Chi Zhengzheng:? ? ?

This pair of shoes is twenty-five thousand? ? ?

Very good, after all, I graduated from an engineering major. The basic arithmetic of Chi Zhengzheng is very good, so 6899 plus 3999 plus 13100, and 26000, equals 49998.

This number came out instantly in her head.

If it’s a few thousand yuan, she might still struggle with it. For a price of almost 50,000 yuan, she doesn’t need to struggle anymore.

Chi Zhengzheng slowly showed a bright smile at the corner of her mouth, almost dazzling the eyes of the store manager and shopping guides, her lips slightly opened: “Thank you, I don’t…”

“Check out.” Wen Yu stood up and handed out a black card.

The moment he saw the black card, Chi Zhengzheng clearly noticed that the manager’s eyes were bright. The very bright one was brighter than when he saw the beauty of Chi Zhengzheng.

Then Chi Zhengzheng watched as the store manager took the card and went to checkout with Wen Yu.

? ? ?

“Wait for me……”

Wen Yu didn’t stop and had already gone downstairs.

Chi Zhengzheng immediately stepped on the heels of his high-heeled shoes, and went downstairs “Hum, Hum, Hum”.

Before the store manager swiped the card, he rushed over, took out his own card, and let out a sigh of relief: “Swipe mine!!!”

The store manager was taken aback, looked at Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu.

“Hurry up, brush this.” Chi Zhengzheng emphasized, his voice suppressed his collapse.

“Okay.” The store manager was stunned and hurriedly changed Chi Zhengzheng’s card.

When sent out by the shop staff, Chi Zhengzheng was exquisitely dressed, carrying two bags in his hands, one with slippers and the other with hospital gowns.

He glanced at Wen Yu with a bitter expression, and swished at the cold knife.

Blame him! !

If it weren’t for him, how could she buy such expensive clothes and shoes! !

fifty thousand! ! !

Very good, the pocket money just arrived this month, only 2 yuan left, not to mention renting a house, there is not enough money for food.

The cold knife continued to swish.

Wen Yu seemed to be aware of it, and turned to look at her, with two confused eyes: “What’s the matter? Unhappy?”

Chi Zhengzheng smiled: “Happy, I’m so happy.”

Wen Yu was even more puzzled.

He clearly felt…she was very upset at the moment, why didn’t she admit it?

Before he could understand, not far away, a man in a suit and leather shoes walked over quickly.

When the man walked in front of them, his footsteps were not visible.

“Come here.” Wen Yu said.

Secretary Ning hurried forward with a respectful attitude: “President Wen, this is a big contract from Parkson…”

He couldn’t help looking at Chi Zhengzheng, with a bit of shock that couldn’t be hidden.

“Continue.” Wen Yu took the folder and looked through the contract.

Secretary Ning hurriedly withdrew his sight, suppressed the “fuck” in his heart, and said coldly: “The conditions we put forward have not changed, and Parkson is willing to make concessions, and will do what you said…”

With the standard business reporting model, Wen Yu nodded while looking through it.

He is really handsome, especially when he is working hard, the buff of the hero of the overlord is full, full of aura, the whole person is full of vigor, his head is slightly lowered, his slender fingers are flipping the contract, and his delicate face is facing the late. Zhengzheng, the profound facial features can fascinate anyone.

Chi Zhengzheng was also blinded by the flash.

But soon, she neither cared about the distressed spending so much money, nor the handsome blind male protagonist in front of her…

She shivered and shivered.


She is from the Chi family. Wen Yu is arranging for the Chiwen family. Usually in front of everyone, he pretends that he has nothing to do with “smell excess”. But now, he handles official affairs in front of her and does not want to avoid it at all. Mean to open.

Obviously, he didn’t care about Chi Zhengzheng knowing that he was not what others thought.

What does this show?

It shows that she is likely to be silenced! !

Can she really survive this year? !

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t care about the distressed and male sex.

Is it important to be able to survive? !

“This cooperation is led by Yu Ding. Most of the proposed amendments to Parkson are…”

The two were serious, and Chi Zhengzheng was almost crying.

——Big brother, please, stop talking! !

——I really don’t want to know! I don’t want to hear it either! ! !

As if feeling her anxiety, Wen Yu raised her hand, and Secretary Ning closed her mouth immediately.

Wen Yu looked at Chi Zhengzheng and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath, the smile on his face was as fake as fake, and his voice trembled slightly: “Well… if you keep busy, I will, I will go back first…”

Without waiting for Wen Yu to speak, she hurriedly left with “puff, puff, puff”, and she just put a pair of high heels out of the posture of sneakers, leaving them only a back.

Wen Yu looked at the direction she was leaving, first was astonished, and then smiled again in his eyes.

“Let’s go back to the company.” Wen Yu said.

Secretary Ning: “…Don’t you have something to do next?” Without even signing the contract, let me send it over. Isn’t there something important?

Wen Yu walked towards the elevator and left a sentence: “It’s okay now.”

Secretary Ning: “???”

Chi Zhengzheng came out, and there was a bustling street outside.

It is getting late, and there are still many people outside, couples who come and go, people who have a busy day after get off work, and people who take a leisurely walk and go shopping.

She had just walked too fast and her feet were a little tired, so she sat down on the chair next to her.

Looking at the fountain, his eyes are empty.

