The secretary of Bingcuian Face was obviously larger in size, and invisibly glanced at Chi Zhengzheng’s chest—eye, just glanced at—eye, but it seemed to say—

Oh, I’m sorry, I look at you highly.

For a secretary like her, her eyes are naturally very careful, and there is no change in her face.

But Chi Zhengzheng was staring at her closely, and his brain replenishment ability was full, and he immediately noticed that his face was getting hotter and his face was red instantly.

Secretary: “Okay, ma’am. I will call to order now. The nearest store will deliver it in half an hour. Please wait a moment.”

“Um…okay?…” She replied weakly.

After the secretary called, he left, and whoever brought him? also followed.

Wen Yu still looked at her.

Chi Zhengzheng, who blushed, lowered his head, turned and left, with a very low voice: “I’ll go up first? Go and play…”

After speaking, she went upstairs with her pajamas like a gust of wind.

Other toiletries and towels are available in the room, but pajamas and underwear are missing.

The door-closed, she hugged her pajamas and hit her head directly on the bed.

Ahhhhhhh! !

What a shame?

Mainly? Is the original owner actually? He was too skinny. After lying down for a few days in a car accident, he became even thinner.

She wants to gain weight! Want to grow meat! Want?…change your underwear!

Wang’s wife cooks very quickly, but obviously she delivers her clothes faster, and she delivered them in less than half an hour.

When she heard calling her, she came down lightly and took the box, Yu Guang took a peek at Wen Yu, who was on the sofa at the moment, with the computer in front of him…

As if the blush on her face hadn’t gone down, she was still a little hot, and she hurried up again lightly.

While climbing the stairs, Wenyu’s voice suddenly sounded: “Just leave things down, I’m going to eat.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…oh.”

Putting down the clothes, and dabbled in the room again—? A moment, then I went downstairs.

Downstairs, the dinner table has already placed three dishes—soup, Wen Yu just took a seat.

She was a little surprised: “Huh? Where’s Wang Sao?”

“Wang’s wife is back, she can’t live here.” Wen Yu replied, still his cold face.

He doesn’t like that there are other people living in the house, so no matter whether it is the management of the house or the aunts who cook and clean, they do not stay overnight.

Chi Zhengzheng… is it an exception?

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng responded.


“Oh.” She sat down, picked up the chopsticks, and started to eat.

He lowered his head, still a bit uncomfortable, and didn’t dare to raise his head.

Wen Yu paid attention to her, and frowned slightly when he saw this. He liked her as he did before—when he started eating, instead of not raising his head like this.

He pursed his lips and said, “I will live here tonight.” Lest you—someone?

Chi Zhengzheng: “Oh.” This is your home, so you can live there.

Seeing that she still didn’t look up, Wen Yu’s lips pressed tighter.

The two of them ate in silence, and the room was extremely quiet.

Soon, Chi Zhengzheng was almost full after eating a bowl of rice. After swallowing the last meal, he was about to put down the dishes and chopsticks.

Wen Yu suddenly opened his mouth again at this time: “Is it because my underwear is unhappy?”

Because he was choosing underwear in front of him, so unhappy?

Or are you shy because of this?

— It’s night time, and I didn’t look up.

When he said this, he was very serious, and if such a word came out of his mouth, it would not make people feel that he was frivolous, but he could feel his worry.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

The roots of her ears—red red, lower minded? She straightened her chest, and then muffled her breath: “I’m too skinny, I can grow…”


Wen Yu’s eyes were blank.

Chi Zhengzheng had stood up and went straight to the kitchen.

Wen Yu: “What are you doing?”

She gritted her teeth: “I’ll eat again—? A bowl!”

Wen Yu: “…”

He blinked, okay? It seemed that he suddenly understood why she was embarrassed.


Head down and laugh.

It was already a little late when Chi Zhouchen came home. Chi Yan and Ding Yijun hadn’t had any food yet, so they sat on the sofa?

He glanced over his eyes and found that An Qinru was not there.

Seeing him coming back, Ding Yijun immediately stepped forward in a hurry, looked behind him, did not see the other—?a?person?, and looked a little lost—

“Zhou Chen, Zheng Zheng is unwilling? Come back?”

