“I don’t know… I really don’t know that Sisi came to the hospital with a fever! Brother Yiran was very angry, so I, I misunderstood.” She burst into tears, “Sorry, I will apologize to Sister Zheng Zheng , it’s all my fault!”

Absolutely can’t admit it!

If she admits that she is deliberately provoking her, Chi Yan will clean up her, and Ding Yijun will not treat her any better!

If you don’t ask Chi Jia to see you, Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei will not agree that she and Wen Yiran are together.

No one can be sure whether she knows it, only Wen Yiran and Wen Sisi know, as long as they lie to them, no one knows whether her words are true or false.


A lie is destined to be hidden by another lie.

After deceiving one person, countless people have to be deceived to avoid being discovered by the first person.

When the lie is revealed…

She will gain more than one person’s anger.

But at this moment, An Qinru didn’t think of these, maybe he thought, but he couldn’t take care of it.

Both Chi Yan and Ding Yijun frowned, and no one knew whether they believed it or not.

Ding Yijun did not comfort her crying as usual, but hung his head and sighed.

Chi Yan said with a cold face, and said coldly–

“No, you don’t need to apologize. From today, don’t show up in front of Zhengzheng.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s mood is a bit complicated.

She had no shortage of love in her previous life, and her only relative was the one she respected and loved the most.

She also once thought, if her parents were there, if she could get along with her parents day and night, what would it be like?

——That was her biggest desire and fantasy when she looked at the photos at home when she was young.

Now she has become the Chi Zhengzheng of this world, and she has parents.

But at this moment, she walked out of this home by herself, leaving her physical parents.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t regret it. Although she had some memories and some emotions of the original owner, after all, she was not the original owner who had been with them for twenty-one years.

She is just a little complicated, with some emotion and inexplicable sadness.

She had been in a trance and ignored her surroundings until she walked to the car and Wen Yu stopped.

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly discovered–

She and Wen Yu are still holding hands! !

What’s complicated and sad disappeared in an instant.

Chi Zhengzheng was shocked, and quickly pulled his hand back, his face was shocked, even… panic?

Wen Yu didn’t care about her pulling out her hand, just reached out and opened the door of the passenger seat to signal her to get in the car.

I didn’t feel it just now. Now that I withdrew his hand, Chi Zhengzheng felt that his hand was so hot that it was about to burn.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down, her voice sensible: “Wen Yu, thank you for today. In my heart? I have nothing to do with Chi’s family. We don’t count our marriage contracts anymore. I won’t trouble you anymore. Was it a lot of time for you?”

Chi Zhengzheng looked at him with serious eyes, and his beautiful round eyes were full of gratitude.

When she just woke up, she was in awe of the man in front of her. In her previous life, she was just an ordinary woman. She was a little scared of the overlord man who turned over the cloud and covered the rain in a book.

But the contact during this period of time made her discover that he was not as cold and unfavorable as she imagined.

——Wen Yu, who is hiding under the cold and indifference, is actually a very good person.

Chi Zhengzheng is very grateful to him.

Wen Yu’s hand paused slightly, and his brows were slowly frowned together.

After a long while, he said: “The marriage contract cannot be terminated yet.”

Chi Zhengzheng was puzzled at first, and then he understood after thinking about it.

Wen Yu still didn’t give up his plan to lift Wen Jia up high and then fall down, so he still had to paralyze Wen Jia, and the marriage contract could not be terminated now.

Chi Zhengzheng pursed her lips. She had persuaded Wen Yu Kuai to cut the chaos with a knife and stop wasting time on Wen Jia.

But since he was unwilling, she couldn’t persuade any more.

She nodded: “It’s okay, then we will not talk about the dissolution of the marriage contract on the face, but in private? Face us……”

Wen Yu spoke suddenly and interrupted her: “I don’t hate you.”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback for a moment, before taking his words out.

Wen Yu looked at her, he was very tall, even if Chi Zhengzheng was wearing high heels, he was much taller than her.

They were close, and when she looked up at him, she needed to raise her head, just feeling very oppressive.

The street lights are dim, but his perfect face is still very eye-catching.

——This is an almost perfect man.

Is he serious at the moment? Looking at her, there is no indifference, no coldness, and no dislike in his eyes.

