GSBVH: Ch 71

Early the next morning, Wei Xi put the luggage of the two of them in the trunk of the car and drove to the airport.

Part of Qingxi’s work has been processed in advance, and Zhao Yan will focus on the rest. Ling Zhen also took leave of absence with the dance troupe, and the schedule for May was mainly to film “Food Room Companion”.

After all, this is the first time the two of them have traveled far together.

Ling Zhen didn’t panic now, but he was still excited, humming a song while looking at the scenery of City A flying past the window.

What they are going to is a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters, which is similar to a holiday resort. Although it is for work, it also feels like a trip.

After getting off the plane, the program team will directly send a car to pick them up. From the moment they get in the car, their lives are completely under the camera, and then they can’t be too casual in words and deeds.

Ling Zhen thought for a while, then turned to the man driving and said, “I don’t think we can be too deliberate.”

Wei Xi turned her face halfway: “Huh?”

“Aren’t they all sprinkling dog food to show their affection,” Ling Zhen opened a pair of clear apricot eyes, “Let’s be natural, fresher, not too artificial, okay?”

Although she didn’t know the style of the other guests, she could predict how hard Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi would work on this show. After all, by the time the original book progresses to this point, the two have gone through many difficulties to embrace love, and the author is almost dying of sugar.

Therefore, the stage is left to them, and she and Wei Xi should come out and have a relaxing time.

——Of course, she would not say that she would be shy like that in front of the camera.

What a hug, the last time she was seen by Teacher Xing, she was so ashamed that she exploded. Of course, you should never do it in front of the camera! !

If Wei Xi does it, just hit him!

Ling Zhen truthfully conveyed his thoughts.

Wei Xi’s lips tickled: “Good.”

Just be natural.

The program team helped book the ticket, and Wei Xi added money to upgrade the cabin and entered the first class with Ling Zhen.

As soon as they boarded the plane, a stewardess immediately recognized them both. The young ladies’ eyes were wide-open, and they gathered together with suppressed excitement and whispered.

Ling Zhen subconsciously wanted to find a mask, but as soon as he touched his pocket, it suddenly occurred to him that they were all public now, and there was no need to cover up.

So, she smiled kindly at the young ladies, and then sat down on the seat with Wei Xi.

Wei Xi didn’t show any expressions during the whole process, and didn’t care about the sight of others.

A few flight attendants were embarrassed to disturb them, exited the first class, and when they were outside, they whispered excitedly: “Have you seen Ling Zhen’s husband? Oh my god, it’s so handsome!!”

“I also said why she was trapped at such a young age. After seeing this one, I want to say that I am also willing to…!!!”

“Why do you all focus on that man? Didn’t anyone pay attention to the little fairy? She smiled at us just now! Mom! I’m in love!!!”

Several people met their heads and gossiped for a while, then looked at each other at the end and sighed neatly.

——I look forward to their variety show! When can it be broadcast! !

After a few hours of flying, the plane began to bump slightly.

Ling Zhen woke up in her sleep, took off her bear eye mask, and found herself nestled in Wei Xi’s arms.

She yawned, then got up lazily.

After a deep sleep, the voice now softly: “Is it there?”

Wei Xi looked down: “Alright, are you still sleepy?”

Ling Zhen shook his head, rubbed his eyes, and patted his cheek lightly.

Going to work!

She rubbed her face to a more serious expression, then turned to look at Wei Xi: “Okay, now you are my colleague.”

Wei Xi curled her lips: “I’m a newcomer, so Teacher Ling will take me more.”

What teacher! He called out like this, kind of inexplicable.

To be precise, Wei Xi is Lingzhen’s boss, after all, he established his own studio. But in this regard, Wei Xi does not have any experience with her. There was a rare opportunity for him to rely on, Ling Zhen was a little bit dark, and pursed his lips secretly and smiled.

“Then you have to humbly accept the teacher’s guidance and listen to me.” She said with a smile and crooked eyes.

Wei Xi nodded: “Okay.”

Ling Zhen tested him: “Then what is our purpose on the show?”

Wei Xi smiled and replied: “Fresh and natural.”

When the two took their luggage and walked out of the airport, they saw the nanny car with the words “Food Room Companion” printed on them. The car is provided by the brand sponsor. The interior is spacious and the video equipment has been set up.

Wei Xi looked as usual, opened the trunk and put the suitcases of the two people in. Ling Zhen waited for him to put it away before getting into the car, and Wei Xi got into the car.

The co-driver was sitting with a coordinating sister. She was dizzy by the faces of these two people, and then she remembered the greeting.

The car has already begun to drive towards the filming location. As usual, guests will be asked some questions on the road. When the co-ordinator received the task of interviewing the two, I was actually a little excited.

