“Ms. Chi, we are ordered by the boss to customize the evening banquet style for you.” Secretary Xu is still such a sharp professional elite, with a stern voice.

Chi Zhengzheng and her have dealt more than once, but they are also used to it.

“Ah? Why didn’t he tell me.” She was a little surprised.

As if thinking of something, she hurried to find her mobile phone.

Sure enough, there was a message an hour ago–

[Wen Yu: Have a styling team arranged for you and have fun. ]

Chi Zhengzheng raised his hand, covering his face, his face was already red.

She probed, and waved to Secretary Xu, “Then you come up.”

“Okay.” Secretary Xu is very respectful, and his attitude is basically the same as that of Wen Yu.

Soon, the modeling team came up.

Secretary Xu said: “Ms. Chi, these are the clothes and shoes that the boss personally selected for you. They have been modified according to your size.”

While she was talking, she glanced at the person behind her, who hurriedly unfolded the clothes she was holding, and let Chi Zhengzheng pass his eyes.

It was a azure blue long skirt, covered with a layer of tulle of the same color, which made the skirt shrouded in fairy mist, ethereal and extremely beautiful.

“Really? Good-looking!” Chi Zhengzheng was surprised.

There are also many dresses in Chi Zhengzheng’s wardrobe, which are luxurious and beautiful, but there is no such amazing dress as her. She stretched out her hand and gently touched it. The silk-like fabric under the tulle ran across her palm, which made people happy.

Wenyu may not know clothes, but he knows her preferences very well, knows what kind of clothes she likes, and also knows what kind of clothes suits her best.

“Then Ms. Chi, please put it on.” Secretary Xu showed a small smile at the corner of his mouth.

Chi Zhengzheng nodded, and was escorted into the bathroom by the assistant holding the skirt and changed into his clothes.

When she came out, the assistant put on her shiny high heels again.

“Secretary Xu, how is it? Does it look good?” Chi Zhengzheng asked softly.

“It looks good.” Secretary Xu said immediately.

Her always expressionless face was slightly surprised, and her eyes were always on Chi Zhengzheng’s body without moving away.

It’s really very, very beautiful. Not everyone can wear this color. Chi Zhengzheng’s skin is very fair and has no blemishes. Wearing this skirt makes the whole person look like a fairy who accidentally fell into the mortal world. It will be able to fly gently in the next moment.

Chi Zhengzheng walked towards the mirror.

As I walked, the hem of the skirt swayed slightly, and the tulle was slightly misty in the light, which was so beautiful.

She looked in the mirror and was taken aback.

The person in the mirror looks familiar, but a little strange, she is not her.

But undoubtedly, it is beautiful and stunning.

Chi Zhengzheng watched for a long time before finally letting out a sigh of relief. The trance in his eyes disappeared and he returned to normal. He looked at Secretary Xu and smiled softly: “Secretary Xu, what about then?”

Secretary Xu was shaken by her smile, and then he hurriedly said: “They will take care of your hair and make-up right away.”

Chi Zhengzheng nodded and sat down at the dressing table.

The other staff members of the team also got into action. Someone treated her hair in the back, and someone put makeup on her in the front.

Chi Zhengzheng’s foundation is so good that she can go to the banquet without makeup. Therefore, the makeup teacher with superb makeup skills just puts on her light makeup, and does not cover her perfect facial features.

Her eyes were big and bright, the makeup teacher couldn’t help but smudged the end of her eyes, and then lightly spotted a mole on the corner of her eye.

The hair style teacher behind is even simpler. Chi Zhengzheng’s long hair is really enviable. He curls his hair slightly and throws it loosely behind him. The hair on his ears is lightly pinned behind him, and he doesn’t do much decoration. , The dignified atmosphere and the limit matched her face and her clothes.

“Really? Beautiful.” The makeup teacher in front of him couldn’t help muttering.

After speaking, he immediately took a step back, embarrassed, “Sorry, ma’am, you’re so good-looking, I’m rude.”

Before coming here, Secretary Xu explained that, keep quiet and don’t talk nonsense. They are originally the top styling team and naturally have their own discipline. It seemed a bit rude not to say this to the young mistress of the house at this moment.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, then smiled: “It’s okay.”

The makeup teacher staggered his eyes and said in his heart-don’t laugh anymore.

Chi Zhengzheng looked in the mirror and her face was amazing. She really didn’t expect that she could be so good-looking. The original owner’s face is an upgraded version of her. She knew it was very good-looking, but because she had never dressed up, she didn’t know. ——Can still be so beautiful.

