Liu Yuxiang is also considered tenacious, even if he is beaten like this, when thinking of Chi Zhengzheng, he still wants the other party to be his fiancée.

Just saying this? In his head, he thought of Wenyu’s Shura-like face again, and asked him in a calm voice–

Do you still want to marry Chi Zhengzheng?

Liu Yuxiang shrank his neck and trembled slightly.

The arm seemed to be painful again, and the pain that was so painful that I couldn’t scream hit my heart.

But Liu Yuxiang thought, since he was discharged from the hospital, he found a few bodyguards to follow him all the time! If Wen Jia doesn’t support Wen Yu, he can’t help it? What about himself…

Because I fell in love with Chi Zhengzheng, I haven’t waited yet? How did he get a kick and folded another hand, which made him more attached to Chi Zhengzheng.

If you can’t get it?

Isn’t that in vain? Suffer this meal?

Hearing what Liu Yuxiang said, everyone present was taken aback at the same time.

Especially Chi Yan and Ding Yijun, they were only here to take a look, because after all, there was Chi Zhengzheng in this incident, but they didn’t expect to hear that Liu Yuxiang wanted to marry Chi Zhengzheng?

Chi Yan frowned for a moment.

Ding Yijun’s face also became unsightly, even angry.

Wen Yu smells superfluous and has no promise. Liu Yuxiang is a dandy and has no promise. From the perspective of a son-in-law, she is not a single one!

Liu Yuxiang shouted again: “Wen Yu beats me like this, then let him pay me his fiancée?! I’m going to be late to Zhengzheng, don’t hear or think?!”

He started to sneer again, Wen Jingsen’s face was ugly.

Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng were married, and they made a steady profit. How could he be willing at this moment?

Moreover, in front of their Wenjia, the other party bluntly said not to hear, think, and to replace Wenyu’s fiancee Chi Zhengzheng. This is putting their Wenjia face on the ground!

What does it mean to pay him?

This is stepping on the faces of Chi Wen’s two families!

“Enough!” Wen Yiran couldn’t bear it, and suddenly said.

In the ward, everyone looked at him.

Xu Wei moved her mouth and looked at Wen Jingsen. Seeing that he had no idea of ​​blocking, she shut her mouth.

Wen Yiran’s face was ugly: “Uncle Liu, Auntie, yes, Wen Yu hit Liu Yuxiang is his fault, he should apologize to the Liu family. But he beat Liu Yuxiang because Liu Yuxiang molested Chi Zhengzheng first, if Wen Yu didn’t last night Hit, I? Will also help Liu Yuxiang sober up!”

He took a deep breath and continued: “Since Liu Yuxiang had intended to be with my sister before, he shouldn’t provoke Chi Zhengzheng anymore. Now he says that he wants Chi Zhengzheng to be his fiancé? Sorry, Wen Jia Disagree, you are putting our Wen Jia’s face on the ground!”

“There is also Chi’s!” At the door, Chi Zhouchen’s voice sounded.

“Zhou Chen, didn’t you go to school?” Ding Yijun frowned.

Chi Zhouchen was still wearing a school uniform. He looked at Liu Yuxiang on the hospital bed and said coldly: “Go later, me? Now I want to see who bullied me last night? Sister who bullied me!”

Ding Yijun didn’t say anything anymore, just standing beside Chi Yan and his son, with a calm face.

Chi Yan slowly said: “Shao Liu was okay last night? He was drunk, and he said that today? It’s a bit too bullying, right.”

The daughter of his Chi family, is it okay to use the word “compensate”?

That is a person, not an object!

“My brother, this is serious.” Dad Liu twitched the corner of his mouth to make a round of it. “I, this ineffective son, will make trouble and talk nonsense. Don’t listen to him. He is talking nonsense.”

“Dad! I didn’t talk nonsense? I just wanted to marry Chi Zhengzheng.” Liu Yuxiang was still making trouble.

Dad Liu stood up and stared at him fiercely before looking at others: “I? This son is spoiled by us, brother Jingsen, brother Chi, and Yiran and Zhou Chen, I will definitely do it. Take good care of him, you just look at my face, don’t worry about this bastard!”

Wen Yiran and Chi Zhouchen didn’t say anything, their faces were ugly.

Wen Jingsen and Chi Yan’s expressions eased a little, but they didn’t speak either.

Dad Liu paused, and then said: “Don’t apologize for what I heard. This is me? My son is guilty, but you see him still lying on the bed. Don’t bother with him. He was young and ignorant.”

The previous reason was on their side. When Liu Yuxiang called for Chi Zhengzheng to be his fiancée, Wen Yiran stubbornly stiffened. After Liu Yuxiang molested Chi Zhengzheng in public last night, Chi Zhouchen appeared again to show his dissatisfaction with the Chi family. The reason is not on their side.