Wen Yu said: “We are already engaged, I don’t hate you, and it doesn’t matter if we get married.”

He said this from the heart.

Wen Yu doesn’t know what he likes, although he only had ridicule in his heart when he got engaged, but now he doesn’t hate her and is willing to treat her as his fiancée.

If you want to get married in the future, that person is Chi Zhengzheng, it doesn’t matter.

Wen Yu doesn’t know what his fiance should do, but he really wants to take care of Chi Zhengzheng and doesn’t want to see her upset.

This feeling was something he had never had before, and Wen Yu didn’t quite understand it.

But when he heard Chi Zhengzheng say “dissolve the engagement” and “it doesn’t matter”, he was very upset.

Chi Zhengzheng was stunned for a while, and suddenly laughed: “Hahaha, Wen Yu, you are really…” It is really dumbfounding.

Wen Yu’s eyes were confused.

“Haha, Wen Yu, there is no way you can get married if you don’t hate it. When you meet someone you like in the future, you will understand.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled and felt a little uncomfortable.

Wenyu doesn’t understand love, because he is a male protagonist without a CP.

So in the future, can he really meet someone who will accompany him throughout his life?

If it still looks like in the book…

Thinking of this, Chi Zhengzheng felt a little uncomfortable.

Seeing her smile and smile again, Wen Yu was even more puzzled. He is very smart. His head can control all the company’s affairs, and he can easily build his huge business empire in a shopping mall like a battlefield.

But now, he couldn’t guess what the girl in front of him was thinking.

Chi Zhengzheng’s discomfort did not last long. Wenyu’s path to dominate hegemony was extremely glorious, and she couldn’t get in on what his future would be like.

If it weren’t for Chi Zhengzheng, if it wasn’t for a verbal marriage contract, she would not have any contact with Wenyu, a non-CP male protagonist.

She smiled and waved, “Well, Wen Yu, you can go back.”

Wen Yu’s brows were still frowning, looking a little serious, and he said in a low voice: “Get in the car, it’s not safe to live outside.”

“No need to……”

Wen Yu looked at her blankly.

——The silent oppression of the boss is coming again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” I was a little confused at once.

After thinking about it, she said: “Then I will live with you for the time being, but I will pay you the rent.”

She has only a few thousand dollars in her pocket, and she is not familiar with the world. She has to pay at least one for three when she goes out to rent a house. It’s very troublesome, and she needs money for food and purchases…

Temporarily staying at Wenyu is actually the best choice.

Just now, she was thinking about getting rid of the relationship, without considering her financial problems for a while.

Since Wen Yu Chengxin “invite”, then she also “respectful rather than fate”!

Wen Yu thought for a while and nodded: “Yes.”

So Chi Zhengzheng got on the car.

Wen Yu got in the co-pilot, stepped on the accelerator, and walked in one direction.

——That is the opposite direction from Wen Jia.

When Chi Zhouchen came out, he only saw a car butt. Fortunately, he let the driver drive to catch up in time.

——I still haven’t left Chi Zhengzheng’s phone number.

So Chi Zhouchen could only follow the car in front, and talk to Chi Zhengzheng when the car stopped later. If Chi Zhengzheng didn’t go back, they would know where she lived.

Today it was they who broke her heart again, and Chi Zhouchen felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

Is it… my sister.

If his father didn’t say it didn’t mean he didn’t care, Chi Zhouchen definitely wanted to know where Chi Zhengzheng lived.

They are not familiar with Wen Yu at all, although he suddenly discovered in the past two days that this Wen family is superfluous and not worthless, but the other party is indeed not as reassuring as Wen Yiran.

What if Chi Zhengzheng is bullied by him?

Even if Chi Zhengzheng wants to stay with Wenyu for a few days, he still has to threaten Wenyu so as not to bully Chi Zhengzheng.

The people of his late family can’t be bullied.

“Hurry up and be sure to keep up with them.”


The two cars were moving in one direction.

Chi Zhouchen soon discovered that they were not going in the direction of Wenjia, but in the opposite direction.

Also, it is impossible for Chi Zhengzheng to live in Wen’s house.

That direction is prosperous, there are many people and cars, they almost lost it.

