Does Chi Zhengzheng ask her to borrow her mobile phone to order takeaways?

At this moment, Wen Sisi didn’t know if Chi Zhengzheng’s brain was broken or his brain was broken.

She rounded her eyes and gritted her teeth: “Why, what?”

“I told Wen Jia you are…”

“Bang!” threw the phone to her, vomiting blood after hearing Sisi, sitting on the bed, gasping for breath.

Chi Zhengzheng turned on the phone and saw that he needed to enter his fingerprints, he reached out and picked up Wen Sisi’s hand, unlocked it in the other’s unbelievable eyes, opened the takeaway software, and ordered food.

“Chi, Zheng, Zheng!!” Wen Sisi roared.

It’s deceiving too much!

After changing the address, Chi Zhengzheng returned her mobile phone: “Be quiet, don’t disturb the people, I can hear you, you say.”

“You you you–” Wen Sisi was so angry that he vomited blood, his face turned pale, and he couldn’t speak.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand to turn on the TV, sat on the small sofa, kicked off his shoes, nestled lazily, and glanced at her: “Don’t be angry, no one will replace you when you get sick.”

Wen Sisi: “…”

The TV sounded, and the dog-blood idol drama, Chi Zhengzheng watched seriously.

Wen Sisi was so angry that he smashed the phone on the bed, hit the bed with his hand, and turned black with anger.


After Chi Zhengzheng left, Chi Yan asked An Qinru coldly.

What happened that day?

An Qinru opened her mouth, her eyes red.

Does she dare to tell the truth?

She shifted her gaze for help to Ding Yijun, but at this moment, Ding Yijun was also looking at her with complicated eyes.

No matter how many excuses, no matter how many benefits, she is indeed with Wen Yiran, and their emotional entanglement also began when Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yiran had a marriage contract.

Even Ding Yijun couldn’t help but doubt.

——The truth is exactly as her niece said, she didn’t mean it?

“That day… Brother Yiran wanted to see me that day. I also wanted to make it clear to him and agreed, but I didn’t expect that I just refused Brother Yiran and Sister Zheng Zheng came. She hit me angrily. Slap, Brother Yiran said… and said that she was going to dissolve the marriage contract. Sister Zhengzheng couldn’t accept it. She wanted to leave. I couldn’t stop it. Then there was a car accident.” An Qinru burst into tears.

This explanation is reasonable, and the suspicion in Ding Yijun’s eyes has gone.

Ding Yijun watched An Qinru grow up. This girl has been lovable since she was a child. She is a typical child of other people, but she also sticks to her, so Ding Yijun has always loved her very much.

Therefore, she always trusts An Qinru.

However, Chi Yan was not. Wen Yu’s words affected him. At this moment, his guilt towards Chi Zhengzheng reached the highest level, causing him to think very rationally about An Qinru’s words.

Chi Yan is very busy. He has a lot of things to deal with every day, so that he will not put too much thought on the disputes between his children and other people.

Chi Zhouchen is the future heir of the Chi family and continues his career, so he will spend most of his time cultivating Chi Zhouchen in his free time, and Chi Zhengzheng can only be placed behind.

——She often embarrassed An Qinru and didn’t like An Qinru. Her temper was a little arrogant. This is Chi Yan’s impression of her daughter in the past.

As a qualified businessman, many things can be given up in the face of interests.

For example, Chi Zhengzheng’s dissatisfaction and anger.

Not only Chi Zhengzheng, but also his own dissatisfaction and anger can be given up in the face of interests.

So Chi Yan didn’t think there was anything wrong with maintaining a friendly relationship with An Qinru after confirming that Wen Yiran only recognized An Qinru.

——But the premise of all this, An Qinru is on the side of Chi’s family.

At this moment, Chi Yan saw that it was wrong.

He said coldly: “Since the day Zhengzheng was in the car accident, you went to talk to Wen Yiran clearly, why is it still not clear with Wen Yiran, even in the Zhengzheng ward…”

He looked at her coldly, at that moment, those sharp eyes seemed to see through everything.

An Qinru froze, and then stammer: “I, I just went to see Sister Zheng Zheng, it is Brother Yiran… I, I love him, I can’t help it…”

Putting everything on Wen Yiran, and then put a word on himself-can’t help it.

However, it is not possible to fool the past anymore. When Chi Yan is left alone, An Qinru can easily persuade a soft-eared Ding Yijun, but it is difficult to fool Chi Yan who is groping in the mall.

“So you go every day? Is this an attitude of rejection?” Chi Yan’s eyes became colder.

“I…” An Qinru’s mind was confused, and for a while, she didn’t know how to defend her.

At this time, Chi Zhouchen came back.

He was impatient: “Parents, Chi Zhengzheng is gone. I didn’t find it. Ask the driver to look around the house again. I’ll come back first. I’m sleepy.”

Ding Yijun stood up with anxiety on her face: “Where did Zhengzheng go? Her mobile phone is broken and she doesn’t have her ID card. Where can she go?! No, I have to go out and look for it again.”

Chi Yan also showed concern in his eyes, stood up and waved his hand: “You wait at home. If she has nowhere to go, she may come back. I will find someone to monitor her first.”

His gaze swept across An Qinru, and seeing Chi Zhouchen made him calm again.

——If she could marry Wen Yiran smoothly, she wouldn’t be completely offended to death.

