Chi Zhouchen has been holding back for two days and will be in class tomorrow. If he has not found it today, then Chi Yan will tell him next week.

He was obviously anxious.

Chi Yan shook his head and frowned: “I haven’t checked it out yet, but the house in Wangjiang Manor is already on sale. He may know someone who bought the house in advance and lives there temporarily.”

The houses in Wangjiang Manor are all well-decorated. You can live in any time you buy a house.

“Is it possible that he bought it? Or is he related to? Yu Ding’s real estate company? Even… Is he related to Yu Ding?” Chi Zhouchen always felt that Wen Yu might not be so simple.

I always ignored him before, but recently, because of Chi Zhengzheng, his sight has also been placed on Wen Yu, only to discover what kind of aura he has.

When those eyes stared at him, he felt a little scared.

He began to wonder-is Wen Yu really such a simple person?

Wen Yu, Yu Ding, but there is also the word “Yu”.

Chi Yan shook his head: “I’ve thought about it. Yu Ding’s boss is more mysterious and secret. He came back from abroad. But Wen Yu has no experience in a foreign country for a long time, and among the founders, there is no Wen Yu. The name, and when I attended a chamber of commerce before, the person in charge of Yu Ding came was probably forty years old.”

At that time, the popularity was also amazing, Chinese and foreign mixed races, coming and going in a hurry, with the temperament of a big boss like Yu Ding.

Chi Zhouchen thought for a while, then asked, “What is Yu Ding? When was it founded?”

“About three or four years ago, when Wenyu hadn’t graduated, or just graduated, it was impossible to have that kind of capital and ability.” Chi Yan threw the pen on the table.

“Will he? Will he be Yu Ding’s high-level?” Chi Zhouchen speculated again.

If it’s just an ordinary employee, it might be possible to live in Wangjiang Manor, and ordinary employees have to go to and from get off work every day, Wen Yu is a person who has nothing to do.

Chi Yan shook his head again: “Not? It’s impossible. If Wenyu is really so good, he wouldn’t be able to live in Wen’s house all the time, and suffer from Wen’s eye roll. At the time of the engagement, your sister was still a vegetable…”

Chi Zhouchen sat down slowly, his doubts gradually dispelled.

Yes, if Wen Yu is really capable, why? Hidden and tucked? Say? Why? Still Wen Jia accepts the white eyes, and even appointed him a vegetative fiancee, he does not dare to object?

And when Yu Ding was founded, Wen Yu was not very old. Even at his current age, he doesn’t seem to be someone who can be a senior in Yu Ding.

It seems that I think too much.

Chi Zhouchen let out a long sigh, and for a while, he didn’t even know if he was disappointed or relieved.

“It’s just that why he lived in Wangjiang Manor, it’s worth noting.” Chi Yan knocked on the desk.

This is not something Chi Zhouchen has to take care of. He nodded and said nothing.

“Since Yu Ding was founded, these years…”

At this time, Chi Yan began to take Yu Ding as a positive example, to analyze Yu Ding’s success for Chi Zhouchen, and to analyze how far Yu Ding’s boss was? He was far-sighted and well-calculated.

Chi Zhouchen admired a little and listened carefully.

People like Boss Yu Ding, everyone thinks that he is a middle-aged man with scheming and foresight, and even his secrets may have a deep background.

No one thinks that is Wen Yu, he is too young.

If Chi Zhengzheng was here at this time, he would definitely say something–

Please, this is a male frequency no CP system overlord! !

There are also those who started a company at the age of seven and ruled the world at the age of 18.

Wen Yu has been extremely busy these two days.

Chi Zhengzheng also didn’t feel that he, the “tenant”, needed to wait for him to come back, so he casually ate something and waved to Wang’s wife——

“Wangsao, I’m out! My friend is waiting for me outside, and when Wenyu comes back, tell him that I’m going to the nightclub. I might be back late tonight!”

After that, Chi Zhengzheng went out wearing her only outfit.

There are still many clothes in the closet, which were delivered by Secretary Wen Yu at noon today.

At that time, Chi Zhengzheng looked dazed, but Secretary Xu said that it was Wen Yu who gave it to her and prepared it specifically for her.

Looking at the brands again, they were all from the store he entered when he accompanied her to buy the clothes that night.

The style is also a simple temperament that is more suitable for Chi Zhengzheng, but? Isn’t it the colorful and gorgeous style that the original owner likes.