The young president of the beautiful actress is exactly the standard feature of the overbearing president’s little wife in the novel. He is here again to participate in this kind of husband and wife variety show, and he must be ready to blind others with his passion!

… right?

She looked at the two people in front of her.

Ling Zhen sat on the seat properly, with serious cooperation written on her slapped face. Although the man next to her was sitting loosely, his face was cold and he didn’t take the initiative to speak.

Both of them answered the questions in an official manner, without making mistakes, and there was no ambiguity and sweetness.

The coordinator wiped the sweat from his forehead and sneered, “Would the two of you be more relaxed at home?”

Ling Zhen shook his head: “We are usually more respectful as guests.”

It’s not the kind of lovers who are tired and crooked!

Coordinator: “……???”

With a confused look on her face, she turned around helplessly and sat back.

But she also didn’t see that after she turned around and went back, the two in the back seat had a brief exchange of sight.

Wei Xi turned her face to look at Ling Zhen with her eyes down.

The little girl blinked at him with bright eyes: very good! Keep it like this!

Just a few seconds. But the man looked indulged, and the girl’s eyes were smart, and there was an atmosphere that no one else could intervene.

And all this was recorded faithfully by the camera.

When he arrived at the filming location, Ling Zhen discovered that it was a relatively well-developed small mountain village. The program group is set up in a small villa group, and each group of guests will be assigned to a house.

The coordinator was still bewildered by the interview just now, so she opened the car door and walked out, greeted the cameraman who was waiting next to her.

The door of the back seat opened, and the man’s long leg came out first.

The cold-looking man got out of the car, turned around and waited for Ling Zhen. His little wife followed behind, and when she stepped out, she tripped and threw herself out.

Coordinator: “Be careful!”

At this time, Wei Xi had steadily caught the little girl.

Then he hugged the person directly and placed it gently on the ground. One hand touched the back of her head naturally, and then squeezed her ear.

The man’s fingers were white and slender, and with one simple gesture, the coordinating sister actually blushed.

After being red for a while, she suddenly realized that something was wrong–

Does this look like a respectful guest? ?

I almost believed in your evil…! !

The houses of Wei Xi and Ling Zhen were halfway up the mountain, not far from the villas of other guests. Wei Xi carried the luggage of the two of them into the house, and he was also here for the coordinator and photo shoot.

“The two of you will clean up your little home first, and when you are done, you can come out to visit other guests’ homes-of course, other couples and couples may also come to visit your home!”

Ling Zhen nodded and said yes, and then closed the door.

Although it is in the mountains, this villa area is well built. The villa they were assigned to was simple in style, and very lifelike in details, with some flowers and plants and a fish tank.

Ling Zhen changed his slippers and started running up and down to visit. Compared with her excitement, Wei Xi appeared calm, and calmly moved the luggage in, opened and packed.

After a while, the little girl went back to the living room on the first floor and secretly said to Wei Xi: “I found 23 cameras!”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows: “So many?”

Ling Zhen hooked his fingers and drew a circle in the air, “There are also three here.”

Wei Xi nodded, and while taking out the things they needed from the suitcase, she asked, “Did you see the room.”

Ling Zhen squatted down and cleaned up with him, “Look, there is a small room downstairs, and there are two big ones upstairs. There is a small vegetable garden behind and a rooftop for sunbathing.”

Wei Xi is not interested in vegetable gardens and rooftops.

Only clothes and shoes were left in the box. Wei Xi pulled the box up again, stood up, and asked her, “Which room do you like?”

Ling Zhen thought for a while: “They are all pretty good, there is a room with a good light facing south. But you have to look at it too to see which one you like.”

She was quite fair and asked Wei Xi to choose the room she liked.

The man curled his lips, then concealed his smile, pulled her up, and said as usual, “Then let’s live in the well-lit room.”

Ling Zhen blinked.


It took a few seconds before she suddenly realized their identity and situation, and then little porcelain-white face climbed into the pale pink halo.

Yes, how can a husband and wife separate.

There are cameras everywhere here. If she and Wei Xi don’t live in the same room, they will be able to tell what kind of press releases will be made after the broadcast.

But, there is only one bed in one room, they have never…

Ling Zhen was originally relaxed and excited, but suddenly a trace of tension welled up for no reason.

A faint smile spread across Wei Xi’s eyes, her fingers twitched the hair around her ears, and she asked softly, “Or go to another one?”

Ling Zhen looked up at him helplessly, but this time, the man seemed to have not received her distress signal at all.

The surrounding cameras seemed to stare at them, Ling Zhen’s eyelashes trembled for a while, and finally the voice said softly: “Then, let’s go to the one facing south.”

……Well, the bed is big QAQ

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