Wen’s family already knows that he lives in Wangjiang Manor, and because of this, he needs to visit Wen’s family.

Wen Yu doesn’t like to use the word “Hui”, he doesn’t think this is his home.

Of course, Wenyu didn’t know where his home was before, but now? Is there?

Wangjiang Manor.

Should Chi Zhengzheng be waiting? Have dinner?

Since the new chef came here, the girl couldn’t sit still when it was time to eat, and she went downstairs and waited.

What is it like?…

Well, it’s cute.

He has to deal with Wen’s family quickly before he can rush back to have dinner with Chi Zhengzheng.

“Bang!” Wen Jingsen put the cup? on the coffee table again, and said coldly, “Do you still know how to come back?”

After Wen Yu came in, he glanced at Wen Jingsen sitting on the sofa, Xu Wei beside him, and Wen Yiran sitting on the side sofa.

“Something?” He said lightly.

Wen Jingsen’s anger burned from his heart to his head for an instant, staring at him, and angrily said: “Do you still know that I am your dad? Why are you talking to me?!”

Wen Yu’s own existence is Wen Jingsen’s shame. As soon as he saw this face, he would think of the helplessness of being forced to marry his mother, and the anger of his mother when he shouted that he liked others.

Is that a shame for him for a lifetime!

In Wen Jingsen’s view, Wen Yu himself is also very unpleasant, always showing a blank expression, as if his father is not being taken care of by him?

Wen Yu frowned and looked at him: “If there is something to say, I’m leaving if it’s okay.”


“Dad, let’s talk about business.” Wen Yiran said, taking a deep look at Wen Yu.

Wen Jingsen held back his breath and looked at him coldly? Wen Yu: “What did you do? Live in Wangjiang Manor?”

Wen Yu looked back at him.

Suddenly, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “What do you think?”

Wen Jingsen and the others would call him back for questioning. They just didn’t believe the information they had obtained, didn’t believe that he owned the house in Wangjiang Manor, and didn’t believe that he was not what he thought was unnecessary.

“Wen Yu!” Wen Jingsen was furious, reached out his hand to grab the cup?, and smashed it hard.

“Fuck!” The cup broke to the ground.

Wen Yu took a step back and didn’t let the cup hit him.

Immediately, a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “The house? It belongs to Zheng Ye. I live there first?.”

Since they don’t believe it, then he will follow their wishes.

Everyone was slightly stunned.

Wen Yu flicked his clothes with his hand, not wanting to stay for another second, and said lightly: “Okay, I will leave after asking.”

As a result, the Wen family was still stunned, and Wen Yu had already left the Wen family.

When he left, he had a mockery at the corner of his mouth.

Before, he was willing to stay at Wen’s house, what else could he do to watch Wen’s coldly? What could he do? I want to see them being left behind when they are most proud of? and most excited? Feel the kind of desperation.

But recently, he suddenly felt unconscious.

No idea? Very thoughtful.

He didn’t want to stay at Wen’s house at all, this place made him feel disgusted.

Wen Yu also didn’t want to pretend to be as perfect as before. The plan was to proceed according to the previous plan. If he could hide it from Wen Jia, it would be the time when Wen Jia was destroyed in advance.

Thinking of Wangjiang Manor, thinking of…Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yu quickened his pace.

At this moment, Wenjia is still silent.

After a while, Wen Yiran said: “Zheng Ye is a classmate of Wenyu High School and the future heir of the Zheng family. When he was in high school before, Zheng Ye said that Wenyu was his friend. He has been practicing abroad all these years. think……”

Unexpectedly, they still have? Contact!

Zheng Ye is the same age as Wen Yu, but he has always been a relatively elite figure in their circle. When Zheng Ye said Wen Yu was his friend, Wen Yiran and the others mocked in their hearts.

He actually looks good at Wen Yu?

Later, Zheng Ye went abroad? Haven’t? Come back, Wen Yiran thought they had no contact anymore. He didn’t expect…They were still friends in private? Otherwise, Wen Yu wouldn’t be able to live in Zheng Ye’s place.

“The Zheng family and Yu Ding do have a cooperation. Can they buy the house in Wangjiang Manor in advance? It’s normal.” Wen Jingsen pondered for a moment and said.

His eldest son?… It was really unexpected that he could still maintain the friendship with the heir of the Zheng family.

Xu Wei smiled, and her tight nerves relaxed? Come, she chuckled softly: “Then it makes sense, Chi Yan thinks too much, Wen Yu lives in Zheng Ye’s house?. Tsk, did not expect Ah Yu has such a dull personality, and he knows to please women.”

Wen Jingsen sneered: “Vanity is making trouble.”

