But it’s not, Wen Yu is superfluous, obviously not as good as Liu Yuxiang.

Although Liu Yuxiang doesn’t have any special skills, the Liu family spoils him, and most of the Liu family will belong to him in the future. Such a large property is mainly married in, and he will be a rich man with a face throughout his life.

And? Wen Yu has nothing.

In this comparison, the gap is really too big.

Wen Yiran’s brows furrowed tighter, and his lips pursed.

After Chi Zhengzheng heard Liu Yuxiang’s self-report, he did not refuse, nor struggled to resist.

Is she trying to hook up Liu Yuxiang? Even if the other party is molesting her?

Oh, really Chi Zhengzheng is still the same Chi Zhengzheng.

Wen Yiran’s eyes were full of sarcasm, and he took a step back and watched indifferently.

“Liu Yuxiang, you let go of Chi Zhengzheng! What the hell do you mean? Me? Tell you, I? Don’t let you touch her!” Wen Sisi was angrily and went forward to drag Liu Yuxiang.

But she is a girl, she really can’t pull a big man like Liu Yuxiang, she is pushed away by Liu Yuxiang with a wave of her hand?

Wen Sisi was so angry? Not light.

She didn’t know why she wanted to stand up for Chi Zhengzheng, but she just couldn’t see it? Someone bullied Chi Zhengzheng in front of her, let alone Liu Yuxiang, who she hated.

“You let go!” Wen Sisi rushed up again.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at her with a calm voice: “Wen Sisi, you let go.”

The voice fell to the ground, and he was taken aback after hearing the thoughts.

Next to him, the ridicule in Wen Yiran’s eyes had already reached his face and made no secret of it.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at Wen Sisi firmly.

Meeting her eyes, Wen Sisi listened to her subconsciously, and took a step back.

Liu Yuxiang was happy, lowered his body, his face was about to stick to the face of Chi Zhengzheng, his voice was drunk and frivolous: “Are you called Zhengzheng? What a good name, I? I really like you so much. I just saw you. I feel like your heart is out of control. Be my girlfriend.”

“Really?” Chi Zhengzheng interrupted him with a smile.

She smiled, Liu Yuxiang was stunned, staring at her blankly, his eyes were amazing and obsessed.

Why is there such a good-looking person?

“Of course it’s true! I? I really like you.” He raised his hand, trying to touch her face.

As soon as Chi Zhengzheng smiled, her face became cold, her feet raised, and she attacked precisely at the position she had just spotted.



The two sounds almost sounded together.

Liu Yuxiang clutched his family jewel, his face full of savage pain, howling: “It hurts!!”

The others were completely stunned.

Wen Sisi was also stunned.

Wen Yiran was even taken aback, looking at Chi Zhengzheng stupidly, the mockery on his face froze.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the man holding his cr*tch in front of him, with a soft voice with indifference: “Liu Yuxiang, you don’t want the report tomorrow to be-Liu Shao from the Liu family molested a woman in a nightclub. The news was abandoned by a woman, right? “

She did not act lightly, Liu Yuxiang looked savage for a long time, even unable to stand, and fell to the table next to him.

“Patta—” the sound of the wine bottle and glass smashed to the ground.

Chi Zhengzheng touched the phone in his pocket.

Well, fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the phone, so she has no money to buy another phone.

“Stop her… don’t allow her to go…” Liu Yuxiang yelled painfully, clutching his cr*tch.

Several people who came with Wen Yiran and them immediately stepped forward, grabbed Chi Zhengzheng, and talked eloquently–

“Chi Zhengzheng, why are you doing it?”

“If there is something wrong with Young Master Liu, you will be done!”

“You can’t leave, wait for? The matter is resolved before you can leave!”

“Yes, does Yuxiang look up to you, don’t be shameless.”

These people include the little sister An Qinru, who had a bad relationship with Chi Zhengzheng, and a friend of Hupengou who had a good relationship with Liu Yuxiang.

There was too much movement, and people began to watch.