——It’s just that she was stunned.

“Alright, Secretary Xu.” She stood up, and the assistant hurriedly arranged her skirt, Chi Zhengzheng looked at Secretary Xu.

Secretary Xu was stunned again, and couldn’t help but say something from the bottom of his heart——

Ms. Chi, did you grow up drinking fairy dew and eating fairy grass? !

She blinked, keeping her secretary calm, and stepped forward: “Ms. Chi, this is the jewelry the boss prepared for you. Please take a look.”

While talking, she carefully opened the box that she had been holding in her hand.

Since the box came in, she has been holding it carefully, for fear of falling and touching it.

“Wow, really? Good-looking!” She could only sigh like that for the ignorant Chi Zhengzheng.

A string of blue gemstone necklace, cornflower blue, dazzling, Chi Zhengzheng is not a person who knows jewelry very much, in her opinion, it is really beautiful, it really matches this dress.

Then, it’s gone.

Secretary Xu paused slightly, never expected that this jewelry would only get such a comment.

She looked very solemn, and the other assistant behind her put on gloves, carefully took out the necklace with both hands, and put it on for Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng was still intoxicated by what he was really good at tonight, and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Jewelry is the “finishing finishing touch” to women in costumes. Chi Zhengzheng looked in the mirror and thought–

Will Wen Sisi want to kill her later?

After all, her dress is really suspected of stealing the limelight.

“Sisi, what are you looking at?” Xu Jiahong walked to Wen Sisi.

All the ladies present tonight are all dressed up and traveling, young people, there is no one who doesn’t like to be pushy, especially tonight are young men and women in the circle, all of them are afraid of being compared by others.

Wen Sisi retracted his gaze at the door and said, “I didn’t see anything.”

It’s already this time, shouldn’t Chi Zhengzheng come?

What is she expecting? The dead girl had already said that she would not come…

Xu Jiahong didn’t care, and said, “Sisi, you and Qinru have a conflict? You haven’t come to party with us recently. Qinru said that you are still walking with Chi Zhengzheng?!”

“An Qinru said everything, she is annoying.” Wen Sisi rolled his eyes.

“Sisi, why do you say that Qinru? We have been in friendship for so many years, you just…”

“Oh, for my birthday today, I don’t want to listen to this. If you tell me this, I’m sorry, you can go.” Wen Sisi was rude and impatient.

Xu Jiahong’s face changed slightly, and then she smiled: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, I am happy to give Sisi’s birthday today!”

Not far away, Wen Yiran shouted: “Sisi, come here!”

Wen Sisi stepped on Hengtiangao and walked quickly over, Xu Jiahong followed.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Sisi asked.

“This is the gift I chose for you together with Qin Ru. See if you like it or not.” Wen Yiran smiled and handed a box to her.

An Qinru also smiled and said, “Yes, happy birthday to Sisi, open it and have a look, you must like it.”

What she wore today? Very good-looking, with makeup? Very perfect. It can be said that she is the most eye-catching woman present. Many men are watching her. If Wen Yiran is by her side, I don’t know how many? Men will come to strike up a conversation. .

An Qinru enjoys this feeling of attention from the audience, and it is not in vain that she bothers to dress up.

Wen Yiran was here, and Wen Sisi also gave An Qinru face, without saying anything, she opened the box in her hand.

-A limited edition ladies watch.

“Do you like it?” Wen Yiran asked again.

Wen Sisi smiled brightly: “I like it!”

She likes it, because it represents Wen Yiran’s love for her cousin, even if she doesn’t know how many watches she has received, even if she actually doesn’t want to change a watch.

“You like it.” Wen Yiran smiled.

Next to him, An Qinru held Wen Yiran in his arms and smiled lightly: “Yes, I am happy to see Sisi like it.”

Wen Yiran looked at her and thought of her hard work in choosing, so he patted the back of her hand, and whispered in her ear: “You are so beautiful tonight, waiting for your birthday, I will personally choose gifts for you. “

An Qinru’s eyes lit up, and then she shyly hammered Wen Yiran.

“Wow–” the others booed.

After the booze, they gathered around Wen Sisi and gave gifts.

At this time, there was another sound at the door, and a waiter walked in with a woman in a blue dress.

