft shop after spending a day yesterday!

When Wen Yu came to pick her up, she was still a little unhappy!

She only smiled and asked Wen Sisi if she looked like it, she didn’t care if others laughed at her cheap gifts, and she didn’t care if others laughed at her for being “poor” now.

I don’t know why, Wen Sisi? There is a strange feeling in my heart again? Feeling.

Just like that time, she supported her, sweating on her forehead, and insisted on sending her to the hospital…

“Like, I like it very much.” Wen Sisi held the box with the doll tightly, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

She just moved the corners of her mouth, and it was far worse than the brilliant smile when Wen Yiran and An Qinru gave her the watch, but only she knows the unspeakable fluctuation in her heart at this moment.

“Haha, I know you like it.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled, with such a brilliant smile.

The others looked at the box, slightly stunned.

One of the younger boys, who looked like Chi Zhouchen’s friend, walked over, put one hand on Chi Zhouchen’s shoulder, and stared at the doll: “Wow, Sister Zhengzheng, you can still do it. Well, for my birthday, you too? Will you make me one?”

Chi Zhengzheng hasn’t spoken yet, Wen Sisi? glared at him: “This is mine! Chi Zhengzheng will give you other gifts when your birthday arrives!”

The child touched his nose and made a “cut”, very disapproving.

Chi Zhengzheng just laughed, her eyes were like stars.

The atmosphere became friendly again.

She didn’t mind that the gifts were not expensive, Wen Sisi liked the gifts she gave, and those who made fun of her couldn’t laugh.

Wen Yiran didn’t know why he stepped forward, and walked to Chi Zhengzheng and stood there, and then looked at her seriously.

Behind him, An Qinru’s face instantly sank.

“You…” Wen Yiran opened his mouth.

“Why?” Chi Zhengzheng frowned, she didn’t like Wen Yiran very much.

Wen Sisi? It’s mouth poison, and it is poisonous to everyone, but Wen Yiran really hurt Wen Yu.

Therefore, she hated him in the first place, but now she hates him even more.

Wen Yiran didn’t know why he stepped forward, let alone why he said in a ghostly manner: “Chi Zhengzheng, the house where you and Wen Yu live is Zheng Ye’s…”

So, Wen Yu actually doesn’t have any abilities.

After speaking, Wen Yiran’s eyes flashed a little bit of annoyance. He did not expect that he would come out and say such things!

Chi Zhengzheng frowned more tightly.

She didn’t know who owned the house in Wangjiang Manor. When the novel was in her head, she didn’t pay much attention to where Wenyu lived.

But Zheng Ye knew that when Wen Yu cleaned up the Chiwen family, he was the next general, that is, Zheng Ye helped out the whole process, and then mocked the Chiwen family from all angles for what they deserved.

Now Wen Yiran asked her to tell her what to do? Want to pick things up and hurt Wenyu again?

She lifted her chin and glared at him: “It’s up to you, you don’t want to hear anything else!”

Wen Yiran didn’t expect to get this answer, his hand clenched into a fist for an instant, and looked at her deeply.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t want to talk to him?, took Wen Sisi? and walked a few steps aside, and asked her: “Where is there to eat, or small cakes, give me a cushion first, I’m hungry.”

Wen Sisi?: “…” The corners of his mouth twitched.

Xu Jiahong approached An Qinru and lowered her voice: “Qinru, what’s the matter with Yiran?”

An Qinru didn’t speak, but stared at Chi Zhengzheng closely with dangerous eyes.

This bitch!

“She wore this nice-looking birthday party for Sisi again today. Isn’t it just to seduce Yiran?” Xu Jiahong said again, her voice a little bit sour.

Next to him, another little sister ridiculed her voice: “Wen Yiran has already broken off her engagement with her, so she is embarrassed and shy.”

There are too many girls in their circle who like Wen Yiran, but An Qinru is what Wen Yiran likes. At the beginning, they were embarrassed by Chi Zhengzheng, but they didn’t know why, and they had a good relationship with An Qinru.

“Si? Si? Ye? Yes, how did the relationship with her suddenly become better? Didn’t the two of them be incompatible with water and fire before? Thinking? Thinking? I have to scold Chi Zhengzheng every day, but now they can still reconcile… “Xu Jiahong curled his lips.

An Qinru’s eyes were obscure. After a long while, she said with a hoarse voice: “Chi Zhengzheng is so beautiful today… I ran away from home. Can you still wear such beautiful clothes and beautiful jewelry, you see. The necklace on her neck is very valuable at first sight…”

The little sisters looked over.

“Huh?” Xu Jiahong was surprised.

“What’s the matter?” An Qinru looked at her hurriedly.

The corner of Xu Jiahong’s mouth raised, and her face was full of mockery: “Hahaha, this Chi Zhengzheng really died tragically, and she wears fakes! I know the necklace on her neck, and what she did is quite real!”

The corner of An Qinru’s mouth raised slightly. Sure enough, although the Ding family and the An family were not rich and well-founded, she wanted to reach a higher level since she was a child, and she has studied jewelry, jewellery, fashion, etc.

