“Wen Yiran, are you annoying, Wen Sisi has a high fever, can you understand people? This is your sister, don’t stand in the way, we want to send her to the hospital now!” Chi Zhengzheng was also angry. .

She? Really convinced, how can this smell Yiran be hated like this?

What does the original owner like him?

Do you like him mentally retarded or do you like him stupid?

high fever?

After Wen Yiran paused, he looked at Wen Sisi, facing her? Burning face, and eyes with grievances and discomfort.

Only then did he remember that when he received Sisi in the morning, she just had a cold.

When she called him just now, she was weak in speaking.

But at that time, because he heard Chi Zhengzheng’s voice, he didn’t think about it carefully, so he just hung up the phone.

And when he saw them, he also found that Wen Sisi was wrong, but because of the existence of Chi Zhengzheng, he subconsciously picked the thorns of Chi Zhengzheng…

In an instant, Wen Yiran knew that Wen Sisi was ill, and Chi Zhengzheng wanted to take her to the hospital.

He misinterpreted such a simple matter.

I misunderstood Chi Zhengzheng, and even ignored his cousin.

He stood there, feeling a little embarrassed for the first time, opened his mouth, and was somewhat speechless.

“Let’s go.” Chi Zhengzheng assisted Wen Sisi, looked at Wenyu, and said softly.

Wen Yu nodded, and reached out to help her with water.

The two actually had a rare tacit understanding, like having a familiarity that others didn’t understand.

“Sisi, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Wen Yiran stretched out his hand and held the other side of Wen Sisi.

Wen Sisi didn’t say anything, because she was sick, she was sad, and because of the scene in front of her that she could not imagine, she was silent.

Wen Yiran touched Wen Sisi’s forehead, his eyes worrisome.

He moved his gaze, noticed Wen Yushi who was following Chi Zhengzheng, and couldn’t help but said, “Why are you also here? Isn’t it your business.”

He has always seen Wen Yu not pleasing to his eyes, especially today.

Wen Yu didn’t bother to talk to him, and walked silently beside Chi Zhengzheng without saying anything.

But Chi Zhengzheng was very upset, pursing his lips: “Why can’t Wenyu be here? He is my fiance. Can I ask him for help if I have something to do? Isn’t he with me?”

She stopped, released her hand, and completely handed Wen Sisi to Wen Yiran’s hands, “Since you are here, I will hand Wen Sisi to you, she is your sister, you send her away? Let’s hang water in the hospital.”

Wen Yiran opened his mouth to say? What.

Chi Zhengzheng directly refused to give him a chance to speak, waved his hand, and said impatiently: “If you have time to quarrel with us, hurry up and take her to the hospital. Don’t delay the time.”

Wen Yiran and her? And Wen Yu didn’t deal with each other. The three of them stayed together? It was a waste of time. Why? Let Wen Yiran rush Wen Sisi to the hospital.

Wen Yiran’s lips moved, is this back to the bottom? Let’s talk about it? What, help Wen Sisi to continue to the parking position.

Wen Sisi, who has been silent, looks back? He glanced at Chi Zhengzheng with a complicated expression in his eyes.

Seeing the two of them got in the car, the car drove away quickly, and Chi Zhengzheng was finally relieved.

It’s not far from the hospital. With Wen Yiran’s relationship and face, Wen Sisi will have nothing to do.

It’s just that she? In my heart? Thinking, turning around? Or do you want to? Care about what happened to Wen Sisi. Did she bring it out and burn it like that? In my heart? I feel a little guilty.

But that was after the matter, and now I am finally relieved.

After rest assured, Chi Zhengzheng froze again.

——Wen Yu is right by the side!

Damn, she? Just said to Wen Yiran? Wen Yu is her fiance!

Although everyone knew about their verbal marriage contract, did Chi Zhengzheng? Dang Wenyu? It was her? “Fiance”. Their relationship is not better than that of unmarried couples.

No CP text? Male lead, how could there be a wife!


Very embarrassing.

Chi Zhengzheng dare not look up? Go and see Wen Yu’s face!

I don’t know if he just heard her? Is he angry?

For Wen Yu, the existence of her “fiancee” is itself a shame.

This is described in the original text?

She didn’t say anything, Wen Yu didn’t say anything, they just stood at the intersection of the pedestrian street like this…

After thinking about it, Chi Zhengzheng gritted his teeth and raised his head?, with a smirk on his face——

“Wen Yu, I just…”

“Why are you here? Didn’t you send you back?” Wen Yu asked.

His eyes were calm, only curiosity, no anger at all.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” Huh?

not angry? Still not at all? Pay attention to that sentence?

She blinked her eyes, cleverly stopped mentioning what she had just said, and explained: “I was in a bad mood and brought Wen Sisi out to play, but she had a fever…”

Wen Yu nodded?, didn’t you? Say? What, raised his foot, “Get in the car first?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “Oh.”

She? A little at a loss, but still subconsciously followed Wen Yu into the car.

Wen Yiran answered An Qinru’s phone on the road, so when they arrived at the hospital, An Qinru was there.

She looked very anxious, accompanied them with injections, drinking water, and hospitalization with a worried expression on her face.

After Wen Sisi finished hanging the water, Wen Yiran breathed a sigh of relief.

He had been angry with Wen Sisi a long time ago, forgot that it was the sister he cared about, lying on the bed so weakly, Wen Yiran was also a little distressed.