The outside light is dim, but the inside is very bright. Therefore, as soon as she walked in, everyone saw her clearly, her swaying skirt, exquisite features, blue ribbons on her wrists, and a bright neck. Jewelry.

There are some people? Look dumb.

“Da, Da, Da” Chi Zhengzheng, who was stepping on high heels, walked in slowly.

There are a few women who can be so beautiful that she has her own film and television effects. The vision seems to have given her slow motion. The suddenly quiet hall and the orchestra that was originally playing seem to be setting off this woman.

“Chi Zhengzheng…” I don’t know who murmured her name.

Then everyone came back to their senses, and it turned out that Chi Zhengzheng was here!

An Qinru first went to see Wen Yiran, and sure enough, the other party looked at Chi Zhengzheng innocently, but couldn’t recover.

Her hands clenched immediately, her fingertips pale.

Wen Sisi’s eyes lit up, and he walked up quickly.

Her voice carried surprises that she hadn’t noticed, and said, “Why did you come here!”

Chi Zhengzheng kept the small smile at the corner of her mouth, with a soft voice: “Busy make-up, and practice going out in front of the mirror.”

Wen Sisi: “…”


Practice appearance? !

Wen Sisi felt that the mood she had just raised was gone, and she couldn’t help but gritted her teeth at Chi Zhengzheng and threw a word: “Fuck!”

“Sister Zhengzheng, you are here too.” An Qinru smiled and said softly.

Chi Zhengzheng looked into her eyes and found that there was no smile inside, only coldness and disgust.


Yo, then she would be happy.

Today, An Qinru is wearing a white dress, which is in line with her weak temperament and makes people feel protective.

It can be said that she is the best-looking woman in the audience tonight.

——Of course, that was before Chi Zhengzheng came.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled brightly: “Can’t I come? Wen Sisi invited me.”

Everyone was a little quiet, obviously they didn’t expect Wen Sisi to invite Chi Zhengzheng.

Most of the people Wen Sisi invited were those who had a good relationship with her and An Qinru. Of course, in this circle, there was no good relationship with Chi Zhengzheng!

“A gift to you, happy birthday.” Chi Zhengzheng handed the bag in his hand to Wen Sisi.

Then he took a look at Wen Sisi and couldn’t help but nodded: “Yes, red suits you very well, little pepper, really? Good-looking.

I don’t know why, Wen Sisi’s face is slightly hot, and then she lowers her voice and says, “You are good-looking, right? Have you reached what you want? Really? Yes, this is my birthday party!”

It was clearly complaining, and there was no anger in the tone and eyes, just helplessness and smile.

Usually, this girl can wear even a broken sweater for a few days. For her to check out, the crocodile pajamas can also accept it. The dress is so good-looking, really…gave her the face of the birthday star.

Chi Zhengzheng also lowered his voice: “Who asked you to invite me? I’m already pretty, and before I come, do you see An Qin Ruyan suppressing Qunfang? I know, so I will suppress her!”

Wen Sisi couldn’t hold back, and the corners of his mouth rose a little.

She likes Chi Zhengzheng’s straightforwardness, what can she say.

I used to think? is annoying, but I don’t know where to start, it’s just… a habit.

“Oh, Miss Chi, really? It’s been a long time since I heard you ran away from home and lived outside?” An Qinru had a good time and said with a smile.

The flashes in her eyes were not caring.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled slightly and ignored her at all.

The person’s face changed, and Xu Jiahong smiled before she cursed: “Since Sisi was invited, it will be fun when you come. I don’t know what gift Miss Chi has prepared for Sisi?”

“Yes, Sisi quickly open it and take a look!”

“This is the first time we celebrated Sisi’s birthday with Miss Chi, and I am also curious about what gift Miss Chi will give.”

“Sisi, take a look at it quickly.”

The crowd made a fuss.

Wen Sisi looked at Chi Zhengzheng, she also had some of it herself? I was curious about what gifts Chi Zhengzheng gave, but these? People obviously watched the show, so she was a bit? Tangled, or didn’t she open it?

“Open it.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled and nodded to Wen Sisi.

There is nothing that can’t meet people. Since she has come and prepared gifts, she won’t be ashamed of seeing people because of her gifts.

——This is what she wants to give to Wen Sisi.

Wen Sisi slowly opened, but he didn’t actually hold any expectations in his heart.

She wondered, would this woman Chi Zhengzheng buy her something on the road and deliver it?

This is absolutely awesome? Come out!

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Really smart, tut.

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