It’s useless to apologize, it’s better to be more generous, to ease the relationship, so as not to get froze.

The faces of Wen Jingsen and Chi Yan really looked better.

“Bull me? Just forget about it? It was Wenyu who beat me, not Chi Zhengzheng.” Chi Zhouchen still looked ugly, and the young man still didn’t have so many benefits in his heart.

In his opinion, Liu Yuxiang dared to reach out to Chi Zhengzheng. It was a good deal to discount it!

The expression on Dad Liu’s face froze, and then he twitched his mouth: “Brother Chi, your Zhouchen has grown so big… Young people grow up fast, haven’t they been so tall last time I saw him?”

He sighed and sighed, and then said: “Well, this time Yuxiang is sorry for Zhengzheng. It was he who drank and said last night? Nonsense, Yiran they are all here, he dare not do anything, young Muai It’s normal for a girl who likes Zhengzheng as well, but she didn’t stop her mouth! Looking back, let him apologize to Zhengzheng. I promise that this will never happen again in the future!”

What did Chi Zhouchen want to say? What, Chi Yan pulled him a bit? Then, Chi Yan said: “I only have a daughter like Zheng Zheng. Yuxiang is really messed up this time, so I can’t do this anymore. .”


Wen Jingsen’s expression also eased, and he smiled: “Wenyu shouldn’t hit someone. When the time comes, I will bring him to apologize to Yuxiang. It’s normal for young people to quarrel and quarrel with each other. Our three families have good relationships. These things don’t affect… …”

The matter was resolved just like that.

Wen Yu beat someone, but Liu Yuxiang made a mistake first, and then said in the ward that he wanted Chi Zhengzheng to be his fiancée, which angered the two families of Chi Wen and became the Liu family’s fault.

But Liu Yuxiang was still lying on the bed. The Liu family took it over to help their project, and both families had to let go.

After Chi Wen left the family, only Liu’s family remained in the ward.

“Son, what did you just say? What nonsense?” Fan Zhen wanted to poke Liu Yuxiang twice. Seeing his pale face, she started to feel distressed again.

Liu Yuxiang looked at his mother pitifully and begged: “Mom, I? I really like Chi Zhengzheng. Before, you said that it was good to hear and think, but I was very satisfied after I watched it. But that was because I didn’t meet Chi. Zhengzheng, I saw her last night. I think I really like her. I like her very much.”

“Still talking nonsense!” Dad Liu scolded him, “You are not allowed to talk nonsense anymore, Chi Zhengzheng already has a fiancé!”

“I didn’t talk nonsense. Just now I knew that Dad was embarrassed. I could not say anything, but I wanted Chi Zhengzheng. If I could not marry Chi Zhengzheng, then I would not get married. , I will never get married in this life!” Liu Yuxiang said aggrievedly.

Dad Liu felt softer.

Although this kid is not sensible, he just told him to shut up, even if he thought about it in his heart, he didn’t say it? Come out…

It’s muddy, but caring is also caring.

Seeing his loose attitude, Liu Yuxiang hugged his hands: “Parents, I? My hands hurt so much, I almost killed me when Wen Yu nearly killed me last night?! Oh, I? I just like Chi Zhengzheng!”

Fan Zhen felt relieved at once, looked at Liu Yuxiang, and then at Liu Dad.

She? She also knows Chi Zhengzheng, but the other party’s reputation is not good. She? She doesn’t like it very much, but his son really likes…

“Then if Chi Zhengzheng is your fiancée, will you still mess around outside?” Fan Zhen asked.

Liu Yuxiang smiled: “No, never messing around again! I? Really like her? Wen Yu discounts me? Hand threatens me? I still like her?.”

He said so, and shook his plastered hand.

Fan Zhen felt completely softened, and looked at Dad Liu: “His father, it is rare for a son to like someone so much. After all, Chi Zhengzheng is the eldest lady of the Chi family. Wensi? Si? is separated from the Wen family by one floor. If you can let his son It’s okay to marry Chi’s family for your heart?”

Dad Liu didn’t say anything, frowned and thought.

After a long while, he finally spoke?: “No matter how much you want, you can’t dare to say it? Come out, that’s not stomping the faces of the two families on the ground? Chi Zhengzheng’s fiance is Wen Yu, that is a well-known story. Family is redundant, let’s take it slow, Chi’s can’t give up your choice of Wenyu!”

“Thank you Dad! I listen to Dad!”

Outside the hospital, Chi Yan looked at Chi Zhouchen: “Zhou Chen, you don’t need to take care of these things. Do you go to school well? Dad will take care of it naturally.”

“How do you deal with it? It’s like this, and muddy mud?” Chi Zhouchen pursed his lips.

He is very dissatisfied with this solution!

Just by looking at that kid’s eyes, he knew that he hadn’t given up Chi Zhengzheng yet.

