Of course Liu Haifeng knew Yu Ding.

This behemoth that suddenly arises? Anyone with a discerning eye can see its terrible potential?.

The Liu family once wanted to make friends with Yu Ding, but Yu Ding’s boss was too mysterious. The entire Yu Ding’s ethos is also business affairs, and management is strict. Although the boss does not show up, he does not let his partners lose out on cooperation. It is not a shameful partner.

Liu Haifeng didn’t expect that it was Yu Ding who suddenly attacked them!

Yu Ding will lose a lot of his own shot this time. Is it difficult? Not thankful. In this case, it is enough to explain Yu Ding——

I’m here to clean up Liu’s house.

It’s just that Liu Haifeng didn’t understand, how did they offend Yu Ding?

Soon, he walked into Yu Ding’s gate.

I was taken by Gao Te’s help and went directly to the top floor from the private elevator. The assistant didn’t follow, Gao Te’s help was not allowed.

Liu Haifeng agreed without much thought.

He came to seek peace this time, so how dare he make Yu Ding unhappy?

Yu Ding’s mysterious boss obviously lived on the top floor, and he followed Gao Tezhu to the office room at the end of the top floor.

“Knock, knock,” Gao Te? helped knock on the door.

“In.” The cold and silent voice.

Liu Haifeng slightly-pause, this voice… is so young.

Gao Te helped open the door, and Liu Haifeng looked away—lifting him, he saw the man sitting in the chair clearly.

That?—In an instant, he froze in place, as if he was hit by a stick on the head.

Wen Yu!

It turned out to be Wen Yu!

As the culprit of beating his son, how could Liu Haifeng not know what Wen Yu looked like?

Before, Wen Jingsen called him and said that Wenyu hadn’t gone back for a few days, and that they would find Wenyu as soon as possible so that he would not be angry.

When I heard it, Liu Haifeng was a little angry, but that day, Liu’s family started to have an accident.

Things happened one after another—? After pressing over, Liu Haifeng couldn’t care about apologizing.

Wen Jingsen didn’t mention Wenyu’s apology anymore. It was obviously because of an accident in their Liu family, and he didn’t bother to look for Wenyu again.

Even if he called to ask for help, the other party also—? The deputy “Oh, I can’t help it”, “My brother, I want to help you, but I can’t help”…

Compared to before, the face changed too quickly.

Liu Haifeng is not happy with Wen Jia, but he didn’t think that Wen Fu, who was famous for Wen Jia, was sitting in the office of Yu Ding’s boss! ! !

The mysterious boss of Yu Ding is actually the big and small Wenyu who is overlooked by the Wen family!

The other side was expressionless, saw him come in, threw the pen on the table, knocked on the table with his hand, and swept his eyes with sharp eyes, and then slowly said, “Sit.”

Liu Haifeng couldn’t remember seeing Wen Yu before, as if he had seen it, but it was too inconspicuous, so he didn’t remember it, he only remembered Wen Yiran from Wen Jia.

But today, looking at the grim man sitting in the office chair, Liu Haifeng actually began to doubt–

How was he blind in the first place, so he would feel that Wenyu was inconspicuous?

He is so obvious that he can’t be ignored!

There is a chair in front of the office desk. The assistant has already gone out and closed the door.

Liu Haifeng walked over slowly stiffly and sat down on the chair.

Okay—after a while, he said in a hoarse voice: “Wen Yu, you are really hidden…”

“Excuse me.” Wen Yu was indifferent, and when he looked at him, there was no emotion in his eyes.

It seems like this? Liu Haifeng, who is being suppressed by him, actually? He didn’t care about it, and didn’t care about it at all.

Regardless of how shocked he is, the most urgent matter is the future of the Liu family.

