Chi Zhengzheng looked at him abruptly, her mouth opened like an “O”.

For a moment, she suspected that she had heard it wrong.

Wen Yu turned his head to look at her, still looking calm, as if he didn’t? Feel what terrible words he just said.

“What did you just say?” Chi Zhengzheng swallowed and asked tentatively.

Wen Yu was quite serious? Said: “You ran away from home yesterday, and you were not happy to leave after you just went home today. It means that you are living in Chi’s house very uncomfortably, so move out. Although I have been living in Wen’s house, But I also bought a house, so I can live in it at any time.”

It’s rare for a big guy to talk too much, and he has a serious face.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

No? Yes, boss, isn’t this? You own the house? The problem!

Is that yours? House, how can I live? ?

She opened her mouth, her voice trembling slightly: “No?, no? Okay?”

“What’s wrong? Good?” Wen Yu was puzzled.

“That’s your house!” Chi Zhengzheng sat up straight, with round and round eyes, staring at him.

Wen Yu lost a smile, and a smile crossed his eyes: “You didn’t? Did you mean… Am I your fiance?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”


She thought he didn’t pay attention to that sentence just now!

“Me, me too…” Chi Zhengzheng stammered.

She considers the language, it’s really hard to speak straight-I just said nonsense?, I didn’t treat you as a fiancé, we are not familiar with each other at all!

Wen Yu Yuguang glanced at her, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and stepped on the accelerator under his feet to start the car and leave.

——She writes everything on her face, all in one glance.

“Hey! Where are we going?!” Chi Zhengzheng exclaimed.

She hasn’t agreed yet!

Wen Yu: “Chijia, pack things up.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

She hurriedly said: “No?, no?!”

“Do you want to continue to live in Chi’s house?” Wen Yu asked.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Don’t think.

But that’s not the same as living in Wenyu’s house!

She knows so many secrets of him, even though the big guys can’t stop talking, but since ancient times, how many people belch because of “know? Too much”…

Besides, she and Wen Yu have only “just met”, so how can they live in someone’s house? ?

The boss’s face is very firm, as if insisting on exercising his “fiance” rights, supporting his “fiancee” and bringing the “fiancee” to live in his own home.

Chi Zhengzheng Ru? Sitting on pins and felt, twisting around, all over her face writing–

by! How should I speak? !

How can I live in your house? !

Wen Yu Yuguang looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

The car quickly arrived outside Chi’s house. The sky was already dark and the street lights were dim. Doesn’t it seem as clear as you can see during the day.

Wen Yu stopped the car and looked at Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t get out of the car, and sat there biting her lip, clutching her clothes with her fingers. After a while, she finally plucked up the courage to speak–

“I think I’m actually still? Don’t I…”

Wen Yu interrupted her, her voice with a clear smile that Chi Zhengzheng could hear: “Making you?, let’s go back.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

She looked at him with eyes wide open, then blinked slowly.

and so……

Wen Yu asked her to move to his place, was she actually teasing her? ?

Is he kidding her?

She tilted her head, her face stunned, she looked at him, her eyes full of–

Are you kidding me? ? ?

His face bulged in an instant, groaning angrily.

Wen Yu laughed, raised his hand, please pat her head, “Go back, if you are not happy, leave, not a happy place, don’t you need to stay for a long time.”

——Even if that place is called “home”? Place.

Not every home is warm and happy, and not every home is a harbor.

The anger of Chi Zhengzheng just disappeared in an instant. Wen Yu patted it with a touch of intimacy, making Chi Zhengzheng slightly stunned.

Then, because of his words, an inexplicable sourness slowly rose in his heart.

Yes, a family of Chi’s family makes her feel unhappy at all, does she feel the slightest warmth from her relatives.

But in the last life, there was only one grandmother in the family, which made her feel warm enough, as if she had never lacked love in the process of growing up.

Wenyu is even worse than her? Isn’t it?