Chi Yan put down the teacup again, and snorted—”It’s fine if you don’t come back! She is not young, too lazy to care about her.”

That’s what I said, just like Ding Yijun, I looked behind Chi Zhouchen.

Chi Zhouchen shook his head: “I didn’t talk to her, but I know where she lives.”

“That’s okay?” Ding Yijun grew out—? Tones, with a complex expression.

“Eat! Leave her alone.” Chi Yan angrily stood up and walked towards the dining table.

Chi Zhouchen and Ding Yijun keep up?

Chi Yan was obviously in a bad mood. He was sullen to eat. Ding Yijun—? I was babbling, “We have talked to Qinru tonight, and she won’t come here often. She will go back to Ding’s house. I feel uncomfortable, and Anjia. Next time I tell Zhengzheng the news, she should be back when she knows…”

Chi Zhouchen-while eating,-while wondering.

Okay?-After a while, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Chi Yan: “Dad, do you think we missed you? Wen Yu may not be as simple as it seems.”

Chi Yan—Listen, and feel frowned.

Ding Yijun also frowned immediately, thinking that Wen Yu was a little dissatisfied?, “Why is he not easy? —? Nothing happened, Wen Jia didn’t let him join the company, he was not young anymore, or he didn’t do anything, what? He doesn’t learn it! He doesn’t even say anything—why the character of the sentence is not simple?”

Is she talking about everyone? Her views on Wen Yu, including Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen.

Wen Yu has no prospects, Wen Jia is superfluous, cannot get Wen Jia’s things, and -? Nothing has been achieved, this is the impression that has been printed on their hearts directly from the past to the present.

But Chi Yan suddenly thought of Wen Yu’s eyes, the darkness and depth, and the astonishing aura…

He looked at Chi Zhouchen: “Why do you say that?”

Chi Zhouchen put down his bowls and chopsticks with a serious expression on his face: “He brought Chi Zhengzheng into Wangjiang Manor today?”

“Wangjiang Manor?” Chi Yan’s brows wrinkled even tighter after hearing this.

After eating, Chi Zhengzheng returned to the room, and Wen Yu entered the study.

So many things have happened to this day, and it feels so good. After a shower, Chi Zhengzheng went to bed and went to bed.

She didn’t set the alarm clock, so when she woke up the next day, it was already ten o’clock in the afternoon, and it was already bright.

Pulling the curtains, the bright sunlight came in from outside, she smiled and stretched out again.

Downstairs, there is breakfast on the dinner table.

But inside the house? It was quiet, and it was obvious that Wen Yu had already gone out.

She walked into the kitchen briskly, heated up the breakfast, and ate breakfast slowly.


This is life.

In the last life, she had to wake up early when she went to work. Every weekend she got up until she had enough sleep. She ate breakfast slowly. After that, she was extremely happy whether she was playing on her mobile phone or watching drama.

After wearing it, this is the first time she is so comfortable.

She has not been idle after dinner.

Today? Familiar with the place where I live, and then come back to think about? What kind of work can I do next? I have no money in my pocket.

She walked out, and in less than one hour, she ran back pale again.

The door—? Close, sitting on the sofa with my neck curled?, holding a pillow, trembling slightly.

Her hands trembled so badly that she couldn’t type a word, so she made a voice–

“Wen, Wen Yu, are you coming back today?”

Over there, Wen Yu just finished the meeting.

Secretary Ning and the female secretary who went to deliver the clothes yesterday followed. Secretary Ning reported on the work: “…These four contracts? The boss needs to review and sign them. In addition, Manager Chen’s report has been handed in. Need? You look at it, in the afternoon…”

Wen Yu nodded?

After Secretary Ning finished speaking, he clicked to play the voice.

Secretary Ning, Gao Tezhu and others who walked behind them all paused, and then went to face to recover their calm, but Yu Guang always glanced at Wen Yu’s back.

After hearing this, Wen Yu frowned slightly.

what’s going on?

He could hear the restlessness in Chi Zhengzheng’s voice, and he replied—? sentence—

“What happened?”

Before the other side responded, he looked at Secretary Ning: “Give me all the documents to be signed, and keep the other documents in the office.”

