The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth raised slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng’s face reddened instantly, and the roots of his ears also reddened. He blinked and looked away, not daring to look at him.

The female doctor on the side could not help but laugh, and saw the two gods, men and women being ambiguous in front of him, which made people unable to control the aunt’s smile.

Whenever they look a little ugly, she wouldn’t yell because of a single eye or a god.

Because of the sound of “Mom and Dad”, Chi Zhengzheng still didn’t dare to look at Wenyu when he came out of the pet hospital. He kept his sight away from Wenyu and only secretly watched him from the corner.

When I met him for a while, I immediately moved away in a panic.

Fuck, shy.

Chi Zhengzheng touched his hot ears.

Wen Yu blushed at first, but seeing Chi Zhengzheng’s reaction, the corner of his mouth couldn’t come down, and he kept staring at her, his eyes warm.

It was still a bit dirty when it came in, but it was clean when it came out. The hair is fluffy, and the small paws are clean and clean, and there is no dust at all.

Chi Zhengzheng was finally able to take it completely into his arms.

Wen Yu carried the things he bought to keep him, and first opened the passenger’s car door for Chi Zhengzheng. After she got in, he put the things in the trunk and sat in the driver’s seat.

He didn’t rush to drive, looking at Chi Zhengzheng, who lowered his head and touched and kept him, and never looked at her.

Wen Yu laughed, her voice also filled with a deep smile: “Don’t look at me yet?”

Chi Zhengzheng’s ears that had been cooling down turned red all of a sudden. She simply convinced herself, why do you love blushing and red ears so much? !

Her eyelashes trembled, she quickly raised her head, glanced at Wen Yu, and then “brushed” her head down.

With a blushing look like this, Wen Yu suddenly tightened, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled?, only then said in a hoarse voice: “Chi Zhengzheng.”

“Hey?” Chi Zhengzheng answered without looking up.

Wen Yu: “You…” Can’t you? Don’t you want to be so loving?

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng finally raised his head to look at him, the temperature of his cheeks and ears also faded slightly.

What do you want to say?

Wen Yu: “Hold my son, I’m going to drive.”

“Swipe,” Chi Zhengzheng’s face just cooled down, suddenly reddened again.

What son, isn’t it that they are… Mom and Dad?

Wen Yu kept looking at her, seeing this, the arc of the corners of her mouth became more obvious.

He thought, he really turned bad.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t like to make Chi Zhengzheng blush so much.

After starting the car, he looked at Chi Zhengzheng, who lowered his head and dared not look at her.

Well, although it’s bad, it feels really good.

Keeping a dog at home is a very easy thing for Chi Zhengzheng. Every day, a pet teacher comes to train and keep it, let him know how to go to the toilet, how to clean it, and listen to some simple instructions.

Wang’s wife is responsible for keeping food and its hygiene problems, and she only needs to be responsible for keeping it for play, and taking it for a walk.

The retention is very sticky to Chi Zhengzheng, wherever she goes, it will follow each other step by step.

Wagging his tail, never yelled at her, he would only make two “whoops” when acting like a baby, and obviously, he likes Chi Zhengzheng more in this family than Wen Yu.

Wen Yu is the second best thing.

Well, this makes Chi Zhengzheng a little secretive.

But Wen Yu doesn’t seem to care. He has been busy recently and has to go to the company every day, which causes Chi Zhengzheng to spend more time with retention.

For example, Chi Zhengzheng took a job of translating German? Translation, staying at her feet, biting her trouser legs and tugging.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered his head: “Keep it, you play for a while, and when I’m done, I will go out for a walk with you.”

Keep: “Woo~”

“Don’t act like a baby, wait any longer? Wait?”


See you can’t call it out, keep it or go out to play, get down at her feet, head against her ankle.

The corner of Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth raised.

Soon, when she is finished, she stands up: “Go, keep, let’s go out and play.”

Hold it and stand up for a while, and the tail waggles immediately.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled at the corner of his mouth.

She thought, if Wen Yu was at home, they could go out and play together.

Unfortunately, Wenyu has been too busy recently.

Wen Yu is really busy.

How big? There are so many things for a company, and it’s not always possible to work from home.

“… It has risen by 35 percent, which is 14 percent higher than the expected two to 11 percent.” The manager at his hand reported on the work.

Wen Yu looked at the report and nodded for a while, “Very well.”

The manager wiped the sweat from his forehead, breathed a sigh of relief, and the expression on his face relaxed.

Wen Yu signed the report and handed it to him: “Go ahead.”

“Okay, boss.” The manager reached out and accepted the report, and walked out lightly.

After the office door was closed, the pace suddenly accelerated and quickly disappeared into this floor.

Wen Yu looked out the window and thought of someone, his cold face softened a bit, and his eyes became gentle.

what is she doing?

Play in the living room and retention?

Or are you busy translating in the study?

“Buzzing.” The phone vibrated.

Wen Yu glanced at?, his brows frowned in an instant.

He didn’t want to pick it up at first, but he didn’t know what he thought of, raised his eyebrows, and then picked up his hand.

As soon as it was connected, the angry voice rang out–

“Wen Yu, do you still know how to answer the phone?!”

It is Wen Jingsen.

Wen Yu sneered, but his voice was faint: “What’s the matter?”

“I ask you, you hit the wound on your brother’s face?!” Wen Jingsen asked.

Wen Yuyan? God? It’s getting colder.

It has been two days since Wen Yiran was beaten, and obviously, the other party did not want to explain why he was beaten, so he didn’t tell Wen Jingsen.

And now, he didn’t know how to know, and he called to question.

