Still keeping his expressionless face, the panic in Wen Yu’s heart could not be seen for a moment.

However, Chi Zhengzheng’s reaction was far beyond everyone’s expectations. She was neither afraid to blame Wen Yu nor happy, she rushed towards Wen Yu…

Just take his hand? Run out!

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, and subconsciously followed? The two quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Behind, An Qinru and others were still staring at Liu Yuxiang who was moaning on the ground.

The manager and the security guard were also stunned. Chi Zhengzheng’s run seemed to wake everyone up, and the manager hurriedly sent someone to carry Liu Yuxiang to the hospital.

“Don’t touch your hands, be careful, hurry!” the manager greeted.

He has experience!

Sending people directly to the hospital is much faster than calling an ambulance.

And he also has a professional car and professional staff here to ensure that people can be sent to the hospital the fastest and best.

After all, he has done a lot.

After hesitated, the manager shrank his neck again and was afraid.

Although the wrongdoer is wronged, the Liu family wants to be sure? It is to find Wenyu, but he will inevitably be scolded by the boss.


“Wen Yu… how dare he?!” An Qinru exclaimed after returning to his senses.

Wen Yiran’s face was calm, his face extremely ugly.

Next to him, Wen Sisi was worried and secretly happy. Hearing An Qinru’s words? Subconsciously? He said, “Wen Yu is protecting Chi Zhengzheng, what’s the problem? You are very close to each other, but what did you think? Are others bullying Chi Zhengzheng? Seeing that Chi’s family knows, what kind of face is there for you!

She didn’t hate An Qinru so much before, but the relationship was very good. Since the Chi Zhengzheng car accident, the more she looked at An Qinru, the more bored she became.

An Qinru’s face changed, her eyes reddened: “I don’t have…”

Wen Sisi was too lazy to care about her, and went straight out.

“Brother Yiran…” An Qinru looked at Wen Yiran.

However, Wen Yiran was looking at the direction Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were leaving, slightly lost, and did not hear her?

An Qinru’s eyes were darker, and hatred flashed across her eyes.

Just now, Wen Yiran clearly wanted to help Chi Zhengzheng several times!

However, thinking that Wen Yu had just folded Liu Yuxiang’s hand, the corner of her mouth raised slightly.

The Liu family is sure? Will not let go, this is their precious son, even if it is wrong, but if he breaks his hands, the Liu family will definitely avenge him.

This time, what else can Wenyu and Chi Zhengzhen do?

Wen Yu watched Chi Zhengzheng holding his hand and ran after her in a daze.

When the two of them ran away, making sure that no one was chasing them, she stopped, bent down, put her hands on her knees, and panted heavily.


“It can be considered that we slipped away fast.” Chi Zhengzheng wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Wen Yu didn’t speak? He looked at her blankly.

Her white, jade-like cheeks were red after running, her hair was messy, and her big eyes were watery. Under the light, they were far more dazzling than the stars in the sky.

After Chi Zhengzheng gasped, she straightened up and looked at him, with a sound of condemnation: “Wen Yu!”

Wen Yu pursed his lips.

“Although he deserves what you did to him, but in front of so many people, they are all on Liu Yuxiang’s side, and I can’t help you much, what will you do if they make a move against you?” Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with a face full of condemnation.

Can Wen Yu fight so many people alone?

There are also nightclub managers and security guards. Between Wen Yu, Wen Yiran, and Liu Yuxiang, don’t think about it. They surely won’t be on Wen Yu’s side!

Wen Yu was stunned for a long time before he whispered softly: “Are you not angry?”

“Why should I be angry?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little surprised, “You help me out, I can only thank, how can I be angry! It’s just that you were single-handedly just now, wanting to really fight would put you at a disadvantage…”

Her voice was brisk and she kept talking.

The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth slowly raised.

“Are you not afraid? Okay.” Wenyu’s smile at the corner of his mouth was too obvious.

People who don’t laugh often, when they start to laugh, the better they look, let alone Wen Yu with such a beautiful face, with the corners of his mouth rising, it looks like spring is blooming, and the ice and snow melt.

The sound of Chi Zhengzheng stopped. At that moment, everything around him disappeared, and he fell into silence. In his sight, only the cold man smiled slightly.


Sometimes, the budding of feelings stems from “seeing sex?” Of course, it also includes male sex.

She watched him smile blankly, raised her hand, clutching her sudden faster heartbeat.

“Not afraid.” She murmured, looking up at his face, acknowledging her true emotions just now, “On the contrary, she feels at ease.”

When she saw Wen Yu, when she saw Wen Yu cleaning up Liu Yuxiang, she was not afraid at all. At that moment, there was nothing but peace of mind in her heart.

As if he is here, she just? Anything? Don’t be afraid anymore.

