I thought it would be better for her to stay at home, so she was kidding, but not now.

Because he found out that she was staying at home and was not happy.

Sent her back yesterday, she left Chi’s house, and sent her back at noon today, still? Can’t wait to leave.

And now, still can’t stay.

It’s only three times. It’s the third time.

Every time, it’s not Chi Zhengzheng’s fault.

That’s it? She is not suitable for staying in this home.

Chi Zhengzheng stared at him blankly, his nose was slightly astringent, and for a moment, his eyes were a little wet.

She didn’t cry when she walked into a strange world.

When her fiancé and cousin betrayed her, she did not cry.

When others disliked her and accused her, she did not cry.

Even when Chi’s misunderstood her, she didn’t cry.

She has this kind of character. The more you are not happy, the stronger you are. Grandma told her that when no one cares, the tears can’t be shed, because… no one is distressed.

He could hear that Yu held her hand, and the warm temperature came from his big palm. Chi Zhengzheng was inexplicably wet with his eyes.

The eyes blinked, but the tears did not fall.

Ding Yijun was a little bit stunned, and opened his mouth: “What?, what? What? Thought?”

Wen Yu stood next to Chi Zhengzheng, holding her hand in one hand and the suit jacket in the other, with a torch-like gaze, “Is she? My fiancee, I’ll take her away, can’t you?”

The voice is calm and straightforward.

Chi Yan was furious, picked up the teacup and smashed it in Wenyu’s direction.

Wen Yu pulled her Chi Zhengzheng back a step, moving forward and blocking her front.

“Papa–” The cup cracked on the ground, and the tiles were scattered on the ground.

The second cup sacrificed tonight.

“Presumptuous!” Chi Yan clutched his chest, angrily, “Wen Yu! This is? Chi’s house, isn’t it? The place where you run wild!”

Wen Yu didn’t say a word, just looked at him straight, sneered, fingertips a little bit on the suit jacket he was holding, his eyes were dark.

——If? His secretary assistant, and the people in the company? Seeing it, they must be completely motionless in fright.

Because people who are familiar with him know?, this is? His angry reaction.

Chi Yan didn’t understand, so he didn’t know? He had already crossed the boundary on the edge of Wen Yu’s anger.

It’s just that, when he met Shang Wenyu’s eyes, he was inexplicably cold in his heart.

The angry mood was slightly stagnant, and the hand holding his chest also paused slightly.

Feeling the slender hand that he was holding moved, Wen Yu retracted his gaze, the hostility in his eyes faded, and looked at Chi Zhengzheng: “Let’s go now, take the ID card, we won’t pack things, and buy a new one. OK?”

What is it? Chi Zhengzheng’s parents, Wen Yu held down the anger that had just risen in his heart.

Chi Zhengzheng hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Okay.”

She really couldn’t stay in the Chi family anymore, and it happened that Wen Yu Yao took her away, so let’s leave the Chi family first.

“Zhengzheng, where do you want to go? This is? Your home!” Ding Yijun understood, and he saw that Chi Zhengzheng was serious, and he hurried forward, “Your dad is? This temper, he Actually it hurts you very much. You first? Calm down, let us have something to say.”

Her voice was anxious and her expression was a little flustered.

Isn’t Ding Yijun? A person with high EQ? He can’t handle this situation properly, only full of eagerness at the moment.

She can feel–

Chi Zhengzheng’s departure this time is different from before.

“Dad, Mom.” Chi Zhengzheng still called them this way. These are the biological parents of the original owner, who gave birth to the original owner and raised the original owner. This claim is necessary.

It’s just that it’s not the same, family members and family members are not all in love with each other.

They were raised by the original owner, and the original owner who spent 20 years with them day and night was also the original owner. The relatives in her heart were not them.

Chi Zhengzheng does not hate or complain, but he has no nostalgia.

She feels uncomfortable at Chi’s house, so don’t wait.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at them calmly, and said calmly: “I really want to talk to you, but? You don’t want to? Tell me well. Without investigation, without trust, I believe An Qinru is right? Really? , I was deemed to have caused Wen Sisi to enter the hospital. As long as you have a little trust in me, as long as you check it yourself, you will know? — Wen Sisi was admitted to the hospital with a fever.”

She was hospitalized with a cold and fever, but she was beaten or calculated.

These words were like a bucket of cold water, poured over the angry Chi Yan, making him completely angry in an instant, and slowly being replaced by another emotion in his heart.

“You just… what did you just do? Don’t you?” Chi Yan said, after a long time.

He has a guilty conscience and feels guilty.

But as a patriarch, a person who is used to giving orders, he is unwilling to admit that he was wrong.

Still find out the problem of Chi Zhengzheng, and blame it.

——He would not think that he had done something wrong, even if he knew?, he would not admit it.

——She already knew?

Chi Zhengzheng hooked his mouth, his smile was a little cold, and his voice was still calm: “When I came back, weren’t you? Have you basically confirmed it? Mom and Dad, this kind of thing hasn’t been the first time?”

You don’t need to think about it. An Qinru filed a lawsuit. He said that Wen Sisi was hospitalized because of her fever. As long as she didn’t say Wen Sisi had a fever, it would be easy to make people verbally? misunderstanding.

This kind of thing, in Chi Zhengzheng’s memory, has never happened since childhood.

Will the Chi family immediately believe in An Qinru, sometimes listening to Chi Zhengzheng say a few words, sometimes not listening.

From the bottom of their hearts, they feel that–

Their daughters and sons are really troublesome.

No trust at all.