In order to please Chi Zhengzheng, she was taken to Wangjiang Manor and lived in Zheng Ye’s mansion.

This is not a man’s vanity and what is it?

However, their emotions were relaxed because of this. Compared with “Wen Yuyou? Vanity”, it would be even more terrifying for him to “buy Wangjiang Manor”!

——Wen Yu is still that waste is smelling superfluous, it’s not that Chi Yan and their illusions are hidden.

After thinking for a while, Wen Jingsen said again: “But he and Zheng Ye are still friends. Although Zheng Ye is outside the country, the Zheng family has already decided. He is the heir. In the past two years, the Zheng family and Yu Ding have “Cooperation is also thriving, but it is a resource that can be utilized. Wen Yu… still has some usefulness.”

Wen Yiran nodded.

Except that Wen Yu and Zheng Ye are still friends, he can take advantage of the fact that others are still not to be feared.

Just somehow…

He always had a strange feeling in his heart, like what he had overlooked? This feeling made him unhappy.

Wen Yu soon returned to Wangjiang Manor.

When I walked into the front yard, I saw the door open? As if waiting for his return.

He couldn’t help speeding up again, and when he stepped on the doorway, he paused slightly.

There are several side dishes on the dinner table.

The lights at night are not particularly bright, and Chi Zhengzheng is placing the tableware for the two of them.

Hearing the sound, she raised her head to look at him, her exquisite and beautiful face slowly revealed a brilliant smile, her voice brisk, with a smile: “Come back, come to eat soon.”

——The moment I saw him, there was surprise in his eyes and a smile on his face.

Under the light? Her smile dazzled his eyes.

At this moment, his empty heart was filled with wind and frost outside the door, and inside the house, it was the warmth he wanted to keep in his life.

“Well, I’m back.” He whispered.

As these words came out of his mouth, as if trembling in the depths of his soul, his destiny seemed to have quietly changed.

He took root in his heart, and in the long years, the life that belonged to Wen Yu had a sense of belonging.

Chi Zhengzheng felt that Wenyu had some changes recently, and the changes were very small, but she still found out about her “secret love” of him, who lives under the same roof with him.

First of all, he is not very good? Go to work.

Of course, not going to work does not mean not working, it means not going to work in the company.

He has been working at home every day recently, and the affairs of a huge company are handled at home.

When Chi Zhengzheng first moved here, Wenyu had to go to the company almost every day. He also went a few days ago, but suddenly stopped going in the last few days.

Is the company not busy?

No, on the contrary, there are a lot of things in the company. She sees it from the many calls he has to answer, and the fact that Secretary Ning and Gao Tezhu have to rush to see every day.

At this moment, Chi Zhengzheng was eating dinner while secretly watching Secretary Wen Yu and Secretary Ning and Gao Special Assistant in the living room.

Wen Yu was signing the document and discussing with Secretary Ning while signing.

He is serious? A face and a deep outline make him extraordinarily majestic when he is serious, and his aura is amazing. His eyes are very sharp. Whether he scans documents or scans Secretary Ning, he makes people tremble slightly.

But Chi Zhengzheng bit his chopsticks, revealing star eyes.

Really handsome.

Oh, this man is so handsome.

“Chi Zhengzheng, eat well.” Wen Yu suddenly looked at her.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…oh!” He bowed his head in a guilty manner and began to pick up rice.

“Eat slowly,” he said again.

“Oh.” She agreed, slowing down.

This is the second change she wants to say-Wen Yu likes to take care of her more and more.

Eat more, eat some meat, eat slowly, don’t drink cold water, add a coat, and cover the quilt at night?……

He started to take care of every little thing.

Over there, Wen Yu saw that she slowed down obediently, a slight smile appeared on the corner of her mouth and her eyes were gentle.

Then he lowered his head and continued to look at the file.

Gao Tezhu glanced at Secretary Ning in horror. Secretary Ning did not speak, but just glared at him, making him put away the panic in his eyes.

Gao Te helped regain his senses, and continued to sullen his face, slightly constricting his eyelids, hiding the emotions in his eyes.

“Boss, you may need to talk about this project in person. Can it be scheduled on Saturday?” Secretary Ning? said softly.

Wen Yu frowned, looked at Chi Zhengzheng, and said, “Well, let’s make an appointment.”

The documents in hand were handed to Secretary Ning, and Fang and Gaote helped him collect all the things, and left Wangjiang Manor respectfully.

As soon as he walked out, Gao Tezhu patted his heart, “Mom, the boss just laughed, it scared me to death, the boss will laugh too!!”

Secretary Ning? Did not speak.