I’m not afraid that they will stop her from letting her go. I’m not afraid of Liu Yuxiang’s hands and feet. I’m not afraid that the Liu family will cover the sky with only one hand. Are not afraid that the Chi family will force her to stay with Liu Yuxiang? I’m not afraid of… this strange world.

Peace of mind.

Her soft voice? The two words murmured softly seemed to crash into Wenyu’s heart in an instant. They were soft and sour, and there was even something so full that they were about to overflow.

Wen Yu could no longer control the thought of rising up just now, lifted his foot forward, stretched out his hand, and gently hugged Chi Zhengzheng into his arms.

Her face was on his chest.

With a full feeling in her arms, the delicate little girl was trapped in front of her chest, smelling her fragrance, as if the wandering heart fell to the ground and had roots.

Wen Yu said: “In the future? Will be very at ease, no one can hurt you.”

He lowered his head and hit Chi Zhengzheng on top of Chi Zhengzheng’s head with his breath. The arms that circled her were strong and powerful. Her nose was filled with the breath of his arms, safe and reliable.

Like? A person, maybe a moment, maybe a look.

Like? Wen Yu, maybe when he clasped Liu Yuxiang’s wrist, maybe when he smiled slightly under the dim street lamp, maybe when he was embraced…

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know when it was.

But the wild beating of her heart, the red ears, and the blank brain told her–

She was late and planted.

Wen Yu drove, Chi Zhengzheng leaned on the seat, tilted his head and looked outside.

Those big round eyes turned around, obviously looking out the window, but they always turned sideways to see Wenyu.

The bustling traffic outside the window is not eye-catching and heart-wrenching.

Her heart beat fast, and noticed that her hair in the mirror was a little messy, she hurriedly reached out and gently straightened out the messy hair, and covered her hot ears with the loose hair.


The car was too quiet, and she clenched her hands, suppressing her overly obvious heartbeat.

The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth has never fallen tonight, he rarely smiles, so the curvature of the corner of his mouth is very slight, but compared with normal times, he knows his good mood at the moment.

“You,” he said slowly, feeling a little hoarse, and coughing, clearing his throat: “Why don’t you wear the clothes you sent back?”

“Just?…not so good,” Chi Zhengzheng replied, without looking back, dare not look at him: “I will buy it myself in the future…”

The heartbeat was so fast that I almost didn’t know what I was talking about.

Wen Yu’s eyes were still full of smiles, with a serious face and a gentle voice: “But I want to give it to you.”

I want to give her clothes, shoes, and everything.

What does she want, what does he want? He wants to send it to her.

Chi Zhengzheng’s ears moved, as if he understood it, but it became even more red, as if it was burning.

Wen Yu: “Put it on tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay…” Chi Zhengzheng turned his back to him, grinning silly?

When I went out a few hours ago, I still wanted to talk to him, don’t give her anything, because at that time, she thought they were actually okay.

A few hours later, he said he wanted to send it, and she said she would accept it.

When they returned to Wangjiang Manor, Sao Wang and the others had already fallen asleep, and only her and Wenyu were left in the main building.

The house that I thought was so big and empty, at this moment, there are only two of them, it seems to be full.

There are obviously a few steps between the two, but they seem to be crowded together, as if they can smell the faint fragrance of the person next to them.

From the moment he got on the bus, Chi Zhengzheng hadn’t looked at him directly, only secretly watched him when he couldn’t see, and when his sight shifted, she subconsciously moved away.

Standing in the living room, neither of them moved.

“Are you hungry?” Wen Yu asked.

Chi Zhengzheng: “No, I’m not hungry.”

“Are you thirsty?” Wen Yu asked again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “No, I’m not thirsty.”

“Then…” Wen Yu opened his mouth and couldn’t find anything to say?

——This is a very magical state. I can’t find anything to say, but I want to talk again, even if I don’t even talk. I just stay where the other person is breathing, and I feel that the air is sweet.

My feet seemed to have taken root, and I couldn’t walk.

The same goes for Chi Zhengzheng.

She didn’t say anything, she looked up at him, and just ran into a pair of scorching hot eyes…

The heartbeat was out of control again.

Chi Zhengzheng opened his mouth slightly, stuttering: “Then, are you hungry?”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“Then are you thirsty?”

“Not thirsty.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “Then…we sleep?”

Wen Yu’s pupils tightened, staring at her closely, as if he could ignite her in an instant.

“No, no!” Chi Zhengzheng stammered even more, “Just?, just? I’ll go back to the room first, good night!”

After that, “Deng Deng Deng” ran upstairs.

Running to the corner of the second floor, she stopped again, turned around, and took a deep breath—

“Wen Yu, good night, see you tomorrow.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately turned and ran back to the room.