Chi Zhengzheng was very calm at the moment. The more calm he was, the more he made Ding Yijun blame himself.

It was obvious that she was reflecting on herself this afternoon, why? She actually hurt Zhengzheng again at night?

Why? I don’t have much? What are some questions?

“Not long ago? The first time” seven words made Ding Yijun and Chi Yan froze in an instant, and countless complex emotions were surging in their hearts.

Without waiting for what they said?, Chi Zhengzheng turned around and looked at Wen Yu: “Let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Wen Yu nodded and agreed.

Before raising his foot, he glanced at An Qinru again.

At that glance, it was like “looking at a dead person?”, with a low voice, with a chill-

“Don’t? Treat everyone else as fools.”

His deep eyes are bottomless, and his vision is as sharp as a knife, as if he could easily control her life and death, as if he could make her life worse than death.

An Qinru lowered his mind? Two steps back from consciousness, the whole body grew cold.

Wen Yu had already taken Chi Zhengzheng out.

Ding Yijun chased after a few steps in a hurry, and shouted: “Zheng Zheng!”

Chi Zhengzheng did not stop.

That’s what Chi Zhengzheng? He left with Wenyu.

Ding Yijun is in a hurry? Go out to chase, Chi Yan is annoyed and said angrily?: “Let her go! She didn’t make it clear by herself, I also asked her, but if she made it clear by herself, how? Maybe she was wronged? Look at her attitude Is it? You are used to it, as long as? Does not follow her heart, she is not happy!”

He was sitting on the sofa, holding his chest and feeling suffocated.

Also worried about Chi Yan, Ding Yijun stopped and turned around to pour water on him.

She patted Chi Yan’s heart, and at the same time said to Chi Zhouchen: “Zhou Chen, go and persuade your sister to let her come back. What is the matter of living with Wen Yu?…”

“Persuade what? Persuade?” Chi Yan said gruffly.

After he finished speaking, he sighed slightly and waved his hand: “She won’t listen. Now she is very angry. Let her and Wen Yu go. They will get married in the future. It doesn’t matter if they live together, and we can’t stop them. live.”

Ding Yijun frowned, she still didn’t want Chi Zhengzheng to marry Wenyu in the future, but isn’t it the time to say this.

She also sighed: “Zhengzheng is on her head. If you ask her to come back, she will definitely not come back. You can let her stay outside for a few days, but we…”

They might have misunderstood Zhengzheng just now!

Ding Yijun didn’t say anything further, her brows frowned, and her heart became uncomfortable.

The phrase “not? The first time” really made her feel uncomfortable.

Chi Yan understood what she didn’t say, or was she stiff-mouthed and stared at Ding Yijun: “We misunderstood her, won’t she say it well? What is the relationship between her and Wen Sisi before? Which one of us doesn’t know? She doesn’t. Explain clearly, she is still angry at us! She runs away from home at every turn, is this girl really now? More and more lawless!”

He was so angry that he patted the sofa? Said: “Let her go! Let her go out and live, I think how long she can live? If you have the ability, don’t come back!”

“Lao Chi, what are you talking about? Nonsense!” Ding Yijun also glared at him, sighing with grief.

Now the little one is angry, and the old one is also stiff and unhappy. She feels guilty and helpless. It is extremely complicated.

Looking at the direction of the door, he sighed again.

Chi Zhouchen still went out, but when he reached the door, he turned his head—

“Parents, let me go chasing Chi Zhengzheng, you and An Qinru ask clearly.”

He glanced at An Qinru coldly.

The relationship between Chi Zhouchen and An Qinru used to be pretty good, at least better than Chi Zhengzheng. He felt that An Qinru was so smart and gentle that he deserved to call him a sister.

But today, Chi Zhengzheng’s words “not? The first time”, it is also like a stick in his heart.

He formally examined his “cousin”.

Even if the matter between Wen Yiran and An Qinru was not? She deliberately? Isn’t it considered that Chi Zhengzheng had a car accident? She deliberately? However, this incident happened today, she absolutely can’t get rid of the relationship!

Chi Zhouchen’s attitude towards Chi Zhengzheng is still very complicated, but now he is no longer the attitude towards An Qinru?

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly left.

Both Chi Yan and Ding Yijun looked at An Qinru.

The anger on one face and the sadness on the other face were replaced with expressionless peace.

But this calm, but with the posture of “mountain rain is about to come and wind is all over the building”.

An Qinru’s body shook slightly.

After Chi Zhengzheng came back, Chi Yan questioned. When Chi Zhengzheng breathed, a faint smile appeared in her eyes. Satisfied? Extremely satisfied.

However, Wen Yu also came, and as soon as he came, he wanted to take Chi Zhengzheng away.

An Qinru had a bad feeling in her heart at that moment.

Now Wen Yu left Chi’s house with Chi Zhengzheng. Although Chi Yan looked angry, he couldn’t be guilty, let alone Ding Yijun, already regretting it.

An Qinru was sober for a moment, and her heart was full of regret.

——She is eager today.

The changes in Wen Sisi and Wen Yiran frightened her, and she was so terrified that she lost her absolute sanity. After returning, she was stimulated again due to the reaction of her family members, and she was impulsively provoked!

Although she didn’t say a word of lie, there were obvious traces of provocation.

“An Qinru, what’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Chi Yan’s voice was cold.

An Qinru was just about to speak, Chi Yan added another sentence–

“If you think about it clearly, you want to know?, if the Chi family doesn’t recognize you as a niece, and kick you out, will the Wen family be willing? Accept you to marry Wen Yiran?

An Qinru paled for a moment.

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