This is something that Chi Zhengzheng is a little worried about.

Although Wenyu is very powerful, as a hero of the dominant character, he will definitely not lose to a small character who has no name or surname in the original text.

But although the tycoon’s business empire has risen, the road to hegemony has just begun after all, and it is inevitable that there will be people who are better than him temporarily.

Chi Zhengzheng knew that he could clean up Wen’s family, but he was not sure about Liu’s family? Compared with Yu Ding, which one was more powerful?

The original owner did not have this in his memory, and Chi Zhengzheng himself did not know anything about business matters.

However, even Wen’s family must marry Wen Sisi and Liu Yuxiang. Liu’s family is also very powerful, right?

Thinking of this, she looked up, her eyes worried.

When Wen Yu heard Liu Yuxiang’s name, there was a flash of hostility in his eyes, but when he met Chi Zhengzheng’s worried eyes, his brows relaxed, and the darkness in his eyes disappeared.

He looked at her, his voice softly: “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Wen Yu won’t tell Chi Zhengzheng, it’s not him who is worried now, but the Liu family? Worry!

Thinking of Liu Yuxiang who was clamoring to marry Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yu bowed his head slightly, his eyes obscure.

——Liu Yuxiang, can’t you? Appear in front of Chi Zhengzheng again.

——He is very upset.

After dinner, Wenyu went to the company.

He said that he has something to deal with, but there is really something to deal with, or else Wen Yu is today? He really doesn’t really want to go to the company.

——He prefers to stay at home with Chi Zhengzheng, even if he doesn’t say anything, it’s good to stay in the same room.

“Mr. Wen.” Secretary Ning was already on duty holding the documents.

For? For? A general secretary of a large company whose boss doesn’t come often, if it wasn’t for the long list of zeros behind the salary, even if it was the tough secretary Ru Ning, I guess he wouldn’t want to go on.

Wen Yu nodded, sat down in his position, and reached out to take the file: “I found all the things I sent you to check last night?”

“Yes, the whole situation of Liu’s family is here.”

After so many years of making waves in the Liu family, they finally hit the iron plate.

Chi Zhengzheng is working at home.

She had good English in her previous life. Although the original owner has no great skills, she speaks English and German very fluently, and the other party also got a certificate.

Chi Zhengzheng has no way to directly inherit the ability of the original owner to speak German, but she found that she started to learn German now, but it was very easy, and she almost remembered it after reading it a few times, as if she was in the memory. There are general.

This makes her very happy.

So, she took the job of translating in English. She spent the morning translating to earn money. She spent the entire afternoon reading German books and learning German. Later, she would be able to pick up German translation jobs.

The books she bought are still there, so I have to make time to read them at night.

However, Wenyu is at home in the afternoon? Yeah, should she take time out… to fall in love?

Hmm, is it a relationship?

After all, Wenyu stretched out his hand and hugged her into his arms last night?…

Ah, thinking of this, Chi Zhengzheng covered his face and his ears started to red again.

She patted herself on the cheek, not allowed to think about herself, and started to work with her head down.

Wang’s wife made lunch, and Wen Yu had just returned.

“Zheng Zheng, have dinner!” Wang Sao shouted.


Chi Zhengzheng collected the materials on the table, adjusted his clothes, and hurriedly went downstairs.

Downstairs, Wen Yu loosened his tie and threw his suit jacket on the sofa casually.

When he raised his gaze, they met Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes when he went upstairs and downstairs.

Today, she wore the skirt sent by Wenyu. It was a long suspender skirt with a little floral pattern. She was also covered with a thin knitted sweater. This close-fitting dress revealed her right-angled shoulders and clavicle. With a sense of elegance, it is very beautiful.

Probably for the comfort of being at home, her thick hair was randomly scattered behind her shoulders, and the broken hair on her forehead was just not behind her ears, making her face pale and petite.

Wen Yu was probably born in the past? He didn’t have that nerve, so he never thought there was a woman? How good-looking?

Only Chi Zhengzheng made him feel unable to look away.

On the stairs, Chi Zhengzheng also stopped.


Wen Yu was wearing a white shirt and pulling loose his tie at random with one hand. It was so attractive! ! !

How can he be so good-looking?! Still so sultry?!

It’s too foul to be born like this!

The two of them looked at each other and looked straight at each other. For a moment, Chi Zhengzheng’s red ears moved, lowered his head, and slowly went downstairs, his heart beating out of control.

Wen Yu was also a little uncomfortable. He coughed and looked at Chi Zhengzheng and said, “Is it cold? You seem to be dressed a little thin.”

“No, it’s not cold.” Chi Zhengzheng said hurriedly, feeling embarrassed again, and added, “Since you won’t go out in the afternoon, would you like to change into more comfortable clothes?”