Fortunately, the driver is so good that he still keeps up.

Very fast, they walked around a road to outside the gate of a community.

The car in front slowed down, the security opened the gate, and the car slowly drove into the community.

Chi Zhouchen was about to call them, and when he saw the front gate of the community, he was stunned.

——Wangjiang Manor.

Although he is still a high school student, he doesn’t know anything. Chi Yan usually tells him a lot about business affairs, and he will take him to the company during holidays.

Because of this, he knows this neighborhood.

This community was built by Yu Ding.

At the beginning, this piece of land was the new land king of this city. In such an urban area, such a large piece of land is the best location in Linjiang. When the country put it out for auction, it caused quite a stir. .

Of course, what is even more shocking is that the company photographed is called Yu Ding.

Prior to this, Yu Ding had not been involved in the real estate industry, and had just moved back from abroad, and there was not much movement.

At that time, Yu Ding photographed this piece of land. There are still many? Real estate companies are looking for things, and some people question whether they have so much money to buy this piece of land?

In the end, Yu Ding got it, and after getting it, a villa was built in this place.

And Yu Ding… actually transferred to other virtual industries.

After that, it was Yu Ding’s glorious history. In just a few years, Yu Ding has gone from being questionable to the now admirable behemoth.

With Yu Ding’s high-speed take-off, many people will occasionally mention the land they bought. This is the first time they have made a splash in China.

This villa area was quickly built, called Wangjiang Manor.

The inside is beautifully built, and the houses are also very beautifully built. The most important thing is that in such a large place, Wangjiang Manor has not built too many villas, and the distance between each household is relatively long.

This has led to such a community. In fact, not too many houses have been built. The greenery inside is perfect, and the security is already complete.

Chi Yan also said before that when Wangjiang Manor sells the house, they will also buy a set and move in. Even if they can’t live, they can stay in real estate.

I’m just afraid that it won’t be cheap. For such a luxury villa in this location, it costs almost 100 million yuan, but Wangjiang Manor’s house has been repaired too little and the price has to be reversed.

Of course, the price of the house did not surprise Chi Zhouchen the most.

The reason why he was so surprised was because–

The Wangjiang Manor house has been repaired and everything has been installed, but the house has not been sold yet! !

So how did Wenyu drive Chi Zhengzheng into here? Noodle? !

And why can he get in? !

Chi Zhouchen was so surprised that he didn’t call someone in time, and Wen Yu’s car had completely disappeared from sight.

“Late?” the driver said.

Chi Zhouchen also looked at the gate of Wangjiang Manor in a daze.

It was night after all. Although there were street lights in the community, there was no way to see the whole community.

Chi’s family now lives in a villa area, and with Wen Yu’s background, Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong with entering a seemingly so? Hao community.

Even if she wanted to live in Wenyu’s cheaper house, he probably didn’t have it.

She didn’t look at this community carefully, and she didn’t know what was special about the Wangjiang Manor community. Her head was comfortably leaning on the seat, and the car was almost in the underground garage of a house.

“Do you usually live here?” Chi Zhengzheng asked as he followed Wen Yu upstairs.

“Occasionally live.” Most of the time I was at Wenjia.

“Oh…” Chi Zhengzheng answered.

“Look if you like it or not, I also have other houses.” Wen Yu said calmly.

She hurriedly said, “No, no, I don’t choose where I live, and it looks very good already!”

While they were talking, the two went through the garden and into the main building.

As soon as the door opened, the light turned on.

The light inside is extremely comfortable, bright, clean and tidy. The lobby, living room, and dining room are all on the first floor, and I glance at it…

It’s really big.

Look up at the high ceiling, then look at the luxurious spiral staircase in the lobby…

Chi Zhengzheng turned his head to look at Wen Yu, with a serious look?——

“Boss, I think I might not be able to rent this house.”

She only knew that this house might be luxurious, but with the Chi’s bottoming out, she thought she could accept it, but she never expected that it could be so luxurious! !

Not to say how luxurious the decoration is, on the contrary, the decoration is actually more refined and simple.

But such a big house, such a lavish layout, in her pocket? How could that little money be able to afford it? !

Wen Yu was stunned, looked at her, and the two of them looked at each other.