Secretary Xu didn’t make the decision, she asked her to send it back, but the other party directly refused.

No way, the clothes can only be hung in the closet by Aunt Li.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t wear those clothes. When she looked at those clothes, she always felt that – Wen Yu treated her as his fiancée.

This made her always thinking about finding a time to communicate with Wen Yu.

She was thinking wildly as she walked out.

“Chi Zhengzheng, what are you doing?” Wen Sisi’s voice came.

Chi Zhengzheng quickly retracted his thoughts and looked up.

Wen Sisi drove a very unassuming Maserati, honking her horn not far away, poked his head out, and looked at her impatiently.

Chi Zhengzheng was not in a hurry, walked over slowly, and consciously pulled the car door and sat in.

“What the hell did you become poor? So, the dignified Miss Chi’s family doesn’t even have the money to take a taxi, so I still have to let me pick it up!” Wen Sisi sneered again when she opened her mouth.

He looked at her clothes again, and suddenly disliked her even more, “So? A piece of torn clothes, you are still wearing it?!”

Chi Zhengzheng got used to it, and while wearing a seat belt, he said, “Why take a taxi if I can let you pick it up?”

Wen Sisi: “…”

No? Know why? She always feels that Chi Zhengzheng is comparing her to a driver…

She took a deep breath and decided not to quarrel with Chi Zhengzheng, this person can be maddening to speak.

She glanced at Chi Zhengzheng and then at Wangjiang Manor, with a curious look: “You live here? No? It means you followed Wen Yu and ran away from home. How could you afford to live in a house here?”

“Do you care? What do you do?” Chi Zhengzheng leaned his head on the seat.

Of course she couldn’t tell Wen Sisi that this was Wen Yu’s place, so naturally she had to block it back.

She moved her head and found a comfortable position, don’t you? Know why? She felt that Wen Sisi is not comfortable in this sports car than Wen Yu’s car.

Wen Sisi took a deep breath, and kept telling herself—not to be angry, not to be angry.

Without holding back, she sneered again: “Don’t you? You know that Brother Yiran is going to buy a house here, so think of a way to live here in advance, right?”

Wangjiang Manor started selling the house. He didn’t know Wen Sisi himself, but Wen Yiran wanted to buy it, but Wen Jingsen disagreed, saying that Wen’s capital was all on the new project, and this kind of big money should not be spent now.

And Wen Yiran felt that this house was good, and it was not worthwhile to buy this movable property.

They were arguing about this yesterday, and they naturally knew after hearing Sisi.

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng glanced up at her, then retracted his gaze, and said calmly: “What are you thinking? Can Wen Yiran buy it? Come to this house.”

“Why?” Wen Sisi was taken aback.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I just knew it.”

This is Wenyu’s future home. How could he live in a community with Wenyu’s family? And for what Wen Yu didn’t think about, he had a way to do it.

——Is it Chi Zhengzheng right now? I know that Wangjiang Manor is a survivor, otherwise I have to be more certain.

“Just blow it.” Wen Sisi disgusted.

Didn’t she look at Chi Zhengzheng more, don’t she? I know if it’s an illusion, she always feels that this annoying girl is getting better and better now…

The car drove fast and steady. Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help but nod his head with a serious expression: “Wen Sisi, is it true that you are driving?”

Wen Sisi was just a little proud, before she could laugh.

Chi Zhengzheng then said: “When you run out of money in the future, you can also run Didi and become a driver, which is also a craft.”

The voice was a little envious.

Isn’t it envious? Driving is also a craft, especially if it is so good, at least the world will not be short of a bowl of food.

“Get out! You know curse me, do you think I’m the same as you? I’m not? I’m going to run away from home stupidly, there are so many things in the house, don’t you? No need, you still run away from home, ha ha, stupid. Wen Sisi glanced at her disgustingly.

Chi Zhengzheng also looked at her, with two sympathy in his eyes.

——Poor boy, you really need to plan ahead, after all, Wenjia will go bankrupt a year later.

Wen Sisi’s family relied on Wen’s family, and Wen’s family closed down. Even if she didn’t have nothing, she wouldn’t be as carefree as she is now.

“Chi Zhengzheng, what are you doing? Look in your eyes, are you fucking scolding me in your heart again?!”

“It’s fine if you know it, why do you want me to tell it, do you want to hear it?”


Wen Sisi almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

“I shouldn’t have asked you to come out!” The mood didn’t change, but instead? It got worse!