“…Yes.” Secretary Ning handed it to him.

He—?While walking—opening? When he got to the office, he signed three copies directly on the table, and left one copy to the secretary: “Article 16 on page two, still need to be revised. .”

After speaking, he took out his phone again, this time on the other side? It’s a text——

[It’s okay. 】

【I’m just asking?……】

Wen Yu didn’t reply, put away the phone, and walked out, and said, “Let the driver wait for me downstairs.”


Wen Yu had disappeared. Secretary Ning hurriedly called. The rest of the people looked at each other—eyes,—shocked faces.

Only Secretary Xu, that is, the female secretary who gave the clothes last night, has no expression on her face at this moment, and when she looks at other people, she is faintly contemptuous–

Hey, you don’t know anything about your boss’s relationship life.

Chi Zhengzheng was in the room. She was really uncomfortable. She wanted to go out, but she didn’t dare to step out of the door of this house.

She was not so courageous, she was about to be frightened now.

Even looking at the house that lived here at night, I felt that it was so big and scary, it was really scary.

Such a big house, empty, just she—? a person?…

And she is not the only one in this big house—? A? A person?…

At this time, someone opened the door.

“Ah—” Chi Zhengzheng screamed, and threw a pillow toward the door.

Wen Yu, who hurried back, stretched out his hand to catch the pillow and saw her face full of horror. He frowned and his eyes were worried: “Chi Zhengzheng, what’s the matter? Don’t be afraid.”

He stepped forward and walked to the face of Chi Zhengzheng, his warm hand clasped her nervously trembling wrist.

After buckling, he realized that her hands were frighteningly cold, and his brows became even tighter.

Chi Zhengzheng saw clearly that it was him, and he took a breath, his pale face breathing.

She was originally white and very thin, her pale face, sweaty beads on her forehead, her eyes panicked, it really made her heart wrinkled.

Wen Yuyi—? Stretched out one hand, patted her on the back, softly voiced, and lowered his head to calm down and said: “It’s okay, Chi Zhengzheng is okay, tell me, what happened?”

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand, clutching Wen Yu’s clothes tightly, with a little bit of fear on his face, “I went out to look at the community, no one? No one? No one? No one! No one!”

Originally, she wanted to see the community, and by the way, to see who lived around her? But it turned out that everything was empty, but there weren’t any people.

In every house, there are no signs of people living, all the outside doors are open, and there are no cars.

She was frightened, and walked a long way, hoping to see -? a person? But it turned out to be -? A person? None!

She is also—?a?person?, walking around the community, except for the sound of her own footsteps, nothing happened.

When Chi Zhengzheng was frightened, he was frightened.

She wanted to get out of this community, but the community was too big to find the door to come in last night.

This is a residential area, even if it is a villa area, it is impossible to broaden the day? —? No one? No one!

He didn’t dare to look any more, and ran back hurriedly.

“Really good? Scary? No one? No one!” Chi Zhengzheng-taking a deep breath,-clutching his beating heart.

When she rented a house in her life, the community she lived in was very lively. As long as she walked out, she could hear the noise of children playing.

Even if the villa area is quiet, it won’t be like this!

She ran back and closed the door. The huge house was extremely quiet, and no movement was heard.

Chi Zhengzheng was originally not this? People in the world?, what is she? She still doesn’t know what exists, so how could she not be afraid?

Wen Yu understood.

Slightly stunned, then even laughing, softly calmed her: “Don’t be afraid, no one? It’s normal, this community is not open for sale, and no one else has moved in yet.”

He likes to be quiet, and has never been afraid of this? The community only lives in him—a person? He never thought that he forgot to tell her—the sound, which scared her like this.

It was a good laugh in my heart, but it was also a bit distressed.

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng blinked blankly: “Huh?”

It turns out that the community hasn’t opened yet for sale? !

Wen Yu patted her on the back, “Don’t? Worry, I will let Sao Wang and the others live in.”

She was stunned for a while, then relieved the panic and fear just now, and grew a sigh of relief, and did not refuse to let Sister Wang live over.

——She herself is not a brave person?.

She didn’t dare to live in this?

After she was less frightened, she realized that she was still holding Wen Yu’s sleeve and quickly let go of her hand.