Does the Chi family have feelings for her? But the Wen family has nothing but disgust and coldness towards Wen Yu, and can only count his? Stepmother, and a biological father who is ashamed of him…

She still has the warmth of the previous life in her heart, but Wen Yu has nothing.

Chi Zhengzheng suddenly understood this person—he had never felt warm.

He is the hero of hegemony, and everything he suffered in the early stage was for his better face slaps in the later stage, but no matter how cool the face is, no matter how brilliant the road to dominate hegemony, he can never? Can you deny it-Wen Yu There is no affection, no love.

“Go back.” Wen Yu stretched out his hand and unfastened her seat belt.

Chi Zhengzheng bit his lip and left slowly.

Wen Yu retracted his gaze, looked at the steering wheel, shook his head, and prepared to step on the accelerator to leave.

At this time, Chi Zhengzheng suddenly ran back.

Wen Yu rolled down the car window, and she lay on top of the car window, her beautiful face resting on the window, a pair of clear and bottomless eyes looked at him with a serious expression——

“Wenyu, so are you. If you are not happy, just leave and find a happy place. You are so good, isn’t Wenjia worth it?”

She looked at the man in front of him very seriously, he was so powerful, his aura so amazing, calm and calm, as if nothing could crush her.

He hid in Wen’s house, held them up coldly, and then severely threw them down.

But at this moment, Chi Zhengzheng actually thought-he should cut the mess quickly and destroy Wen’s family directly.

Because staying at Wen’s house? Every moment, he will not be happy.

To spend a whole year of happiness in exchange for the pleasure of the last time Wen Jia fell, Chi Zhengzheng felt it was not worth it.

Wen Yu did this, undoubtedly because-is he used to being happy?

Therefore, he can bear it for a whole year of hiding and a whole year of pleasure.

But it’s really not worth it, isn’t Wenjia worth it.

Nor does Chi Zhengzheng? I know why he ran back to say that. It may be because of the moment of compassion in his heart, or it may be a moment of sourness.

——She wants to tell him that now.

‘You are so good, isn’t Wen Jia? Worth it…’

Wen Yu paused and looked straight at her.

Chi Zhengzheng is very good-looking, but Wenyu never remembered her appearance in the past. He has only started to see her appearance and look good after the car accident.

It’s not as good as this moment.

She didn’t wear exquisite makeup, nor did she wear gorgeous clothes, because she ran over, her hair was a little messy, her lips were white, and her cheeks were flushed after running. She lay on the window, without exquisiteness and demeanor.

The sky was getting darker, and her face was not as dazzling as it was in the sun.

Wen Yu felt that at this moment, she was more beautiful than all the scenery he had seen in this world.

After a while, he whispered softly: “I see.”

“Zhengzheng seemed to have a mobile phone when he came back. Zhou Chen, do you know the number?” Ding Yijun walked around, her voice a little worried.

Is Chi Zhouchen looking complicated? Shaking his head.

Ding Yijun continued to walk around, looking outside while walking.

Chi Yan waved his hand, a little irritable? He said, “Okay, don’t walk around anymore. Since she said she is coming back at night, she is going to come back.”

“How can you not be worried?” Ding Yijun frowned and looked at Chi Yan, “Zheng Zheng has no friends, where can she go? She has changed a lot since the car accident. I am really worried.”

Chi Yan sighed, his eyes slowly showing concern.

“Furthermore, and today I still make her unhappy…” Ding Yijun has obviously realized her mistake.

Chi Yan also knew about it. He didn’t reflect on the past like Ding Yijun and Chi Zhouchen. He was only a little unhappy. His wife hadn’t made much progress for so many years.

He said: “This time it’s your problem. When Zhengzheng comes back, you have to talk to her. From Wen Yiran to Wenyu, Zhengzheng has already suffered a loss and felt wronged.”

After a pause, he said: “Also? There is An Qinru. Although she is your niece, Zhengzheng is your? Daughter. Let her go back to Ding’s house and settle down recently, right? You should always come and let Zhengzheng. Do you look happy?”