For a moment, he said: “It’s okay, live, I don’t usually stay here.”

She automatically changed to something she could understand–

Wen Yu doesn’t live very often, so it’s also empty when she’s vacant. She lives well.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” We are going to hate the rich!

If she had such a good house, she would be satisfied to stay in it and not go out every day!

This made Chi Zhengzheng in his heart burst into tears with his biggest dream of buying a 90-square-foot house.

Seeing her not speaking, Wen Yu frowned: “I don’t like it? I still have a larger manor in my hand, in…”

She seemed to be satisfied with a bigger manor if she didn’t agree.

Chi Zhengzheng interrupted him hurriedly: “I like it! This is already very much!”

Wen Yu was satisfied and nodded: “That’s good.”

He began to change shoes.

Chi Zhengzheng thought for a while, and asked him with a complicated expression: “Well, let me ask one more question. The rent will be paid six thousand first… is it okay? When I have money, I will replenish you!”

Such a house, even if it is a shared rent, can’t be rented for 6,000 yuan!

She still had to move out as soon as possible. She couldn’t afford such a luxury house with her wallet.

Wen Yu turned to look at her, as if he understood her persistence, and nodded: “Yes.”

Chi Zhengzheng immediately transferred the money to him by mobile phone.

As a result, Wen Sisi lost her money, but in a blink of an eye there were only a few hundred left.

Poverty, sorrow.

Wen Yu: “Go up and choose a room.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Qiufu, jealous!

Too many rooms are not good. Look, I have to choose which one to live in, alas.

While sighing, she changed her slippers, and then “ta, ta, ta”, went upstairs as happy as Sa Huan.

Now that I have moved in and the rent has been paid, I have to live in a happy place!

Wen Yu looked up at her back on the first floor, with the corners of her mouth slightly raised.

She always seems to be happy.

I only came out of the house at night tomorrow. I have nothing in my pocket, but I can also be filled with joy because of a little happiness, forget my sorrows, and forget those who make her unhappy.

Wen Yu looked at her back, and suddenly remembered the first time he lived here?.

At that time, just like now, he had been watching the Chi family with cold eyes, watching them proud, watching them reveling, watching them complacent about the “great prospects” of Wen’s future…

Xu Wei mentioned his deceased mother that day. Wen Jingsen had just returned from a drink. He was angry when he heard his mother’s name, saying indifferently that he was ashamed and let him go.

Wen Yu wanted to tear his ugly face, but he thought it was too cheap for them.

What is his twenty years? How could they be destroyed so easily?

He knows Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei, and knows when to let them down is the most painful for them…

Wen Yu left indifferently, just as the decoration had been completed here, he moved in.

Turning on the lights, entering the house, washing, and sleeping are very common.

Even if this was the “home” he built in advance after he left Wen’s house for himself, there was no special treatment.

But at this moment, watching Chi Zhengzheng upstairs happily, she could still vaguely hear her exclaims, and Wen Yu also felt that the house looked more pleasing to the eye.

——It seems that this is the feeling that this is his home, a place completely different from Wen’s home.

There are not too many rooms in the main building, and obviously visitors live in the annex building.

But Chi Zhengzheng didn’t know that when it was dark when she first came in, she didn’t even notice that there were two annex buildings.

But the rooms upstairs that can live in shocked her face. Each room was bigger than her room in Chi’s house, and the layout was more refined and comfortable.

There was a room on the second floor that was obviously the master bedroom. Chi Zhengzheng took a probe, and there was something in it and there were signs of people living in it.

——Obviously, Wen Yu will live inside.

She hurriedly retracted her gaze and went to look at other rooms.

The other rooms are brand new, and there is no sign of anyone living in it.

Chi Zhengzheng picked the room at the end of the second floor, which is not big compared to the master bedroom, but has a larger terrace. Just think about lying on the railing and looking at the garden behind, or sitting on the terrace to enjoy the sun. , It’s too beautiful.

After deciding where to live, she immediately went downstairs “ta, ta, ta” because she walked faster and the footsteps were very clear.

Wen Yu looked up.

Before the person appeared in front of him, Chi Zhengzheng’s voice came–

“Your house is great too! Every room is superb. I chose the innermost room on the second floor. Can I live there?”