“Then you send me back? It just saves you a drink.” Chi Zhengzheng was very calm.

“Think beautiful!”

After the car drove all the way, the two quarreled all the way until the nightclub.

When they entered the nightclub, they didn’t ask for a private room, so they just found a place to sit down.

The manager just came out of the private room and just saw them and walked by with a smile on his face? Come—

“Oh, it turns out that Miss Chi and Miss Wen are here, and there are still in the private room, two of them……”

Wen Sisi impatiently interrupted him: “Don’t talk nonsense, let’s get a few bottles first…”

“Juice, thank you.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled and answered.

Wen Sisi: “???”

She looked incredulous and stared at Chi Zhengzheng: “What did you say? Juice? What did you do with Chi Zhengzheng? A joke!”

“Go, thank you.” Chi Zhengzheng looked at the manager.

She learned to hear Yu and put on an expressionless face.

The manager looked at Wen Sisi and then at her, nodding decisively: “Okay.”

After speaking, the person disappeared as soon as he slipped away.

“Are you crazy? Come to drink juice in a nightclub? Chi Zhengzheng, you are simply a lunatic. A car accident really knocked your head…” Wen Sisi began to scold her, eloquently.

Chi Zhengzheng fished his ears and listened.

Soon, fruit juice came up, orange juice, lemon juice… several flavors were delivered by the manager himself.

Wen Sisi patted the table and stood up: “Wine!”

She has a baby face, but her face is always haughty and ridiculous, and now she loses her temper again, which seems to be a bit deterrent.

Chi Zhengzheng sighed and saw that Wen Sisi was really on the verge of an explosion.

She didn’t speak any more, and soon the manager asked someone to open two more bottles of good wine.

Chi Zhengzheng picked up the straw and drank the juice while biting the straw. On the other side, Wen Sisi looked at her mockingly, and poured himself wine in his hand.

“Wen Sisi, drinking alcohol is really the most important thing.” She suddenly said, “Have you never heard of drinking to relieve sorrow and worry more?”

Then she lowered her head and glanced at the juice. It was not wrong, it was freshly squeezed, not so delicious, but the juice was just like this.

“You know what a fart.” Wen Sisi just suffocated when he picked up the wine.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his eyebrows and stopped talking.

The other side drank two more glasses.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand and clasped it on the back of her pouring hand, with a helpless voice: “So let’s talk about it, what is it? Is it in a bad mood? Good?”

Although I don’t know why? Hearing Sisi convulsions, is he in a bad mood? I found her. But for her, was she in a bad mood last time? Wen Sisi was the best thing to find, and she didn’t feel that bad for this girl.

She was also a little worried, did she encounter something?

Wen Sisi waved her hand away, and was bored with another glass of wine. After four consecutive glasses, her face became a little red.

“If you are in a bad mood? It’s better to vent your throat like we did last time. It’s better than drinking.” Chi Zhengzheng said while biting a straw while drinking.

If you feel upset, howling a few throats can give vent to depression, and drinking will only be boring in your heart.

Her big round eyes looked at Wen Sisi like that, and there was concern that shocked Wen Sisi.

“Chi Zhengzheng, what does it feel like to run away from home? Why are you? Run away from home?” Wen Sisi said.

Alright, Chi Zhengzheng understands the family conflict.

She shook her head: “Nothing? A special feeling. If there is, I only have this dress on my body. As for why? Running away from home…what’s the situation in my home? Don’t you know?”

Chi’s patriarchal patriarch, although it is okay for her, but the company will definitely be Chi Zhouchen in the future, she cannot join the company, this cannot be changed.

Wen Sisi used this to laugh at her before, didn’t she? Maybe she didn’t know.

“Why can you still laugh…” Wen Sisi said disgustedly, and drank the fifth glass of wine at the same time.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out her hand, stopped her hand holding the wine again, raised her eyebrows: “Don’t drink, who has nothing to do? I don’t? Can you cry if you laugh?”

Wen Sisi didn’t shake her hands this time, she was in a daze.

After a while, she asked, “Chi Zhengzheng, why are you? Suddenly changed? Didn’t you? That’s it. You used to hate it, of course, you hate it now, but before you and I are the same… “

No? Regardless of how the family arranges, they will all accept it the same.

“So what does Wen Jia want you to do?”