“Hey, good.” Ding Yijun nodded.

“No, things have been like this, you and Zhou Chen should not be grudges with An Qinru in private, and maintain a relationship. In the future, if she marries Wen Yiran, it is also a resource.” Chi Yan is a businessman, and everything must be considered. Benefit above.

Ding Yijun also nodded, Chi Zhouchen was in a daze and didn’t speak.

At this time, footsteps came from outside.

Several people watched hurriedly, Ding Yijun greeted him with a smile on his face.

“Zhengzheng——” The voice stopped abruptly.

An Qinru came in from the outside.

Ding Yijun was taken aback, the expressions on Chi Yan and Chi Zhouchen’s faces also became inexplicable, but undoubtedly, there was no such emotion as “welcome”.

Seeing this, An Qinru, who had just stepped into the gate of Chi’s house, had an obscure eye.

Really? It’s all changed.

Chi Zhengzheng has changed, Wen Sisi has changed, Chi’s family has changed, Wen Yiran…maybe even changed.

“Aunt, uncle, Zhou Chen.” She smiled and greeted as usual.

Chi Yan only gave an “um” sound, which was barely a response, but Chi Zhouchen didn’t speak.

Ding Yijun’s eyes were a little disappointed, and he asked softly: “Qinru, why are you here?”

An Qinru’s hand tightened.

In the past, it was a very common thing for her to return to Chi’s house. Ding Yijun would only say welcome with a smile. How could she ask such a sentence? !

As if… as if they didn’t want her to come.

The nail pinched in the palm? The pain made her sober, the corner of the mouth? The smile slowly dropped, An Qinru’s voice softly: “Let me see Sister Zhengzheng, is she back?”

The living room fell silent.

For a moment, Chi Yan said: “Yes? Haven’t come back yet.”

Ding Yijun also twitched the corners of her mouth gently, and said slowly: “She has a child’s temper, and Qinru don’t care about her. Recently, it’s better not to meet her.”

She made Zhengzheng leave again because of An Qinru’s affairs. How could An Qinru see Chi Zhengzheng now?

Feeling their emotions, An Qinru’s eyes were full of loneliness, and she lowered her head slightly.

Ding Yijun looked at her, feeling distressed, but thought of Chi Zhengzheng’s words today-why do I think she is your daughter?

Her heart immediately turned to her daughter, gritted her teeth, did not express any comfort, and did not try to persuade them to reconcile.

There was a writhing in her heart, An Qinru endured the soreness and sadness, and raised her head and said softly: “I just want to see Zhengzheng, so that she has a temper to tell me, don’t go to the Wen family again in the future.”

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Ding Yijun asked hurriedly.

Chi Yan also raised his head to look at her, frowning.

“Sister Zheng Zheng went to Wen’s house today and called Sisi out. Later, I didn’t know what happened. Sisi was taken to the hospital by Brother Yiran and is still hospitalized. Brother Yiran… is very angry.” An Qinru Head down, the voice is not too loud, but it is enough for everyone to hear.

Chi Yan’s face turned ugly for an instant, and Ding Yijun’s eyes also showed shock.

“What’s going on?! Is Zhengzheng trouble looking for Wen Sisi?” Chi Yan asked.

——It is normal for him to think so. Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisiyi have always given them the impression that water and fire are incompatible.

An Qinru shook her head: “I don’t? Know what happened? Sisi is very angry, don’t you? Let me ask more. Aunt, uncle, please persuade Zhengzheng, she doesn’t like me, I won’t show up In front of her, she hated me, so she came to me. If Zhengzheng goes on like this, I am afraid that something big will happen…”

She looked worried, no one thought she was lying.

She really didn’t lie, but…hidden a part of the matter and changed her statement.

Ding Yijun frowned, sighed, with sorrow: “Why is Zhengzheng so bad? Feeling sensible?”

This is too much like what Chi Zhengzheng can make!