Liu Haifeng sorted out and sorted out his emotions, took a deep breath, and slowly said: “Wen Yu, I am an old relationship with your dad, Yuxiang and your sister Sisi are also discussing the engagement, let’s two? It’s a family friend, Liu Wenliang? Family, there is no hatred…”

Wen Yu still looked cold. When Liu Haifeng mentioned “Wen Jia”, his eyes showed disgust, and his voice was cold: “Wen Jia is Wen Jia, I? It’s me?.”

So? I thought it was difficult that Liu’s family had nothing to do with Wen’s family, and Wenyu had nothing to do with Wen’s family.

Liu Haifeng—? I was taken aback, opened his mouth, and said: “You embarrass me? Liu family, is it because of me? My son is rude to Chi Zheng…Ms. Chi Jia?”

When asked like this, he was a little unbelievable.

Wen Yu looked at his eyes,-with cold eyes, like blades-so sharp: “Chi Zhengzheng, it’s my fiancee. No one can touch her-a vellus hair.”

Long still has Nilin, Wen Yu still doesn’t quite understand what Chi Zhengzhen means to him, but he is also very upset for anything that makes her unhappy.

It really is!

Liu Haifeng’s face was shocked. In this world, there is really a champion—? An angry businessman? !

After reacting, he immediately said: “I? Let Yuxiang apologize to Miss Chi Jia immediately, I promise, he will never be rude to Miss Chi Jia in the future!”

Wen Yu looked at him with sharper eyes: “I want Liu Yuxiang to never show up in front of Chi Zhengzheng again.”

Compared to Liu Yuxiang coming to apologize, what he wanted more was – Liu Yuxiang rolled out of Chi Zhengzheng’s sight.

From now on, the one who stopped Chi Zhengzheng and shouted to marry her, and the one who made her worry about whether she would retaliate against Liu Yuxiang, do not show up again, and do not evoke her bad memories.

“Okay, I? Understand, I?—? I will definitely not let Yuxiang go to Chi Zhengzheng.” Liu Haifeng agreed with almost no hesitation.

“No, you don’t understand.” Wen Yu said suddenly.

Dad Liu—? Frozen, his eyes blank.

Wen Yu looked at him and paused: “My intention is, Liu Yuxiang, I can go abroad to stay.”

Going abroad? !

Dad Liu—? Angrily rushed to the top of his head instantly.

He stood up angrily and looked at Wen Yu: “Wen Yu, me? Only so-a? Son! He will not come back when he goes abroad to live, what shall we do with the Liu family?! Who will inherit my family business in the future? ?!”

He always said that Fan Zhen spoiled his son, but in fact, he is also—the same.

Wen Yu raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything. He just picked up the phone and made a call: “Continue to short Liu’s stock, and be sure to make them-bankrupt.”

“I? Promise! I? Promise!”

After speaking, Liu Haifeng sat down in the chair, as if he was getting older.

Wen Yu rang the bell.

Gao Te? Help quickly opened the door.

Wen Yu: “Send off guests.”

As a result, Liu Haifeng’s door-to-door negotiation ended in a short period of time.

I originally thought about all the negotiation methods on the way, and all the promises of interest, all of which were of no use.

Wen Yu didn’t listen to what he said at all, he only had—? a? purpose—to stop Liu Yuxiang from appearing in front of Chi Zhengzheng.

The Liu family has no right to choose at all, only to agree to this—? A way!

After the Liu family agreed, Wen Yu didn’t need to continue to invest money to kill the Liu family. He stopped, and the Liu family had to accept Wen Yu’s offer if he wanted to live.

Wen Yu stirred up the wind and rain in Liu’s house for a few days, leaving only one-third of Liu’s house left—?, but he was able to withdraw and go back—? There was no loss of money…

How terrible.

Before leaving, Liu Haifeng looked back at Wen Yu-?

He is already dealing with public affairs, his sharp eyes, calm and clear.

Wen Yu…He is only twenty-six, and he is only two years older than his son Liu Yuxiang.

But-this is the boss behind Yu Ding, who can easily decide the life and death of Liu’s family,-this is still relying on acting coquettishly towards his parents to ask for this or that.