The manager immediately began to apologize for the evacuation, and now it is either the eldest lady or the eldest master who is left behind. Of course, they cannot be taken by the crowd.

The security and staff went up together, and the scene was cleared soon.

As a result, only a group of them were left in the corner of the whole nightclub. The manager and the security guard watched from afar, for fear that they would fight, and they would be finished if they were killed inadvertently.

They still didn’t dare to get involved in the small fights.

Liu Yuxiang also came back a little bit. Although he couldn’t straighten his waist, he finally woke up most of the time. He felt ashamed and angry, and shouted—

“How dare you hit me? Me? I’m never finished with you!”

The road ahead of Chi Zhengzheng was blocked by a few people. She looked back at Liu Yuxiang and opened her mouth calmly. “You still don’t want to go to the hospital to check if it is abandoned. Why are you still here?”

——She didn’t do anything lightly, but she definitely didn’t waste it.

Chi Zhengzheng still knew that if she really abolished Liu Yuxiang, the Liu family could knock her dead.

Will Chi’s protect her? Hard to say.

So although the start is not light, there will be no major problems.

But she doesn’t regret it, if this person is still close to her and move her feet, she will kick again and harder.

Liu Yuxiang looked ugly, holding the table to stand up straight.

Wen Yiran stepped forward and said with a cold face: “Liu Dashao, are you a bit too much today? It is your Liu family who wants to marry my sister, and now you are molesting her friends in front of my sister? Chi Zhengzheng is the eldest lady of the Chi family, Shao Liu, isn’t it okay for you?”

The attitude is not tough, but it is a complete threat. It offends the two families in one breath? Even if his Liu family did so, it was not worth the gain.

Wen Yiran didn’t think about why he stood up, but at this moment, he was very unhappy in his heart.

Liu Yuxiang, who was clutching his family jewel, was slightly taken aback. His drunkenness was mostly lost because of this. At this moment, some of his sober head was able to work, and he was a little dazed–

“She’s the eldest lady of the Chi family? Impossible, Chi Zhengzheng is not so pretty!”

He is awake now, and he still feels that he is watching Chi Zhengzheng? Extremely good-looking.

What if it still hurts a lot? He still wants to press his face shyly.

But in his impression, Miss Chi Jia looked like a peacock-like person, dressed ostentatiously, and looked arrogant. It is said that she chased Wen Yiran all day and was annoying.

How could it be the little fairy in front of you? !

Wen Yiran didn’t say a word. In fact, he also felt that since the car accident, Chi Zhengzheng is getting better and better, and…not as annoying as before.

“Liu Yuxiang, I? Tell you, I must tell you what you did tonight? To tell the uncle and your grandfather, I will never marry you!” Wen Sisi gritted his teeth.

Although Liu Yuxiang molested Chi Zhengzheng’s behavior in public tonight, it is favorable for her to oppose the marriage of the two. But Wen Sisi was still very angry and wanted to blow Liu Yuxiang’s head very much.

Liu Yuxiang was accustomed to growing up at home. Seeing everyone accusing him, Chi Zhengzheng, who can’t stand far away, is slender and slim, with a face in the light, dazzling…

He said impatiently: “Wen Sisi, I don’t want to marry you anymore, I love Chi Zhengzheng.”

He didn’t feel as much pain as he had just now, so he walked towards Chi Zhengzheng, but the faint pain made him dare not get close? Too close, stopped at a distance of two steps from Chi Zhengzheng, and stared. Her eyes are full of frivolity.

“Chi Zhengzheng, I? Let the family discuss our marriage contract with yours!” Liu Yuxiang smiled.

Wen Yiran squeezed her hand tightly, wanting to say something, An Qinru held his hand, and said gently and gently before him? Mouth: “Shao Liu, maybe you are going to be disappointed. Sister Zheng Zheng already has a fiance-Wen Yu. Their relationship is very good. Sister Zheng Zheng lived with Wen Yu after she ran away from home.”