“Good.” Wen Yu’s mouth raised slightly, and the smile in his eyes became thicker.

He obediently went up and changed into casual clothes, and soon went downstairs again.

Chi Zhengzheng sat at the dining table and waited for him, but did not start.

“You will eat first in the future, don’t wait for me.” Wen Yu said.

“Okay…” Chi Zhengzheng responded, and the smile on the corners of his mouth became more obvious.

She laughed, and Wen Yu also laughed.

Still eating separately, but I don’t know when, when Wenyu picked up the vegetables and put them in her bowl, her voice was two-fold worried: “Eat more, you are too skinny.”

He looked at, looked at her collarbone, and looked at her slapped face, thinking in his heart, he had to tell Sister Wang to cook her well.

No, he was alone before. He didn’t care about Wang Sao’s craftsmanship, but now that he has Chi Zhengzheng at home, he still finds a good professional cook to come back and make her fatter…

Thinking of Chi Zhengzheng being fattened by himself, Wen Yu’s eyes were satisfied.

“Oh, okay, you eat too.” Chi Zhengzheng ate the food he had picked up, lowered his eyes and hid his flushed face.


Smell Yu Jiacai, she eats, smell Yu Jiacai, she eats, smell Yu Jiacai again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Enough is enough, I’m full.”

Wen Yu frowned: “You only have to eat so much?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…Then I’ll have some more.” Yes, you can eat more. It’s a girl who always wants to be a little bit concerned about the opposite sex and keep his appetite.

Wen Yu was satisfied, and his frown loosened.

“Do you want to use the study in the afternoon? Then I’ll go…”

Before Chi Zhengzheng’s words were finished, Wen Yu said softly: “It’s okay, the study is big, so we can be together.”


The corner of Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth raised.

After lunch, the two of them went to the study together.

The study room is really big, and there are many, many books. There are various books on the huge shelf, as well as financial newspapers, magazines and so on.

But there is only one desk.

Before Wen Yu was not at home, Chi Zhengzheng occupied his original office space in the study. Now Wen Yu also came in, and Chi Zhengzheng wanted to make way for him.

“No, you sit there, I sit here.” As he said, he sat on his side.

Chi Zhengzheng opened her mouth, and when she saw that Yu had turned on the computer she carried, she also sat down.

The translation in the morning was still a little bit. Chi Zhengzheng finished the translation work first, and then submitted the order online.

She moved her neck, her eyes “accidentally” looked at Wen Yu next to her, who was looking at the computer intently, expressionless, but her eyes were full of sharp points.

The cold face is so beautiful that it makes people unable to remove their eyes.

This look? She just watched it for a while before she recovered, her ears were hot, and she quickly retracted her gaze, took out the German book, and was about to start learning German.

She didn’t notice that after she looked away, the corners of Wenyu’s mouth were raised next to her.

Although Chi Zhengzheng has the foundation of the original master, it is easy for Chi Zhengzheng to learn, but it takes a lot of effort to make a new language. She copied it and checked it on the Internet.

When she met a place she didn’t understand, she bit her pen, frowned, and fell into thinking.

“This place is…” Next to him, Wen Yu suddenly spoke and slowly explained to her.

After he finished speaking, Chi Zhengzheng said in a daze, “You can speak German?”

“Yeah, yes.” Wen Yu nodded, picked up a pen, and tapped her head lightly, with a smile in his voice, “Remember?”

“No…” Patron was surprised.

Wen Yu looked helpless, but he was not impatient, and explained to her carefully again.

This time Chi Zhengzheng listened to it and suddenly realized.

When I looked at Xiang Wenyu again, his eyes were like two small stars, twinkling one after another, too bright.

——Sure enough, it is a male god! Anything will happen!

Wen Yu was looking at her with such a gaze, and the roots of her ears were also a little hot.

He thought, maybe? It’s red.

Fortunately, Chi Zhengzheng was taking notes and did not notice, Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

So, in the next time, Chi Zhengzheng learns German and Wen Yu works.

When Chi Zhengzheng didn’t understand, he bit his pen and looked at Xiang Wenyu, without speaking, but blinked his big eyes.

He watched it immediately and came over, picked up the pen, and explained it to her in detail.

The two of them? With a bright smile on the corner of the mouth and a soft look in the eyes?

The surface in the study is extremely warm.

It was like this for several days in a row.

A few days later, Chi Zhengzheng made a small amount of money by translating and made great progress in learning German.

It’s just that the translation is relatively difficult and there are too many specific nouns, so her learning must continue.

For Chi Zhengzheng, changes are limited in a few days.

But in the past few days, for the Liu family, they have encountered the biggest disturbance in history.

Before Liu Yuxiang’s father, Liu Haifeng, helped his son plot his fiancée, Liu’s family was beaten by one after another.


The cup smashed on the ground, and broken porcelain pieces were all over the floor.