In addition to distress, there is also guilt. When he was just in the pedestrian street, Chi Zhengzheng was anxious to send her to the hospital, but he kept wasting time…

He stepped forward and asked softly: “Sisi, is it better?”

Wen Sisi nodded?

Wen Yiran squeezed the quilt for her, and then said: “Take a good rest, I will guard you.”

Beside, An Qinru poured a cup of warm water and sat next to him, also gently saying: “Sisi, drink some water.”

Looking at the water cup in front of her, Wen Sisi suddenly thought of the water that Chi Zhengzheng would feed her today…

An Qinru gently fed her, she opened her mouth, took two sips, and shook her head.

“Stop drinking?”

She? Nodding?.

An Qinru helped her again? Lie down, squeeze the quilt for her, and tell her like a competent sister——

“Sisi, you can’t do this anymore in the future. If you feel unwell? Want? Go to the hospital earlier, but you can’t drag it, you know?”

She was actually one year younger than Wen Sisi. Wen Sisi and Chi Zhengzheng were in the same year, and An Qinru was a few months younger than her.

But her goal has always been to marry Wen Yiran, naturally taking care of Wen Sisi as a “sister”.

Is this caring about her? Wen Sisi nodded?.

An Qinru murmured softly while putting the cup down: “I heard? Sister Zheng Zheng asked you to go out today? You and Zheng Zheng have never dealt with each other. Why did you follow her today? Go out?”

Did Wen Sisi speak, thinking that she was so embarrassed in front of Chi Zhengzheng today, she tightened her lips.

An Qinru has been paying attention to her? Seeing this, I thought she was angry, eyes half-curved, and continued?: “You and Sister Zhengzheng are not pleasing to each other, she? Ask you out, why did you follow? Look, how uncomfortable it is to burn like this now.”

She? Although she didn’t? She clearly said?, but that meaning is undoubtedly? Is she talking?-Chi Zhengzheng deliberately caused Wen Sisi to have a high fever.

If this is true before, after all, the two of them don’t deal with each other, and they are sure that something will happen if they get together.

Wen Sisi has a fever, no matter whether there is a reason for Chi Zhengzheng, she? And Wen Yiran for sure? They will think that Chi Zhengzheng did it on purpose!

But today is a little different.

Wen Sisi’s eyes immediately showed the way Chi Zhengzheng supporting her?…

She is very laborious, sweating on her forehead.

If it was Wen Sisi, she must be thrown to the ground by Chi Zhengzheng to make her ashamed.

But Chi Zhengzheng gritted her teeth and insisted on helping her. She fell to the ground. She was the one who dragged her up and gave her water. When she held the street lamp and didn’t go away, Chi Zhengzheng would do it. Staying by the side, waiting for Wen Yu to come over…

“Sisi, you are innocent, but—”

An Qinru’s voice stopped abruptly, because Wen Sisi was staring at her.


Wen Sisi pointed her finger at her? His voice was angrily: “How about Chi Zhengzheng and I are our business? Don’t you? Don’t think I don’t know, you like Brother Yiran? Look at Chi Zhengzheng. Pleasing to the eye, behind her all day long? Make a sly trick!”

In the past, was it important for An Qinru to have this thought? After all, Wen Sisi also hated Chi Zhengzheng very much.

Every time An Qinru made a trick behind her back to make Chi Zhengzheng unlucky, she would be happy.

But today, she suddenly felt that compared to Chi Zhengzheng, what did she say? What, the character is straightforward, this An Qinru who is always muttering behind her back is really annoying.

“Sisi! You…” An Qinru’s eyes widened.

“You go, stay away from me!” Wen Sisi turned over and turned his back to her.

“No, I…” An Qinru’s eyes were red, and she opened her mouth to say? What.

Wen Yiran stood up, stopped her?, shook his head?: “Qinru, Sisi is not feeling well, don’t quarrel with her, you go back first, I’ll look back? Go to you again.”

An Qinru bit her lower lip and pinched her nails in her palm.

“Sisi, I’m going back first, pay attention to your body, what can you say? Let’s talk after you get better?” An Qinru turned red eyes, as if she had suffered countless grievances, and turned to leave.

Wen Yiran looked at her back, then at Wen Sisi, and finally stayed in the ward.

An Qinru, who ran out of the hospital in a breath, stood outside blankly, her nails still pinching her palms, making them flush.

what happened?

It has only been two days, why did Wen Sisi help Chi Zhengzheng to speak? !

Are they enemies? !

She? Standing outside the hospital? After waiting for a long time, she didn’t catch her.

Thinking of all the things that happened in the past few days, she suddenly felt out of control, as if everything had happened to her? Unknown changes!

In the car.

Chi Zhengzheng followed Wen Yu into the car and sat in the co-pilot.

Wen Yu sat in the driver’s seat. The car was quiet and clean, with a faint fragrance.

She lowered her head, but Yu Guang paid attention to Wen Yu next to her.

The air is quiet, but her mind is very lively–

Big guy…what’s wrong?

What to do if you are so silent?

Want? Don’t? Speak? Say? What?

Do you want to play the “who speaks first?” game?

Should we? Or let the boss send herself back?

But she? Where else can she go if she doesn’t want to go back to Chi’s house!

After a while, Chi Zhengzheng really can’t help it? Who is more calm than the boss, she? Asked?: “Smell…”

Wen Yu also opened his mouth, and when he opened his mouth, it was a huge thunder——

“If you feel uncomfortable living in Chi’s house, please move to my place.”  

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ? This……

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