She smiled a little awkwardly, scratching her head: “That?, I’m sorry, I made you bother, I’m timid…”

Wen Yu also let go of her hand, reached out and took the cup to her, poured a glass of water, and handed it to her: “It’s okay, Wang Sao and the others are more convenient to live here.”

He himself? He doesn’t like to have others? Live here, but Chi Zhengzheng’s appearance is obviously not good, so he can take care of Wang Sao and the others, and he is relieved.

Chi Zhengzheng took the water and looked at Wen Yu gratefully.

After drinking—? Drooling, and wiping the cold sweat that came out before wiping her forehead, she said: “Wenyu, you are so brave…”

Dare—someone? Living here, Wen Yu’s courage really makes her admire.

And even if she knew that the community was not open for sale, so there was no one, she was still very scared.

“I’m used to it, there’s nothing good? I’m afraid.” Wen Yu said softly.

He is certainly not afraid, he doesn’t know if there are ghosts in this world, but he has never encountered a ghost who harmed him, a person who harmed him? There are quite a few, people? Sometimes it is much more terrifying than a ghost.

Yu Guang looked to the side and still—Chi Zhengzheng, who was scared behind his face, burst into laughter and raised the corners of his mouth.

Soon Wang’s wife brought her own things and was sent by the driver Wang’s brother. In addition to Wang’s wife who was cooking, there was a middle-aged couple.

“Uncle Li manages the garden. Aunt Li helps sweep the floor and wash the clothes. They all live in the annex building next to them. Call them if you have anything to do.” Wen Yu urged—Sentence.

“Oh, okay?…” Chi Zhengzheng responded.

She looked at—? Looking straight at Wen Yu, a little lost.

This person? How nice?

Although the face is cold, he is very considerate and makes people feel warm from the bottom of their hearts.

She—? Straight away, until Wen Yu tapped her head with two fingers, she covered her forehead and looked back, frowning,—? Big eyes looked at him dumbfounded.

——Why are you hitting me?

Wen Yu retracted his hand and coughed against his lips—? Sound: “Get ready to eat, Wang’s wife cooks quickly.”

After speaking, he turned around and went to the kitchen to tell Wife Wang, this girl is obviously timid, and she still needs more care from Wife Wang.

Chi Zhengzheng was still holding his head, looking dumbfounded at Wen Yu’s back.

This person? Why did you knock her?

Wang’s wife is really cooking very quickly. I fry a few side dishes and bring out the rice, and the rice is cooked at the same time.

In broad daylight, there are more people, and Chi Zhengzheng is not afraid.

Wen Yu also relaxed, and went out to the company again after eating. In the past two days, there are a lot of things in the company, or is it better for him to show up?—something.

When he arrived at the company, he called Secretary Lai Ning——

“The house in Wangjiang Manor should begin to be sold. Let the person in charge pay attention?-Next buyer, try my best to sell the house next to my family? There are many children.”

This can be lively—somewhat.

The house is far away from the house, and it is impossible to bother them, but if Chi Zhengzheng goes to the door, it will be very lively.

Secretary Ning—? Frozen.

Then Wangjiang Manor thought the boss would not sell it, so why did it suddenly start?

Wen Yu’s plan Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know. At this moment, she was in the house—?While eating cookies made by Wang’s wife,—?While on the computer, looking for what work she could do?.

However, this is not easy.

The original owner graduated from university, but his grades were not good. I used to like Wen Yiran. When he saw him studying abroad, he also went abroad to study at university. As a result, he played-I can’t stay for more than a few years, come back-Straight cat is at home.

Now it’s not the same as before. In the past, as long as you return from abroad, it’s always a stepping stone, but now everyone can understand what university you are studying. There is still a big difference between a good university and a pheasant university. of.


Chi Zhengzheng didn’t get her diploma at all! !

She herself? Not a? Very capable, —? Shi Banhui really didn’t know what? What kind of job?.

Enter Chi’s related company?

That can’t, even if the Chi family agrees, she is not willing to go.

Chi Zhengzheng scratched his head with anxiety.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

“Zhengzheng, have you finished eating the biscuits? There are still more here, do you want more?” Wang’s wife said at the door, holding a plate in her hand.