“Wen Yu?” Liu Yuxiang obviously didn’t put this person in his eyes, and smiled contemptuously, “Chi Zhengzheng, I? I must marry you!”

If he had only been drunk before and got excited, then Chi Zhengzheng’s public kick and his dissatisfaction with him made him want to completely subdue this woman.

Wen Yu?

Oh, Wen Jia is superfluous, and a waste one.

Liu Yuxiang stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the white and tender skin of Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng’s feet moved slightly, and he was about to kick again.

As for what? She doesn’t care about marrying or not, as long as she doesn’t want to, can Chi’s family force her?

It’s not a past age. What are you paying attention to? Parents’ order of the matchmaker’s words.

Nowadays, many of these families still listen to their parents to marry, whether it is for family love, not just for profit, they are all taking the initiative, and they are not tied to the marriage.

She doesn’t value the family relationship with Chi’s family, and don’t care about Chi’s interests. Who can force her?

He pursed his lips, his eyes were cold.

After she was about to kick her, she called the police. She still didn’t believe that these people could really stop her.

However, before she kicked her feet out, her other hand pinched Liu Yuxiang’s hand.

The hands are well-knotted, they look good, and they are very powerful. They pinch Liu Yuxiang’s hands firmly, and they are slightly white.

“Ahhhhh! It hurts! Let go!!!” Liu Yuxiang screamed.

“Claws that shouldn’t be stretched, stretch out and be ready to be chopped.” The voice was cold, with two dangers.

——Wen Yu!

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t notice it herself. When she saw Wen Yu, her eyes lit up slightly.

“Chi Zhengzheng, is my fiancee.” Wen Yu’s voice was even colder.

He pushed his hand hard again, and at the same time he broke it back and pulled it down. With Liu Yuxiang’s scream, Wen Yu pushed him to the ground.


“Ah—” Liu Yuxiang’s cry changed.

If the moment Chi Zhengzheng made him sore that his eyes turned black for an instant, then Wenyu directly folded his hand, making him almost unable to scream.

Lying on the ground, holding his hands and screaming silently, he rolled over uncontrollably, with cold sweat on his forehead and tears.

However, Wen Yu didn’t let him go and raised his foot.

He was still wearing a suit and leather shoes, and the cold leather shoes were gently placed on Liu Yuxiang’s severed hand position.

“Wen Yu, what are you doing?!” Wen Yiran changed his face.

It is true that he can’t understand Liu Yuxiang, but how can the Liu family give up with such a heavy hand? !

Wen Yu ignored him and didn’t even look at him. He only stared at Liu Yuxiang with a pair of eyes that looked like a dead person, and pressed his feet slightly.

“Ah-ah -” Liu Yuxiang roared with a changed key.

“Do you still want to marry Chi Zhengzheng?” Wen Yu asked, the metallic voice was slightly hoarse, clearly calm, but it made his back chill.

Such a beautiful face, cold at the moment, but it is like the Yama King, with a suffocating aura.

Liu Yuxiang was so painful that he couldn’t speak.

Wen Yu stepped on his face blankly.

“Ah—” Liu Yuxiang shook his head frantically, crying and uttering a weak sentence with difficulty: “No, dare not—”

Only then did Wen Yu’s feet loosen.

He raised his head to look at Chi Zhengzheng. At this moment, like everyone else, she stared at him blankly.

Wen Yu’s move just scared everyone, no one even dared to stop him.

Chi Zhengzheng did not stop either.

Wen Yu looked at her slightly dull eyes, feeling a little flustered in her heart.

When he heard Liu Yuxiang was about to marry her, when he saw Liu Yuxiang stretch out his hand towards the blocked Chi Zhengzheng, Wen Yu was full of hostility at that moment.

At this moment, he recovered, and was a little flustered.

Chi Zhengzheng…Will he be afraid of what he just did? Is she afraid of him? Do you think he is too cruel?

After all, she is actually such a timid person.

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: My family Zhengzheng is weak and weak.

Liu Yuxiang (holding his almost scrapped family jewel):? ? ? What are you talking about?

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