Wen Sisi lowered his head and murmured: “Uncle said Liu Yuxiang, the grandson of the Liu family, is interested in me, and the Liu family also likes me. Let me get along well with him…”

Chi Zhengzheng frowned, did not drink juice, sat upright, “Marriage?”

Wen Jingsen’s family does not have a daughter, so the daughter of Wen Jingsen’s younger brother has been spoiled by them for so many years. Will he come out and play a role now?

I heard that both of them are rich, but no? Nothing is more powerful than them.

What’s more, they are betting on the big cooperation of all the two households? Is there any? There are fewer levels to pass…

Wen Sisi glared at her: “Are you happy now? I want to marry a business man. Although Liu Yuxiang is a dandy, he is better than your fiancé Wenyu. Let me tell you that I will be better than you in the future, don’t you I want to laugh at…”

Chi Zhengzheng interrupted her, frowning her brows together, her expression unreasonable? Patience: “Wen Sisi, are you crazy? Who laughs at you with this? Also, what do you compare Liu Yuxiang and Wenyu to? Just prove it. If you are better than me, would you be willing to marry someone you don’t like?”

After Wen Sisi did not speak, his eyes were reddish.

The look on Chi Zhengzheng’s face was obviously angry, but I don’t know why? But Wen Sisi suddenly felt sour.

This feeling was like having a fever that day, Wen Yiran was arguing whether Chi Zhengzheng did something to her? An Qinru was anxious to provoke a slander, only Chi Zhengzheng… She hurriedly rushed her to the hospital.

After hearing the thoughts, this is probably the reason why she will look for Chi Zhengzheng today.

It’s like Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei praise Liu Yuxiang for being good and Liu family for being powerful and powerful. Even Wen Yiran said to get along first. If Liu Yuxiang is not good to her in the future, he will support her.

But only Chi Zhengzheng said-are you crazy?

I’ve seen Chi Zhengzheng anyway? She cried, and Wen Sisi’s voice choked: “What can I do? All my things are given to me by Wen’s family, and I rely on Wen’s family…”

Chi Zhengzheng sullen his face, a little angry——

“Wen Sisi, you have to figure out what you want? If Wen Jia must want you to marry Liu Yuxiang, and you don’t? Yes, you will rely on yourself in the future. If you still rely on Wen Jia , I still want to rely on the Wen family, or rely on the Liu family for a lifetime, then what are you crying for now?”

Chi Zhengzheng has always understood that he has to pay a price to enjoy it.

She didn’t want to stay at Chi’s house anymore, because if she continued to enjoy the things Chi’s gave her, she was destined to continue accepting what Chi’s gave her.

Wen Sisi looked at her with red eyes, all the arrogant appearance just now disappeared, a face that looked very small, completely at a loss and at a loss.

Chi Zhengzheng took a long breath and said: “Wen Sisi, do you have to figure out what you want? If you have to rely on the Wen family, you must also consider, will the Wen family fall one day? And? What should you do if you pin everything on Wen Jia, including you who have placed your marriage on Wen Jia?”

The Wen family is destined to be destroyed in a year. Even if there is a butterfly effect, the Wen family will be destroyed sooner or later. They have harmed Wen Yu for so many years, and Wen Yu may retain Wen Yu’s.

At that time, what should Wen Sisi, who want to marry for the sake of relying on the Wen family, do?

Wen Sisi opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t speak, and let her think for herself. She was an adult and could persuade, comfort, and give advice, but no one could make a decision for another.

She was also inexplicably upset, reached out her hand for an empty glass, and poured herself a glass of wine.

The wine I ordered by Wen Sisi was a bit strong, and I felt a little burning in my stomach when I drank it.

She put down the cup again and let out a long breath.

Then, Chi Zhengzheng looked at the wine in the cup in a daze.

Everyone has everyone’s troubles, and she also has them. She obviously has her own life, but now she wants to accept another person’s life, to be another person, to have a strange identity and a strange experience.

How long has it been since I was wearing it, so many things have happened.

But she still wants to live, not just to live, but to live happily.

On the opposite side, Wen Sisi raised her head and looked at her: “Chi Zhengzheng, you have really changed. I even feel that the person sitting across from me is another person.”

——A, no? Someone she hates.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his wine glass, his red lips raised slightly, his smile was like a flower, his beautiful eyes dazzled under the light.

Not only Huang Hua spent hearing and thinking, but also shaking flowers who were walking towards them.