So, Chi Yan said: “An Qinru, don’t forget who raised you in the past few years. Zhengzheng is my biological daughter. Take away your thoughts.”

After speaking, he hurried upstairs.

An Qinru sat on the sofa, her head blank for a moment.

For a moment, Chi Yan came out of the study, his expression relaxed a little–

“Zheng Zheng got on Wen Yu’s car.”

Chi Zhouchen yawned. After knowing that Chi Zhengzheng would not have an accident, he didn’t bother to take care of it and went back to the room to sleep.

Ding Yijun also breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the sofa relaxedly.

When she looked at the opposite An Qinru, her eyes were extremely complicated.

“Aunt…” An Qinru shouted, with grievances.

Ding Yijun did not comfort her as before, stood up, just said: “I’ll go up first and ask where Zhengzheng is now.”

After finishing speaking, he hurried upstairs without waiting for An Qinru to speak.

Seeing Ding Yijun’s back, An Qinru clenched her hands into fists, the grievances and innocence in her eyes gradually closed, turning into faint worries——

She knew that Ding Yijun began to doubt her, and Chi Yan had no feelings for her.

As long as she is no longer liked by Wen Yiran and there is no longer the possibility of marrying Wen Yiran, she will have no place in Chi’s family.

The takeaway was delivered quickly.

Two bowls of hot and sour noodles.

Chi Zhengzheng quickly opened a box with excitement, and the strong sour and spicy flavor instantly filled the room.

It’s so fragrant!

Since she was wearing it, she has been eating a light dinner. This is the first time she has come to this world to eat snacks like hot and sour noodles.

“Eat or not?” Chi Zhengzheng asked Wen Sisi.

Wen Sisi stared at her, and she stared at Chi Zhengzheng at the moment the hot and sour powder smell came.

After hearing this, she sneered: “What kind of rubbish is this? It’s stinking, and you can eat everything, Chi Zhengzheng, you are really getting better and better. The car accident must have damaged your brain.”

Chi Zhengzheng, who “smashed his brain”, heard the words and saw that she was a “gold master” and didn’t bother to pay attention to her.

On the TV, the male and female protagonists are so sweet that they have a bowl of fragrant hot and sour powder.

One word, absolutely.

Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes lit up with a mouthful of fans.

Oh, it’s so delicious! !

“Smelly dead, stinky dead, what kind of junk food, Chi Zhengzheng, you really…” Wen Sisi was still cursing beside him, and couldn’t help swallowing as he cursed.

Actually… She is also quite hungry.

I didn’t have dinner, and the hot and sour noodles tasted too strong, which made people unable to stop saliva.

Wen Sisi’s cursing became lower and lower, and finally disappeared into the TV sound.

However, Chi Zhengzheng is very unimaginative, and the fragrance is overflowing. The original taste is inviting, and she still eats so fragrant…

Wen Sisi’s gaze looked at her, gradually turned into a fan looking at her, and slowly swallowed.

At this time, her phone rang.

——The caller ID shows An Qinru.

Wen Sisi answered very irritably.

On the other end, An Qinru knows that there is no small resistance to marrying Wen’s family, and Wen Sisi is the younger Wen Jingsen and Wen Yiran prefer, and it is very necessary to please her.

So she called and said softly: “Sisi…you ran away from home?”

Between the wings of her nose, the hot and sour noodles were full of flavour. Wen Sisi watched Chi Zhengzheng after eating a whole bowl of hot and sour noodles. It wasn’t enough. She actually put her eyes on the second bowl! !

Where does Wen Sisi have time to care about An Qinru?

She cursed at the phone: “Are you annoying, knowing what phone calls people make when they run away from home?!”

Hanged with a “bang”.

On the other side of the phone, An Qinru looked dumbfounded: “???”

Why is Wen Sisi so irritable? ! She always treats her very well!

Wen Sisi, who hung up the phone, was going to continue to open the wheat, scolding the most annoying person in front of her!

Chi Zhengzheng put his hands on the second bowl, watched the TV, and asked casually: “Do you want to eat? I will eat if you don’t eat it.”

The curse that was about to spit out choked, and replaced it with a sentence: “Why don’t you die?!”

Then, she walked over angrily and grabbed the hot and sour noodles, “I bought it with my money, why can’t I eat it?!”

As he spoke, he opened it, and the scent pounced over it in an instant.

Chi Zhengzheng ignored the provocation of the Second Disease.

Soon, the inside of the room became–

A pretty woman who is so hot that she can’t scold others, can only drink water, is chatting her fans.

There was a lazy woman watching TV lying on the bed next to her. In the air, the smell of hot and sour powder was intoxicating.

“Wen Yu won’t answer the phone.” Xu Wei helplessly.

Wen Jingsen slapped the table and said angrily: “He didn’t say a word after he picked up Chi Zhengzheng?! How can I explain to Chi’s family? See if I don’t interrupt his leg!”

Xu Wei couldn’t help saying: “You care about Chi Zhengzheng’s life and death. She is so rumored that even if she died outside, it has nothing to do with us.”

“What do you know?” Wen Jingsen asked impatiently, “Did Sisi answer the phone?”

Xu Wei still shook her head.

“These are two!” Wen Jingsen was very angry.

At this moment, Xu Wei seemed to think of something, and suddenly said: “Husband, you said Wen Yu took Chi Zhengzheng away without answering the phone, and he didn’t come back by himself, didn’t he…”

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