Gao Tezhu continued: “I didn’t dare to look at the boss’s wife, for fear that the boss would chop me off. As expected, it is a gentle town hero’s grave. The boss has not gone to the company these days!”

“Shut up, you are not something you can discuss about the boss.” Secretary Ning said coldly.

“Oh, I’m just curious, aren’t you curious?”

The two said?, and gradually walked away.

“I’m going on a business trip on Saturday. You will be at home alone that day and take care of yourself.” Wen Yu seriously? confessed.

“Ah? Good.” Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a moment, and responded quickly.

She breaks her fingers and has the final say. Isn’t Saturday the day after tomorrow?

“Going out for a long time?” Chi Zhengzheng asked, looking at him with big eyes.

Wen Yu: “One day.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…oh, work hard.”

Just one day, isn’t it just going out in the morning and coming back in the evening?

His attitude made her think how long he was going out!

Isn’t Chi Zhengzheng? Why? Take it to heart, Wen Yu looked at? She didn’t want to leave at all.

He knows that he has been a little strange lately, but he accepts his strangeness frankly.

Wen Yu opened his mouth, what did he want to say? At this moment, Chi Zhengzheng’s cell phone rang suddenly.

She glanced at it and answered, “Hey, what are you doing.”

——It is Wen Sisi.

On the other side of the phone, Wen Sisi was still arrogant: “Chi Zhengzheng, I have my birthday on Saturday. I have a birthday party? Do you remember to come.”

“No.” Chi Zhengzheng did not hesitate.

Wen Sisi was almost choked in one breath, and said angrily: “Chi Zhengzheng, are you still a human? You told me not to say bad things about Wenyu. I won’t say anything. I asked you to come to my birthday party, but you didn’t come. ?!”

The voice of Chi Zhengzheng is still so? Ruannuo: “There are too many people going to your birthday party. I’m not familiar with them, and I don’t want to meet those familiar, so I don’t want to go.”

She could hear Wen Sisi’s teeth grinding on the other end of the phone.

After a long time, the other side gritted his teeth and said: “Chi, Zhengzheng, you, king, bastard!!”

She regarded Chi Zhengzheng as a friend, and wanted her to be present at the birthday banquet, so she really? Xin called to invite her, but did she speak human words? !

“Beep!” Wen Sisi hung up the phone.

“Oh.” Chi Zhengzheng put the phone aside and sighed.

Wen Yu poured her a cup of hot water and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Wen Sisi’s birthday on Saturday.”

“you want to go?”

“I can only go, otherwise this girl will be pissed off.” She knew she was going since she received the phone call, but just like Wen Sisi stunned her, she was habitually choking right.

Wen Yu watched her frown and asked, “Don’t you want to go?”

“I want to congratulate Wen Sisi too? It’s just that Wen Yiran and An Qinru are definitely there. Although I am not afraid of them, I am annoyed by watching them.” Chi Zhengzheng sighed again and said. “I have to think about what to give her? A gift.”

Wen Yu didn’t speak, he respected Chi Zhengzheng.

After a while, Chi Zhengzheng hurriedly stood up: “The day after tomorrow is her birthday, I have to go up and see what will happen? Dress up, if you want to go, then you must dress up well, not uglier than An Qinru!”

Otherwise, what is going on with An Qinru? He ridiculed her and would definitely bury her in leaving Wen’s house for a poor life.

After she finished speaking, she ran upstairs “tatata”.

Wen Yu looked helpless.

This girl.

He didn’t care that Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisi had a good relationship, just as she knew everything he had, but didn’t tell the Chi Wen family, she knew he was going to deal with Fu Wen’s family, and she didn’t stop it either.

Wen Yu also respected Chi Zhengzheng. She didn’t have any friends, so she would just hear and think about one. As long as she didn’t hurt her, he would not interfere.

Saturday is coming soon.

On this day, Wenyu and Chi Zhengzheng had arrangements, but Chi Zhengzheng did not go out until noon, and Wenyu got up early in the morning.

Didn’t he disturb her, he left Wangjiang Manor by himself.

Chi Zhengzheng was busy after he got up? He was going to pack up Wen Sisi’s gifts. After lunch, he was ready to change clothes and make-up.

However, at this time, Sister Wang came up and called her: “Zhengzheng, the man called by your husband is here.”

“Ah? What? People?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little surprised, and walked to the top of the stairs.

Downstairs, Secretary Xu came with a styling team, she was still holding a box very carefully in her hand, and she was standing downstairs looking at her.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: The big guy is not going to work! Is it the annihilation of morality, or the loss of human nature? !

Wen Yu: …It’s love.

Chi Zhengzheng: o(╯□╰)o

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