Although the room is definitely unoccupied, it is still necessary to ask Wenyu the master.

Of course he has no objection and nodded: “Yes.”

“By the way, Wen Yu, I’m going out to buy some clothes, have you eaten yet? Are you still working tonight?” she asked again.

Wen Yu’s eyebrows relaxed, with a smile in his eyes, “I won’t work tonight. When someone brings you clothes, Wang’s wife will come over and cook.”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, “How is this so good…”

Cooking is still the same thing, even the clothes are taken into consideration, is this…wouldn’t it be better?

“Didn’t I tell you not to pack things?” Wen Yu looked at her, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, with a clear smile.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” She almost forgot. Wen Yu said this when she was in Chi’s house just now.

She looked serious: “Well, I owe you another favor this time, but I will buy all of these myself in the future.”

Seeing that she was serious, Wen Yu nodded.

Chi Zhengzheng breathed a sigh of relief, feeling very grateful to Wen Yu. She had no money in her pocket, and it was indeed very inconvenient.

Wang Sao was a gentle-looking middle-aged woman. She smiled when she came. When she saw Chi Zhengzheng, her smile became even brighter. She didn’t know what to say with her ambiguous expression.

But Wang Sao is not a talkative person. Apart from asking them what food to eat, she didn’t mention Chi Zhengzheng and Wenyu at all. Even if her expression was ambiguous, as long as she didn’t say it, she couldn’t rush to explain… …She is actually just a tenant.

While Wang’s wife was cooking in the kitchen, the clothes deliverer also rushed over.

That was obviously one of Wen Yu’s secretaries. She was a serious-dressed woman in her thirties. She looked like an elite in the industry, wearing a suit and high heels, walking vigorously and vigorously.

She also took two shopping guide girls wearing shopping mall clothes, the clothes were held in their hands.

“Boss, it’s all here.” The secretary was respectful.

Wen Yu nodded and looked at Chi Zhengzheng: “Let her see.”

“Yes.” The secretary turned his head to look at Chi Zhengzheng, his expression unchanged, still serious and respectful, and his eyes focused.

The two shopping guide girls behind her are probably younger, always secretly watching the house and Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng.

“Hello, madam, here are three pajamas bought for you. There are three sets, each in a small size and a medium size.” She said, pointing to the pajamas in the hands of a shopping guide.

The three sets of pajamas are completely three different styles, elegant, luxurious, and cute, but undoubtedly, they are all very beautiful.

“Which one do you like? If you are not satisfied, here? And…” She took out the tablet, and there were countless styles of pajamas on the interface.

“This one, a small size is fine!” Chi Zhengzheng interrupted her and quickly pointed to one of the sets.

——This posture is a bit scary.

Moreover, the secretary always reminded her of her leader of the Environmental Protection Agency when she was at work. Every time she saw the leader, it was as if she saw the grade director when she was in school, she was frightened.

“Okay.” The secretary nodded with a serious look. “There are more sets of similar styles. I will send them to the lady tomorrow.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…No, no need.”

Is it such a big battle? !

She looked at Wen Yu, and the other party was also looking at them. Seeing this, she said to the secretary in a cold voice: “You don’t need to send the rest.”

——She seems to prefer to buy it herself?

“Okay.” The secretary nodded.

Chi Zhengzheng took a breath and finally felt relaxed.

At this moment, the secretary pressed her serious face and continued to point to another big box: “This is underwear. I brought a size from XX to XX, madam, what size do you need?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”! ! !

It was dark in front of me, and I felt suffocated.

She doesn’t really want to discuss what size underwear she needs in public!

Why is it especially in front of Wen Yu? !

His face blushed and his face was embarrassed.

Wen Yu, who had no experience, was stunned, and then realized that she was… shy?

Sorry to choose underwear in front of her?

Bingcuianian’s secretary is still serious: “Madam, human nature, don’t be shy.”

——They all thought that Chi Zhengzheng was shy.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Am I fucking shy? ! I’m fucking angry! ! !

She covered her face, embarrassed: “…well, is there a smaller one?”

The author has something to say: Wen Yu: This…

Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ?

Wen Yu: Very good, there is still room for development.

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