The necklace on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck is not easy at first glance. If the genuine product is not cheap, does she still have the money to wear expensive jewelry?

——And this is not what Chi Zhengzheng had in the past.

“Let’s go, let’s watch the show!” Xu Jiahong pulled An Qinru with a smile, and walked towards Chi Zhengzheng quickly.

Chi Zhengzheng is eating cakes. Today is Wen Sisi’s birthday. There are a lot of different kinds of cakes. Waiting for you to cut a huge cake. That is the highlight of the birthday party.

Wen Sisi? Sitting next to her.

I don’t know why, tonight is her home court. She should have the right and left, she should walk among the guests, but in fact, she doesn’t want to go anywhere, she just wants to sit next to Chi Zhengzheng.

Even if she was sitting here and some people talking to her came around, even if Chi Zhengzheng only eats cakes and doesn’t talk to each other, she wants to stay next to Chi Zhengzheng.

“Haha, I think too.” Wen Sisi smiled and dealt with the person who blessed her.

Chi Zhengzheng felt that the food was almost the same, so she picked up the cup and drank two more sips of water.

That is? At this time, Xu Jiahong pulled An Qinru, followed by a few people and walked over, just by looking at the smiles on their faces-the person who came was not kind.

Wen Sisi interrupted the conversation, frowned slightly, and looked at them.

“Chi Zhengzheng, the necklace on your neck is so beautiful.” said one of the women who were about their age.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded perfunctorily.

It’s so annoying.

“Puff——” Xu Jiahong snorted softly.

“What’s the matter?” An Qinru asked, her voice suspicious.

“Jiahong, what are you laughing at? Weiwei just praised the beauty of Chi Zhengzheng’s necklace, why are you laughing?”

“Yes, I too? I think Chi Zhengzheng’s necklace looks good, but it’s not cheap at first glance.”

“Hahaha, Chi Zhengzheng, where did you buy the necklace?”

“Yes, tell us, we want to buy one too.”

All of a sudden, it became lively.

There were a lot of people here, and the group of men also came over, Wen Yiran was still calm, and was also pulled over.

Chi Zhouchen encircled Chi Zhengzheng around them and came over immediately.

“Puff.” Chi Zhengzheng also didn’t hold back, and laughed.

The people around them were stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect that she was not a guilty conscience, she laughed!

Wen Sisi? Also? It was a moment of surprise.

Chi Zhengzheng tilted his head and said to Wen Sisi, “Do you think they look like cross talk? Amused and cheered, singing and melding each other.”

“Puff!” Wen Sisi? Almost shook the wine glass in his hand.

“You!” Xu Jiahong was angry.

An Qinru tugged at her, and her cold finger touched Xu Jiahong’s arm, which immediately made her wake up.

There is no need to quarrel with Chi Zhengzheng, she will be embarrassing later!

After calming down, Xu Jiahong smiled: “Oh, Chi Zhengzheng is expensive, and there is only one piece in the world. If you want to buy it, you can’t buy it!”

“Ah? It’s not easy!” Someone immediately exclaimed.

Xu Jiahong stepped forward and stared at the necklace on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck. The voice was crisp, enough for everyone to hear——

“Of course it’s not simple. This is the most expensive collection of my aunt’s jewelry company, named “Deep Sea Dream”! It is made of the most expensive sapphires in the world, each one is the same size. It is easy to create such a necklace! If the price is not enough, they will never sell it! It was exhibited at the World Jewelry Fair last year, and according to the market at the time, it was valued at 230 million!”


It’s like dropping a bomb. All the rich are present. Of course, I have seen expensive jewelry. It is normal to buy a bag of hundreds of thousands? It is normal. There are millions of jewelry at home.

But no matter who they are, they are not yet the top richest.

Also? It’s impossible to let the young ones, Da Lala alone, wear a necklace of 230 million worth of collectibles to come out at a friend’s birthday party!

So…Is this one on Chi Zhengzheng’s neck true?

Xu Jiahong lightly scoffed: “I went to my aunt’s house a week ago, but I heard them mention this necklace. My aunt and he? They kept it well, how could they possibly take it out? Chi Zhengzheng, we all know that you are running away from home now. The economy is in distress, but it’s not like wearing fakes, right?”


One after another, many people laughed.

Regardless of whether An Qinru’s relationship with An Qinru was normal or not, he looked at Chi Zhengzheng mockingly at this moment.

For them, wearing fakes is cheaper than wearing them? Even more embarrassing!

And even if you want to imitate it, imitate a few million pieces? Just forget it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be dismantled, but she was upset, and Da Lala wore an imitation of 230 million jewellery!

Is this for fear that others will not be able to dismantle it?

But let alone, before Xu Jiahong unwrapped it, they didn’t expect the necklace on her neck to be fake. The genuine sapphire is too valuable to collect, and no one often reports it.

Neither did they recognize it.

The author has something to say: Guess what Zhengzheng is thinking now? Hahaha!

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