Chi Zhengzheng shrank in the co-pilot and didn’t speak.

Wen Yu drove without speaking.

It’s also funny. Wen Yu sent her back from the hospital today. Without changing her clothes, he drove away from Chi’s place again.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at the strange places passing by on both sides, his eyes widened, and gradually drifted away.

This is a world she is not familiar with. Although it is almost exactly the same as the world she lives in, she knows that this is the world in the book, and it is different from the place where she lives.

Fortunately, it looks the same on the outside. After all, almost every city has similarities.

Densely packed with all kinds of shops, as well as parking roads and pedestrians hurriedly coming and going.

Wen Yu was a quiet person, and Chi Zhengzheng thought about something, but even ignored him for a while.

When waiting for the traffic lights, the car stopped.

She was startled suddenly and looked at Wenyu: “Da…Wenyu, where are we going?”

The voice was tentative.

Wen Yu didn’t raise his head, and replied calmly: “I don’t know.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

She looked at Wen Yu with a dazed expression, as if she couldn’t believe that he actually said this!

Feeling her surprise, Wen Yu looked at her.

At this moment, her eyes widened, and what she thought was almost all written on her face.

“Didn’t you run away from home?” he said.

The voice is always calm, but with a faint smile.

Chi Zhengzheng understood, Dadao meant-it was you who ran away from home, and of course you decided where to go!

She murmured: “I am the legendary running away from home?”

At that moment, she didn’t want to apologize, nor did she want to see the people in that room. After all, she was still a little stranger to Chi’s family, so she turned and left.

The result is running away from home?


Chi Zhengzheng took out a card and smiled at the corner of his mouth. I’m so fucking witty!

This was left during a car accident, and it was also Chi Zhengzheng’s pocket money card. Usually, Chi Yan and Ding Yijun used this card to make money.

——And on the first day of each month, Assistant Chi Yan transfers the money uniformly.

Yesterday, it was number one.

When she came home today, the first thing she found was the pocket money card. Wouldn’t it be used right away?

Chi Zhengzheng used to have so much pocket money every month, and Chi Yan and Ding Yijun were subsidizing them from time to time. She is moonlight, so there will only be 50,000 new calls this month.

For her, it was enough.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Yu Yuguang glanced at her and asked.

So happy for a bank card?

“Happy.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled, two rows of neat and white teeth showing out, with a charming face, “Although I didn’t make preparations for running away from home this time, I took my pocket money card, and went to the mall to buy it. clothes!”

You have to change the hospital gown on your body first!

Otherwise, people might think she ran out of a mental hospital if she walked on the street.

“Enough?” Wen Yu still cherishes words like gold.

Chi Zhengzheng’s voice is firm: “Of course it’s enough, fifty thousand!”

Fifty thousand yuan, let alone a month, for her, half a year is enough!

Chi Zhengzheng was a little stunned when he thought that he had taken a card wittyly when he went out, and then he glanced at him and noticed Wen Yu next to him.

She stopped her smile abruptly and sat down tightly.

Who gave her the courage to be so arrogant in front of the boss?

Wen Yu originally saw her forcibly “fiancée” not pleasing to the eye. Every time she jumps in front of him, does it mean that she is madly sticking out jiojio to the edge of death?

In other words…

Did the boss take her to the mall himself? ?

Wen Yu drove without expression on his face, Yu Guang looked at her and couldn’t help but move the corners of his mouth funny.

Probably with a goal in mind, Wen Yu quickly drove over from a dedicated passage, Shumen Shulu parked the car in a dedicated parking lot.

If Chi Zhengzheng knew these cars, he would know that they were all luxury cars.

It’s a pity that she didn’t know her, and she was wondering at the moment.


Where to go?

Wen Yu had parked the car, released the seat belt, and got out of the car.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Hurry to get out of the car wearing her sandals.

“Wen Yu, thank you so much today!” Chi Zhengzheng stood still, with a standard smile on the corner of his mouth, “Thank you for sending me over, so I won’t trouble you anymore!”

Don’t jump in front of the boss, otherwise you don’t know how to die.

The boss glanced at her, and said coldly, “Go.”

After speaking, step forward.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, “Hey…”

Is this going with her?

How can it be? !

But obviously, this is what Wen Yu’s posture meant.

Really… Don’t guess what the big guy thinks.

Chi Zhengzheng stepped on slippers, “ta, ta, ta” to catch up with her. Her legs were much shorter than Wen Yu’s. She wore slippers and walked a little slower, so she could only follow Wen Yu by jogging.

Soon, Wen Yu stopped.

Chi Zhengzheng rushed too fast and hit his back.

“Hmm—” The nose was sore.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Yu frowned and looked back at her.

Chi Zhengzheng clutched his nose, urn sounded: “It’s okay, I hit my nose.” Fortunately, it was a real nose!

Wen Yu frowned, raised her hand, pulled her hand away, and looked down at her nose carefully.

——Well, it’s still so stiff, not red or swollen.