It is true that Wen Sisi is in the hospital. It must be true that she told Wen Sisi to go out? It is impossible for An Qinru to lie about this, so Chi Zhengzheng really? Also? Caused the other party to go to the hospital?

Both Chi Yan and Ding Yijun’s faces are not pretty.

Chi Zhengzheng came back at this time.

As soon as she stepped into the gate of Chi’s house, Chi Yan said with a sullen face: “You caused Wen Sisi to enter the hospital today?”

Chi Zhengzheng glanced over An Qinru, and suddenly he had a guess.

Her lips pursed immediately.

No? I prayed for her to come back and face it? I have already introspected it? Chi family, but at least not? As soon as you see her, just ask!

It really made her feel…Why not? If not? Come back.

The good emotion that I kept when we parted with Wen Yu just now disappeared in an instant. She chilled her face and pursed her lips, “So what?”

“Bang——” The cup hit the ground, Chi Yan’s face was full of anger.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, speak slowly.” Ding Yijun stepped forward and supported Chi Yan.

She looked at Chi Zhengzheng, with no? Agree: “Zhengzheng, why are you so confused?! Let’s hear that the two families are getting along well now? How did you make Wen Sisi go to the hospital? They didn’t care about the things that you confided in the past, so why did you provoke things again?!”

A pair of eyes were full of condemnation, and every face was full of anger.

Standing there, Chi Zhengzheng looked at the people in front of him coldly, only feeling extremely strange.

“What did you say to her? The more you grow up, the harder your wings become. I only know to cause trouble. I have to teach you a lesson!” Chi Yan was furious and pointed her finger up.

Next to him, Chi Zhouchen’s brows have been frowning tightly. He watched Chi Zhengzheng’s hands clenched into a fist, his eyes indifferent, and his heart jumped inexplicably.

“Parents, let her talk about what is going on? No? Don’t worry.” Chi Zhouchen stood up and looked at Chi Zhengzheng with complicated eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng sneered: “Do you need me to say anything? Didn’t you have listened to An Qinru’s words, yet? Before you asked me, you had already determined that I had harmed Wen Sisi and bullied her into the hospital? What more do I need to say? ?”

She held her head slightly, her face indifferent, looking at their eyes without emotion, like a stranger.

This look was more violent than her, and even more arrogant than her to refute Chi Yan and Ding Yijun.

What is her reaction? !

No? Obedient, no? Are they parents? !

“Get me the ruler!” Chi Yan flushed with anger, turned around, looking for the ruler.

——That was when Chi Zhengzheng and Chi Zhouchen were children? Didn’t they be obedient, and when they made mistakes, Chi Yan hit their palms?

Ever since Chi Zhengzheng grew up, he has never been beaten by the ruler, but the ruler has been kept away.

Chi Zhengzheng stood there, motionless.

She is sometimes stubborn? Like a cow, she doesn’t even want to explain to these people who don’t trust her.

She will only be indifferent? I leave my heart with them, and have no feelings for them.

“Chi Zhengzheng, are your things packed?” At the door, a sharp and textured male voice sounded.

Chi’s family and Chi Zhengzheng stopped at the same time and looked up.

Wen Yu was wearing a shirt with a suit jacket over his arm, and slowly walked in from the outside, with an amazing aura.

He walked up to her, looked down at her slightly, and asked softly: “No? Did you mean to move to my place? Why did you not start packing?”

Chi Zhengzheng froze slightly, lowering his voice: “No? Are you kidding?”

Wen Yu suddenly stretched out her hand, held her hand, and also lowered her voice, but with firmness–

“It was a joke before, but not anymore.”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: What are you doing? ? ?

Wen Yu: Take his wife home.

Chi Zhengzheng: This………………

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  1. While our ML is cold like a stone he actually stands up for her. Maybe he just don’t want her to be like him? Having a sad life because even their own family is not on their side? Anyway, I’m starting to like him a little bit.


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