Her glass of wine moved forward and stopped in the air, but her soft voice contained firmness and sorrow: “Just as I realized after the car accident, come and celebrate my new life.”

Wen Sisi was stunned, and then slowly raised the cup, touched it lightly, and murmured—

“Celebration, new life.”

She had finished drinking this glass of wine. She just wanted to say that she could go. She raised her head and saw the people walking towards them from a distance, and her brows were frowned for an instant.

Wen Sisi noticed her gaze and looked back.

——Wen Yiran, An Qinru and others.

There is even a person who doesn’t often appear in their gatherings, and that person, Wen Sisi knows Liu Yuxiang.

Chi Zhengzheng looked towards Wen Sisi.

As if knowing what she meant, Wen Sisi shook his head.

Okay, Chi Zhengzheng will understand, isn’t it a person who hears and thinks about it.

Wen Yiran’s eyes were dizzy just now, and his footsteps paused slightly, or An Qinru touched him before he turned back to God, and took someone to walk quickly.

His brows were locked together and he glanced at Chi Zhengzheng, before he looked towards? Wen Sisi: “I heard the news that you are here and we came from another bar. Why don’t you? Go to us?”

——Obviously, they were partying in another bar, or even entertaining Liu Yuxiang, and then they rushed over after receiving the news that Sisi was here.

“I want to wait for myself…” Wen Sisi said softly.

Wen Yiran’s brows frowned tightly.

An Qinru Yu Guang glanced at Chi Zhengzheng, pursed her lips, and then smiled naturally: “Sisi, it seems that your relationship with Sister Zhengzheng has really improved.”

She looked at? Chi Zhengzheng again: “Sister Zhengzheng, today my aunt talked about you, she was very worried about you. When are you going home, don’t you? You are going to be self-willed again, which hurts my aunt and my uncle. .”

Did Ding Yijun tell her about herself, doesn’t Chi Zhengzheng? I know.

But she knew-An Qinru said that, it was to make her unhappy!

“Your surname is An, isn’t your surname Chi, don’t disturb the wind and rain at Chi’s house.” Chi Zhengzheng was not polite.

An Qinru’s face showed grievances, what else to say? Chi Zhengzheng had already stood up, and he didn’t say hello to others, but said to Wen Sisi: “Wen Sisi, since someone is looking for you, I Let’s go first.”

After speaking, she was ready to leave.

“Wait!” a male voice rang.

Chi Zhengzheng has seen it? Go.

It was the strangest among this group of people. In her memory, other people were more or less familiar with each other, but this person was relatively unfamiliar.

The original owner hasn’t seen it before, or just met in a hurry? How many times.

This is a man in his twenties who looks good in casual clothes, but his eyes look frivolous and he is full of alcohol. Chi Zhengzheng is very disgusted.

He looked at Chi Zhengzheng with surprise in his eyes. After calling her, he stepped forward and stood in front of her two steps, blocking her way out——

“Hello beauty, my name is Liu Yuxiang, can you meet me?”

Liu Yuxiang?

The one that Wen Sisi wants to marry, after fancy Wen Sisi, the one who said that he wants to marry at home?

Chi Zhengzheng frowned more tightly, with disgust in his eyes: “No? Yes, get out of the way.”

After speaking, she was going to bypass him and leave.

However, Liu Yuxiang put one hand on the table and the other on the wall, completely blocking her way.

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisi had originally chosen the corner table, and she sat next to the wall again. This blockage made her completely unable to get out.

“Beauty, which girl are you from? I liked you very much when I first saw you. When you laughed, my heart melted…” He said, his eyes blurred, and he hiccuped.

——I didn’t drink less before coming.

“Liu Yuxiang! What do you get if you drink some wine? Crazy?!” Wen Sisi patted the table, stood up, furious.

Liu Yuxiang shifted his gaze to Wen Sisi and muttered vaguely: “Wen Sisi?”

Then he withdrew his gaze without interest, still staring at Chi Zhengzheng: “Beauty, get to know…”

Chi Zhengzheng took a step back slightly, and slowly put the mobile phone in her pocket and put her eyes on Liu Yuxiang.

Wen Yiran’s eyes darkened, what did she step forward to say? An Qinru stretched out her hand and held him, with a soft voice: “Sister Zhengzheng’s fiance is Wen Yu. I think Liu Yuxiang is much better than Wen Yu. Maybe she is the same. I think. You see, she didn’t resist.”

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