Wen Yu raised his head and looked up at the direction of her disappearance, with smiles in his eyes.

in fact……

I should have said that I was hungry and thirsty.

He can eat another bowl of rice and drink a glass of water.

An annoyed Wen Yu didn’t know–

In fact, if Chi Zhengzheng is guarding him, he can eat all night’s food and drink all night’s water:).

Liu Yuxiang of the Liu family was hospitalized, and her hand was interrupted. The boss of the Wen family was beaten by Wen Yu.

Although it has been cured, such an injury requires a few days to lie down in the hospital after a plaster. For a long time, that hand cannot be used.

The Liu family rushed to the hospital, furious.

The Wen family and Chi family who received the news also rushed over early the next morning.

It stands to reason that this matter has nothing to do with Chi’s family, but Wen Yu is nominally Chi Zhengzheng’s fiancé, that is, their son-in-law.

What’s more, the reason why Wen Yu beat Liu Yuxiang was because of Chi Zhengzheng.

Therefore, in Liu Yuxiang’s ward, Liu’s, Wen’s, and Chi’s were all gathered together.

Wen Jingsen’s face was ugly. The moment he received the news, he was full of heart?

Did Wen Yu eat the gall of the bear heart and leopard? !

He even dared to beat people in public and discounted the manpower!

Most bear children have bear parents. Liu Yuxiang’s mother, Fan Zhen, treats her son very much. Liu Yuxiang is looking at the bed with a distressed face at the moment.

She didn’t have a good face to the Wen family, so she couldn’t help but said, “You Wen Yu is really amazing. Just don’t say a word? Beat my son like this, with Wen Yiran and Wen Sisi watching by the side. , And let Wen Yu beat others!”

Liu Yuxiang was lying on the bed? With a pale face, he howled: “Mom, I’m uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, mom is up to you!” Fan Zhen hurried forward, coaxing his son softly.

Dad Liu didn’t say anything, but he also sat next to him, his face was not pretty.

Wen Jingsen twitched the corners of his mouth, smiling? Rong was a little embarrassed: “Um, Yuxiang, this time it is Wen Yu’s fault, I must? Let that kid come and apologize to you, please forgive me!”

Upon hearing the name “Wen Yu”, Liu Yuxiang trembled slightly.

I can still see Wen Yu’s gloomy face…

“Yeah, Wen Yu is ignorant. It’s too much. Sister Fan Zhen also knows. Wen Yu doesn’t listen to us at all.” Xu Wei stepped forward with a sad look on her face.

Wen Yiran tightened his lips and stood beside him, looking at Liu Yuxiang with obscure eyes.

Fan Zhen didn’t speak, the expression on her face was obviously very unhappy.

“I’m going to make a call? Call that kid over!” Seeing this, Wen Jingsen took out his mobile phone to make a call.


No one answered.

Wen Jingsen’s face was ugly. He made several calls in a row, but no one answered him all the time, and his face became darker and darker.

“Why do I have such a son!” Wen Jingsen threw the phone next to him, his forehead bounced.

Xu Wei patted him for fear: “Don’t be angry, he will always go back.”

“Find! Let people find!” Wen Jingsen said to the assistant.

The assistant paused slightly, but still responded, “Okay, I’ll let people go when I’m here.”

In fact?, because Wen Jingsen didn’t like Wen Yu, they didn’t pay attention to where Wen Yu lived when he didn’t return to Wen Yu’s house.

Fan Zhen snorted twice, she finally looked a little better.

At this time, Dad Liu finally said, “Jingsen, you know, I only had such a son when I was old. At home? Is it too pampered, what’s wrong, just say it? Yes, I won’t fight. Is it like this?”

Fan Zhen nodded hurriedly: “Yeah, you haven’t heard the doctor say that if it is a little bit crooked, his hand will be completely abandoned! You heard that Yu is really doing it too hard. What is this going to do? Murder? “

“It’s Wen Yu’s fault, I must? I’ll take care of him!” Wen Jingsen said with a calm face, and barely hooked his mouth to the Liu family.

In fact, he was angry at Wen Yu’s troubles at the moment, and also angry at Wen Yu’s disobedience and refusal to answer the phone.

He even thought, when he saw Wen Yu, he also interrupted his hand and asked him to come to the door to apologize!

At this moment, Liu Yuxiang on the bed stuck out his head and said to Fan Zhen: “Mom…I like Chi Zhengzheng, and I want Chi Zhengzheng to be my fiancee!”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu sat on the sofa and didn’t speak. You look at me, I look at you…

Chi Zhengzheng: I’m so happy.

Wen Yu: Really satisfied.

Author: Where are the two idiots? ? ?

Chi Zhengzheng: Author, are you single?

Wen Yu (holding Chi Zhengzheng’s hand): Ha.


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