He relaxed, let go of his hand, the elevator door opened, and he turned to enter.

And Chi Zhengzheng…

Already stunned!

His hands are different from this person. He feels very cold, but his hands are very warm. The moment of contact, very different touch, seems to be still in his hands at this moment.

“Huh?” Wen Yu looked at her.

“Oh oh oh.” Chi Zhengzheng stepped into the elevator blankly.

A big shopping mall with exquisite decoration but not many people.

After getting out of the elevator, Wen Yu stopped and looked at Chi Zhengzheng.

He seldom buys clothes now, and his assistants usually customize them for him. This place has only been here a long time ago.

I don’t know this place, let alone women’s clothing. I can find this place because he has a very strong memory.

Inexplicably, Chi Zhengzheng understood what he meant.

She walked into a relatively ordinary shop on the right with a face full of shock, and her mind rang–Is the boss really coming to accompany her to buy clothes? ? ?


To deceive the Wenjia? So the competent “fiancee” has a sense of presence here?

Or did Wen Jingsen give him another request?

“Hello, madam…” The store manager and shopping guides greeted them with smiles.

I have to say that the clothes in this store are really good-looking.

Although there are not many clothes, each one has a sense of texture and design, which tends to be intellectual.

The fitting room is on the second floor, and Chi Zhengzheng walked out wearing clothes.

“Does it look good?” she asked.

“It looks very good. These two pieces are like tailor-made for women. When designing sweaters…” The store manager smiled, boasting that only Chi Zhengzheng can wear this dress.

The key is that she is very serious, her eyes are slightly bright, and her face is amazing, which makes people absolutely believe that she is speaking the truth at the moment.


Chi Zhengzheng was a little envious, she knew in her previous life that she couldn’t do this job.

But the clothes are really nice.

She looked in the mirror, her eyes filled with surprise and satisfaction.

The white sweater is soft and comfortable. The A-line skirt reaches the calf position and is pinched on the waist, making her waist thin and beautiful.

The woman in the mirror is beautiful.

The facial features are exquisite, the long soft hair is scattered behind her, the skin is fair, and the intellectual and gentle clothes make her beautiful and refined.

——Innocent little fairy.

Well, the store manager also made a lot of sense, this dress really suits her.

“It’s cold outside, add one more.” Wen Yu sitting on the sofa suddenly said.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

“Okay, sir.” Another shopping guide smiled, “Madam, you came here today by a coincidence. You just arrived in a new windbreaker with a small size, which is suitable for ladies.”

As he spoke, his movements were numb, and a very nice windbreaker was brought over.

Chi Zhengzheng wanted to refuse, but when he saw such a beautiful windbreaker, he couldn’t hold back and put on.

——Well, it’s so beautiful.

Sure enough, people are beautiful, they look good in sacks, not to mention such a beautiful windbreaker.

This body is simply enough to make people’s eyes bright.

Is preparing to ask the price.

Behind, Wen Yu spoke again: “Shoes.”

Chi Zhengzheng obviously saw that the eyes of the young ladies were bright, and another shopping guide Ma slipped out and took out a pair of high heels, stilettos, but not very high.

The store manager took it, with a smile–

“Madam, this is a limited edition in our shop, handmade in Italy, only this pair, size 35, madam, you are really related to this pair of shoes, I see your size…”

She has a small mouth, as if these shoes are also tailor-made for her.

But at this moment, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t want to listen to her very much. She was sensitive and aware that it was wrong.

Those who don’t know how to do it will know what limited edition, handmade in Italy, this set is just a word…it can’t be cheap!

Just about to ask, the shop manager has already squatted down and took out the shoes: “You try first? I really want to wear all the good-looking things we have here on ladies. There is no more suitable one. I have been in the business for so long, and the ladies are what I see. To the best-looking person who can wear clothes and shoes so beautifully, it’s really…”

At the same time, he put on Chi Zhengzheng.

——Well, it’s really good-looking.

The shoes match clothes very well, they are all discerning, the shoes that are taken out are also simple and exquisite, high heels are not high, they are comfortable to wear, of course, they are mainly beautiful! ! !

Girls always do not have too much resistance to beautiful clothes and shoes.

Although Chi Zhengzheng was the high-end version of her in her previous life, she was also a little beauty in her previous life. Every time she had some spare money in her pocket, she couldn’t help but buy good-looking clothes.

But a set is rarely larger than one thousand yuan.

This suit is really good-looking. Thinking of the card in his pocket, Chi Zhengzheng feels a little relieved.

She looked at the big beauty in the mirror happily and asked, “How much is it?”

The shop manager smiled brighter and looked at Chi Zhengzheng with amazing eyes: “Not expensive, this pure cashmere sweater is 6899, the skirt is 3999 unit price, this windbreaker is made of pure cotton, the price is 13,100, the shoes are hand-made limited edition, unique. ,by……”

Chi Zhengzheng interrupted her and said indifferently: “So how much is it?”

The shop manager’s smile remained unchanged: “Twenty-six thousand.”

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