Chi Zhengzheng waved his hand hurriedly: “No, I have enough food here, Wang Sao, you can eat it, thank you, it is really too much trouble for you.”

Aunt Wang smiled, with affection on her face, “It doesn’t matter, Mr. Wen asked me to take care of you, I must be? Good? Good? Take care of you, Mr. Wen is kind to me and my man.”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng nibbled the cookie, and looked at her with round eyes, a little strange.

Wang Sao also explained: “My man? It’s Mr. Wen’s driver. When he got sick, he needed a lot of money. Normally, the employer just fired him, but Mr. Wen paid for the medical expenses and let him I was well? Going back to work? Even after knowing my family’s difficulties, I asked me to help be a nanny and cook.”

Her expression was a little emotional, and she walked over and put another plate of biscuits by Chi Zhengzheng’s hand, “Should? Not Mr. Wen, me and my man? I don’t know what life is going on now, Mr. Wen is a very good person. ?.”

Chi Zhengzheng-nodded with a face of approval, but no, Wen Yu is indeed a good person.

Seeing her nodding her head, Wang’s sister-in-law smiled more brilliantly: “Yes, Zhengzheng, you are also very good? You and Mr. Wen are both so good?, the future will definitely get better and better?!”

Chi Zhengzheng-? Stiff, immediately waved his hand: “No, no, Wang Sao, I and Wen Yu are not in that kind of relationship, I’m just a tenant, it’s not convenient to go home, so I live here temporarily.”

Wang Sao—I didn’t believe it, she—? Picking up the kettle next to him,—? and said: “Zheng Zheng, don’t lie to me, Mr. Wen has already said that you are his fiancée.”

With that, she took the kettle downstairs to change the water.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Although as a tenant, the treatment is better, although she still has the name of his fiancé, but she and Wen Yu are really not that kind of relationship!

What does Chi Zhengzheng do for work? I have been worrying for two days. In the end, I have no choice but to pick up some translation work on the Internet, and try to make myself still have a meager income.

Then I bought a pile of books, thinking that I always have to test a book to benefit my future development.

Although a girl from a family like her can be raised by the family-for the rest of her life, it is hard to say whether the Chi family will be there in the next year. Even if she is still there, she doesn’t want the Chi family to raise her.

The book she bought has just been delivered.

After being discharged from the hospital, I was upset, and now I am in a very bad mood? Wen Sisi called her.

——Although Wen Sisi doesn’t know, why is he in a bad mood? Want to call? Chi Zhengzheng.

“Hey, what are you doing? I haven’t seen you in the past two days. I heard that you ran away from home again?” On the phone, Wen Sisi’s attitude is not very friendly?, with sarcasm.

—? A? The word “again” is ironic enough.

Chi Zhengzheng casually opened the parcel, “You haven’t returned the burn?”

Wen Sisi dumbfounded: “Huh?”

“Otherwise, why does your head get hot to care about me?”

“Chi Zhengzheng!!!”

“I can hear it, say it.” Chi Zhengzheng drew his ears.

“At night?, nightclub, are you going?”

“Don’t go.”

Wen Sisi: “???”

She took a deep breath, and learned Chi Zhengzheng’s aggressive skills: “Are you afraid of me, so you dare not go?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “Yes, I’m afraid of you, so I won’t go.”

Hearing the words, he jumped his feet with anger: “Chi Zhengzheng!!”

“Let’s talk about it, time and place?” Chi Zhengzheng asked helplessly.

She heard that Wen Sisi was in a bad mood? When she was in a bad mood, Wen Sisi accompanied her to escape from the room, and was hospitalized with a high fever. Now the other party is in a bad mood? It’s nothing.

As for nightclubs and so on, the original owner is a regular visitor, but every nightclub in this city will know her and nothing will happen.

Here Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisi have an appointment for the night? Go to the nightclub.

In Chi’s company over there?.

Chi Zhouchen asked anxiously?: “Dad, have you found it? What’s the matter with Wen Yu?”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: I have nothing to do with Wen Yu, really!

Wen Yu: Secretary Ning, help me select future neighbors. My wife likes it to be lively.

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