There are two plans before her now, one is to go back to Chi’s house, but obviously, she came out so coolly just now, and it is a bit embarrassing to go back now.

There is also going to the hotel and staying outside tonight.


She didn’t bring her ID card! !

Alas, it’s so miserable.

Chi Zhengzheng sat for a long time, but still didn’t think of what to do.

At this time, her ears moved, and she heard a familiar voice–

“The ghost knows, I’m so annoying, I don’t want to go back, I want to run away from home!”

“Don’t tell them where I am, make them worry! I won’t tell you, lest you betray me!”

“Why can’t I be angry? It wasn’t me who said Brother Yiran, it was Chi Zhengzheng who said it!! Why scold me for whatever reason, Brother Yiran didn’t look at me, the eldest aunt sneered, she was the one who married into the rich Little star, what do you put on the air?”

“I just hate Xu Wei. Of course, what I hate most is Chi Zhengzheng! Don’t let me see her, otherwise I will kill her!!!”

Wen Sisi, who ran away from home, was holding her mobile phone and cursing happily. Someone patted her on the shoulder behind her.

Wen Sisi shook his shoulder twice, and said angrily: “Don’t touch me!”

“Chi Zhengzheng, that bitch is so fucking annoying. I thought she would be able to restrain herself in a car accident. Now I hate it even more. I really…”

I patted her again.

Wen Sisi was angry, and turned around and cursed: “What are you doing?! I didn’t see anyone calling, you don’t have long eyes—”

The sound stopped abruptly.

In front of him, Chi Zhengzheng was looking at her with a bright smile.

Wen Sisi: “!!!”

Chi Zhengzheng: “Are you running away from home? It’s not a coincidence, so am I.”

Wen Sisi: “???”

“Hurry up, go open the room.” Chi Zhengzheng urged.

Wen Sisi couldn’t wait to kill her, sarcastically said: “I won’t open! Why should I listen to you?!”

“If you don’t drive, I will tell Wen’s family that you are here, and I also told them that you come to me and want to hit me.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled and repeated what he had previously threatened to come to the hotel.

Wen Sisi: “???? You fucking—”

“Hush, civilized person, don’t speak bad words, go open the room.” Chi Zhengzheng pushed her.

Wen Sisi almost didn’t vomit out a mouthful of blood.

She threw away Chi Zhengzheng and walked to the front desk with an angry face. She shot her ID card and said angrily: “Open the room!!”

Chi Zhengzheng stood not far away and watched, with a calm expression, as if he was really an escort, not another guest.

Compared to Wen Sisi vomiting blood with anger, Chi Zhengzheng was quite satisfied.

The luck is really good today. The world is so big and the city is so big, but by coincidence, when she didn’t know what to do, she encountered Wen Sisi who also ran away from home.

The two have a grudge, and it can even be said that they are two famous rivals in the circle.

But isn’t that before.

Chi Zhengzheng recalled the memory of Wen Sisi, and found that this girl, like Chi Zhengzheng, had an arrogant and arrogant temperament. It wouldn’t be too bad, at least not like An Qinru.

Every time the two were in conflict, they knew it well, and rarely made any secret tricks.

Of course, it also has something to do with their lack of brains.

Wen Sisi only has one ID card, and of course only booked a double room. She rushed upstairs angrily, and Chi Zhengzheng calmly followed, no one stopped her.

Inside the elevator.

Wen Sisi cursed: “Chi Zhengzheng, your brain is broken, right? I haven’t settled the bill with you, so you will send it to the door by yourself. You are not afraid that I will kill you tonight?!”

Chi Zhengzheng was wearing high heels, and she was a little taller than Wen Sisi. At this moment, she lowered her eyes slightly to look at her, with a condescending scent, and smiled: “You can’t beat me.”

Wen Sisi: “…”

She was so angry that her chest was ups and downs, her face flushed, and she stared at her bitterly: “Chi Zhengzheng! I’m never ending with you!”

Chi Zhengzheng ignored her, walked to the door of the room, and said, “Open the door.”

Wen Sisi was very angry, and the sound of deep breathing became heavier, as if it was about to explode in the next moment.

She threw the card to Chi Zhengzheng, and said angrily: “I was bitten by a dog. The dignified Miss Chi’s family can’t even open a room. What a shame!”

After speaking, turn around to leave.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand to hold her: “You have to live in the house you opened, don’t be afraid, I won’t treat you like that.”

Just kidding, she has nothing now. If Wen Sisi is let go, what will she do next?

Wen Sisi: “??? Chi Zhengzheng, I’m going to kill you!!”

“In a society ruled by law, don’t kill people at every turn.” Chi Zhengzheng took the card and opened the door.

After entering, she turned her head and said in surprise: “Don’t you be afraid if you don’t come in? Wen Sisi, I didn’t expect you to be so afraid of me!”

“Who the hell is afraid of you!” Wen Sisi stepped in and slammed the door. “Funny? I’m afraid of you? Chi Zhengzheng, you are a defeated man, you can’t beat me!”

Chi Zhengzheng didn’t really want to continue speaking with her about Secondary Two Diseases. She stretched out her hand: “Mobile phone.”

An angry Wen Sisi was taken aback: “What?”

“Give me the phone, I’m almost starving to death when I order a takeaway.”

Wen Sisi: “???” For a moment, she doubted her ears.

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