Liu Haifeng thought suddenly.

Actually sending Liu Yuxiang out? It’s nothing, as long as the Liu family still has capital, he can live a good life.

He has only this—? A? Son, but he can still have—? A? Son, and the second? Son, he—? Will no longer follow the previous education method, no longer think about leaving wealth to let He guards, but teaches him to create wealth.

Even if the Liu family fell down again, as long as the people were still there, they could get up again.

Do not seek to be better than Wen Yu who created Yu Ding, as long as… he has ten tenths—?, enough.

After walking out of Yu Ding.

Liu Haifeng shook his hand and took out his cell phone and called Wen Jingsen.

The phone rang for a long time, and Wen Jingsen answered the phone with two points of impatience: “Brother Liu, what’s the matter?”

“Jingsen, we are also for many years? We have friendship, why are you…”

“After many years of friendship with me? I can’t help it. I heard that Yu Ding was the one who shot? Yu Ding is a low-key, powerful, and powerful. We Wen Jia also can’t help!” Wen Jingsen said in a voice. A little mockery.

Liu Haifeng was stunned, then he said, “You don’t know?”

“What?” Wen Jingsen asked him, “I? I don’t know what?”

“It’s nothing.” Liu Haifeng smiled, “I, my son, indeed, are not worthy of your family’s Sisi, I? Liu family is still lingering and can’t compare with your Wen family, so we will no longer deal with each other in the future. good luck.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Wen Jingsen didn’t even know that Wen Yu was Yu Ding’s boss? !

Liu Haifeng suddenly thought of Wen Jia’s attitude towards Wen Yu, and—? all the time— some rumors…

He suddenly wanted to laugh.

Wen Yu was already so terrifying, but—silver—never let Wen Jia know.

Isn’t it obvious that this is going to explain?

Wen Yu, the conspicuous one is—? Someone who must report to you!

He was in despair, and Wen Jingsen looked down on him.

He just watched with cold eyes, and it won’t take long for Wen Yu to make Wen Jingsen countless times worse than him!

And Wen Jia, obviously still—? Know nothing.


Wen Jingsen hung up the phone.

Wen Yiran was dealing with public affairs next to him, and looked at him: “What’s the matter? Uncle Liu asked me for help again?”

“It seems to be, but it’s utterly nagging.” Wen Jingsen frowned, but didn’t take it to heart. “He is probably upset because I didn’t help him, huh, can I help him?”

Wen Yiran didn’t take it to heart, but just sneered: “Isn’t he still proud the other day? Isn’t he very proud? His son is arrogantly wanting Chi Zhengzheng to be her fiancée…”

“Fortunately, we haven’t been engaged to them yet, or we are tied up, even if we can ignore the marriage contract, it’s really not very good for the wind.” Wen Jingsen said with joy.

Fortunately, Liu Yuxiang—you just saw Chi Zhengzheng, and Wen Yu’s beating was a good thing, otherwise they might have already released the marriage contract between Wen Yiran and Wen Sisi with the Liu family!

Fortunately, fortunately.

Wen Yiran sarcastically said: “If he deserves it too, the toad wants to eat swan meat.”

This swan meat…I don’t know which one it is referring to.

Wen Jingsen looked at him and frowned slightly: “Yiran, you seem to be a little concerned about Chi Zhengzheng recently?”

Wen Yiran-stiff, the movement of his hand stopped, and it took a long time before he said: “Nothing…”

“You had to marry An Qinru before. In the past two days, I didn’t listen to you anymore.”

Wen Yiran continued his hand movement and replied: “Didn’t you disagree?”

Actually? He didn’t know when he started, he didn’t have that before? Kind of eagerness to marry An Qinru.

He wanted to marry An Qinru because his previous fiancée was Chi Zhengzheng. After the two people broke off the marriage contract, he was strangely not so worried.

Even if An Qinru always hinted, he did not say to marry her immediately because he wanted to coax her…

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