Wen Yu didn’t speak.

Wen Jingsen continued on the other end: “You are Yiran’s brother, can’t you get along well with Yiran? Usually you don’t go home every day, and you don’t even make phone calls. See? If you can’t, it’s hard for your brother. See? When it comes to you, will you hit your brother?”

Wen Yu nodded with fingertips on the table, twitched the corners of his mouth, and smiled mockingly.

He didn’t hang up the phone, Wen Jingsen knew that he called Wen Yiran, but he didn’t swear at this moment, and Xianxin said so much nonsense to him, there must be other purposes.

He wants to listen, what is his intention?

Sure enough, Wen Jingsen quickly calmed down his voice, with persuasion: “Ayu, your brother will be in charge of the company in the future, but dad is not allowed? If you can completely ignore you, he must give you some shares. Your brother He Wen Good home means hello, don’t always go against your brother.”



When he was in school, he could leave him hungry when he was a child. Such a father would give him shares and let him eat and smell the family for the rest of his life?

Even if he is willing to give it to him, he doesn’t want it either.

It’s better to ruin everything from Wenjia.

“So?” Wen Yu’s patience is about to run out.

Wen Jingsen paused and said, “You have a good relationship with Zheng Ye of the Zheng family? Some of our projects require cooperation with the Zheng family. The Zheng family said that they should consider it. You can ask Zheng Ye for help.”

The so-called questioning is to use Zheng Ye to take the road of the Zheng family and get the Zheng family to agree to cooperate, and it is better to give them some more profit.

“What else?” Wen Yu asked.

He put the mobile phone on the table, poured a glass of water, and walked back while drinking, and sat down.

He didn’t pick up the mobile phone, looked out the window, then put down the cup, then picked up the mobile phone again.

Wen Jingsen’s voice never stopped: “…A good thing, this is the most sincere Wen Jia can show. Have you remembered what I just said? Then just talk to Zheng Ye. .”

“Then what?” Wen Yu said lightly.

Wen Jingsen: “That’s what happened with the Zheng family. There is one more thing. You and Chi Zhengzheng have lived outside for so long, and the relationship has almost been cultivated. Is she the Chi family? Miss, always so far away. What’s the matter of leaving home? Chi Yan still cares about this daughter. You tell her not to be willful and go home quickly. Otherwise, Chi Yan will be more inclined to Chi Zhouchen in the future. When she gets married, she will take everything No!”

When Wen Yu’s eyes, God, heard this, they instantly changed from mocking to sharp, with half-squinted eyes, with danger.

Wen Jingsen can’t see? It’s not easy for him to say so much to this eldest son. After the explanation is over, I don’t want to say anything, but at the end he said: “What I told you, you have to remember. .”

Wen Yu finally didn’t say “what’s more” and “what’s next” this time.

He spoke coldly, his low voice with indifference: “Wen Jingsen, you are dreaming.”

The other end was stunned for a while, and then came a furious voice——

“Wen Yu!!”

Wen Yu didn’t speak, and hung up.

Then, block the number.

He stretched out his hand and rang the bell.

Secretary Ning quickly opened the door and came in with a respectful attitude: “Boss.”

Wen Yu: “Don’t have to wait? It’s been a year, I don’t want to wait anymore. The project planned by the Wen family will help them speed up, give them some assistance, help them invest all the capital in early, and then… implement the plan in advance!”

Secretary Ning trembled slightly, and immediately said firmly: “Okay, boss!”

Ma, the Wen family is going to die.

Wen Yu stood up, picked up his coat, and walked outside, saying: “Call me if you have anything to do.”

After speaking, the person has walked out of the office.

He can’t wait to see him now? It’s Chi Zhengzheng.

In the past, staying at Wenjia made him nauseous, but now things that touched Wenjia make him nauseous. Sometimes he really hates his own blood, smelling blood is extremely dirty.

He hated Wen Jia so much that he hated himself.

Only by seeing Chi Zhengzheng and seeing her can I feel warmth.

He doesn’t want to drag Wen’s family anymore, he doesn’t want Wen Yi to come out? Now in front of Chi Zhengzheng, he doesn’t want to waste time with the dirty Wen’s family anymore. When there is that time, he even wants to go home to see Chi Zhengzheng or accompany her. Go out to walk the dog.

Wangjiang Manor and the company were not far away, and he soon returned home.

Sweeping his eyes, he found that there was no one in the living room.

Wen Yu kept walking and went up to the second floor, and there was no one in the study.

He paused, feeling inexplicably? He began to be scared and panicked, and the house seemed to be empty in an instant.

Where did Chi Zhengzheng go? !

He quickened his pace, hurriedly looking for it from room to room, but there was none at all.

Wen Yu’s heartbeat seemed to have stagnated, and he couldn’t breathe a little.

Until I walked to the terrace…

“Chi Zhengzheng?” His voice trembled slightly, full of panic

A soft lounge chair was placed on the terrace, blocking Wen Yu’s vision.

Chi Zhengzheng heard the sound, holding a book, poked his head out.

Beside, keep following her move, and sticking his head out from the side.

Chi Zhengzheng’s hair, loosely pinned behind his ears, looked at him with big round eyes, and tilted his head: “Hey?”

Beside her, sticking out her head, keeping the tail happily fluttering, the same style round eyes, looking at him, her head crooked: “Wang~”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Hey?

Keep: Wang~

Chi Zhengzheng: Don’t follow me!

Keep: Barking~

Chi Zhengzheng (holding Wen Yu): Oh, it bullies me!

Wen Yu (silence for a moment): Actually…I want to bully you too…

(Falled down) Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ?

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