If he doesn’t clean up, he breaks his mind? How can it be solved? !

“You don’t understand, the project we cooperated with the Wen family still needs the Liu family to help. With the help of the Liu family, can it be convenient? I don’t know how much, the Wen family is willing to join the marriage with Wen Si, we just bear it? Angry!” Chi Yan taught his son.

Chi Zhouchen’s face was still ugly.

Chi Yan went on to say?: “Wen Yiran and they were all in the situation last night, and Zhengzheng will not really suffer. Moreover, Wen Yu discounted Liu Yuxiang’s hands, and he was out of breath. Now is the time to settle a grudge with them? Fortunately, now the Liu family owes me? We, take it next?…”

Seeing him want to talk about business matters, Chi Zhouchen interrupted him: “Yes, I really don’t understand. But Dad, Chi Zhengzheng is no longer willing to come back? Come, you haven’t found her yet? Now the character is already Has it changed? Do you still think of it as her? Will you be home in a few days?”

Chi Yan was stunned, and Ding Yijun, who was anxious next to him, was also stunned.

Chi Zhouchen: “Now that the Liu family owes me? People, if Chi Zhengzheng knows about this, according to her? With your current temper, do you think you still have a daughter?”

He took a deep breath, wondering when he started to reflect on himself.

But from the day of introspection, every time I felt – they really owed Chi Zhengzheng.

“Parents, I took a taxi to go to school.”

Chi Zhouchen left, Chi Yan and Ding Yijun still stood in place.

Wangjiang Villa.

In the morning, after smelling Yu got up, he didn’t go to work.

He sits at the dinner table for breakfast, but he lifts his head from time to time to see if there is movement upstairs.

Sister Wang looked at his reaction and smiled: “Zhengzheng usually wakes up at nine o’clock, Mr. Wen will have to wait a while.”

“Don’t worry.” Wen Yu withdrew his gaze, his face straightened, as if he hadn’t waited for someone.

Wang Sao just snickered.

At about 8:50, Wife Wang left and went to buy food for noon.

And that Mr. Wen, who “as if not waiting for someone”, was still having breakfast at the dinner table.

——With a slow speed that has never been seen before.

A few minutes later, upstairs, there was the sound of a door opening.

Soon, Chi Zhengzheng’s figure appeared at the entrance of the stairs.

Her gaze also saw Wen Yu sitting below, and she paused slightly.

Turn around subconsciously.

Damn, I haven’t washed and dressed, and I’m still wearing pajamas!

Wen Yu: “Get up? What to eat?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She continued downstairs in embarrassment, cleared her throat, and said softly: “Just drink porridge.”

“Yeah.” Wen Yu stood up and went into the kitchen.

Chi Zhengzheng’s feet are a little daunting, not too embarrassed to go in.

After a long while, she straightened her clothes with her hands and straightened her hair before heading towards the kitchen.

However, Wen Yu came out with the porridge.

“I’m ready for you.” He said?

“Oh, thank you…” Chi Zhengzheng quickly reached out and took it and put it on the dining table.

Wen Yu also sat down? and continued to eat the breakfast he had eaten for an hour.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered his head to drink porridge, Yu Guang secretly looked at Wen Yu…

The boss is still so good-looking today, and his momentum is amazing.


The big guy didn’t wear a formal dress today, but he was wearing a very nice windbreaker?

It’s so handsome.


The big guy’s hair doesn’t seem to be the same as usual. It seems extra handsome today?

Is it her? With the filter, or did the boss fucking himself today?

“Ahem, eat, don’t watch.” Wen Yu said.

“Hmm–” Chi Zhengzheng lowered his head, his ears instantly turning red.

Rapid heartbeat.

This feeling of peeking and being caught by someone is really embarrassing! !

She didn’t say anything, Wen Yu didn’t know what to say, there was only a slight dining sound at the dinner table.



The two spoke together again?.

“You speak first?” Wen Yu’s mouth raised slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng lowered his head, his ears trembled, “Are you not going to work today?”

“Well, I still have to go to the company later, there are some things to deal with.” Wen Yu explained, paused, and then said, “Come back at noon, and stop going at noon.”

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng blinked and bit his chopsticks.

Between the two, fell silent again.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Wen Yu asked.

Chi Zhengzheng subconsciously said, “Very good! Very good!”

Very eager to cover up, in fact, she didn’t sleep well last night and kept tossing in bed.

The ears trembled, and they became red again.

Chi Zhengzheng bit his chopsticks and decided to change the subject——

“Last night… I hit Liu Yuxiang last night, will there be any trouble?”

The author has something to say: Liu Yuxiang: I want to marry Chi Zhengzheng!

Dad Liu: My dear son, let me find a way for you.

Wen Yu: …? ? ? Ah.

In other words…you gave them steamed fish CP, and you also said to eat fish CP, hehe, which is better?

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