“What the hell is going on?!” Liu Haifeng clutched his chest, sad and hateful.

“Big brother, we don’t know it, too, the evidence that the old man is bad was sent to the opponent, and now the old man has stepped down, our house is over!”

“The stock market is turbulent, and a stock of unidentified capital has intervened. Now our stocks are falling again and again.

“Those people? Seeing the old man step down, now that the stock market has fallen, they all stepped on us like crazy. Wasn’t it like that when they were pleased?

“What’s the use of saying these now? The top priority is to see? How much can we keep? Brother, what shall we do?”

“Yes, elder brother thinks of a way.”

Everyone? Look at Liu Haifeng, with a pair of eyes, how many are thinking of taking the opportunity to get into their own pockets, so as not to end up with the Liu family in the end?

The old man got the opponent’s illicit knowledge and suddenly stepped down.

The stock market was originally unstable, but now there are people who have taken the shots, and they have fallen again and again, and none of the people they asked for help offered help, and instead took a bite towards Liu’s family!

“Check! Check it out! Who is making the shot!!” Liu Haifeng spit out these words with difficulty.

After the other person left, Fan Zhen took out the antihypertensive medicine, poured a glass of water and fed it to Liu Haifeng.

“What to do? Who is going to take action against us? Those who take action? There is also a loss, I don’t understand why? Why are you going to deal with us?” Fan Zhen’s face was sad, and the bottom of his eyes was full of red blood.

Liu Haifeng took the medicine and didn’t speak.

The bad news one after another really made him unable to resist.

“Is it late to hear about the two? The first two days because of? Yuxiang’s affairs were a bit nasty.” Fan Zhen asked.

“No, they don’t have that great ability yet.” Liu Haifeng said, his voice hoarse.

At this time, the phone rang.

Liu Haifeng trembled slightly. In the past few days, every time the phone rang, it was bound to be bad news. He didn’t dare to look at it anymore.

Fan Zhen glanced at it and breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s a son.”

She quickly picked it up and answered the phone.

On the other end, Liu Yuxiang, who was still in the hospital, obviously didn’t know what happened to him in the past few days. As soon as the phone got through, he clamored: “Mom, you haven’t come to see me these two days? “

“Mom has something, you stay in the hospital…” Fan Zhen petted his son and didn’t tell him about the family affairs.

Liu Yuxiang obviously didn’t care about what happened to them, he just said–

“Parents, didn’t you tell me to find a way? What happened? Is Chi Zhengzheng my fiancée? Hurry up and ask her to come to the hospital to take care of me. See? My hands will heal faster because of her. Being beaten like this, I am thinking more and more angry now, and that Wen Yu, why hasn’t he come to apologize yet, is it…”

“Shut up!” Liu Haifeng was furious.

There have been so many things in the house, but Liu Yuxiang is still thinking about Chi Zhengzheng, thinking about letting Wenyu apologize for him!

“Dad?” Liu Yuxiang was taken aback, somewhat at a loss.

“Chi family? Impossible? Let Chi Zhengzheng be your fiancée, Wen Yu won’t apologize anymore, don’t you think about it! Our Liu family? It’s unlucky, you stay in the hospital honestly!” After finishing, Liu Haifeng Hung up the phone and smashed the phone.

In the past two days, he has smashed several mobile phones.

His chest rises and falls violently, angry and angry.

Fan Zhen’s eyes reddened and muttered: “What is your temper with your son? He is still recovering from his wounds. I know that he has not recovered from his injuries, so what can I do…”

“You get used to him! Later Liu’s family? Fall down, I think? What will he do!” Liu Haifeng said angrily, patted his chest, almost unable to speak.

Fan Zhen stopped talking, and for a while, she asked in a crying voice: “Haifeng, we… can we still? Can we keep the Liu family?”

Can you keep it?

Liu Haifeng was also silent for a long time before he said hoarsely: “Find out who made the shot first. As long as the other party stops, the Liu family? Can you save it.”

A big family? The clan didn’t fall so quickly. The other party just shot too fast and ruthlessly, and first went to the old man, and when the old man fell, he immediately went to their company.

The actions of the other party caused many of the Liu family’s enemies to move, which led to the Liu family’s now precarious.

Liu’s family tried their best to find out who was in hand, and soon, Liu’s family got the news.

In fact, the other party did not hide it, let them check as much as they wanted.

When they found the news, they said they wanted to see Liu Haifeng.

At this moment, Liu Haifeng was standing at the door of Yu Ding, looking up at the building, with an obscure expression on his face.

“Mr. Liu, our boss is waiting for you.” Gao Tezhu said with a blank expression on his face.

Liu Haifeng, who was ten years old, was supported by his assistant. It took him a long time to let out a long breath, suppress his anger, and said–

“Lead the way.”

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